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A series of unfortunate events (Hunt, Vacancy 1, Ask to join.)

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The bite was cut short, Koko slammed the metal limb into its mouth and thrusted its blade into its exposed belly and took the slash from the beast. He thrusted a second time, and if the hit landed he would split the beast in half. He was exhausted now, ready to pass out, but still had to keep a level head if he wanted to not pass out from blood loss. The pain was a tad unbearable, and as D wasn't sealing his wounds he was bleeding like a stuck hog. Blood was splattered everywhere across the ground, blood was pouring from the wounds on his leg and chest. He forced the last of his energy into killing this beast, he wanted it dead as if his life depended on it, which it did. If he didn't, he was tired enough that if he didn't go back home he'd be forced to come back to life.

"Die bastard! Die already!"

Health -10 = 130
Aura = 50

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Grimm Type: Beowulf
Count: 1
Level: 4
Beowulf -/140; Dead
20 Damage Resistance

In combat as close quarters as the one between Koko and the Beowulf, damage was unavoidable on both sides, making the exchange almost a chicken game. Koko's counter attack landed as the Beowulf bit down on the metal blade. As a result, the metal blade dug into the flesh of the Beowulf (-10 HP). When the additional follow up thrust was made, it landed and had enough force to completely slice through the Beowulf (-10 HP). This finished off the Beowulf completely, whose body fell limp to the ground. Defeated, the remains of the Beowulf began to slowly fade away in the wind as a black dust.



Important Info:

Beowulfs have a bone like armor that covers a majority of their entire head as well as parts of their back. Attacks to these parts of the Grimm will not be that effective.

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2050 lien, 1800 exp rewarded. GM roll

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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