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Avy's Anti-Dust Armour Training [Solo]

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1Avy's Anti-Dust Armour Training [Solo] Empty Avy's Anti-Dust Armour Training [Solo] on Wed Apr 06, 2016 1:05 pm

Avy Frost
Bzzt.. bzzzt..

"Sebby, door." Avery muttered monotonously as her eyes stayed unblinking in front of her laptop. Her hand reached for her cup of coffee and took a sip before hearing the doorbell once again. "Sebby, there's an annoying crap by the door."

At the third time the bell rang, Avy couldn't take it and stood up to head to the front door. She checked the screen of the intercom only to find that it's been covered by the stupid person outside. "If this is a prank, you better pray for your life," she growled. A few seconds of a pause and the person still hadn't remove the cover of the camera. Oh now Avy was ticked off. One thing she didn't like was wasting her precious time, especially in the middle of trying to repair her anti-dust armour. The blonde unlocked the door and opened it, ready to put the person in his place when she froze at the sight of a giant axe coming down on her.

Her semblance kicked in and formed an ice board over her. The axe broke through but it gave time for her body's reflex to follow and she brought her forearm above her already coated in a dense layer of ice. The weapon slammed right onto it and the unexpected strong force and weight brought Avy down on one knee. "You little shi--" She was about to look up to see who dared attack her when her eyes widened as a blast of light was suddenly heading right towards her.

As per instincts another wall of thin ice materialise in front of the girl before it blasted through and the impact sent her back colliding against the wall. Regaining her bearing, she noticed the blast of light was actually a frost shot - an ice attack - evident from how her side of the neck and shoulder were suddenly being covered by frost. The gunslinger sneered and turned towards the still anonymous attacker. "You dare use ice on m--"

Avery was cut off by a sudden burning pain on the side of her neck and shoulder and she reeled, dropping on the ground with a sharp pained scream. Her free hand reached up to the frost-covered skin of her neck yet a simple touch sent a burning sensation on her fingertips as well. What is this...

"ROCK AND ROOOOOOLLL!! Bwahahahaha!!"

A familiar husky voice. Avy strained to look up at the person on the front door and immediately recognised the form of the man spinning his giant battle axe in one hand. She couldn't mistake him for anyone else.

"Y-you.." the girl muttered lowly in confusion.

"The one and only! Bwahaha! Yo kiddo! Sup?! Look at you all grown up and pretty! Got a boyfriend yet?"

Avery was in too much pain to respond and winced as every movement was adding pain to the burn.

"Woops, lemme fix that."

The man went towards her and crouched down, placing his hands over her neck and shoulder. Ice started form on the area but unlike before, it was a soothing feeling. It started to dissipate along with the frost and burn marks on her skin. Eventually it was as though nothing happened. Cryokinetic Regeneration - the ability to heal one's self or others using ice, and she knew only one person with that type of semblance.

"Uncle Cas, what are you doing here?" Avy asked as she straightened up to a sit and admired the perfect regeneration of her neck and shoulder. Castiel Nightfrost, youngest sibling of her father, and her favourite uncle. He's in his late thirties with light blue hair and eyes but appeared to be in his mid-twenties due to circumstances that happened in the past.

"I decided to give you a visit! Estelle said you're useless against dust, but dang you're complete sh*t! Puhahaha!"

Oh so it was ice dust. Avy grumbled and flushed in embarrassment. "Was the dust really necessary that a simple hello won't do? That was too painful! What was that, Tier 5?!"

"Tier 3. You think I'd use anything other than my weakest dust?"

And now Avy was even redder. It wasn't even a Tier 5 and it incapacitated her quite easily? Out of all her relatives, only Castiel had the patience to train with her back then when she first thought of becoming a huntress so of course she wanted him to see how much she'd improved after coming to Bellmuse. This wasn't how she imagined their reunion to be.

"W-well, dust resistance is last in my agenda so of course I haven't made progress with that yet. Psh." Avy murmured an excuse though she knew her uncle wasn't buying it evident from his smirk.

"I know. And that's why lookie what I got you."

Avery glanced up and her eyes widened at the two circular objects that Castiel was spinning in one finger. "You didn't..."

"Of course I did. Who do you think I am? Z-013 Anti-Dust Device. And I even upgraded it for better performance. Treat it as my gift for--"

Before he could finish his statement, Avy was already choking him in a bear hug.


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