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To Contemplate (Riley)

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1 To Contemplate (Riley) on Tue Apr 05, 2016 8:47 pm

Rather than do the traditional, socially acceptable thing of going straight to campus, the first thing Rail did when she arrived in Bellmuse, was go to the beach. Though her family did well in an attempt to calm her nerves and get her started on her journey towards the place, the tech wizard still felt her heart thumping hard in chest. This was something she hadn't ever done since the accident happened, so being away from her only support group took a bigger toll on her than expected. Regardless of her situation, however, she found that the calm, white-noise in the form of waves crashing upon the shore, to be a therapeutic response toward her shaken self.

The platinum blonde beauty had dressed different that day. Normally, she would have worn Honorguard, but chose that on her first day, she didn't want to raise eyebrows or put an intimidating look on herself. Rather, she opted for something more appropriate. Rail wore a pair of black jeans that outlined the curvature of her supple rear, coupled with a pair of black combat boots. A white tank-top covered her upper body and hugged it tightly. This managed to accentuate and show off the curves she had, plus the endowed bust that was usually hidden thanks to her armor. Not this time. And lastly, her weapons Logic and Fiction, were holstered at her sides. Truth be told, she wanted to show that yes, she was a beaut, but no to anyone who wanted to speak with her. There was no time for that stuff, yet.

A soft sigh left her lips and she moved several strands of away from out of her face. Her sky-blue eyes gazed outward toward the horizon. Several inhales followed by several deep exhales, allowed her to calm herself further. Rail finally stopped shaking, thankfully. Arms crossed beneath her chest and one hip popped out, contact with her was... Possible.

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2 Re: To Contemplate (Riley) on Tue Apr 05, 2016 9:52 pm

Riley had a mission. To try to clear her head. Mission took place where? At the beach. Not that it was actually a mission, it was just the fact that Riley wanted to go to the beach. There were, in fact, nice women there. Albeit, she had a pervy though about pinky in her head, but that wouldn't stop her. She shook her head. She had to clear her head, and it wouldn't help that she wore her normal coat and firey red pants. She kind of drew a whole bunch of attention, intentional or not. Not to mention her height drew the attention of men used to women being short little amazing beauties. She could really appreciate the human body. Or fanus. Either which, if female, worked.

Most didn't seem like hunters. However, one girl caught her eye. With two pistols on her hip and a bit of clothing that allowed Riley to ogle. She had to assume this chick was a hunter. She even had the look of a badass hunter. Those jeans allowed Riley to ogle even more. It was nice, but she decided to actually talk to this chick. Otherwise, she might get punched; while Riley liked being punched by girls, she'd rather not do so at the beach. Rude to others. Because Riley cared. Too busy focusing on the better things in life, the assets other girls had. Something she absolutely adored.

So, after taking a deep breath, she walked up to the blonde. Focus Riley, and you can talk to her without blurting out something stupid.

"Hey. How are you doing?"

Smooth. It was easy enough opening... right? Hopefully. If all else fails, wow her with strength. Surely that would work, right? Although. This chick wasn't small, or at least, she wasn't short. Not that Riley minded.

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3 Re: To Contemplate (Riley) on Wed Apr 06, 2016 4:41 am

There'd be times where Rail easily picked up on the eyes of others, who bored right at her. This wasn't one of those times, because she was out of her element and in a mind-state where she wasn't all that there to begin with. More or less, she focused more on her immediate self, rather than the world around her. Thus, when the stranger had approached and colloquially initiated banter with her, Rail's thought bubble popped, and she let out a small gasp. A gasp almost akin to a soft squeak.

The huntress had quickly shuffled back a few steps and had even placed both hands to the grips of her guns. However, upon giving the exceedingly tall, muscular, fiery woman a once over, her overall astonishment died down. She sort of just gawked at the feathered giant and wondered if she was a faunus, or just someone in really gaudy cosplay. "Just fine, until you came along!" The platinum blonde woman finally piped up, her accent (European/British) especially prominent in her speech, realized how rude she suddenly sounded. Just because she was feeling nervous didn't mean she should have ditched her manners.

With a light blush on her features, Rail sort of coughed into a hand, sighed afterwards and softly shook her head. "Sorry about that... I'm a bit wound up, so I'm more likely to be trigger happy, than socially happy." Her sky-blue eyes rolled for a short moment and her body shifted so that she faced the ocean again. It's not that she didn't want anyone there, because any form of distraction from her thoughts would have much appreciated, but it felt more like she was uncomfortable. Maybe it had something to do with the likeliness that the body-builder was one of those anthromorphs... Did some bit of her own self-conscious prejudice still remain, even after the amnesia hit? Or maybe this was a self-defense mechanism brought about her current mental constitution in general.

Regardless of what it was, Rail became tense yet again.

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4 Re: To Contemplate (Riley) on Fri Apr 08, 2016 9:04 am

She took things in stride. She was really good at taking things in stride. After all, boxing was a sport you had to take in stride. She understood how this lass would feel, but then promptly realized something. She didn't even know this girl's name, and she had already made her uncomfortable. Oh. Momma Stanos would have her head for this, especially considering her running record with girls. Gah. Better fix that, otherwise Momma would kill her.

"Fair 'Nuff.  I mean, I haven't even introduced myself. The name's Riley Stanos. If you want to be less tense, why don't you punch things in the training area, or maybe even go for a swim? I'd swim with you, if you wanted. It's not all that scary, I swear."

Riley would take caution to not tell her the real reason she wanted her to swim, but the words she did say had some truth in them. Swimming did calm her down, even if it was ironic with her firey and macho personality. Swimming allowed you to be free, and if required, punch the local sea life. Her favorite part was totally the second one, but the first one still applied. Even if to a lesser extent, so maybe it'd help this chick. Certainly could go either way, but either way, she'd probably get her amusement. Unless this chick couldn't swim, then... well, you shouldn't go swimming.

Riley would take off her coat and stretch her limbs. It felt so nice to get out of the coat, once in a while. It's as if there was something of substance in being free from restrictions. It was...well, it was nice. Normally, under the guidelines of Momma and Daddy, she could never go to the beach, really. She always had to train, but now, she didn't. Something she did like, is that being free from this coat showed exactly how trained and honed her body was. It certainly couldn't have been this way on accident. This was years, and years of training put into this body, and the skill she has with her fists? Just a little bit of watching, and a little bit of violently punching things until she got it right.

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5 Re: To Contemplate (Riley) on Fri Apr 08, 2016 1:43 pm

Rail was partially thankful that she hadn't scared off the person with her rude outburst. They understood that she had shaky nerves and rather than retaliate with rudeness, they introduced themselves. The muscular woman revealed herself as, Riley Stanos. "Rail."

The blonde had responded with just her first name. She returned her pale-blue eyes over to the faunus and watched as she removed her jacket. Rail may have had amnesia but she wasn't dense. A raised eyebrow was given towards Riley, followed by a shake of her head. "Thanks, but I'll pass. I just came to clear my head, using the waves as a white noise. Maybe that training area you mentioned is a better alternative." Her voice came as genuine and sincere as possible. There was just something inside of her head that made her guarded towards other people, faunus especially. Rail gazed off to the side and sighed.

"I'm going to the academy now. Speaking to you, although might have made the situation a bit more tense, ironically calmed me down. If you'd like, you can accompany me." That was her offer towards the taller female. Whether or not she actually took up the offer didn't matter to Rail. One reason as to why she offered in the first place, was due to her growing curiosity that surrounded herself. Her family was faunus and yet she didn't feel uncomfortable around them, yet when it came to Riley, she felt off. It wasn't dread, nothing that serious, but something which kept her alert at all times. What was it exactly?

Rail mustered a smile as best she could, then turned it up to her new acquaintance. There was no need to be rude, there was never a need to be rude. Using that logic, she figured to just let the unease settle to the bottom and show a more comfortable side. A good wind blew their way, which only caused the gunslinger's bangs to get in her eyes. She groaned softly at that and moved them out the way, before she started off. The waves crashed behind her with each step and she motioned towards Riley to start following her.

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