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An Eventful Arrival [Solo/Hunt]

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1 An Eventful Arrival [Solo/Hunt] on Mon Mar 21, 2016 10:39 pm

With a light, drawn out sigh of climatic relief, Kida let a light smile surface as the shores of Bellmuse finally came into view. He’d been sailing for over a week now, and aside from sea sickness, he’d put up with just about every hiccup and misfortune one could possibly associate with nautical travel. Be it the overcrowding of passengers, the terrible food, the constant stops for maintenance, or anything in between, no one would blame Kida for making silent complaints.

And yet, he didn’t. The thought never crossed his mind.

At this point, the only thing Kida could think about was the future that lay ahead of him. He was excited, and a sub-par boat ride wasn’t about to change the fact. His life was about to make a drastic turn for what he hoped would be the better; compared to his previous years, that shouldn’t be too much of a challenge.

As the only passenger remaining on the ship, he found himself standing on the boats deck alone, not to mention a few, unmistakably hungover members of the crew playing a game of cards at the bow. After an additional 5 or so minutes, each one feeling like an eternity, the boat's engine was finally cut, and the barge drifted up to an extending dock. He gave the beach a once over, and realized just how… quiet things seemed. Even the laughing and swearing of card-playing sailors had ceased, instead replaced by a silent attention to their surroundings, specifically the beach.

“How do I get to Syne Academy?” Kida called out, his eyes fixed on sea-faring men, now trading unsure glances between one another. Something was definitely off; from the corner of his eye, he could see the helmsman peering down at him from the bridge, as if waiting for him to get off so they could make a hasty departure. Phrased more as a statement than a question, Kida let the silence following his words linger for a moment, before he was finally answered by a wordless index finger pointing past the beach.


Avoiding the urge to pry more, Kida simply gave the slightest nod, before stepping down onto the dock. At least he had a direction in mind, which was a lot more than before; he didn’t even have a map. As expected, the ship's engine came to life as soon as Kida stepped from the deck, taking no more than 30 seconds to pull away from the dock.

And there he waited, the sound of the boat’s engine eventually drowning into the crashing of waves. While he may not be formally trained, Kida had been hunting Grimm for a long, long time. Long enough for him to recognize, and acknowledge a gut feeling like this.

OOC: Grimm Roll

HP: 180/180
Aura: 120/120

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2 Re: An Eventful Arrival [Solo/Hunt] on Tue Mar 22, 2016 12:51 pm


Grimm Type: Beowulf
Count: 2
Level: 1
Beowulf 1 HP: 75/75
Beowulf 2 HP: 75/75
Defense: (10 Damage Resistance)

A couple of Beowulfs made their way onto Kompress Beach coming from a nearby forest. Usually Grimm tended to avoid places that are usually filled with humans and fauness because though weak individually, humans and fauness tended to be very tough in large numbers.  Kompress Beach was one such place. On top of the high human population, the entire area was also usually guarded to keep wandering Grimm out.

These Beowulfs managed to slip through the guards, and doing so, made it onto the beach, causing mayhem. Unarmed civilians were fleeing the area as these two Beowulfs destroyed anything in their paths.

As the Beowulfs continued down the beach, they saw Kida as he exited the boat who didn't seem to be running away from all the madness. Howling, both of the Beowulfs charged him, surrounding him as he did. When they both got close enough, Beowulf 1 and Beowulf 2 slashed at Kida from both sides of him.


Beowulf 1 - Slash at Kida's right side - 5 DMG
Beowulf 2 - Slash at Kida's left side - 5 DMG

Important Info:

The Beowulf's head is covered by a bone-like helmet. Attacks to the top of the head will not be very effective.

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