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Let's have a look-see around (Open)

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1 Let's have a look-see around (Open) on Mon Apr 11, 2016 6:20 pm

Jade had for some reason though his new start in a new city would be somewhat easier than this. Having spent the better part of the morning in his new academy office he was ready to scream. He hated having to deal with paperwork, but if he wanted to attend this school he needed it done and it wasn't like anyone else could do it for him. His mother was already over her head with work from their family expansion and Vishnal wasn't a blood relative so that was out. He also chose to ask Vishnal to not accompany him out this day. While his mother and himself saw the majority of their servants as more family than their own blood, he had a feeling others wouldn't see it that way. Expertly the fact most was Faunus.

He never was a fan of paperwork or really any of this official stuff. Most of it were just what you would expect: proof of identification, addresses, schooling info from his combat school back in Atlas. They even asked for him to bring in Grimm's Slayer for inspection. Jade loved the look on people faces whenever they saw his monster of a sword, even more so when they try to hold it. Jade just hope the man didn't hurt himself too much when it fell on him during the inspection. Oh well, it wasn't like he didn't warn him. But in truth, he knew the real reason they wanted him to come it and it was for his check up. Being born sickly had always placed him at the top of many lists. Mostly so they couldn't be held liable in case something happen to him.

With the evil paperwork behind him, Jade busted out the academy main doors out into the bright light of the afternoon sunlight. It was warm with a nice spring breeze blowing through the courtyards. Since he didn't officially start his schooling until the next week he didn't have any classes to go to. So this left much of the young man day free to find his own form of entertainment. Shifting the giant sword on his back as brushing a bit of this green tinted hair from his eyes Jade decided to go on his own little tour of the academy. Since it was a warm day Jade only wore a black button up shirt with a pair of jeans with black boots.

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2 Re: Let's have a look-see around (Open) on Fri Apr 15, 2016 6:31 pm

Positively powerful, pluming, pink promenades progressed past points presented. Pinned, prime, and prosperous she pounded the pavement in paisley pumps, while pining her patented rosy pink pucker to her plump, and pleasant pout. Her plentiful prominent crimped golden curls pullulated just off her shoulders in the breeze and fell to her back bouncing and bobbing to their own accord. Radiant Peplum champagne pink power emanated from her blouse it gripped and clung and snagged in just the right way. Her plunging V shaped neck line dove low pulled her amble bosom to and fro creating quite the wonderful view for the blouse revealed her strong yet exquisite collar bone. Bellow her taut unyielding waist sat a floor length pale rose maxi skirt which bowed out a round her curved child bearing hips. Her hay colored tail shot out the back of her almost skin tight skirt through a slit, and was propped up it was clear she was in quite the good mood. Her skin pale like cream glistened with a bit of a shine in the strong afternoon sun. She was in a superficial sense beautiful according to societal standards; she made sure of that every morning before she stepped out of the bathroom. She would seem to be the type of woman cared very much for the way the people around her perceived her. Experience would dictate her plastic smile and fake eye lashes would mean this woman was egotistical vain and ostentatious.

Her gaze fixated upon her shiny bedazzled pink idiot box, she was powerless to resist her phone and the allure of social media. Light flashed and her thumbs went to work as she furiously whipped them about posting respond in and reposting. She was disgusted one moment and bemused the next the appeal phone was clear. Instant gratification; those with shorter attention spans could become engrossed by the sometimes dizzying repetitive assault of stimuli. Pausing for a second her crimson eyes honed in on a single tree place in the courtyard for decoration. Quickly she trotted over to the tree her heels clacking loudly against the stone bellow her. The blondes pace slowed as she began to circle the tree. Looking the vegetation up and down her face was contorted in a quizzical glare, she seemed deep in thought about this normal mundane truly not outstanding tree. Walking around its perimeter once more she stopped in front of the object she had just scrutinized and they with a dive like flare she threw her hand up  making sure her phone was pointed down toward her face and tits catching just a bit of the trees leafy green fullness. Adjusting the phone a tad and changing her expression one, twice, three times and boom she had it. She flicked the phone a tad and it flashed immortalizing her visage in wonderful digital filtered goodness for ever. After fiddling with the picture for  a few seconds she posted it…with the caption NATURE FLOW!!!!!!!. Muttering “Already three likes” to herself a she walked away from the tree. Yes she was a vain self centered human being (Deer Fanus).

With a quickened strut it was quite clear she appeared to be in a now hurry. Presently preoccupied, her mind swam in musings and pondering which in turn crippled her ability to navigate substantially. Her phone still captured her attention even after taking her ill-gotten selfie and posting it. So engrossed was she that she missed the man now a few feet in front of her with a massive sword on his back. Almost as if she was legally blind and thus unable to see him she just slammed into him at full force. Suddenly being jarred back to the real world shocked the woman she had no idea what just happened and clumsily she fumble and stumbled backward recoiling from the impact. Juggling her pint sized clutch purse and her bedazzled cellular phone she struggle to not drop her phone and she failed. And as she failed to keep hold of her phone she also failed to keep her standing and with a crash and with a bang she landed toot first on the stone pathed courtyard they had been walking in. first things first she mewled a low grunt and spewed the word “OOOOOOUUUUCH!!!!!!!!!”. “WHAT THE HELL!!!!” she screamed as she looked around glancing to find out what she had hit

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3 Re: Let's have a look-see around (Open) on Sat Apr 16, 2016 12:47 am

Jade was using the better half of his brain power at this moment to try and beat a high score on a gaming app on his scroll from one of his friends back in Atlas. He had been at war with her ever since he left for Bellmuse and everything he thought he got ahead she would beat him within the hour. It had gotten to the point where if this happen he would stop whatever he was doing to once again try a beat her. It was for this reason he was now standing like a statue in the center of the sidewalk. Now with tunnel vision, Jade saw only the screen of his scroll as his thumbs dance over it. That is until he felt a something slam into him from behind.

At first, he thought someone was tackling him and for a second, he thought he was once again under attack by one of his mother crazy surprise training sessions. This caused him in a split second enter battle mode and catching himself before fall downing face first and spin to face his attacker, only to see a pink object go flying past his head. Out of instinct, his hand launched out like a snake bite and grabbed it. It was a... phone? That when he realized what had happened as someone started yelling at him. Well not at him, maybe, but you know.

Flinching at this at first Jade quickly collected himself before hurrying over to the girl. He had never seen so much pink in one place before as he looked down at the girl. Even among the rich back in Atlas and it looked like she had spent the better part of the morning to prep and priming herself. She was a slight and Jade couldn't disagree with that. Holding a hand out to offer to help her up Jade spoke. "I'm sorry about that. I zone out for a bit there I'm afraid. But I think I save the phone." He held the pink phone up to so the girl. "The name Jade, Jade Forta. I'm terribly sorry for this." Years of chivalry lessons flooded his head as he spoke. It seems Vishnal had done his right. "Are you hurt miss?"

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4 Re: Let's have a look-see around (Open) on Sat Apr 16, 2016 11:45 pm

Chakide sat in the admin office, his fingers drummed out the cadence of a old jody he used to sing when back in Atlas. He had been in the same chair for the past two hours and his patience was beginning to wear thin. Though he would do everything he could not to show it, he knew that he couldn't just sit still, hence the finger drumming. Chakide would normally be spinning his sword in a pirouette but as he had to relinquish his weapon while he waited. This sort of thing didn't strike him as odd, however, he hadn't realized how much he naked he had come to feel without it. Just a bit longer. He repeated to himself for the ninth or tenth time this hour.

Around the four hour mark Chakide had been given a message and told to report back tomorrow for a few more questions before anything would be finalized. The young weasel faunus found this very annoying and irritating but he wanted to get into Syne so he forced his negative feelings down and nodded. His weapon had been returned to him before he left the administration office. The admin office wasn't far from the Main Hall of the Academy, he noted as he stepped through the door and into the warmth of the sun's embrace. "Well, at least I can do what I want for now," He thought aloud and placed a pair of dark sunglasses on the lower part of his nose. With his middle finger he pushed them up until he was comfortable with their position.

The glow of the sun's rays bathed Chakide's dark skin in a wave of warmth as he stretched, feeling the clicks and pops of bones and joints. He released a long groan of bliss as he finished the stretch. "Oh gods, yes!" He exclaimed and tapped the toe of each boot against the ground twice before he began walking. He held no destination in mind but it didn't take long for something to catch his eye. A young woman in a long skirt and a low v-neck shirt caught his eye. Though it seemed her eyes had been captured by the device in her hands. The young woman was a few meters away and moving perpendicular to the direction he was going. However, this only gave Chakide a good view to watch her collide with someone else on the same path as her.

A young man with an enormous sword on his back, whom had also been involved with his device and hadn't noticed anything around him until the girl walked into his back. Chakide shook his head and watched as the young man offered an apology, his name, and his hand to the young woman. While Chakide wasn't someone above walking and messing with his scroll, he had learned to look up on occasion. Had these two, specifically the girl, looked up she would have noticed the young man and wouldn't have walked into him.

Chakide was now close enough to speak without raising his voice. "I'd have given the landing a seven if she had stuck it." He said with a smirk. "I'd say she owes you the apology, though. You two okay?"

(Chakide is a weasel faunus but he shows no sign of his faunus blood. He looks like a regular human.)

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5 Re: Let's have a look-see around (Open) on Sun Apr 17, 2016 10:01 pm

Tush and tail against the stone paved stone of the ground below, the sun maned pink enchantress felt the light ache and, dull pain of the impact with the stone. But this pain was nothing when compared to the strange feeling she had creeping up her belly. An unbearable warm feeling filled her up, starting in her stomach and rising. The heat red and unpleasant  crept up her chest and her breaths became slightly quicker in pace it started to feel like she had been running just now. Wrapping around her neck the heat made it uncomfortable for her to take in and expel breath. Her face now filled with the same sweltering calidity. Rosy red color crept into her cheeks turning her beat crimson with embarrassment. She had large golden visibly deer like ears how did she not hear this man? She thought this to herself why she sat and looked at the man in front of her talking. The world dragged on at a snail’s pace it felt like every second was hours and she missed out on most of the green eyed man in front of her had said, even thought she was loo directly at him and was but mere feet away. All she could hear at first was her own screaming internal dialog. “Forta?” she heard herself mumble just after he said it. This snapped her back to the real world still red, still embarrassed  the blonde doe fumbled a bit as if she were attempting brush off a bit of nonexistent dust.

As the older Luna sister took the young man’s hand and used it to help her get some semblance of balance Another man spoke up in the distance his posture and his words were not so helpful. He mentioned her less than graceful landing and her crimson gaze peered through him. In that instant the famous Luna temper flared up within her, and her face contorted into a grimace most foul and full of malice. How dare he make light of her and joke about her misfortune(even if it was self-induced).  And in that moment the young deer felt the urge to head-butt the dark skinned man speaking to them. Her father would have done it…he also had antlers…this however was not her way, for she was more subtle than that raging buck. The white incalescent rage in her face quickly sifted and her slightly vacant smile returned she turned away from the man and looked back to the young man whom had helped her to her feet. Luckily he had caught her phone. What reflexes, his prowess was commendable he had saved her a bit of cash her phone would have likely smashed against the stone bellow. This in turn would have likely shattered her screen costing her a pretty penny to get fixed or replace. Clearing her throat once the pink plastic princess exercised great prudence in the words she choose to speak from this point forward.  ”T-Thank you” her voice was soft slightly timid. “Unless you walked into me I think the need to apologize is mine”, this time as she spoke she got closer to her normal volume and chirpy sing-songy like tone. As the hay haired damsel of the selfie said the word “mine” she glanced over to the other man besides them giving him a slightly mocking glance emphasizing she knew how to handle herself in public..sometimes.

“I am Annushka  of clan Luna, and I am unhurt physically any way”  as she spoke she reached out and grasped her phone making a point to just barely noticeably glance his wrist  with her fingers dragging them across slowly before taking her phone out of the man’s hand. It was a tid bit of slight flirting, but how could she help it came second nature to the social media maven. “I feel like I owe you…I don’t know", she practically purred glancing over her phone checking on the lack of damages. “You said your name was Forta?”, she was making a point to only address the other man in glances most disapproving up to this point, but she would have to more directly address him. Attractive yes he was, but Annushka was fussy and to joke even lightly completely rustled her feathers. The last bit of the red slow drained from her face and she returned to her normal slightly pale glossy glow. “And I must also thank you for your concern…I’m sorry and you are?" She spat out flatly talking to the other tall and gloriously dark man. She spoke with no sing-song in her tone and she did not turn her face to him which is slightly rude…thus likely done on purpose.

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6 Re: Let's have a look-see around (Open) on Mon Apr 18, 2016 1:15 am

At first, Jade did not hear the approach or ever the words of the other boy. His whole attention was given to the girl on ground as at first he thought she was about to have a panic attack. Or so he thought for only a second from her breathing. However, her red face did cause him a bit alarms, but he just wrote it up as the girl being embarrassed she had walked into some while not looking. He was about to asked again if she was okay as she stared up at him, but was relieved when he heard her say his name. He thought it a bit odd, but didn't dwell on it. He couldn't help but smile at the girl at what he guess was her trying to hide the fact she was embarrassed as he took her hand and pulled her up.

It only now that Jade noticed the large golden deer ears atop the girl's head. Thankfully after years being around others like herself kept the young man from staring at hear ears and focus on her face, and maybe a few glances at other places. "Naw, don't worry about it. It probably not the best idea to stand in the middle of the sidewalk playing games." He said to the girl as she tried to apologize. After giving her a soft smile Jade turn to look at the other boy. "Really it fine, it was my fault and thanks, but I"m fine. Take more than a little bump to take me down." He said following with a deep hard cough as he turned his head away from the two and covering his mouth with a closed fist. It seemed his illness had picked today to show its ugly head.

Jade was a little shocked as he felt the girl fingers run along his wrist. He returned this with a grin of his own before speaking again. "Well, then Miss Annushka of clan Luna. Don't feel like you owe me anything. In truth, I only caught the phone out of reflex and please. Call me Jade. I'd rather get away from all the formality." After this, he turned to the dark skin boy giving him a friendly smile. "Yoo feel free to call me Jade too and likewise what can I called the one who came to check on our well-being."

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7 Re: Let's have a look-see around (Open) on Thu Apr 21, 2016 1:21 am

Chakide watched the exchange between the two and held back an antagonizing grin. The young weasel faunus noticed the looks and the more closed body language the young woman had, he felt he must have hit her in a sensitive spot for her to act as she did. She spoke to the young man, whom introduced himself as Jade Forta. He was a decently attractive young man with light brown hair and green eyes. When he spoke with the young doe he was polite and opted for a bit more of a formal way of speaking. Chakide wasn't sure if this is intentional or an unconscious thing but it was interesting. Perhaps it was due to his up bringing, the way he carried himself didn't scream privileged or high-and-mighty like many in the more "royal" or "noble" families in Remnant. Perhaps he had a bit more of a militaristic background. TO be honest, Chakide couldn't tell and it didn't really matter but he was curious about it.

The weasel faunus' curiosity would have to wait as he noticed the way the little doe, Annushka Luna as she called herself, let her fingers glide over JAde's wrist. She moves quick. Malk thought to himself as the corner of his mouth crooked into a smirk. Ah, too be so young. He thought ironically and ceased his approach when he was within approximately two meters of the duo. They had both issued inquiries into his name, only Luna added an apology that Malk felt might have been more courtesy than genuine. Chakide posed his sword off to his right and gave a slightly exaggerated bow. "Chakide Malk." He said simply and when he rose he positioned his sword in front of him like one would a cane. His hands folded over the pommel of the weapon and he looked back and forth between the two.

"In all honesty I had a thought that there might have been a fight between you two. What with neither of you paying attention and all." Chakide let his tone drip with sarcasm but let his face reflect the harmless teasing. "But I'm glad neither of you are hurt." He added, while he might not know them, he didn't like to see innocent, if air headed, people get hurt.

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8 Re: Let's have a look-see around (Open) on Mon Apr 25, 2016 4:27 pm

Witnessing Chakide’s overly indulgent and most likely ironic bow upon his introduction caused the blonde to huff a bit and roll her eyes. She thought to herself this man thinks he’s all that posing with his sword and shizz. He annoyed her just a bit but this was mostly because he had irked her with her previous comment. And now like most people she would see all his mannerisms as slightly grating for now because he had unknowingly slighted her unintentionally. Her pride made her intolerable at times. It was the thing most people could see on her once they got past her air headed vacant outer shell.

With her phone in hand The Golden haired glamorous glittering goddess would reciprocate the kindness offered to her masked in humility. This phone was her life and without it she would be lost for a day at least as she attempted to replace it. Staring deeply into it for a second she found what she had been looking for. As her fingers whirled she heard the other man speak again. Chakide Malk…okay she would remember that name. Never know when a salty morsel would come in handy. Flipping to the next screen on her phone she waited a quick second before replying, to either man. Taking a second to flick flaxen follicles from in front of her eyes revealed that an ever so slight coquettish smirk. Food always made people happier and she would treat these folks to an afternoon of sweets. She had planned to take photos of cupcakes to post online any way.

“Malk I’m gonna fight in heels?, ”Would you fight in heels?” she questioned finally addressing his statement. When speaking to the now slightly slouching man she was slightly coarse but she was attempting to lighten up a tad. Lifting her gaze from her phone she glanced around for a bit as if attempting to get an idea where she was. “I can understand the request for a lack of formality…Technically I’m the head of clan Luna right now…doesn’t mean much when there are only a few of you left” as she spoke her voice kind of trailed off and toward the end she was mostly muttering. Tossing the pink bedazzled cellular phone back into her paisley designer purse, she formulating what she would say. It was often clear when the gears in her head were turning, for her vaccant smile twisted a bit and her eyes shifted from blank and spaced to slightly more telelogical. The blonde’s postured changed a bit she slouched a bit and appeared to make herself look a bit more bashful.

“But no matter what you say you did save my phone, even if it was reflex, I want to thank you”. Again she spoke with melodious voice, it a canticle like quality to it, and she ended with another girlish giggle. Walking forward a bit she passed the emerald eye man Forta looking out toward the town she lifted her arm pointed pink polished finger toward a specific spot in the town. With her other hand she signaled with a waving motion for the two men to follow her. ”I was going to hit the town and grab some sweets and bring them back to my dorm, BORING!!!!!” the blonde doe deer like ear perked up flickered as she spoke and when she exclaimed that her original plans were boring compared to what she was going to announce next her tail flutter and she hopped a bit. Clearly she had an exciting plan that’s she would announce it it would revolutionize the way the men would spend their day. “ SSSOOOOOOOO now I want you guys to come with me to the cupcake shop I saw while coming here, It will be fun and they have other baked goods if cupcakes aren’t your thing but why would they not be everyone loves cupcakes…Plus it will be my treat as a thank you for saving my phone…and checking on my well-being”, when elated the elegant elusory maidn tended to ramble a bit, and so she did blasting all that out on a single breath. As well as squealing hoydenishly at the end. Turning her head back to face them she winked and said “Come on the two of you I won’t take no”, upon finishing her statement her eyes flickered a bit with an almost internal golden light, and with that faint paino riff began to play. It was hard to hear over the dull roar of the crowds of people going about the daily life but it was there and seemed to come out of no where suddenly.

(OOC Sorry about this lateness work was hell new project for my team)

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