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Exposition [Nitsua]

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1 Exposition [Nitsua] on Mon Apr 11, 2016 10:29 pm

The theater was full to bursting with people. Mainly, though, this was a private event. A few had been selected as guests, but almost everyone lining the velvet red seats and dining on the many extravagent dishes were members of one of Bellmuse's few crime syndicates: the ever popular White Fang and the rather less known, but still effective, Blazing Eagles.

While a faunus-based terror group and a run-of-the-mill crime organization typically wouldn't be seen in anywhere but a battle with each other; in Bellmuse it was different. The two had shared commerce, plans, and even warriors with each other for some time.

Lady Orchid, as she was referred to, was the wife of Charles 'Blazing' Cohen, who led the Blazing Eagles organization. She was watching the one act play 'A Demise', but had only feigned interest in it. She sat aside one of the higher ups in the local White Fang who went by the name 'Carver'.
"That's queen Unida. They said she could cave in a man's skull with her very hands back when there were still kings and queens," Carver said, a thin smile on his face. Orchid smiled back politely, but cared not for such descriptions. Queen Unida, as it were, and another man had clashed blades on stage.
"And who is the other?" Orchid asked.
"A bandit," Carver spoke this with disgust, "Torin the Bloody."

Torin struck a strong blow to the queen's flank and she fell to the ground as the pit orchestra flared. Orchid covered her mouth in shock.
"You know; these stories never end well," Carver said. Then, queen Unida rose back to her feet and ran her sword through the old bandit's gut. The crowd rose and cheered, but even this couldn't stifle the sound of the gunshot that followed. Orchid stumbled backwards, dress now speckled in Carver's blood. She screamed.

The room grew deathly quiet for a moment before a distant voice shouted, "The true Eagles send their regards!"

Caernarvon halted his car by the entrance to the Windsor theatre and clapped the door shut. A thick rain had descended upon Bellmuse Central overnight, and a massive slaughter came with it. Police tape was draped all about the scene and officers and robotic enforcers alike buzzed about the crime scene. Today would be an interesting case; that much was certain.

The detective approached a plump man wearing a bowler hat and a trim suit and said, "My name is Caernarvone Royce. I'm a detective from Bellmuse Academy," he flashed the man a badge and recieved a nod in return.
"We've already recieved your clearance to enter the crime scene. Let me tell ya: it's a real mess in there. Don't remember a scrap like this in Bellmuse since... well, since I've been here!"
Caern ignited a cigarrette, only to have the flame be extinguished by the rain, "Storm's brewing," he said, "And I don't mean this one."

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2 Re: Exposition [Nitsua] on Mon Apr 11, 2016 10:41 pm

Nitsua Dragedo
Nitsua stood on the roof of the building, looking through a skylight down inside. A metal wolf mask on his face as he looked down into the room observing the carnage. ( Ugh, I do not like this, this is either a crime gangs doing or the white fang. I really hope it's the white fang. I would love to have some fun with some of their members again) Nitsua thought as he looked down at the cops as they mill around, searching for evidence. He pulled up his hood, as he felt a drip of water hit his nose. He moved to the entrance of the building, and spotted a man get out of a car. He was dressed differently from the other police, and Nitsua knelt down to keep him out of view as he watched the man closely. ( Now who are you?) Nitsua thought to himself as he continued to watch the man, his eyes scanning them man over, trying to think of what the man could be.

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3 Re: Exposition [Nitsua] on Mon Apr 11, 2016 11:22 pm

"In any case, have a look inside," said the inspector. Caernarvon obliged, slamming open the great wooden doors of the establishmenet and looking over the ticket booth and theater entrance. A couple outlines of chalk were on the floor. "Few tried escaping the fighting," the inspector explained.

Caern pulled out his notepad, "I'd like to see the bodies," he said, "It'd help if I knew the kind of wounds we're dealing with here."
"Gunshots, sword swings, dust. Like I said, it's not pretty."
"Did I ask about the wounds?"
The inspector shifted his eyes aside, "No..."
"Then answer my first question," Caernarvon said, resuming his pace towards the theater area.
The inspector hopped ahead of him to keep up, "You can't just come onto a crime scene and expect us to treat you like a general!" He objected.
"Why not? It's the attitude."

The inspector grumbled as they entered the auditorium. It seemed as if they were still clearing out bodies.
"So what happened here?" Asked Caern.
"Security footage recorded one of the leaders of our local White Fang unit being shot. After that a fight broke out."
"Then this happened," the inspector swept his hand over the carnage.
"If I've heard correctly, the Eagles and the Fang were convening here for their annual treatise celebration. Odds are that a member of the Eagles started this off."
"Yes. That would explain the fight."

Caernarvon delved deeper into the building in search of clues.

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4 Re: Exposition [Nitsua] on Tue Apr 12, 2016 7:10 pm

Nitsua Dragedo
Nitsua followed the man from the roof, looking down into the larger room from the skylights. He was also observing the room and seeing if anything was out of place or blatantly obvious that he was missing. ( Going to guess the guy is a detective or something, but something feels off. There has to be something that the cops are missing. It can't be a simple shoot up, there was a fight here, and both sides took casualties, but one had the jump on the other. That much is obvious, but the question is, what was the purpose? Killing a bunch of people has no point if you don't have a reason for it, so what was their point....) Nitsua thought, trying to think about what was their purpose for the massacre.

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5 Re: Exposition [Nitsua] on Tue Apr 12, 2016 7:23 pm

The Son

Caernarvon halted by the corpse of a White Fang and looked over the jagged gash near his throat, "Catch any of them alive? Eyewitnesses would help."
"There is one, but she's in critical condition. The rest either lay here or escaped in the confusion," the inspector's tone was dull.
"What's your name, inspector?"
"Harvey what?"
"Harvey York."

Caern grunted and walked down the rows of seats, "Well, Harvey York, I'd like to have a chat with your prisoner. This case can only go uphill from there."
"We have her at the hospital on Tourney avenue. I suppose if you want to see her I'll have no choice but to oblige..."
"C'mon, I know can't stand being away from me," Caern smirked. He split from the inspector and walked back towards his car. Police officers were plenty busy with taking notes, and the detective decided to get something to drink at the nearby resturaunt before pursuing the case further. Harvey would likely take his sweet time in sending an 'okay' to the medical officers with his scroll anyways.

He made off down the street and felt the rain beat upon him. It was picking up.

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6 Re: Exposition [Nitsua] on Tue Apr 12, 2016 10:53 pm

Nitsua Dragedo
Nitsua moved to the front of the building, watching the man, and then leapt to another nearby building, and then began to use that building's fire escape to get down to ground level. He then moved to the man's car and made no effort to hide himself.( If I hope to find the white fang, then this guy is my ticket to finding them, so best to keep an eye on him for now, and see whether the white fang notice him or those eagle guys do. Either way, I can get info about the white fang from either one) Nitsua thought as he moved closer to the car.

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7 Re: Exposition [Nitsua] on Tue Apr 12, 2016 11:46 pm

Caernarvon took a quick turn left and made off towards a nearby cafe. He had noticed a rather tall man was nearby, but for the moment paid him no mind.

Soon, he swung open the glass doors to the cafe and took a seat upon a bar stool.
"What'll you be havin'?" a waitress asked.
Caernarvon shrugged, “Some kind of iced coffee with vanilla. Don’t care what it is.”
“Sure you want something cold for a rainy day?”

She disappeared in the back, leaving Caern to mull over the case in his head. Something about it seemed a tad odd; especially when you considered the two groups who were a part of it. Whatever had transpired in that theatre was probably bad, considering it may have just kicked off a large-scale gang war. His next course of action would be to talk to that survivor. She would hopefully give him some leads.

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8 Re: Exposition [Nitsua] on Wed Apr 13, 2016 5:50 pm

Nitsua Dragedo
Nitsua followed Caernarvon to the bar, keeping a far enough distance to be lost in the crowd, the only thing distinguishing him from the crowd was his mask and the sword on his back. He followed Caernarvon to the bar, and sat in the seat next to him. Nitsua took a closer look at the man, taking in the details of him. " I assume you are after the same thing I am, the people responsible for the theater massacre. I believe we can help each other in this case" Nitsua said, his mask still covering his face and his hood still pulled up over his head. Nitsua didn't look at Caernarvon as he spoke. He just sat there, looking down at the bar.

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9 Re: Exposition [Nitsua] on Wed Apr 13, 2016 8:11 pm

"You know something I don't? I'm all ears," said Caernarvon, only briefly glimpsing the person who now sat beside him.

His drink arrived before him a few seconds later and Caern took a quick swig. It was bitter but had a tinge of sweetness to it that compensated. In all honesty, the mask of the man now sitting beside him made Caern feel uneasy. Perhaps the person was an agent sent by one of the two groups to slit his throat and silence him. That wouldn't do. The detective put a hand on the metal of his Thompson and was ready to yank it out if things grew dire and blow twenty holes into the aggressor.

Hopefully that wouldn't be necessary. He was tired enough as is.

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10 Re: Exposition [Nitsua] on Thu Apr 14, 2016 6:54 pm

Nitsua Dragedo
Nitsua sighed as he could sense just from looking at his eyes that Caernarvon did not trust him for a second. He sighed and slipped off his mask, looking him directly in the face. " Listen, I can help watch your back while you handle this case, after all. When investigating gangs, is when your most likely to be put down, so having an extra sword to guard your back won't be so bad now will it? Plus, I also have been thinking about the case. I have been wondering what was the point of the massacre? Obviously they wanted something, if not then a gang war was likely, but what was to gain from that unless they were sure they were gonna win it? And if they are so sure that they'll win, why do they think that?" Nitsua said, as he ordered a water and placed a couple bucks on the counter.

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11 Re: Exposition [Nitsua] on Thu Apr 14, 2016 9:48 pm

"Not saying I don't trust ya, but..." The detective took another swig of his coffee and turned to face Nitsua. "I don't trust ya. Now if I could get a motive as to why you're so interested in the case I might just take you on board."

He thought more on the other question. If this guy was the real deal, perhaps he could help him out a little. Caern was helpful like that. From what the detective grasped so far, the fight had started with the death of one of the group's leaders: more specifically a high-ranking member of the White Fang. Since the Fang were one of the stronger crime syndicates, their victory would be more likely.
"If you want to know more, though, I'm thinking it was a member of the Fang who started this. The two groups have been sharing resources all these years, but why share when you could just take everything?"

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12 Re: Exposition [Nitsua] on Thu Apr 14, 2016 10:55 pm

Nitsua Dragedo
" I want information on the white fang. I have been hunting down white fang members for a while, so the info that either the eagles or the white fang could give me would be very helpful in my hunt for them. Despite being a faunus, I want all the white fang members dead" Nitsua said, looking directly into Caernarvon's eyes as he said it, not looking away for a second as he did. His history with the white fang has made it so that he hunts the white fang every chance he gets, ex members he leaves alone, but any active members do not survive a run in with him.

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