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Are You My Big Sister?

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1Are You My Big Sister? Empty Are You My Big Sister? on Mon Apr 11, 2016 2:42 am

Violet Cobaltienne
It was her first casual visit to Bellmuse, and Violet finally had a moment to get to her actual goal in coming there in the first place. Between enrolling in Syne Academy, ensuring her saftey and security from the possibility of impending doom, and settling into a whole new kingdom, there was a lot to be done. But the young lady had felt confident enough in her achievements to take a break and branch off for a while. The constant stress anxiety was really taking a toll on her cute little body.

The bright rays of the sun were blocked every so often by puffy white clouds. It was a cool afternoon, and there was plentiful amounts of people to pester with questions. Granted, she already knew that more than 98% of the population was going to be no help to her, especially with such a vague description of her target. Which… was nothing, now that she thought about it. All little Violet had to go upon was a name, and that she was enlisted into the school that the young one just entered, herself.

Walking up to a trio of young adults not much older than herself, Violet smiled and put on an air of innocence that she oozed with relative ease. “Excuse me. I don’t mean to bother you folks, but I was wondering if any of you might know my big sister. I’m trying to find her, you see, and I don’t know where to start looking…” She said to them, rocking back and forth on her heels in a shy manner. Violet had managed to safely grab their attention, with two of the three being women. “Her name is Lucy Cobaltienne, and she attends Syne Academy.”

“No, I’m afraid not.” One of the woman dressed in a orange one-piece dress had answered with an apologetic shake of her head.

“Sorry we couldn’t help.” Said the other who wore a green parka. “We hope you find her, though.”

The last to speak up was the young man who had seated himself on a bench, one leg crossed over the other. He had either of his arms draped over the top of the bench. “You might wanna check the library where they study. And there’s a popular café not too far from here. Wouldn’t hurt to check it out.” He said, lazily pointing a finger in the direction Violet assumed the café was in.

Momentarily turning her purple orbs in that direction, the young lady returned them to the trio before her with a bright smile. “Thank you very much! Have a wonderful rest of your day!~” Violet said with a courteous bow and started off down the road she was pointed in. She would check the library later on, as this café sounded rather promising. Along the way, Violet stopped to ask prospective persons who looked like they may have gone to the same Academy, only to find herself no closer to finding her older sister. After asking each individual, Violet asked the follow-up question of which direction the café was in. She was nervous, yet excited. Knowing that her long lost sister was so close, yet so far was filling her up with a dozen emotions, and she was beginning to not know what to do with herself. After a short while and a bit of a walk, Violet was assured that she was growing closer to the café.

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Lucy Cobaltienne
Doing this was as customary, as it was cliche, Lucy had been waiting near the cafe. As a person who prided herself on knowing everything there was to know, one could only assume that she knew someone traversed nearly all of Remnant, just to find her. Either that, or she just happened to be in the area and had heard her name float around upon the lips of randoms that she never once interacted with. How could such a thing happen? Unless someone close to her happened to have rolled right on into Bellmuse and inquired about her. That someone was a mystery, nonetheless, but it was quite easy to pick the color out of the colorless, especially when that color was a blatant shade of many different purples.

Yes, the older Cobaltienne had found the younger Cobaltienne that searched for her. That singular crimson eye of hers had taken a gander at the short thing. Power... That was what she felt coming from her and among that, a connection. When around her family, that hidden eye of hers always pained and burned, until she grew accustomed to the feeling. This time was no different, which could also be an answer as to how Lucy knew specifically where to go. No one needed to know that though. But yes, that is why the chestnut-brown haired woman found herself waiting at the cafe.

That ever persistent smile on her lips only brightened and she felt some sort of joy flare up in her heart. If she could cry, she more than likely would have. That little girl, who was much older than she appeared and quite adorable to boot, was her family. A little sister though? That must have meant that her parents were still alive out there, somewhere and they had yet another child. Did they abandon this one too, or did they actually take care of her? Only one real way to find out. "You, over there." Her voice came as gentle as ever and even though she sounded informal, her intentions were that of a proper woman. "You're looking for Lucy Cobaltienne, am I correct?" Lucy asked with a genuine tone.

The clouds gently floated on the winds of fate and the sky reflected the clear blue of the ocean far off. Birds sang and flowers bloomed, today was a good day to catch up with family. Today was a beautiful day to catch up with family. Everything about that day was beautiful and the beauty only continued to grow. Her potential little sister was beautiful in her own right, short stature in all. Lucy's heart thumped with how this day was going.

A small joke in her head came in the form of her thinking about Nicolette ever coming here, but that was just absurd. Poor woman was in prison. Maybe she should visit her soon? After that meeting with her revealed family member, of course.

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Violet Cobaltienne
Violet wasn’t consciously aware that she was being followed, but the pricking at the back of her neck had her on the lookout for anything suspicious. Or suspiciously like what she was looking for. Wouldn’t it have been funny if she had passed by her older sister and didn’t even know it? No, that was unlikely in such a big place such as this town. Little Violet wasn’t even expecting to find the woman in just one attempt. She knew next to nothing about her, except her name. Which wasn’t much to go on…

Now that Violet thought about it, she should have asked her grandpa for a description. Grandpa was a nice man, unlike grandma. She was pretty mean, and didn’t seem to like cute little Violet. Maybe opposites really do attract? That’s what her Papa told her a long time ago. She supposed the same could be said about her parents, it that were true. Even as she grew up, they didn’t really seem to have much in… common… The thought of her late father depressed her some. But that’s the whole reason that she came to Bellmuse! To find her big sis and warn her of their mother! She had a mission of the utmost importance to attend to. No time for moping now! The moment for mourning had passed.

These thoughts and more rambled on within her mind, and the young lady’s facial expressions reflected the emotions tied to those thoughts. A finger at her chin, she rounded the corner as she was directed only to hear someone calling out. Not expecting it to actually be for her, Violet looked up out of mere curiosity to find that it really was someone talking to her. Or maybe it was more along the lines of at her? Regardless, she was being addressed, and the young lady was drawn in by what she was being asked. Nodding her head to the question, Violet was very interested in what she had to say.

“Yeah!~ See, I’ve been trying to find her, but this is a really big place, and I’m kinda at a lost as to where to start.” Violet began with a sheepish grin, cutely scratching at the back of her head and twisting the toe end of her shoe into the sidewalk. “I don’t suppose you know where I can find my big sister, do you miss?” She asked with a bright, innocent smile. A soft breeze blew through the city at that moment, and the young one used a hand to resituate the loose strands of hair that drifted out of place.

She waited patiently for the woman’s answer, and took a moment to look her over. She was a very pretty lady, with long brown hair and a dazzling red eye. As far as first impressions went, she appeared quite intelligent, formal, pretty, and capable, and was quite possibly a huntress in training. A smidgen too young to be an actual huntress, Violet thought to herself. Which lead credence to the possibility that the woman knew her sister. But what did she know? She was just a little girl in a foreign word, after all.

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Lucy Cobaltienne
This violet girl was definitely a cute one. Had that Cobaltienne charm that she had seen in pictures of her grandmother and grandfather, when they were around their ages. Lucy's signature, ever persistent smile graced her lips and she listened closely to what this young lady had to say. She used the term, "big sister," in an affectionate manner. Not just that, but to have known Lucy by her full name wasn't a mere coincidence. Sure, professors and the Headmistress would have known, but there was something much more to this particular encounter. After that gentle wind blew, the woman who had sized up the one in front of her, opened her mouth to speak.

"I do know where I can find her for the simple fact that I do] know everything." She grinned, then let out a simple giggle. "Look no further, though, little one, for I am your older sister. I am the one you've been searching all of Bellmuse for. Lucy Cobaltienne at your service, little sis." Right to the point she went. No need to unnecessarily delay such a revelation, especially when the girl seemed to have been frantically searching for her.

A single hand motioned to the cafe and Lucy started towards the door. "Come, let's have some tea and talk. I can only imagine all the catching up we're about to do." She said colloquially and had opened the door for the young woman. One thing that the huntress was going to test out, was just how legitimate this all-purple wearing lady was. Even more so, however, the crimson-eyed Lucy also felt her curiosity grow and begin to get the better of her. Anything that involved her parents mattered to her on an extremely deep level. Should this little girl have important information regarding them, then that'd only solidify her legitimacy has a Cobaltienne, but just any, a Cobaltienne that belonged to her long lost parents.

Once the two had entered inside the cozy, casual appearing cafe. It had the typical bartenders and baristas that went about serving the customers with a myriad of drinks and snacks. The lighting was done well and gave the area a nice, studious type atmosphere. The voices were all at indoor level which only furthered that library, casual-esque feel that it radiated. There was a table and a couple of chairs that were a bit out of the way for the two of them to sit at. Lucy motioned for she and the purple one to go and sit there. This was going to be an interesting day indeed.

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Violet Cobaltienne
The confirmation that this big boobed lady knew where her big sister was definitely brightened Violet’s face. Her mouth was parted with a wide, hopeful smile, eyes sparkling with joy. The little comment about her knowing everything was a little arrogant on her part, of course. As her Papa had once told her that even the wisest of men never stop learning. And if they don’t stop learning, that just means that there’s always new things in the world to learn. And if there’s alway new things to learn, then they don’t know everything. So the assumption that she knows everything was presumptuous. But that didn’t mean that this lady didn’t know a substantial amount of things!~

Brushing those thoughts aside, Violet waited with eager ears to hear where she might find her sister and be done with this lady. ...Only to find that this lady was her sister. Violet’s bright face didn’t shift a single muscle, still smiling wide. The young lady took the moment to soak it all in. This woman, right there, right in front of her, that she’d traveled so far to find, Lucy, her big sister… was actually rather pretty. Just like Momma! Gasp! That’s right! This was no pleasure cruise! Well, it wasn’t much of a cruise, regardless. More like a long, arduous journey made mostly on foot.

Shaking her head free of what was surely to become another mental monologue, Violet’s ears perked up at the sound of the woman’s voice. Nodding her head, the ‘purple one’ pranced happily into the establishment and took a gander at the interior. It had a modern, studious feel to it, alongside everything being so quiet. Even the espresso machine sounded like it was on mute! Definitely no place for a loud, rambling young girl like herself. But that didn’t mean she wouldn’t try to tone it down.

Following close behind Lucy to the table, Violet took a seat and, out of habbit, sat on her hands. Her little legs were too short to reach the floor, so they casually swung under the table. Now that she was here, the young woman no doubt had a thousand and one questions for her, and the little Violet would do her best to answer those questions. But first thing’s first.

“My name is Violet, big sis. Violet Cobaltienne. I’ve come a looong way to find you. All the way from Vacuo, in fact! But I’m really glad that I found you so quickly.” In a smooth manner, Violet’s tone and facial expression turned bittersweet. “I know Papa would have liked to meet you, now that you’re all grown up…” Her voice was quiet now, and she looked down at her lap. “He always did talk about coming back to get you…”

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Lucy Cobaltienne
"Violet, huh? That's a cute and fitting name." Lucy easily added in the compliment, before the young girl's face had transitioned into a more somber gesture. That usually meant there was some bad news afoot. An assumption that she had hoped wasn't true, since she almost always feared the worst, yet never showed it, the crimson-eyed huntress wondered what were the next things Violet would have said. Soon enough, it pertained to their parents but more specifically, their father. The little sister's usage of the past tense wasn't a good sign and even though she had a pretty good idea of what was being alluded to, Lucy had to play dumb and ask for the sake of a concrete answer.

"Dear Violet." She started, "You speak of our father as if he's deceased. Pray tell, rather than go one with vague explanations, tell me flat out... What has happened to our parents." Now, she wasn't trying to be insensitive, not in the least. Lucy, however, was one who always enjoyed teasing and extending a conversation more than necessary, but this was one of those situations where it wasn't acceptable. This had to deal with family and she'd be damned if she wasn't given proper closure. Also, whatever explanation Violet did give, coupled with the details provided, would only solidify her legitimacy to their family.

Lucy's heart pounded a mile a minute but her composure remained intact. Hopefully her little sister hadn't found that part about the older sister troubling, because deep down, she honestly feared the bad news. One who consistently trained themselves to never allow their affect to falter, usually appeared apathetic or unresponsive.

Coupled with this feeling of anxiety that continued to grow, in a pit of her heart, the huntress' curiosity was at an all time high. There she was, a little girl who dressed in mainly black and purple, sported the last name Cobaltienne and had that aura of childish royalty... Through and through, Violet was of her family. What had she done with their mother and father, where had she gone and why did they do what they did? All of these questions and more rambled constantly in her mind, so much so she figured herself cultivating her own migraine. Lucy was definitely going to need some tea after all this.

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Violet Cobaltienne
The compliment she had received his well to boost Violet’s ego. She was pretty damn cute, wasn’t she? Oops. Swearing was a no-no. She was raised to be a proper young lady, after all. Much like the woman who sat across the table from her. Looking up to Lucy as she pressed for more details, Violet turned her eyes off the side, quickly gazing over a couple that sat in a booth not too far off. They looked really happy, sitting side by side. It was a small reminder to the young lady that one should enjoy the company of those they love while it lasts. Because nothing lasts forever…

“Papa, he… Momma-” She was taught better than this. Shaking her head and letting out a quiet sigh, Violet returned those purple orbs of hers to her sister. How calm Lucy was being in this was quite inspiring. No doubt her curiosity was killing her in the inside, being the way their parents just up and left her with their grandparents. Lucy never got to meet them. So it would have been only natural.

Looking at the brunette, a soft, yet bittersweet smile appeared on Violet’s lips. “Papa’s dead. Momma killed him. I ran away like Papa told me to. And began looking for you, like Papa told me to. Now she’s gonna be coming for us. Momma is likely hunting for us at this very moment, and with a thirst for sanguine wine. I don’t know how long it’ll take her to figure out where I’ve gone, but… but…” No matter how she tried to hold it in, Violet’s eyes began to brim over with tears, though she managed to keep her smile. “But she will come, big sis, for both of us. Of that, I’m sure. Sh-She’s not the same lady she u-used to be. M-Momma’s changed a lot. Now she’s nasty, a-and violent, a-and…”

The young girl raised her balled fists to her face and hunched forward to set her forehead on the edge of the table. She tried to make herself as quiet as possible, as to not disturb the other patrons of the café, or draw unwanted attention to herself. Already, she was feeling rather ashamed of herself. Her first time talking with her big sister, and she was crying. Lucy probably thought her a weak little girl or something. But it hurt. The pain of missing her father stung deep in her heart and she couldn’t contain the sadness that came as a result. Violet thought that she had no tears left to cry, but it seemed she was very much wrong.

Letting a few moments of strained silence pass before Violet inhaled with a sickening sniffle. (For as many tears as she had shed, the dam that was her nose was leaking considerably.) Sitting up, she made to wipe her nope on the sleeve of her jacket, only to notice that their table had napkins already available. Blowing her nose with as much lady-like poise, which translated to something akin to a child trying to act older than they were, Violet folded the napkin and set it faaar off to the side. Taking a deep breath to calm herself, the purple one looked back to Lucy with as bright a smile as she could manage. “Sorry about that, sis. Pretty unprofessional, huh? Heheh… I’ll try to do better in the future. But, uh… I’m sure big sis has lots of questions, right? I’ll answer as many as I can for you.” Violet said, returning her hands under her thighs and tipping her head to the side.

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Lucy Cobaltienne
That voice which came from her little sister faltered at first, which only added to the suspense of the whole thing. However, the strength found itself within Violet and she explained everything that happened. Lucy must have appeared so very insensitive by insisting she tell her more, yet given the circumstances, she hadn't been able to hold herself. Those tears had caused her to tear up on the inside, her heart further sunk once she saw the emotional effect of retelling the story had done to her relative. That's when she got up from her seat and walked over towards the young girl.

"I'm jealous of you, you know?" She started, her smile ever present. Lucy then wrapped around and draped loving arms around the neck and shoulders of her baby sister. Hugging her close to her chest as best she could, she leaned in and softly rubbed her cheek against one of Violet's. "You traveled all the way from Vacuo, just to come and warn me, of our psychopath of a mother... The one who killed her father." Her voice came in low and soft, just loud enough for the two of them to hear. "I must apologize for pressuring you into having to tell me such a thing." Lucy then turned her head to give Violet gentle kisses on the cheek. A way to console her and stop her from crying, but in all honesty, the older sibling wouldn't have mind at all if she kept crying. It'd have only made sense if she did.

However, more of that inner strength revealed itself when the younger sibling stopped the flow of tears and rather than wipe her fluids on the sleeve of her shirt, used a couple of napkins instead. Why did she try so hard to be something she clearly wasn't in front of her? Maybe it was the way she was conditioned by their mother, who had now been painted in her true light, her true beauty. That woman she... Killed their father and is now on the hunt for the both of them.

With how everything stacked up, Lucy's smile remained. It never once faded and didn't even falter in the slightest. However, her gaze shifted momentarily to the blank wall in front of her. Her thoughts became a storm. Plans on top of plans were being formulated and that's when it hit her. The utmost priority was to keep her little safe from whatever threats her mother might send out at them.

"Not unprofessional in the slightest, rather, I'm the one who should be apologizing to you. Rather than asking how do you do, or anything like that, I skip straight to the melancholy. Forgive me, for I'm a terrible big sister." She spoke sincerely and soon released the ginger hold she had around Violet. For right now, while the little one was in her sights, being in the cafe would serve as a "safe" spot. "You must already know by now that my curiosity is at an all time high, so we'll start with you, then work our way back to our parents." The brunette explained as she took her seat. "Tell me everything about you and don't leave out any details." Her words came as more of a request, despite how it could have been interpreted as a demand. That singular, crimson eye of hers appeared brighter, but that was because the tears had almost welled up. She held them back, for now...

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Violet Cobaltienne
The young lady’s purple eyes followed Lucy as she came over to her side. She was… jealous of her? Jealous her her little sister? Being brought into her sister’s arms, Violet couldn’t grasp as to why that might be. After all, Lucy was very pretty, and appeared rather intelligent and able. Being hugged as closely as she was, the purple child shyly rubbed cheeks with her older sibling. As she did, Lucy began to explain herself. It didn’t really answer the question of why Lucy was jealous, but did confirm the brunette’s gratitude of the information that Violet had suffered for to bring to Lucy. And also confirmed that Lucy at least knew a little bit about their family. Even if it was only a tiny bit, it was better than nothing. Right?

Their mother had slain her husband, and was now on the hunt for more blood. She was dangerous, to say the very least. Much unlike the gentle voice that whispered in her ear. Lucy apologized for being pushy, to which the younger sibling shook her head in response. “It’s alright, Sis. It’s completely understandable, since there’s likely a lot of things you wanna ask me about, and this is such an urgent topic.” Violet’s words, though innocent and naive in tone, held hints of etiquette and critical thought. “It hurts, yeah. But I’ve come to… some sort of term with it. You can’t change the past. Right?” She asked, only to be kissed on the cheek several times. Rather than shedding more tears, Violet blinked at her sister with a lightly blushing face. Lucy was turning out to be much nicer than she had ever hoped, which brought the tears back to her eyes, even after having just wiped them away.

It wasn’t that Violet was trying to be someone she wasn’t, but the need to be composed and unreadable at all times was so ingrained into her psyche, that it came as second nature. It was only when she reminded herself that there wasn’t a need to be formal did she loosen up. Something that little Violet did right then and there. Momma wasn’t watching… hopefully… and it was just her and her kind older sister.

Cuddling into Lucy’s chest for a short moment, and giving her an equally short hug, the young one took that moment to take in her scent and find comfort in it. In her travels, Violet had more than enough time to brainstorm solutions to a plethora of scenarios and how to do just about anything in any situation thrown at her. Now the threat wasn’t as great with Lucy watching over her. That was a comfort, indeed.

Lucy spoke once more, and once more did Violet give a shake of her head. “Big Sis isn’t a terrible sis at all! Papa always said that curiosity should never be scorned, but encouraged and fed. Being invested in something enough to be curious about it helps expand the well of knowledge!~” She said as Lucy released her, looking up at her with wide, innocent purple eyes. Hearing that her older sibling was investing in knowing more about her, a soft smile crept upon her lips. After Lucy had returned to her seat, Violet began to talk. A lot.

The young lady’s tendency to ramble when she spoke was easily noticeable. Her thought patterns were erratic, going from one topic, to a side thought, and then back to the original point. She told Lucy everything and anything she could think of, which was a lot. Everything about herself, her likes and dislikes, both fond and not so fond memories as they came to her. That led into many things about their parents. From the way Violet spoke of them, their father was the much preferred parent who was always kind and understanding. Their mother, not so much. Strict, mostly mean, though their father had always insisted that it was for a good cause. Violet was never quite able to grasp what that reason was, no matter how many times their father told her. She then went on to explain what they had been doing all this time, and told Lucy all she knew about where they had been and what their parents were searching for. Granted, it wasn’t a whole lot. Only that it was referred to as ‘knowledge’. Whatever that meant… Violet would just keep going on and on unless stopped. Or until she literally ran out of things to talk about. But Violet was a figurative mouth volcano, with a bottomless well of things to say.

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Lucy Cobaltienne
"Father said that, huh? Sounds like he and I run on similar philosophies, but..." Her voice trailed off momentarily. "He sounds a bit more positive about it. Let it be known, though, young Violet, that curiosity, while it should be sated has a very high risk, for sometimes little reward." She said simply and would leave it at that. After all, that purple haired sister of hers had a lot of explaining to do and Lucy had to make sure she paid attention to every detail.

And what a talker she was. Quite literally, it took a whole hour and a half for Violet to even go through half the stuff she wanted to speak about. Violet was 17 and from what Lucy was told, her eye color is a strict combination of their mother's and father's. A genetic mutation that even Lucy had, yet she never, ever showed it to anyone unless they were Nicolette. However, she prevented her own thoughts from rambling off and stuck to a more organized approach with them. Anything and everything her baby sister mentioned was taken and understood. Every happy, embarrassing, and saddening moment was taken into consideration. Little did Violet know, her older sister also used this information to shift her moral compass.

The needle pointed to one simple solution to the problem that presented itself. Lucy was effectively abandoned by her parents, but not by full consent from the sisters' father. He was likely coerced into the act by their mother's own form of manipulation, because from what the brunette could tell, he was a softy, an easily persuaded one at that. Onyx, their father, was a good man. A person who seemed to respect the limitless potential that knowledge gave to the right people who had it. A paragon was what he was and it was because of his seemingly altruistic nature, that he was lead to a grisly end by their mother, Alice. The very thought angered her and a storm raged within her heart, yet her physical appearance showed her calmed and collected, a warm smile on her lips all throughout. But going back to the solution, it was kill. Yes. Kill. Lucy had to kill their mother. She had to.

There were no ifs, ands, or buts about it, the woman needed to die. Ironically, when Lucy cautioned Violet earlier about the high risks that involved curiosity, it appeared that lesson was inadvertently taught, but in the form of likely insanity brought about from years of studying, or even searching for this "knowledge." Whatever it is Alice sought, it must have been important if she chose it over the well-being of her own husband and child. But even then, was it truly worth it? No... Looks like their mother had to be taught the lesson of high risk and Lucy would be the one to do it. Hands clasped within one another, the huntress waited for her adorably active little sister to eventually come to a stop.

...When she didn't, however, the crimson-eyed woman had taken two fingers and placed them against those soft, innocent lips of her little sister. Her smile warmed brighter and she said one thing. "Tea." That's what she wanted, rather, it's what she needed to calm down on the inside. "Come, we will get tea and snacks, so tell me what you'd like and I'll buy it for you, Violet." Lucy explained and then moved that hand from Violet's lips to her head, in which she pet the girl softly.

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11Are You My Big Sister? Empty Re: Are You My Big Sister? on Sat Apr 16, 2016 3:45 am

Violet Cobaltienne
Violet made note of her sister’s warning honest she did. But it was hard to contain one’s curiosity when there was just so many things surrounding her to see, feel, explore, and know. Regardless, she nodded her head in response, and commenced her prattling. She hadn’t a clue as to what was going on in Lucy’s mind, but it was a sad fact that Violet would agree with her sister’s conclusion. It was sad, but there was no choice. If they were to live, her and her sibling, then Momma had to die. Momma had to die. She needed to die. She needed to suffer just like Papa did. Just like how she made Papa hurt, and then some. Momma was going to pay for what she’d done.

Her inner thoughts weren’t a conscious thing, and so, didn’t show on her face in the slightest. Instead, she rambled on light-heartedly to Lucy, who sat there and patiently listened. And she listened for a very long time. Eventually, the older sibling had had enough and reached out a hand to silence the mouth volcano. With a pair of fingers at her lips, it seemed as though Lucy wanted to take a break to get a drink and snacks. They were, after all, in a cafe. It was only appropriate.

Accepting her sister’s offer with an excited nod, Violet smiled with those fingers were removed. “Thank you very much, Sis!~ But I, uh…” She cast purple orbs off to the side and sheepishly grinned as Lucy pet her. “I don’t really like tea.” She mumbled, before casting aside that sheepishness and beaming at Lucy once more. “Mind if I have some milk instead? Or juice!?~ Mmmm juice…~” Violet wiggled in her seat, pressing her balled hands against her cheeks and kicking her legs that didn’t quite reach the floor.

Suddenly excited, she hopped down from her chair and pranced over to the large display case that was stationed beside the counter. Bending at the waist, the tips of her bunny-eared hood brushed against the glass. She hummed softly to herself, a finger at her chin, and looked over all the various goodies that lay just on the other side. Over half of them tickled the purple one’s palate. As a sudden thought struck her, she turned her eyes to Lucy and blinked a few times. “Nay, nay. Sis? How many can I get..?” She asked with an innocent tip of her head.

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Lucy Cobaltienne
Lucy raised the only visible eyebrow on the one side of her face, when Violet had mentioned that she didn't drink tea. That wasn't a surprise but she really wanted to seduce her little sister into drinking it. After all, it was a beverage, that depending on how the leaves were brewed, granted a taste that only sophisticated tastes could really enjoy. The brunette figured that since the girl was 17 years of age, she'd at least have the want for something more other than milk or juice, but those too, were fine options. An easy-going nod from the older sister showed that Violet's choices were considered. "Fine, but milk over juice." She stated easily.

With that, the pair which consisted of the energetically adorable Violet and soft-spoken beauty Lucy, made their way to one of the bartenders who manned the cash register. The crimson-eyed woman had placed their orders for drinks and urged the man to wait just a moment, as the bunny-like appearance of the littlest Cobaltienne eyed down the goods in a predictable manner. The huntress had begun a countdown in her head and awaited question which she'd already have an answer to. "Three, Violet." She right after the inquiry was hurled at her.

The bartender chuckled a little and though he didn't verbally say anything, the look on his face commented how the two looked together. No one at first glance would be able to tell that they were sisters, not until they got a good shot of their faces could they see the resemblance. That's why that man found their back and forth banter to be quite entertaining, even if it was for just a short moment. Of course, he tried to even flirt a little bit with Lucy, but when it came to it, she let him down quite easily and didn't even need to reveal the fact she was a lesbian.

After a light giggle the young woman went about their order further. Lucy herself decided she'd be a little bit of a fatty and get herself three scrumptious snacks herself. When displayed behind the glass like that, the myriad of cookies, brownies, cake slices, pastries, and other breaded goods just screamed to be eaten. It'd be a sin if she didn't partake in them.

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13Are You My Big Sister? Empty Re: Are You My Big Sister? on Sun Apr 17, 2016 3:19 am

Violet Cobaltienne
Violet was denied her juice, sad albeit acceptable, as she was allowed her milk. The delicious, creamy white liquid was much preferred over the earthen taste of tea. Though the young one did suppose that she could put milk in her tea. But that would ruin the taste of her milk. Content with that end of her order, Violet blinked up at her sister, who, without even hesitating, gave an answer to her question. The growing young lady was allotted three snacks. Three? Really? Violet would have verbally spoken her mind, if it hadn’t been for the that they were treats that came from the goodness in Lucy’s heart.

Turning her gaze back to the case, purple eyes scanned the selection once more. She ignored the fact that the guy manning the register was so shallow in his attempts to flirt. Served him right to be shut down by her big sis… who was turning out to be far awesome-er than Violet ever imagined!~

Intercepting any further endeavors to hook up with Lucy, the not-so-young teenager pressed a finger upon the glass and pointed to a rather scrumptious looking slice of chocolate cake that had a strawberry on top. “I want that one.” Waiting for the man to do his job and retrieve the baked good, she then pointed a blondie bar. “And that one!~” Violet paused, humming in thought as she searched for the last goodie that she was allowed. It had to be perfect, where the first two were just what had caught her eye. The biggest, roundest, most delicious cinnamon roll that she ever did lay eye upon, was beckoning to her. A heavenly light spotlighted the pastry, and an angelic choir sang. Violet’s eyes grew wide with wonder and joy. “That one…~” She breathed out with so much desire lacing her words. Not able to take her eyes off it, the purple-hued young lady gently stroking the glass.

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14Are You My Big Sister? Empty Re: Are You My Big Sister? on Sun Apr 17, 2016 2:35 pm

Lucy Cobaltienne
The one thing that the two had shared in common, was their sweet-tooth. While Lucy had picked out snacks that were different in terms of style, she had to say that Violet had chose some really awesome goods. "Would you like to share pieces of snacks with one another, dear Violet?" Her question came as she paid for their food and drink. After a few minutes of doing so, everything had been prepared for them and left on a small tray, to which the eldest Cobaltienne picked it up and brought it back over to the table they sat at.

While on her way to that location and within that short amount of time, Lucy had organized her every thought. Since her darling little sister had revealed so much about herself, practically everything, it made Lucy believe the same had to be done for herself. Violet had to know how her big sister ticked in a sense. Not just that, but of all the trials and tribulations she championed over up until now. "I suppose it's my turn now, yes?" Lucy asked and gave a warm smile over to the young lady who more than likely sat across from her by now.

Once the purple one had grown comfortable in her seat would Lucy start. She went all the way to the beginning and showed that she had a stunning memory. The entire time, her singular crimson-orb gazed into the gorgeous purple eyes of her relative. The woman started from when she had been abandoned and how her parents argued with her grandparents over being left with them. From the obvious results, her parents won out and she was since then under their careful protection. The brunette then went into further detail how their grandmother had a deep disdain for her, because she shared traits similar to Mother Alice. Lucy also added in the likelihood as to why their grandma was so rude to Violet, when she inquired about her older sister, is because she too exhibits their mother's features. Moving on from there, the woman explained that their grandfather was much kinder and was the one who taught her many things through books and the like. Essentially, the old man had a dedicated, personal library, that he allowed Lucy access to whenever she wanted and she was in there constantly.

There was a slight pause and the forever smiling woman took a moment to catch her breath. Then she started on how growing up, she was essentially lonely. Barely any of the children played with her and when they did, they never really put effort into it, due to the rumors the other adults had spread about Lucy. It seemed as though Lucy and Violet's mother and father garnered quite a bad reputation in Mistral. Regardless, it appeared that she didn't take it hard. Smiling all the while, her revelations about herself continued. The older sister spoke of how she received the sword she now carries at her side, Izanagi, and how she sought out her only master, Master Lee.

A small blush came to her cheeks and even though she mentally prepared herself for this, was she ready to just flat-out say it? Yes, she had to be, because it was now or never. Whatever image Violet had carved of her big sister, was now about to be burned down by the truth. Lucy cleared her throat, let her blush fade and spoke up once again.

"It was around the age of 13 when I met Her." She started simply. "We started out much like sisters, this woman and I, but as time went on, we continued to train alongside one another with Master Lee, our bond grew closer and closer. There was no doubt in my mind, that once I shared my first kiss with her, that I knew I was a lesbian." Two bombs dropped, potentially. The first being there was a woman in Lucy's life and the second being the fact she was gay. "Nicolette Amber, is her name. Violet, if you are to know one of the most important things about it, it is that I cherish that woman. She was and still is, everything to me. I'd gladly take almost any life, if it meant she'd be safe and happy. Alas, however, she's in jail for the sheer fact she used to be a pirate and now that life has caught up with her." The young woman giggled softly and before Violet could even think about responding to that who bit, she quickly pointed to the red headband she sported. "This head band and pattern upon its face? I made this. Right before Nikki was taken from me, I found a coin in the forest next to our village and it reminded me so much of her, that I had to give it to her as a good luck charm. Not just that, but I wanted to feel connected to her further and so, I designed this accessory for myself. Then... She was gone."

And with that, Lucy had concluded her little love story, but showed she was optimistic for the future. After that was said and done, she went on to explain how she completed her swordsmanship training and enrolled in Bellmuse.

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15Are You My Big Sister? Empty Re: Are You My Big Sister? on Mon Apr 18, 2016 2:07 am

Violet Cobaltienne
Little Violet peered up at her sister when she asked if she’d like to share. The young one almost immediately nodded her head with a bright smile. Hey, if that meant she got to taste a few more of those yummy looking snacks, then she was all for it!~ Prancing behind Lucy as she walked back to the table, tray in hand, Violet hummed in excitement all the way there. Once they had returned, she hopped back into her seat and resumed her innocent kicking. Lucy set the tray down and asked a simple question as she took her own seat. Now it was Violet’s turn to listen to everything about her big sister. With wide, energetic eyes, she gave a big nod of her head, and a cute, “Mhmm!~” before listening to her sister speak.

For as long as Lucy looked into her eyes, Violet would look right back, showing that she was attentively listening. The only time she did look away was to ensure that her fork was doing it’s job. What she started off with, the younger sibling already knew. Violet was always a little sad that their mother refused to take Lucy in their travels. It was pretty unfair, too, since Violet got to stay with them. She always wondered what life would have been like if her older sister had grown up alongside her. And the comment about their grandparents was something that she could definitely agree with. She was then enlightened as to why they treated Violet the say she was upon her short visit to them. And sadly, she could completely understand why. Their mother wasn’t exactly the best role model. It still saddened her, though, that their grandmother didn’t even give sweet little Violet a chance before hating her so. On the upside, at grandpa was a good man! But now that she thought about it, why did it seem like the good men of their family were paired with not so nice woman..?

Taking another bite of her snacks, the topic was then shifted towards her sister’s life growing up. It sounded eerily familiar. As Violet had stated earlier, the three of them were always traveling, and so that left the young lady unable to make any meaningful relationships. Though rather than the other children not wanting to play with her, she spaced herself from them. Getting to close would only make having to leave them hurt that much more. Though that went without saying that Violet was always a very cheerful and welcoming individual who loved meeting new people. People like her kind older sister, who now spoke of how she obtained her blade, and the master she trained under. Violet had trained under their parent’s watchful gaze. She wasn’t very good at it, but always pushed herself to get better. No matter how hard she tried, though, her body couldn’t handle that sort of strain. Thankfully their kind, thoughtful father had found a solution that went by the name of dust.

With a crumb covered face, you younger sibling took a big sip of her milk and looked to Lucy. Halfway through a gulp, she noticed the light pink that dusted her sister’s cheeks. She paused, blinked at the woman, and slowly brought the beverage away from her lips. Little Violet was now very much interested in what she was going to be told next. A blush usually meant something romantic, right? So it was going to be about her love life? Violet paused to imagine what kind of guy her sister was- Wait, what? Her? That was a funny way to refer to a man… Oh.. Oh, she was serious. Her sister was a- And she kissed a- Who knew? Maybe she was wearing cherry chapstick.

Violet looked straight-faced towards her sister. Visually, her expression didn’t lean one way or the other, and remained completely neutral. Lucy was willing to kill for this… Nicolette, so she had to be important. Despite that fact that she is a… reformed pirate? Violet didn’t even attempt to comment for the simple fact that she didn’t know how to respond to such a thing. So she just listened and directed her eyes to the headband as it was pointed out. It was a little saddening to hear that Miss Nicolette was so suddenly and rudely taken away, though, and the young lady, couldn’t help but feel a bit of pity in her heart. Without meaning to, it showed on her facial features. Listening on, the look slowly faded, and Violet picked up yet another snack to begin nibbling on it.

Once Lucy had finished regaling her life story, Violet managed a smile to her lips and turned it towards her older sibling. “And that’s where I met you!~” She said with a light giggle. Really and truly, Violet was happy to have had done so. Whether it have been by luck or fate, they found each other. “Ney, ney, Sis!~ Could you love me as much as Miss Nicolette? I mean, I already love Sis that much, er… preferences and all. Heheh…” She cast here eyes away for a moment and scratched at her cheek before returning those bright orbs back to the brunette. “I wanna do all the things with Sis that I wasn’t able to do growing up. I-If she doesn’t mind, that is…” This time, a light blush appeared on her cheeks, and she looked at Lucy with bashful, upturned eyes.

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16Are You My Big Sister? Empty Re: Are You My Big Sister? on Mon Apr 18, 2016 11:45 am

Lucy Cobaltienne
Considering the fact neither of them had moved their eyes away from each other for sometime, Lucy was able to see each and every facial reaction that her little sister would have made. It was priceless. The older sister would have burst out laughing, it weren't for the fact that she too attempted to keep a straight face throughout the entire thing. She didn't even care when Violet had gave her that look of pity. I mean, who could blame the little one for doing as such? Lucy's story seemed as though all she ever experienced was loneliness and loss, but then again, that was probably where she and Violet had the most in common.

However, the one thing that the older sibling enjoyed more than anything, was that bright, happy smile. Her bunny-themed sister was extremely cute, so the smile never grew old. It was so infectious, that even Lucy found her own lips widen brighter. Though, she found it all the more adorable when her baby sister asked if she could loved in the same way. "I can love you as much as I love Nicolette, yes, but I cannot love you in the same way." With her singular, crimson-red eye, the huntress winked over to Violet and then giggled. She was glad all the little bits and pieces of herself were noticed and accepted by her little sister. That put her heart and mind at ease, so she was right to entrust that knowledge onto Violet. "We can do whatever it is you want, within reason. Do know, however, we're still in an academy and that does mean we have to go to our classes, so don't expect me to ditch them just for a bit of jovial fun, okay?" She explained with yet another wink. Those words also meant, "Violet, you're going to class with me whether you like it or not."

Considering that they were first years, no doubt they'd be spending a lot of class time together too. The fact Vi was also small enough, it may have even been possible to convince Pearl in having the little one stay in their dorm. Lucy's little sister wouldn't take up much space, if any at all, and would be a perfect fit.

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17Are You My Big Sister? Empty Re: Are You My Big Sister? on Wed Apr 20, 2016 1:41 am

Violet Cobaltienne
Because of their high-stress lifestyle, Violet found her parents always, well… stressed. If not for one reason, then for another. Along the way, the young lady had trained herself to always smile, to cheer them up and help ease that tension. It didn’t always work when it came to their mother, but their father was receptive of the act. Yes, her smile was infectious, and the happy, innocent attitude she bore everywhere was her attempt to brighten any room. Being as empathetic was she was, little Violet found that people’s negative emotions always brought her down. So the proper course of action was to make them happy. And what better way to do that, than with an adorable little girl? Of course, there was some people in the world that just refused to be happy… Those people couldn’t be helped.

So seeing the smile that graced Lucy’s lips, the little sister was most joyous. She didn’t know what specifically brought about that smile, but the reason didn’t matter, so long as Lucy was happy. What made Violet happy, though, was hearing her sibling’s answer. Her eyes widened with joy, and her lips spread into a wide, gaping smile. She knew already that the love Lucy had for her wouldn’t be the same as the love she had for Nicolette. That was a given. But the simple confirmation that Lucy would do so filled the little lady with so much joy that she jumped to her feet, arms raised excitedly in the air, and teetered over to her older sibling to give her a big hug. That wink was completely missed as she nuzzled into the woman.

“Thank you sooo much, Big Sis! You have no idea how happy that makes me!” Violet said in a loud, excited voice, which only rose when the woman she hung from continued to speak. The purple one’s sparkled with delight, and she let out a high-pitched squeak. Hearing what came next, Violet gave a big couple of nods. “Of course, Sis! I did come here to learn, too! Learning is fun! Especially when it’s hands-on learning. There will always be time for doing sister things together afterwards! Ooooooh, it’s gonna be so much funnnn!~ We can swap stories, and do each other’s hair and nails, and train together, and stay up late, and go shopping, and study together, and have civil disagreements, and eat cakes together, and-” She paused there with an expression that showed she just remembered something.

Looking over her shoulder, Violet released her sister to retrieved the untouched cinnamon roll and brought it over. Delicately holding it between the two of them, Violet flashed Lucy a soft, gentle smile, tipping her head slightly to the side. “I know it’s not a cake, but it’s a start. I saved it for us to share, because that’s what sisters do, right? Share things?” Her tone had softened from its earlier excitement, and she looked her sister in the eye.

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18Are You My Big Sister? Empty Re: Are You My Big Sister? on Thu Apr 21, 2016 3:22 am

Lucy Cobaltienne
There was an air of refreshment as Lucy watched that little sister of hers, teeter on over to her. Arms raised into the air, a large smile upon her lips, Violet had came over and gave Lucy a big hug, something the older sister easily returned. Her arms wrapped around her baby sister's body and she gave her a nice, tight hug. The nuzzles were also returned and even though she wanted to shush the mouth volcano, Lucy honestly couldn't do it. It was just too adorable to stop. At least for now. Honestly, the elder Cobalitenne was happy that her sibling had become easily loving and accepting of her... It reduced the burden on her shoulders, the one she carried for the apparent sin of being a Cobaltienne...

The pause in Violet's speech had brought Lucy back to the waking world. After she had drifted off, quickly and momentarily to the end result of her "plan," the little girl had offered up her cinnamon bun. She giggled and nodded over to Vi. "Well... Normal sisters don't share things, but we're not normal, so we can share whatever it is we want... Within reason." A sort of cheeky smirk came to her lips, but taking a plastic knife, she cut the pastry right down in the middle perfectly. Once it was separated, Lucy took her half, then smiled wide over to her little sister.

"To finally finding one another...!" Her voice raised itself for this one time and with that, she had passed the bun into her mouth, and chewed on that half happily. That day, the tea and snacks all tasted better...

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