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It's showtime! (First Day Thread)

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1 It's showtime! (First Day Thread) on Wed Mar 30, 2016 4:46 am

Nikki Amber

Nicolette enjoyed her hot shower as she paced around drying her hair as her airship was descending to the academy at a very slow rate, abysmal if you ask Nikki. There were a few other students on there but none of them really peeked her interest, she threw her coat on over her bare form and slipped her pants on. Nikki was only wearing the essentials, outside of that she was bottom line naked... She enjoyed freedom figuratively and literally. She ran up to the front of the deck, her swords swinging around her exaggerated waist as it rested hooked onto her belt right above her buttocks. 

Her eyes gleamed with so much excitement she couldn't wait to land... literally. She stood up ontop of the railing of the airship allowing the wind blow all throughout her body. She let both hands out as the wind continued, her black cowgirl hat almost blowing away before she held it with her fingertips. The other kids behind her exclaiming that she should get down, even so far to get security. She turned around before allowing herself to lean back and fall, keeping her hat in between her thumb and forefinger with a loud, "Woooooooohoohoohooo!"  She began falling from a great height, doing aerial tricks with corkscrew flips into a multitude of back flips... But she didn't stop there. She activated her semblance with a huge grin on her face, as she began creating a cascade of explosions launching herself throughout the air like a bat out of hell, soaring through the sky not knowing when she was going to land.

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