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Shlome Sanford

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1 Shlome Sanford on Sun Mar 27, 2016 8:38 pm

Shlome Sanford
Enrollment Form

Basic info

Name: Shlome Sanford

Age: 26

Birthday: October 23rd

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Height: 6'1

Weight: 140 pounds

Face Claim: Makishima Yusuke from Yowamushi Pedal Go!!


STR: 5

DEF: 1

RES: 1

SPT: 5

Aura 100|200 HP


Major: Academic Major

Likes:  Detectives: He likes to meet someone who's run the same job as him.

Eggs: Mainly scrambled. Stuffs good. Easy to make as well.

Keeping in shape: A mix of virtue and requirement, he always attempts to keep in shape.

Dislikes: Nuts: Macadamia in particular, god they suck.

Out-of-shape detectives: How are you supposed to chase people in that form?

Hand to Hand combat: While having basic training because of his previous occupation, he'd rather attack with a weapon.


Pneumatiphobia: Fear of spirits. This stems from the fact that he only deals with things that he can see and observe.

Iophobia: Fear of poison.

Taurophobia: Fear of bulls.

Overall Personality: While not a man full of family values, he sustains his courteous teaching occasionally. He's a man of values, though. While not family, he's learned certain values that stay close to his heart, no matter what. No matter if his emotions flare. He knows his flaws, which he figures makes him stronger then others. He notes that his values, however cliché and however strange, are values he holds. That's, to him, what matters most. It's holding the values close and keeping them there, through thick and thin.

One of his values is efficiency. He always looks for the way things could be running faster and better. He's no engineer, albeit he has the knowledge to become one. He just learned it to be sure things were running effectively and efficiently at his old job. If they ran fast and effective, it made him happy. However, this also includes himself. He wants to run as fast and effective as possible, which has caused himself problems in the past.

Another value is to be proud of what he creates. This comes from his schooling. He had a teacher back then, Mr.Ozo, and that man had told him one thing. That if he left this class with any knowledge, be it that you be proud of what you make, and not cry over your 'less-qualified' work. Shlome keeps this close to his heart, closer then the rest. He, after all, calls his body his creation, and he keeps it running as good and fast as it can. He's proud of his body, and proud of any other work he does. It makes him act, often, how he does. It also leads to what people find to be too stubborn to change. He finds it virtuous to stay and be proud.

He's often made fun of for his third value, and he's fine with it. His third value is to trust nothing at face value. His work as a detective, as small as it was, gave him this. Nothing is the same the closer you look at it. Never. He has the firm belief that when held under the light, something will change. He's been right so far, and he prides himself on that. However, even he knows that he can also be held under the same light, and accepts that.


Aura type: Power

Aura Color: Grey

Semblance: Utility: He can recreate a aura replication, solid to the touch, of anything he touches. Be it weapons or wallets, however. With special weapons, he can only recreate the look, rather than the use. He can replicate other's weapons, as long as their physical. If they're sembalance-based, he can't do anything with them.

Item 1:

Item 2: Fire Dust

History and Sample

Shlome was never exactly a nice kid. It's not that he had a terrible life. Sure, he was poor. Being poor helped him in wanting to be a detective.

RP Sample:
150+ words

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2 Re: Shlome Sanford on Sun Mar 12, 2017 1:16 pm

Richard Lionheart
Hey, just going to put down a warning here. This app needs to be bumped in 7 days for completion otherwise it will be moved to inactive ^^

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