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Wolf and Wax (Solo/Shadow Mission)

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1 Wolf and Wax (Solo/Shadow Mission) on Thu Mar 31, 2016 3:39 pm

Gricelda Mee
Gricelda watches as the vat of hot wax bubbles like some witch’s brew.  She herself was uncertain of what color it truly was, given that she was colorblind, but she assumed red based on the shade it was.  Gris then looks over her shoulder to her right, looking back at the old wizen candle maker that she was to shadow under for today.

“So… where do we begin?  Do we need a container for the bubbling wax?” Gricelda asks

“Huh?  Whaaat?  Can you speak up missy?  I’m a little hard of hearing in this ear.” Speaks up North Waxamillion, who then turns his head and cups his one good ear to better listen to Gricelda.

Gricelda lets out a sigh, then speaks up somewhat louder than before.

“I said… where do we begin?  Do we need a container for the wax?”
repeats Gris as she now faces the old man.

“Ahh!  Nahh.  Not at his moment at least.  How about you just watch and observe my work.  Get an idea of one goes about making genuine candles.” Cheerfully states the old man as he invites Gris to come on over by his side.

Gricelda furrows a brow but then treks her way over to watch the master candlemaker go about his work.  The old man smiles to her and returns to sculpting a candle with nothing but a small metal knife heated by nothing but a small flame emitted by an oil lamp.  It was was a real old tech operation but Gris suppose there was a charm to these decorative old fashioned candles.

“You know… I won’t learn much simply by watching.  Hand-on experience is the way to learn these sort of skills.” Mutters the wolf faunus as she watches the man carve the candle into an angelic form.

The old man nods in agreement as he sculpts a wing into the candle wax.

“You are correct young lady, experience is the greatest instructor.  Of course on can easily get themselves in harms way if not under the proper supervision or lacking the prerequisite knowledge to apply these unfamiliar skills.  For now, just watch and learn.  You will get more hands on a bit latter this day.  We don’t want you to have 2nd degree burns now.  Hot wax is… very painful.” States the old man in more serious tone.

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