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A Huntin' we will go (Social/Hunt)

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1 A Huntin' we will go (Social/Hunt) on Wed Mar 23, 2016 5:49 pm

"Stubborn ass." Bartholomew Samos said as he watched Hyght close the door on him. "You're just so damn stubborn!" He growled, turned on his heel and stormed off as his finger proceeded to glide across his scroll's keyboard. Bart was one of Hyght's only friends at Syne and with the way the former baker had been acting in the past couple weeks he was fed up with beating around the bush. Hyght needed to get over his funk and needed to get his head back on track otherwise he'd get kicked from the Academy or worse, get someone else killed during a training session or Hunt. Bart finished his message and scanned the student directory till he found the names he was looking for.

Hey, my name is Bart Samos. I'm a friend of Hyght's and I was hoping you two, being his roommates, would be able to help get him out of this funk he's in. I've been trying to give him time for the past couple weeks but it hasn't done any good except let him slip farther and farther into his funk. I know you don't know me but if you do this I'll owe both of you a huge favor. Please. He needs someone to get him to open up. Thanks, Bartholomew Samos.

Bart closed his scroll and took one final glance back toward Hyght's room before he sighed and walked off, his hands tucked into his pockets.


Hyght shut the door in Bart's face and laid back down on his bed. Once he was comfortable he realized he hadn't locked it and that Bart could just storm in if he wanted. His concern for that happening though wasn't quite as important as he thought it should be right now. All Hyght wanted was to be alone. He had to make sense of that dream. It had been weeks since he jolted awake in the middle of a class screaming in terror. Weeks since his closest friend Bart had asked him to explain more about the dream. Even though Hyght had explained what had happened(more or less) he just couldn't tell him more. It was far too hard for him to put into words. The fact he couldn't place the exact reason was only part of the issue. He hadn't heard any word from Mason in weeks either. While he knew it wasn't uncommon for that to be the case it made him very uneasy and caused him to worry. Especially since he killed Mason in his dream.

"ARG! STOP IT!" He roared and slapped his palms against his face. "Stop thinking about it!" Hyght was glad he was alone in his room right now. He didn't want to explain anything to his roommates about why he was slapping or talking to himself. Least of all Gricelda. Ever since the stuff that went down in the Faunus restaurant he hadn't been comfortable around her. He'd been angry. He'd been scared. Scared for himself and for his family. He wasn't sure if the Faunus that threatened him was telling the truth but he idnd't feel he should take that gamble. Just the thought made Hyght's skin pebble with goose flesh. If he tried hard enough he could still hear the Faunus' voice in his ear and its claws on his neck. With another snarl Hyght threw his pillow across the room and toward the door.

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2 Re: A Huntin' we will go (Social/Hunt) on Wed Mar 30, 2016 6:38 pm

Gricelda reads through the message sent by this Bart Samos character.  Honestly she didn't realize that Hyght had any friends here... but then again the two of them rarely wanted to have anything to do with each other, especially after the whole restaurant ordeal awhile back.  Looking back... maybe she was quick to snap at him but she personally didn't see the need to apologize for her behavior.  Now that she has given it some thought, even she has noticed this... bout Hyght has been suffering.  He seems frustrated over something... stress over school maybe?  Inadequacy over his lack of martial training?  Homesick?  Hyght was defiantly out of place here at this academy.  His heart was in the right place but his body and mind certainty are not.   She may not particularly care for the human but being her roommate means that she felt some obligation to try to assist in some way.  How to help, Gris wasn't sure but she gives it some consideration as she strolls her way back to the dorm.

As she approaches the door, an idea crawled into her head, one that would SURELY give Hyght the boast in confidence that he most defiantly needs at moment.  Gricelda pulls out her her scroll and quickly texts Chloe a quick message:

"Chloe.  You, me, and Hyght are going to go on a hunt together TODAY.  No excuses now. Thanks.  

After sending the message and putting away her scroll,  she instinctively ready to unlock the door as usual when she noticed that it it appear to be still unlocked.  This gives her some pause but she shrugs it off as she swings the door right open and enters in a flamboyant fashion.

"Heellllooo Hyght!~" pleasantly states Gris, who luckily entered some time after Hyght's little fit.

The wolf faunus spins to close the door behind her, not bothering to lock the door as it closes shut.  She then proceeds to stroll towrds him until she stands over Hyght, looking down him as he lays on the bed.

"Soooo..." trails Gricelda her looks over her human roommate before continuing again

"Me and Chloe are going to go out on little hunting expedition and... well... we think that you should get your lazy butt off of your bunk and join us." speaks Gris as she curls a sly smirk.

"Soo... what say you?  Are you in?" Gricelda adds, her smirk widening into a deceptively friendly smile as she holds her hands behind her back and leans her head forward to Hyght, casting a shadow over him as she looks directly down over him.  She may wear a friendly face but their is something a little creepy about the way she stares down at him expectantly with those predatory yellow-hued eyes of hers.

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3 Re: A Huntin' we will go (Social/Hunt) on Mon Apr 04, 2016 2:56 pm

Cheese was good. She didn’t know why she loved it so much but really it was really, really good. Some people assume that because she’s a bird faunus she would prefer things like, nuts, wheat and stuff, but she actually loves food in general with a big emphasis on cheese. She can also eat like five people and not gain any weight, probably because she’s always wearing her heavy armor. Therefore, it was no surprise that she was walking in the corridors hands full with a towering plate of fried cheese sticks with marinara sauce, the most wonderful combination, when she received the text from Gricelda. Not that she could tell, all she knew from the chime was that her scroll thingy was trying to tell her something. Finding somewhere she could drop her plate, she took out the device to see what was up.

After fidgeting with it a while, she saw that there was a small envelope icon on the top she never saw before, beside what she learned was the battery, sound, Internet and other non-clickable icons. She tried pressing it but it did nothing. Scratching her head, she didn’t know what the envelope meant. She was told that the other ones were just information on the state of the device and stuff, so maybe the scroll was telling her she got mail!

Picking her plate back up in one hand and the marinara sauce bowl in the other, she walked faster to her room, happy to find it unlocked actually so she could just use her elbow to open the door. Getting in she saw her two roommates there but didn’t see any envelope on her desk. “Heya! Gris, Hyght, me scroll thingy is tellin’ me I got mail, did the mailman come an’ drop somethin’ for me?” She sounded a bit excited about receiving mail and at the same time apprehensive. Only people that she knows outside school is her family and they’re not the kind to just catch up and ask how are things, they would probably include things like, new training regimen or an unexpected visit… Please let it NOT be the latter. As stress was mounting a bit from the possibilities receiving mail implied, she just munched on a cheese stick to calm herself.

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4 Re: A Huntin' we will go (Social/Hunt) on Tue Apr 05, 2016 4:35 am

The pillow struck just to the side of the door with a flumph and settled on the floor. Hyght stared at it for a moment, his imagination making him see a face in the folded material sneering back at him. "Go to hell." He grumbled at the pillow just as the door swung open and the person he wanted least to see entered the room in an energetic manner. The moment she opened her mouth Hyght felt himself grow irritated but suppressed it as he would rather not have to talk with her long. The way she entered and addressed him seem curious to him as she's never done it before. Gricelda, the grey furred wolf faunus, wore her usual attire of green and grey and seemed to hover over him, as if she were a mother looking down to her child. That idea made Hyght even more annoyed. Relax, just see what she wants and get it over with. he said to himself.

Gricelda's golden eyes roamed over Hyght as she began to speak. She and Chloe, their other roommate, had apparently planned on going on a hunt. Good. She'll be gone soon then. He thought for a moment before his ears tuned into the following statement. "Lazy." He unconsciously said as if testing the word. The tone in his voice made the word sound hollow. Hyght felt the want to bite back at her but the curl to her lips stifled his response. She was apparently making a joke, one she might have thought Hyght would entertain. This wasn't the case and the young man simply ignored it. When he didn't respond the faunus girl asked if he was to join them but when Hyght glanced up he found her regarding him with a look that made his skin crawl.

His eyes had become hard for an instant as he stared back at her just as the door swung open again and Chloe came in. She apparently had received a message on her scroll about mail, though Hyght had been in hte room all day and hadn't seen anything be brought in. Chloe's sudden arrival had stolen his attention and shattered the hard look to his eyes. Whatever was between him and Gricelda could stay between them, he didn't want to draw Chloe into it. Hyght addressed Chloe without taking his eyes from Gricelda. "No. No mail has come in." He thought about it for a moment before it clicked. "Chloe, does you Scroll have an icon of an envelope and an exclamation point? if so that means you have a text message or an e-mail."

"And no, Gricelda," Hyght said using her full name rather than the short handed nickname she tended her friends to prefer. "I won't be joining. Have fun and be careful." With the matter closed to Hyght he adjusted his position on the bed to a more comfortable one before he shut his eyes.

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5 Re: A Huntin' we will go (Social/Hunt) on Tue Apr 05, 2016 7:05 pm

Gricelda's head jerks suddenly to the door as she watches Chloe waltz in, asking something about mail?

"Huh?  The... mailman?" inquires Gricelda as she looks away from Hyght and erects her posture, scratching the back of her right faunus ear as she looks to Chloe in a quizical manner.  It was only when Hyght spoke up that it suddenly clicked for Gris.

"Ohh Chloe... I thought we went over this... that your notification that your received a text.  And that text was probably mine that I sent to you earlier about all of us going on a hunt together.  Speaking of which..." Gricelda voice trails off as she slowly returns her gaze back over to Hyght, somewhat annoyed by Hyght's rejection.

"Hyght... like it or not... your coming with us.  You have been a little too comfortable in that bed of yours and I think it would do you some good to do something other than wallow in your self-pity.  You could do with a distraction from whatever has been eating at you as of late.  I don't know what it is that been bothering you but laying about and doing nothing about won't solve whatever your issue is." groans the wolf faunus as she looks down to Hyght, frowning still as she rest her hands on her hips.

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6 Re: A Huntin' we will go (Social/Hunt) on Mon Apr 11, 2016 12:31 pm

Before Hyght could stop his mouth he had already spoken. "You don't know what you're talking about. And you don't have a say in what I will or won't do!" His eyes opened as his lips formed the words and he turned, his feet meeting the floor. "I don't have to listen to a damn thing you say." Hyght said harshly. "The Issues I'm going through are mine and you couldn't hold a civil conversation with me before, what makes you think I'd confide in you now? I mean hell, at the restaurant it was somehow MY FAULT that someone fainted from me saying hello. You immediately jumped on against me when I was trying to make sure the girl was okay." Hyght knew he'd lost grip on his cool when his hands balled tightly into fists and he stood.

While Hyght wasn't a well built man, he didn't have a lot of muscle nor could he fight very well, but he was taller than Gricelda and for a moment that made him feel powerful. "I-" Hyght stopped abruptly. powerful...I feel powerful for being taller than her and yelling about what she did to me. He thought and felt shame. Shame for losing control like he did just then, for doing this in front of their other roommate who had no knowledge of these events. For feeling that rush of power for his advantage over Greicelda. Hyght was silent for a moment and groaned his frustration a breath later. "I don't need to be told about what I should or shouldn't be doing."

Hyght stood and moved past his roommates and began to slide his gear onto his person. "I'm handling my issues." He said as he headed toward the door.

(Went ahead and posted since it's been almost a week. Just feel free to jump in when you can, Chloe.)

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7 Re: A Huntin' we will go (Social/Hunt) on Tue Apr 12, 2016 5:44 am

Gricelda's disdainful frown quickly morphs into a fierce scowl as Hyght lets his displeasure known.  She was hardly intimidated by Hyght standing and looking down to her like she was much smaller than she actually was.  Gricelda's eyes narrow to the man, her teeth clench visibly, her hands on her hips clawing themselves into her skin, and the fur on tail bristles as it raise from the the back of her legs to an erect position perpendicular to her back.  The more he spoke, the more she just wanted to... strangle his throat!  Gricleda was readied herself to endure another speech about how he hated and not wanting her help but instead only a bated pause after he stammered off.  She raised an eyebrow, wondering if he finally run out of steam.  Hyght however groaned in frustration about how he didn't need to ordered by her and that was handing his own problems as he walked over to the door.

"Grrrr... HYGHT!  DON'T YOU DARE IGNORE ME NOW!" yelled the faunus as she stomps her foot to the ground.

"You haven't been handling anything!  Not for the past couple of weeks you haven't.  I've noticed, your friend Bart-a-something noticed, and I sure even Chole has noticed this insufferable runt you have gotten yourself into!" she screams at Hyght as she points to Chloe upon the mention of her name.

Gricelda unleashes breath of pent-up frustration as she lowers her arm pointing at Chloe, staring sternly to Hyght with her amber eyes.

"Why wont you just... let me help you for once!?  I get it... we both despises each other but I thought that maybe you were just feeling inadequate and overwhelmed.  I was hoping that maybe a successful hunt with me and Chloe would help feel that you truly belong her instead of getting wrapped up in your doubts or something.  If this all stemming from what happened at at the restaurant then... then.... grrr..."

Gricelda lowers her head as she thinks over to how she reacted that day and how unfair that the one person who could have supported him in that situation, aside from that crazy robot, turned against him and layed all the guilt on him.   For her it was natural to point her finger at the human as all the other times before it was always the humans causing her problems.

"... I... apologize..." she states with great difficulty, her pride making it difficult to admit that she was in the wrong.

"... you may terrified that poor faunus girl with your very presence but... it was unfair of me to... errr... lay all the blame on you.  I'm just... used to humans ALWAYS causing the problems that I just reflexively pointed at you  when in reality you were... probably just as much of victim in that whole mess as she was." explains the faunus, who appeared rather uncomfortable as she crossed her arms and looked away from Hyght.  In the silence slowly becoming unbearable, Gris lightly taps the floor with her right foot as she waits for someone to say something about anything.

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8 Re: A Huntin' we will go (Social/Hunt) on Tue Apr 12, 2016 12:42 pm

The bird faunus had placed her plate on the nightstand beside her bed as she was playing around with her scroll. Hyght had told her that the envelope icon meant she had received a text message, Gricelda even confirming saying she was the one that sent her the message. Scratching her head with a cheese stick in her mouth, she fiddled with the thing until she miraculously managed to open the text. “Ah!” Really though, why the text? She could have just told her like she did. Well, she had to agree that it was convenient to be able to leave a message to someone instantaneously instead of searching for them. Then again, Chloe never had a problem finding the person she was looking for, so even if convenient, to her it was more like a lazy solution.

The conversation between her two roommates was getting pretty heavy. They were talking about things she didn’t know anything about really. Well, she did think Hyght had looked like he was in a funk or something, but she wouldn’t know how to help even if he asked her. She would try but, really, the only thing she could think of would be to beat the funk out of him. It’s not like she knew any better, that’s what her family would do whenever she was feeling down : more training till she stopped thinking about it. Her sister sometimes talked to her, but that was usually between sword strikes.

Still, she was somewhat curious about that restaurant thing they were mentioning. She wasn’t sure she understood completely but she caught the gist of it. Some faunus girl fainted from just seeing Hyght and people blamed him. That sounded completely unjust and honestly, stupid. She knew humans could be bigots but here was the proof that faunus could be too. Hyght? Being scary? Please… He looked like his biggest weapon was a fearsome hug. At least Gricelda was apologising for her part in it, something that was obviously hard on her. After another godly cheese stick, she decided to finally say something.

So lemme get this straight… Ya noticed Hyght wasn’t feelin’ up ta snuff and thought a hunt would kick him back in gear? That ain’t a bad idea to me! I ain’t had a chance ta go huntin’ yet, would be fun!” Turning to Hyght, she continued “Now, I got no idea what happened between ya both in that restaurant but it sounded stupid. Some girl fainted seeing ya and a bunch a’ people just decided ta blame the human cause it was easy? Let me tell ya that I ain’t against hittin’ people ta put them back in their place and had I been there, they would all have got a bump on their noggin’, ya included Gris. But seriously, ya know ya did nothin’ wrong, shrug it off. Gris just apologised anyway so there ya go, everyone that matters agrees ya didn’t do anythin’ wrong.

Getting up, Chloe took her still pretty full plate of cheese sticks and brought them to Hyght before he left through the door. “Ya both need ta calm down though. Eat some cheese sticks, ain’t nothin’ better to make ya feel better!” Eating one herself, she sighed and leaned against the door, preventing him to open it. “Now I might be wrong and misunderstood the whole thing, but from what I gathered ya got two choices. Walk out the door and still feel bad, still think ya got no place here, still think ya can’t do anythin’, or ya come ta hunt with us and prove ta everyone ya deserve ta be here. I ain’t gonna sugar coat it. Ya came here ta be a hunter, ta help people ‘n kill monsters. Ya got a shield and a sword and I know ya’ve been workin’ yer ass off to learn how ta use them better, but ya ain’t even tried ta go face some Grimm. Ya want ta be a Hunter? Then act the freakin’ part or go back ta bein’ a baker.” At those last words she shoved the plate in Hyght’s hands and walked back to sit on her bed. She wondered for a moment if her words were too harsh, but really, if that was all it took to make him quit then his resolve wasn’t all that strong in the end. They were roommates, but they hadn’t interacted much yet so even if they were friendly with each other, she didn’t know much about him or what went through his head. In the end, she mostly hoped she hadn’t just made things worse because she misunderstood what he was going through.

Suddenly, she realised she didn’t have any cheese sticks anymore so she got back up, walked back to the human, took back the plate silently and went to sit back down on her bed.

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9 Re: A Huntin' we will go (Social/Hunt) on Wed Apr 13, 2016 2:07 pm

Hyght paused as he opened the door, his hand on the door knob. Gricelda had fired back at him but in a way he hadn't expected, in a way he hadn't thought she would do. She apologized for the restaurant and offered a brief explanation as to why. Habit. Her anger and distrust of humans had become a habitual thing. While it may have stemmed from someplace of personal experience, it had become a habit to immediately point fingers at a human for the wrongs that were done. Gricelda had been a part of the White Fang for many years and during a war you tended to vilify the opposition in one way or another. Hyght realized he had done this with her after the events at the restaurant. Gricelda's words paired with the fact she hadn't attacked him or tore into him with her usual venomous strikes, made her seem genuine.

When Chloe spoke up Hyght realized he had tunnel vision going on as all his attention had been on Gricelda. His other roommate went over everything as she understood it and offered her words on the matter. She didn't know about the threats on Hyght and his family, and while he wasn't certain the Faunus from that night could deliver on his threat, he didn't like the idea of messing up again. Again? He thought curiously for a moment but was pulled from his questioning thoughts by Chloe thrusting a decision in his face, followed by a platter of cheese sticks. The heavy set baker was a bit surprised by the motion and had immediately turned and took the tray without thought. He stood there for a moment, his eyes downcast to the fired shafts of dairy, and realized that he had been trying to handle things on his own this entire time.

At some point during his subjective eternity holding the tray, he had picked one up and popped it into his mouth. The taste of the grease, the breaded outside, and the cheesy center made Hyght's taste buds dance. He had limited himself to healthy foods since he got here, increasing his strictness on them after the incident at the restaurant. Hyght didn't look it with his clothes as baggy as they were but he had lost a considerable amount of weight during his time at Syne. However, he had done it by wearing himself down day in and day out in training, PE, and sparring with Bart. He was no where near an excellent fighter or in great shape, but he was in better athletic condition than he had been his entire life. Though that's wouldn't be a great achievement.

The former baker stood with his back to the door, his hands now empty of the tray of cheese sticks, and had his two roommates before him. They both wished to help and while part of him only wanted to throw venom back at them, he knew they were trying to help. Just like Bart had been trying to. With a kick to door it closed with a heavy click. "Where are we going?"

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10 Re: A Huntin' we will go (Social/Hunt) on Wed Apr 13, 2016 5:07 pm

Gricelda lets out a sigh of relief, part of her was worried that Hyght wasn't going accept her apology as it was very difficult for herself to ever admit herself being wrong.  She was also really glad that Chloe was here as well to give her input on the altercation that she was not a part of.  She even offered Hyght some cheesy looking sticks for for him to eat.  Looking back, the whole thing was kinda of silly.  As Hyght asked about their destination, Gricelda raised her head to look at him.  Her posture relaxed somewhat.

"Ahhh, well I was thinking about Finnek Forest.  I am more familar with that area and there always seem to some sort of Grimm lurking about the understory.  About the most dangerous Grimm out there that I have seen are the Nevermores.  Between the three of us through, I think we have very little to fear out there."  states Gricelda, who appears quite relieved.

"I can guide the both of you to the forest, if neither of you know how to get there.  Also when we do get there, it goes without saying to watch for the their gleeming bloodshot eyes through the thicket.  Grimm are just FOND of ambushes as I have come to learn." continues Gricelda, putting a little more emphasis on her last sentence to convey her annoyance who how sneaky Grimm are at times.

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11 Re: A Huntin' we will go (Social/Hunt) on Tue Apr 19, 2016 1:37 am

Chloe smiled at Hyght when he closed the door. She was glad he was staying. Well, if she was honest, she didn’t have any strong opinion for now, so if he left because he decided Syne wasn’t where he belonged, she would have bid him farewell and hoped things got better for him in whatever future he chose. But he stayed. He was having trouble, he was struggling and when faced with the challenge with the easy way behind him, he finally chose to thread forward. She respected that in people. She didn’t care much for the already strong people that just flaunted what they could do; there was no pride to have in this. But those who struggled and held fast are those she can truly respect.

Gricelda’s proposition of going to the Finnek Forest got a nod out of the bird faunus. While Chloe hadn’t hunted officially for the school yet, she wasn’t a stranger to fighting Grimms in all sorts of situations. Forest fights were her favorite though, plenty of trees to use three dimensional fighting to the best. The green haired lancer had a grin at her roommate’s mention of Grimm ambushes.

Heh, I ain’t gonna look a gift horse in the mouth. The borin’ part of hunts is the lookin’, if the Grimms want ta throw themselves at me spear, let ‘em come.” Standing up, she picked up her spear and inspected the tip. The metal she used to forge it was already extremely strong and hard to chip in any way, add to that the fact she was flowing aura into it when she use it and you could understand why the only maintenance she had to do on it most of the time was just to shine it. Satisfied that her weapon was flawless as usual, she let the heavy butt hit the ground with quite a big ‘thud’. Turning toward her other roommates, she waited for them to prepare. She almost always had her armor on anyway and today wasn’t an exception, so she was already good to go.

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12 Re: A Huntin' we will go (Social/Hunt) on Sat Apr 23, 2016 3:10 pm

Hyght nodded at Gricelda's choice. "Alright." He said somberly and after a moment of awkward silence he reached up and physically slapped himself with enough force to leave a bright red mark on his cheek. "God damn it!" He hissed and shook his head. "Okay then." He said in a more normal tone. "But before we go, I want to tell you about what's been bothering me. Bart already knows about this. he was the first to know since it happened when we were in the same class." Hyght stepped over to one of the desk chairs that sat around the room.

He pulled it out and sat down as he mentally prepared himself to share his nightmares. "Alright...a few weeks ago I was in a class and had apparently fallen asleep. I had a nightmare that was far too real for me to handle and in that dream I killed someone I cared about. While I can't recall with absolute clarity everything that happened in the nightmare, I do remember the feeling of his blood on my hands, the sickening feeling of my sword in his guts, and the words he spat at me. You aren't meant to be a Hunter. These words, while I admit they aren't very powerful by themselves, when paired with self doubt and worry I've never felt before, it messed me up." Hyght paused to breath. He had started speaking faster during his explanation and had almost run out of breath.

After a couple moments he huffed out a breath, a weak chuckle of sorts. "Now that I say it aloud it seems so pathetic." He shook his head twice. "But it's a bit more than just some words. In my dream I heard a voice crying out wolf. I felt immense pain and had a type of...outer body experience I guess you'd call it. I saw myself warp, shift, and change into a Grimm. It was a Beowulf. I think it might have been an Alpha but i can't recall too clearly now. The Grimm-me let out a howl but it was my voice it was using. It cried out wolf again before it tore into Mason's corpse." Hyght felt his throat tighten, he swallowed in hopes to loosen it. "I could feel the heat of the blood, the slimy, tenderness of the organs. I was eating my friend." The former baker wanted to look away, he wanted to hide the tears that formed in his eye. Instead, he kept his head up and looked between his roommates.

"I woke up in the class screaming. Bart says I was screaming wolf then too. Some of the student had apparently begun calling me the boy who cried wolf." Hyght hooked his index and middle fingers and made air quotes as he spoke the nickname. "Since then I've been training my ass off in hopes to somehow prove to myself I am meant to be a Huntsman." He looked at Gricelda and stood. In a smooth motion he slipped his shield from his back and pulled his hoodie and shirt off, revealing a significantly different body than the clothes give off. Black and blue bruises all over his chest, stomach, and obliques, however, there were no bruises on his back. The fruits of Hyght's labors.

He looked Gricelda in the eyes and felt himself stiffen. "For the past few weeks I've been training with Bart and other people that I know for a fact I can't beat. I've had my nose broken four times, my right arm dislocated, and my ribs broken here, here, and here." He said and gestured to the different areas. "I'm told I have a strong healing aura and the fact that no one has noticed my injuries I guess is proof of that." Hyght pulled his clothes back on. "I'm no where near an expert and, as Chloe said, still lack actual experience with Grimm. I'm not looking for pity, and it's okay if you don't understand the issues I've had but you two were right. I've got to stop this, it's not doing me any good and I've been avoiding being around you." He said with a glance to Gricelda. "I don't know if we'll ever become super close but we've got a few years together and I'd rather not opt for sleeping in the training room again." He said with with first bit of humor he's used since they began talking.

"So, you two are the experts when it comes to Grimm. Everything I know comes from books and the professors. What you tell me to do, I'll do." Hyght said with complete solidity in his words. He leaned down and picked up his gear. "I'll be your shield." He added the last bit for dramatic flair but felt it came out a bit punny and cheesy.

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Gricelda listened to Hyght about the nightmare he had while asleep in class, something that she would have berated him for if she had shared that same class with Hyght.  As she listened, she had to agree with him: It was pathetic that he gotten all shaken up over a nightmare.  The content of this nightmare may have been gory but she was unfazed the details.  If anything she almost wanted to laugh as it was silly to hear that a grown man was so perturbed by such of a nonsensical dream.  As Hyght stood to face Gricelda, she crossed her arms and watched as the young man removed his shield and hoodie to reveal the battered body of his from vigorous training.  The reveal only garnered curious look over by the wolf faunus girl, who was take aback somewhat of how many busies he has and injuries he had taken.  She herself was uncertain if the two of them would ever be close and as much much scorn she had over humanity as a whole, in truth she didn't want to herself and Hyght to hate each other as that would make the next several years all the more difficult.  She wasn't here to make any more enemies but that doesn't mean she was here to make friends everyone either.  As Hyght let out his corny spewl about being their shield, she couldn't help but let out a dry laugh.

"Heh... thanks but I already have a shield." she states as she goes to equip her magical shield, holding it up for her teammates to see.

"And its name: Razorwind!" she states ever so proudly.

She quickly collects her hatchet as well, letting it rest on her right shoulder as her right hand balances it place on one end.  As she does so, she looks to Hyght with a stern expression on her face.

"Look... I don't care if we will ever be friends but... I don't want to be your enemy either.  Like you mentioned, if we don't learn to get along then these next several years will me all the more difficult for the both us... and that goes beyond altered sleeping arrangements." says Gricelda in a serious tone.

"As for your... nightmare... don't think nothing of it.  I mean, such wayward dreams doesn't not reflect that you are some secret Grimm with a fetish to consume the flesh of your friends now.  At least... I hope not." she states with a chuckles at the end.

"In all seriousness, dreams and nightmares invite strange thoughts.  I mean, I once had a dream where I was turned into large wolf and everyone hated me because I looked like wolf even though kept telling them that I wasn't wolf.  Then they started calling me names and throwing onions at me.  I got so mad that I ate them all so that they would stop tormenting me.  Then they started harassing me with mean names from within stomach and the voices wouldn't go away so I flew off to Beacon Academy to try get away from the voices but I couldn't because they were still inside me and... I think a went to gala with with a magical talking peacock and... look the point is that dreams hardly mean anything as it just a bunch nonsense conjured from a mix of broken memories so don't overthink.  Its just muddled memories, nothing more, nothing less.  I mean, you are no more a Grimm than I am a large talking wolf" says Gricelda with laugh, who seemed to have missed the irony behind her last statement.

"Anyway, we have been here long enough.  Lets go to Finnek Forest now so that we  prove ourselves capable hunters and huntesses by cracking a few of their polished white craniums." she stays excitedly as she moves to the door and opens it, holding it for the others to exit the room with her.

((Feel free to just timeskip to the forest.  Also make sure to roll for Grimm if you have not done so already Hyght ^_^))

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There wasn’t much the bird faunus could say, or really she just didn’t know what to say. He was opening up to them and that was good, so she was listening, but she couldn’t relate to him in any way, at least when it comes to the dream. In fact, if she had dreamed of becoming some monster and eating her family, she’d consider that the best dream ever. Not that she didn’t love them, but when you’re beaten to the ground every day for training, you tend to have a healthy dose of desire to maim the people responsible.

She could definitely respect his bruises though, She had her fair share of those herself as she was growing up and it was obvious that he put a lot of efforts in becoming better. After Gricelda’s comments though, she felt she should say something, but wasn’t sure what. It’s not like she was any good at comforting people, it was her first time even trying. “Well, I ain’t sure what ta say ‘bout that. Honestly, ma family never really were good with words. If I was feelin’ down, they’d just have me train and fight till I was feelin’ ok again. It works better than ya might think. Still I’ll say this though, ya on the good path.” Chloe smiled at her human roommate before going out the door. “Alright, since I ain’t got a shield, ya can be mine if ya can keep up with me, but I expect ma shield ta do as much damage as it can take.


Finnek forest was a nice place. The abundance of blue, Chloe’s favorite color, was a welcome sight to de bird faunus. Too bad this place was filled with Grimm, she would love just sleeping in there… Maybe she will at some point, it’s not like she doesn’t know how to sleep while staying aware of her surroundings. At least, she would definitely come back for a stroll or to read and any Grimm that dared disturb her would regret it for the 2 seconds it took for their life to fade away. At the moment though, she was here in full battle gear with her roommates with the express purpose of hunting Grimms, but none had showed up yet.

Well, now the borin’ part : waitin’.

((You can roll now. Since I was last in the rotation the Grimm could always show up now, or we can do keep RPing where the Grimm(s) can show up at anytime ^^))

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