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Barzalai Solos Is Going to School (Introduction post)

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Looks over to Barzalai lullfully, she rolls her eyes and shakes her head somewhat.

"Huu... fine.  As long as you treat as you continue to treat me like person and not like an animal... then we I suppose we are okey." states Gricelda plainly as she polishes off the last bit of food on her platter.

She dabs her mouth with a napkin, wipes the lingering meat juices of her fingers, and lays it daintly on top of the pile of dishware.  She picks up up entire tray and turns it in to to the counter so that the people in charge of cleaning the dishes can take to the cleaning stations.  Gricelda then returns to the seat opposite to Barzalai, looking at him for a good long while.  After a few seconds she asks:

"Can you access your school and hand it to me for a moment?"

Gricelda sits a bit more upright, still staring him as if he were some sort of curiosity.

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Barz quickly eats the rest of his food as Gris gets up, gulping down another glass of water before standing up and following after her. He puts his tray down, thanking the nearest person to him for the food and returns to his seat.

“I’m glad to hear it! And oh yeah, sure, one sec…” Barz hurriedly wipes his hands on his pants, trying to keep a steady, cool look on his face. But he was pumping his fists in the air on the inside; His scroll? Okay with him? This was going better than he’d thought. He pulls out his scroll, fumbling a bit as he opens it and hands it over to Gricelda.

“I, uh, don’t quite know how to work it properly yet, but here ya go.” He peers over at her, trying to see what she was doing, but quickly catches himself and looks up at the ceiling. He didn’t want to appear TOO eager, that might freak her out… But still… He couldn’t help but look down occasionally, studying her face. She seemed… more friendly? Yeah, that was it. Sweet.

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"Thanks" she speaks dryly as she snatches the scroll from Barzalai and inspects its it.  

Gricelda appears indifferent to Barzalai trying to look over to see what she was doing.  She taps several buttons, looks over the scroll one my time, then returns it back to Barzalai.

"There, added my school contact information in your list of contacts so that you call or text me whenever you are feeling up for a little spar now." States Gricelda as she looks up to the human in front of her, catching him looking at… the ceiling?

Gricelda’s eyes glance up but fails see anything of interest.  She looks back to to Barzalai, sounding a little concerned.

“Errr… are you alright there?  You’re not having food poisoning are you?” asks the wolf faunus, who looks at the human behaving… strangely.  She looks back to the scrool and enters the main menu.

“Anyway, if I don’t need to take you to the nurses office then pay attentio.  Your scroll is capable of many things but if you ever wish to contact me, just press the is icon on the main menu screen when you activate your school.  It will open up a list of people who you can contact.  See my name right here?  Just press on it with your finger like so.  It will open up the option to either text or call this person.  So I’ll just text myself… and there.  Just like that the message is sent.” Explains the wolf girl casually, practically growing up with her own scroll since childhood.

There is a faint buzzing noise, Gricelda lays Barzalai’s scroll on the table and slides out of her seat.  Upon standing up she reaches for her own scrool and opens it.

“There, just like that the message was sent.  Since I now have your scrool contact information based on the sent text message, I will just go ahead and add you to my own contacts list.” She states, her fingers already fast at working adding him to her list of contacts.

“Just play around with the scrool and you should get the hang of it.  I’m currently teaching my roommate Chloe how to use her since she practically grew up in the wilderness with only minimal contact with technology.  So with that… I guess I will take my leave now unless you want to ask me something real quick.” Says Gricelda as she looks to Barzalai as she rests her hands on her hips.  She appears ready to leave based on how she occasionally steals glances at the doorway.

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Barzilai listens intently as Gris explains the Comm system on his Scroll. Was it really that simple? Just a few presses and swipes and suddenly you’re speaking to someone else through it? He’d of course seen scrolls before: His parents had both owned one. But he’d never received one himself until now, and he’d never been overly curious as to what they could do. But if this was how people communicated then sure, he was game.

“Oh, no, I’m fine, just… the ceiling is… high?” Dumb. But he didn’t know what else to say. Barz lowers his head sheepishly and looks over at his scroll, which was being worked rather easily in Gricelda’s hands. “Perfectly healthy here, feeling great! Uh… anyway…” He gingerly takes his scroll back from Gris when she offers it to him, looking at her name and number, which were now logged in his contacts list. “Thank you very much,” He says, smiling and pocketing the device.

“Oh, really? Wow, didn’t know if there'd be anyone else like me around here…” Chloe, huh? He wondered if she’d be as friendly as Gris was… and equally importantly, if he’d be able to spar with her as well. He notices Gricelda’s stance, how her eyes were glancing towards the door, and he quickly stands up, accidentally bumping the table as he does so.

“So… yeah, thank you for everything, Gricelda. It was really kind of you to show me the ropes and help me out, and it was good to hear your story.” Barzilai laughs, rubbing the back of his head. “I won’t keep you any longer, uh, I hope we can see each other again soon!”

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"Heh." chuckles the wolf faunus as she looks back to Barzalai

"You would be surprised how how many others are like yourself actually.  I meet several people who hail from some recursive wilderness.  Sure they are familar survival outside the protection that cities provide but they seem to know nothing of operating something as simple as simple operating a scroll.  I mean... I'm no gadgeteer but even I know how to use a scroll." states Gricelda dismissively with a shrug.

"Oh, and your welcome... after all, you did promise two free meals~"
cheekily reminds Gricelda as she gives Barzalai an almost mischievous grin.

"Anyway, I'm going to head back to my dorm now but I'm certain we will see each other in future.  Anyway, take now."
says Gricelda in friendly tone just before leaving, her tail seems to wag behind much like a happy dog.  With the tour over and a belly full, Gricelda walks out of the cafeteria through on of the side doors as she leaves Barzalai behind.


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“Really? Wow… Well, I don’t have a comeback for that one.” Barzilai laughs. “I suppose I’ll just have to get used to all of this new stuff. This place is so big, with so many people moving to and fro… I guess figuring out a Scroll won’t be as difficult as being around people, in comparison. Also, don’t worry, I pride myself on two things: Keeping my promises, and my memory… when food is involved, heh.”

Barz pulls himself free from the bench, careful not to knock the thing over, as Gricelda bids him goodbye. “So long, Gris, and thanks for everything! Have a good night.” He notices her tail wagging as she heads for the door, and he can’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment at having successfully doing the… friend thing. He stretches, yawning, and follows after the wolf faunus: Tomorrow would be a new day, but for now, his bed was calling him.

[Aaannnd… Scene. Exit stage left]

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