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The Golden Rule (Private: Barzilai/Phoenix/Raziel)

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Barzilai yawns, scratching the back of his head and stretching. It's a brand new day, bright and early in the morning, and he's ready and raring to get to some sparring - something he hasn't done in a long while. He checks his scroll, tinkering with it; the technology was new to him, but it could apparently monitor his aura levels and vitals, make Comm calls and even function as a game controller of all things (he reminded himself to test out that last feature a little later).

Barz walks along the cobblestone path leading out of the dorms, checking his weapons and adjusting his silver jacket, and heads towards the Training Arena, remembering the way from Gricelda’s tour; he isn’t sure who he’ll end up sparring with, but he’s willing to wait until someone, anyone, shows up. His stomach growls as he passes the Cafeteria: should he get something to eat…? Nah. It would be better to fight on an empty stomach anyway, and reward himself later.

He soon stands in front of the Arena doors, marveling at the building’s size. So big… He wonders how many people could fit inside and still have the room needed to fight. He then pushes past the tall doors and enters excitedly.

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Phoenix had only just arrived at Syne not to long ago but he hadn't practiced with his weapons for a long while so he thought about possibly going to train but that meant being around people which made Phoenix sigh a little at the thought but he thought who knows a new place with new people maybe things would be different today but he doubted it.

He gathered his shotguns and put on his armour and he loaded up the 2 guns with bullets and then he put his ammo strap across his chest and filled that up too if need be for extra ammo. He walked out of his own room and he went to the training arena. When he stepped into the arena he took a deep breath. He hoped he would have to do not to much talking honestly he thought this to himself as he didn't really like to talk or interact with people too much. He didn't trust people enough mostly which was how things had been most of his life for him.

He noticed the muscular guy with the spiked hair walking into the training arena who was obviously a lot more muscular than Phoenix will ever be but then again muscles aren't everything and Phoenix should know he had fought plenty of guys tough like him in kick boxing and knocked them out.

Phoenix walked up to the guy and nodded at him and said "hey do you need a training partner cause if so ill join you for a quick training session" Phoenix was glad that he probably didn't need to say much in the first place and just say the important parts what was necessary to set it up.

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Ditching class was not a good idea, but she was too damned tired to do anything but nap. Unfortunately her dorm room would be the first place they would look for her. No she would have to find somewhere secluded, where no one would look. A janitorial closet maybe? No to many chemicals, the place would smell horrid. An empty classroom? No a professor would walk in to start a class. Where else could she sleep?

Eventually she found the solution, the training hall, and not just any part of the hall, the rafters. Chances were that anyone inside the hall wouldn't have the time or even think to look up at the rafters. Even if they did look up it would most likely be looking at an opponent, so their attention would be focused.

It wasn't hard for her to make her way up to the rafters and find a good spot she could get comfortable in. Unfortunately the universe didn't want her to sleep, as she sounds of two people entering the hall made their way to her ears. Oh well, she could sleep through a little sparing, she had slept through fighting before.

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“Hmm?” Barzilai turns to see an orange-haired fox-faunus walk up to him. They guy has twin shotguns holstered on his waist and is in combat armor. Barz breaks out into a broad smile: someone to fight already? And a shotgun wielder at that? An interesting matchup for his own weapons, and he definitely needed the practice against ranged attacks, seeing as he was used to fighting Grimm and sword-users.

“Yupp, I do indeed.” Barzilai holds out his hand to shake. “Barzilai Solos, at your service. And you?
As he speaks he reaches down to his hip with his other hand, unclipping one of his tekko and spinning it lightly in his fingers. The cold, silvery metal flashes brightly in the spotlight trained on the Arena’s combat floor, and Barz looks at his soon-to-be opponent excitedly. Questions flashed through his mind: What was this guy’s fighting style? His build suggested agile, run-and-gun tactics, but he was ready to be surprised. And what of his semblance? It could be just about anything.

Barzilai cocks his head, peering intently at the man. It would pay to start out cautiously and observe at first.

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"Phoenix Auburn" he simply states to Barzilai. He pulls out his 2 shot guns and he spins them both round in his hand hoping he doesn't have to do to much more talking and he chose not to shake the guys hand he didn't mean it to be rude but Phoenix just didn't trust people to often.

He watched as the muscular guy pulls out what appeared to be brass knuckles on both of his hand. "so are we gonna start or not" his fox ears twitched and his tail lay behind him still. he then noticed the fox faunus walk over and he thought to himself please don't turn into a big group of people Phoenix was afraid of large groups of people.

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Well this was going to be annoying, but that was an inherit danger with sleeping in a training hall. Hopefully these two people didn't use guns, that would be... bad. Raziel shuffled about a little bit to get herself comfortable. Normally she was able to fall asleep on a moments notice, unfortunately there was too much going on inside of her for that to happen. Damn and this was the same reason why she couldn't sleep last night.

She was afraid, she was angry, she was confused. Raziel thought that by now she had worked out most of her problems, but instead she just had a different set of issues now. Just great, hopefully sleep she could relax enough to help her think some. As long as the two idiots below could keep their fight as civil and quiet as possible. Once again she hopped that neither of these guys used guns. 

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“Pleasure to meet ya.” Barzilai watches as the fox faunus drew his weapons and spun them dexterously. Yupp, it certainly LOOKED like he knew how to use them. He holds his hand out for a moment before he realizes that Phoenix wasn’t going to shake it, and then lets it awkwardly fall to his side. Okay, that was cool. They would just speak with their weapons, then. Barz nods, running his hand through his hair and brushing down his leather jacket. His silver eyes flashed excitedly, and he tensed his muscles before relaxing them with a gentle exhale.

“Alrighty, then… Let’s do this.” Barzilai tightened his grip on his tekko and quickly hopped back, lifting both hands in a relaxed stance, the palms of his hands pointed towards his opponent, ready to dodge, but allowing Phoenix to make the first move.

Battle Stuff:

Health: 200/200
Aura: 100/100
STR: 5
DEF: 4 (+1)
RES: 1
SPT: 2

Ferrum & Fortia: Twin silver stirrup-tekko. (Weapon- rank 1: 10 damage)
Silver Leather Jacket: Old, beat up leather jacket, lined with dust-resistant material (Armor- rank 1: 10 resistance)

Aura type: Defense
Aura color: Whitish-Silver
Semblance: Momentum Manipulation – Able to redirect the momentum of attacks and build one’s own momentum to buff stats (Multi-Stat Buff)

Damage: 5*5 =25 (base) +10 (F&F) =35
Defenses: 4+1 = 5*5 = 25 Physical Def.
2*5 = 10 (base) +10 (S.L.J.) = 20 Resistance

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Phoenix saw the fox faunus like he was walk over to them and he got into battle position and held his two shotguns and was ready to fight. He nodded to the fox girl and said "hey come join us" she looked tired but she was still prepared to fight. He would be fine fighting 2 people he just hoped he didn't have to socialise too much. First thing he noticed was the guy used guns to. 2 pistols it seemed to be.

Phoenix ran at Bara with his abnormal speed and shot off towards him with the shoguns pointed at Bara and he fired multiple shots at him 1st shot towards his leg and the second at his chest. Then he jumped over bara and fired at his head while in the air flying over the top of him and to finish off his attack he kicked bara in the back with a backwards spin kick. "how was that for you?" he smirked playfully. His tail started to swish behind him and his ears twitched.


hp 180/180
aura 140/140
foot shot 30 damage
chest shot 30 damage
head shot 30 damage
spin kick to the back 20 damage

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There is a strange place somewhere between sleep and wake where you are neither, yet both. You remain aware of your surroundings yet you are in the calming lull of sleep. Raziel had reached this point when the fox below her called up and while she registered that she was begin spoken to there was almost nothing she wanted to do in response. This all changed when the fox below her shot off a few rounds from his weapons. Well her plan to have a nice little nap was now in ruins. The echoing sound from the firearms would make it impossible to get any form of sleep. Time to take up that fox on his offer and show him why a blade will always be superior to any form of firearm.

Much like in some form of martial arts movie she rolled to the side and off of the rafters. She plummeted towards the floor front first, before curling herself into a ball and hitting the ground in the three point landing, looking quite like some form of superhero from the comics. Despite her shall stature she was rather dense, though the floor of the raining hall did little but bend slightly as she landed. It was quite impressive actually. 

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