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Shooting? That's my job!(OPEN)

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1 Shooting? That's my job!(OPEN) on Wed Mar 23, 2016 7:02 pm

The giant of a guy looked in the shooting range. Not many here, or at least, that he could see. He wished the people there were the talkative sort, but they didn't seem it so he kept his mouth shut. He was equipped with his vest and his rifle, which for the sake of the range, had the scope taken off. Took it off himself, actually. Made it easier for him to do pretty much everything when it was such a close ranged area. No where near the half a mile to a mile he was used to shooting, so this made him feel that this test was more to see how long he could last without making a pun. Oh how he loves puns. He shook his head and took a knee to get in a good position in front of the range. Most would disagree with this, but he had to be level with the target. At least, for his goal.

He lined up his iron sights, and smiled. Boom A loud shot rang through the room, and through Evans ears. He could deal with the ringing, he's done it enough already to be used to it. He looked at the dummy at the end who's head had a bullet right through the middle. Boom Another shot, this time nailing the man in the chest. One more shot later, he had shot the main in three places head, chest and right knee. He smirked, noting that his shots were still perfect. Right on target. He wasn't going to be out-shot, not by anyone in this school. That was a fact.

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2 Re: Shooting? That's my job!(OPEN) on Wed Mar 23, 2016 7:47 pm

This place sucked, majorly. The people here we're all living in their own little world, oblivious to the events of the outside. All they saw was what was on the news, not what actually was happening. And almost none of them even gave a damn. Huntsmen and Huntresses, liars and bigots, the lot of 'em. Everyone was the hero in their own story, dictators think that they have the right to do what they do. Thieves think they deserve what they take. Now mercenaries, they were an honest lot. Only ever did what they were paid to do, no moral bulls*** or anything, just what they were paid to do.

Café entered the shooting range with her trench gun and a bag full of ammo. Not may people were around so she picked the first open spot. As she prepared she noticed the dummy for the range next to her's take quite the punishment. One to the head one to the chest and one to the right knee. Well there was no kill quite like overkill. Time to get to work then, Café loaded up the trench with five rounds of double-aught buck, took aim, held down the trigger and worked the action. BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! That was one of the nice features about this gun, you could slam fire the thing, in fact it is the only pump action with that capability.

Five more shells were quickly loaded into the trench before they were slammed off just as the first five. Some people went to the beach to relax, other read books, and some people painted. Café on the other hand found sending lead down range to be the best cure for any kind of stress or anxiety. 

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3 Re: Shooting? That's my job!(OPEN) on Wed Mar 23, 2016 8:14 pm

Cerise had never really owned a gun. She had never had an interest in them. They were too easy to wield, and in most cases, too loud. There was no challenge in just pulling the trigger and watching some sort of damage fall onto the unfortunate target. She had heard the whole argument already about aiming being its own art form, but she called bullshit on that. Guns weren't the only weapons that required good aim. Hell, most of them did - including her sectioned spear.

As far as the young redhead knew so far, Syne didn't really have many facilities suited for target practice, save for a gun range and maybe the arena could count, provided that she had someone to target. The latter could get her expelled if she blasted through someone's kneecaps - accidentally or otherwise - and that could get her expelled. She didn't really want that just yet, at least not before she had a decent amount of fun.

Of course, that just left the ill-fitted shooting range. Cerise stepped inside, opting to take the booth between the two other people that were there - the blond bimbo and a funny looking purple headed giant. She unstrapped her weapon - a spear divided in five sections with twelve meters of slack chain in between. She surveyed the damage on the dummies in front of her. Not bad, but not impressive either.

The first target was seven meters away with another one three meters behind it diagonally. Cerise reeled in the chain before letting it spring forward rapidly. It pierced through the first dummy's chest before the chain bent sharply towards the other one's head, leaving a large hole behind. She did the same with a couple of other dummies a few more times before growing bored.

There was only so much one could do with still targets. That's when an idea came to mind. She waited for a second, making sure that the girl next to her was ready to take her next round of shot. Once she was sure that the girl was pulling the trigger, Cerise let her weapon spring forward so that the head of her spear could expertly intercept one of the girl's bullets. If it did, she would let out a smug "Woops," to try and provoque her. If not, she would groan under her breath, clearly annoyed. Either way, she would try the same with the other guy next to her.

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4 Re: Shooting? That's my job!(OPEN) on Wed Mar 23, 2016 8:24 pm

He looked over to the range next to him, and saw the dummy just get murdered. He has a small chuckle at the pun that went through his head. He then, promptly, looked his new found acquaintance over. She looked strong, shot fast, and shot calm. That was a load of things she already had going for her, and he hadn't even seen her personality. Then, a woman came in. A second one. Stepped in between the two, and used that range. Strange, but okay. Not something that's completely insane, although it's somewhat unrequired when it came down to it. It was also terrible positioning if something were to go wrong. This new lass who came in. She first absolutely destroyed the dummy, and then tried to intercept one of this other girls shots. He assumed she'd try the same stupid thing with him, so he had an idea.

As he took a breath, he aimed for the head. As soon as he pressed the trigger, he shifted his barrel down, losing power but hitting the chest of the dummy. Right over the other bullet. That dummy must have been heartbroken.

"You know. It's not nice to try to intercept a sniper's bullet. Especially when the sniper is a lot bigger and stronger then you, which I guess is an oxymoron. Anyhow. That was seriously dangerous. The bullet could ricochet and f**k us all over. Not something you want. Anyhow, after I told you off, I might as well tell you my name. The names Evan Jefferson, trained military marksman."

He smiled before leaning his rifle up against the range and getting up off his knee, revealing his rather tall height to it's full extent. After cracking his back, he put his hand out to both of them, which meant he had both of his hands out for a handshake.

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5 Re: Shooting? That's my job!(OPEN) on Wed Mar 23, 2016 8:47 pm

Five more shells went into the trench gun and Café took aim, the automated system at the range giving her a new target. She pulled the trigger and worked the action, thought before she got to her second round something came in the way of her first volley. A spear? Two of the lead balls hit the spear while the rest went around it. Well someone obviously didn't know how a shotgun worked. One of the balls that hit the spear went straight back and whizzed by Café's head.

Oh that was it, this a**hole, whoever they were, was about to get a very long lesson in pain. She put down the trench gun as she stepped back from her position to see who was about to eat her fist. She saw two people, a monstrously tall man with a sniper riffle and a red head with a spear. Time to lay down a little payback. Café curled up her fist and hurled it full force at the head of the red haired b****. “You almost took my damn head off you c***! What the hell is a spear user doing in a f***ing gun range, anyway?” Café yelled after her punch, ignoring the tall man's offer for a handshake. 

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6 Re: Shooting? That's my job!(OPEN) on Wed Mar 23, 2016 11:14 pm

Ceris smirked when several of the pellets hit the blunt side of the spearhead. She hadn't been able to see which type of weapon the woman was firing before, but it was obvious now - more so when she was yelling about it. The redheaded girl couldn't help but snicker. It was the reaction that she as looking for, after all. Soon enough, the purple headed boy was reacting in his own way at her attempt to disrupt his practice as well. Sure, it failed, but she didn't mind. He didn't seem like the type who would get outwardly angry anyways. Cerise turned around to see the other girl now standing in front of her, looking very, very pissed off. And as if Cerise hadn't been clued into this already, she saw the girl reel her arm back for a punch. Cerise stood still, deciding instead to let her aura course through her body, activating her semblance. Under her skin was now an electric current that would enter the other girl's body as soon as the fist connected. The result would be a mild electric shock that would temporarily scramble her nervous system enough to make her feel disoriented. On the other hand, the same current would also make it so that Cerise would only feel a fraction of the pain.

"Score," Cerise thought as she heard the rant. She whistled with false impression, feeling her cheek a little stiff as she did. "You pack a decent punch,"[/color] she said dismissively. "There aren't any other places here for target practice and using moving ones is more likely to get me expelled," Cerise explained with a shrug and a smug look still on her face. It was now that she turned to acknowledge the purple-haired giant who was claiming to be stronger. At this, Cerise snickered once again. "Don't let looks fool ya', big guy. And I'll keep that in mind for next time," she said, pretending to take it to heart. Truth be told, there was probably very little in this world that would fix her obnoxious nature.

She now looked at his extended hand and shook it firmly, her semblance now dormant. "Cerise," she said simply. She hated having to say her last name out loud. "At least he's polite enough to know how to introduce himself, right?" She added.

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7 Re: Shooting? That's my job!(OPEN) on Thu Mar 24, 2016 4:20 pm

“I ain’t all that polite. ‘Fraid I’ve hit a bunch of people in the chest with a sniper. It’s more just habit. Also, Trench Gun, what’s your name? Cerise, don’t antagonize people unneededly, it’s like a needle under the skin. Damn. It didn’t go too long without a pun!” He did the old villain arm raise and mouthed the old, prolonged no, before continuing. “I also guess you’re right. Really should stop assuming. In fact, you might be able to beat me in an arm wrestling match.” He laughed. He moved his hand back after the shake, yawning. He picked his sniper up, aiming it towards a dummy across the room. A quick smirk later, he fired, hitting the dummy in the throat. Then another dummy sprang up, and another bullet, this time to the head. This dummies were sure dumb. Popping up like that.

He shifted his rifle so it was facing the roof, with it leaning on his shoulder. He’d have to reload soon, he was sure, but he liked the fact that his aim was still top of the line. Without his sembalance. With it? You better hope you’re more than a mile away, else be deadified by a deadly accurate shot. He’d turn to see whatever may happen. Else, he wouldn’t be the man who could make basically any shot.

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8 Re: Shooting? That's my job!(OPEN) on Sat Mar 26, 2016 11:07 pm


Café Noir

The sudden shock took Café off guard. Oh this b**** was about to get it. Having been flash banged many times before, after a few seconds she was back in control of her body. She turned to grab the trench gun then cycled out the buckshot before pulling out some beanbag rounds from her bag. They wouldn't kill the red headed c*** but they would make her rethink her little attitude problem. Café raked a round into the chamber, then took aim at the girl's back.

At this range the chance she was going to miss was low. “Yo! B****!” There was a loud bang as Café pulled the trigger. A beanbag rushed at the back of the red head b****. “Café Noir, tall guy. You got good aim, but that thing has got to suck in close quarters,” she said keeping her aim on the red head, ready to put four more beanbags right onto her if need be.

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