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All I see are fifty shades of an ugly gray (Private)

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This was it, the beginning of misery for several of the unluckiest individuals to come across his path. The vulgar, vicious, demon of filth had finally arrived at Syne. Now, to do what exactly? Was a it a goal for an education, a fear of becoming weak, or just a nice supply of lamb for the handsomely ill man to take advantage of. Kokokyokorimo, a name caught on police records as a murderer, victim, and mental instability had arrived. Dressed in black with a look to kill he had already mentally screwed up a few students at syne already, taking advantage of their emotions and while they were caught in fury, they were met with bloodshed. The man in black walked odd, like part of his body was paralyzed as he shuffled through the school, Abomination in one hand, a bag in the other.

He had managed to get directions out of a scared girl whom he already attacked and cut off her faunes parts, the poor child probably had diseases from the dirty blade but he was kind enough to return her body parts for a price so a healer could fix them. He was a ruthless distorted prick with no rhyme or reason behind his actions, and as he walked through the school his blade, both gory and ugly, invoked a new level of a fear of blades. Every so often, he would stop walking as if someone was talking to him, and carried straight forward. The ugly truth was that he wasn't hallucinating or 'just hearing things'. His blade, as ugly as his personality, was possessed by a great evil, one that told him to do vile things to whoever passed. Sometimes he'd let his guard down, other times he ignored the vulgar words she whispered in his head. He managed to get lost inside the school, but eventually made his way out into the court yard, taking a comfortable seat at a fountain. While firmly planting his body down, he pulled out a bag of Swedish Fish, a fifth of rum, and some sun glasses.

He eagerly threw the shades on and got comfortable, cracking open the bag of goodies and the drink he would oh so be enjoying while smoking out on cigarettes, already breaking several of the schools rules. As he stretched out the unmistakable look of blood covered his shoes, the bottom of his pant legs, and all over the blade that had never been wiped clean. It was almost like Abomination carried thousands of chemicals, individuals blood, and bodily fluids and toxins, and had never. Been. Cleaned. Only sharpened, and to the naked eye you could see decayed flesh of something was stuck in the teeth of the blades dual bit saw on the back of the straight sword.

"Such a bright and sunny day, I wonder who will get nosey... Oh hush Abomination, I don't want to turn the fountain water red. No, again no, what is with you and severing the skin of an individual's mouth? Oh, because it's interesting to watch them scream? That's understandable, I mean I too enjoyed the pained scream as we took what made that girl a faunes, but I guess she shouldn't have made a bet she couldn't win. I was nice enough to give them back... The school has enough healers right? Right. She will be just.... No, why would I go after her again? That's dumb. You have issues Abomination, like what you made that poor old man do. What?! No he shouldn't have. Not with this metal anyways after he was kind enough to make it. Oh, so you are going to get me next? You must be kidding, see I'm not dumb enough to make bets with you. You cheat.... Oh don't tell me you don't. You cheat all the time."

He chatted to his blade, and the look on Koko's face was unamused. He laid his weapon across his body, and laid the bag of Swedish fish on top so he could eat, drink, and smoke. He screwed off the top of the drink and lit a cigarette, getting odd looks from the people in the pool until his vulgar attitude sucked the energy from the area and made everyone uneasy. Eventually they left, leaving him by himself as he stared up at the sky, the blood of another victim drying on the blade in the nice comforting air.

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