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3.0 Update Thread

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1 3.0 Update Thread on Fri Apr 15, 2016 9:45 am

Hello Hello! I hope you’ve all been enjoying this month’s Halloween festivities! I’m glad to see that the new raid has begun without a hitch, the second of many to come! The reward for this thread is extra special and the method of retrieving it will be displayed at it’s end! Now onto the update.

First on the list, coming out of the blue, is that we are introducing site wide dust colours. No longer will you have to ponder whether or not your opponent is holding a red fire crystal in their hand or if that just happens to be wind dust the colour red. We now have site-wide colours decided for each dust type; listed in the weapons and dust rules as well as the marketplace where you buy each crystal! We are also introducing Thrust Dust at tier 2 for purchase! This dust creates a force you can fire at an opponent, somewhere between wind and earth in terms of feeling !

Next up are some more details about or newest and spookiest NPC Gwyn Ryu, the new head of security you may have spotted during the lecturers introduction. He has some very specific rules regarding your activities while on academy grounds, particularly those of you who are breaking the law in open spaces. It also provides some further details on illegal activities in Bellmuse and how to go about them. You can find them here in the Role Playing Rules-

Third is a new rules addition in regards to academy staff; you must make a thread performing your job at least once every month (not counting school holidays and threads from previous months that you post in do still count, within reason) Failure to do so will see you fired and made a citizen. You can apply again for your post, pending whether or not it has been taken. This amendment is shown here it is active starting this month, so if you are just now returning do not panic. You have until the next update!

Finally I’ll leave you with this note, soon we will be launching into our next grand sitewide plot. Do pay attention and keep your eye open for any peculiar looking threads!

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2 Re: 3.0 Update Thread on Sun May 15, 2016 10:36 am

RWBYRPG: Syne Academy 3.0
Mid-April Update

Welcome boys and girls to the very first update of a new RWBYRPG! "But Leena, It doesn't look like that much has changed, can you justify calling it a new version?" Why yes, yes I can. You know, in my eyes. This is the Mid-monthly update! *cue generic game show theme song*

+ First thing's first, EVERY NEW UPDATE WILL BE ON THE FIRST POST OF THIS THREAD. This is important. This confused many people in the past, so here I am to clarify. I edit the FIRST POST OF THE TOPIC for every update, so that it shows up in the Newsfeed on the portal page. So every 15th, don't go to the latest post of the thread, go to the first one.

+Now, onto some changes. If you haven't been paying attention to the Spring Cleaning thread, you should REALLY read that. This is where that 3.0 bit happens. It has every change we have made in the past month, and some of those changes are BIG. I will highlight them here, but read here ( for more information.

Groups are now different. If you would like to change your group to better fit your character, please see here (
Grimm are now different. We added Griffins and Promoted Nevermores, as well as changing the dice system up some, adding a defense stat.

+We are adding a bank to the marketplace. Now you can transfer money to other players for whatever reason you feel is necessary., much like the 1k Lien i will be giving if you PM me a picture of a cute animal before the May update.

+After much discussion and debate, Summons are FINALLY all figured out, so keep your eyes peeled for a topic on that very soon!

+Pets are also getting a bit of a rule change, so stay tuned.

+Earlier this month, we announced that a big event is happening this summer. I still cannot give you the full details until May, however I will say it is a tournament of sorts, and will say nothing more (yes.... yes..... build your hype yes....). Now is the time to brush up your RP skills if you would like to participate. Full details coming soon.

+I cannot bring this up enough. IF YOU ARE A SECOND YEAR STUDENT please make sure you have all of your school requirements done if you would like to become a Third year. YOU HAVE UNTIL JUNE. This is not mandatory for a good RP experience, but IC character development wise it's probably a good idea to work toward graduation in most cases

*phew*! So much stuff, its been tough to keep up with it all! As long as we all have fun right? at the very least, things should be less broken now. Anyway, This has been the Update, thanks for reading!

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3 Re: 3.0 Update Thread on Fri Jul 15, 2016 11:26 pm


Mid-May Update

Hello Beautiful people and welcome to Summer! Its almost time for another year to pass us by, and we have lots of big things coming so make sure you are ready!

+ First of all, If you have donated, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me who you are. This does not include those of you that already have your VIP stickers. I need to make sure everyone gets into the VIP group and receives full benefits. Please PM me if you do not have your Sticker in your profile. If you donate in the future, PLEASE put your Username in the messages part, or PM me immediately after donating. I do not know your IRL names, you guys.

+ Anyway, on to more fun stuff. June 1st will be the official start of the summer. Class topics should not be created until Summer ends in September, though every professor who has been around since before June 1st is entitled to ONE small summer class. TO ALL SECOND YEARS: If you have not gotten your 3 hunts, 3 classes (with a player teacher or not), and 3 shadows done, you have until JUNE FIRST to finish, or you will not be moving on to 3rd year, and will have to wait until june 2017. First years that have been here since 2015? Congrazzles! you're moving up in the world!

In addition to all of this, The Winter break forum will be returning, though it will obviously be for Summer break. So if you wanted to leave bellmuse at any time during Summer break, now you can once more!

+ June 1st isn't Just the start of Summer though, Oh no. We have a tournament on our hands, Ladies and Gentlemen. Students from Syne, Beacon, Haven, Atlas, and Shade will come together for a brawl unlike any other. The matches will run from June to August, probably, and there is a Month's Subscription to Rooster Teeth up for grabs! Because this is a tournament involving two different sites, Syne Academy and Red like Roses, all matches and other such related RP will take place here:
Go ahead and make your accounts/read rules/etc, and RP forums will be opened about a week before the tournament begins. For more information about the tournament itself, visit here:
To sign up for the tournament (WE NEED MORE PEOPLE!) Click here:

+ Summoning and the Bank (now up in the marketplace, look for Lienardo's Lien Exchange!) will go up this month for sure, not much to say about that that hasn't been said Last month.

+Lastly, thanks for the cute animals last month! you got extra Lien if you sent me my absolute favorite animal, a Snake. "What? Leena, that's not cute at all!" WELL YOU'RE NOT CUTE. *ahem* I mean, any animal can be cute, right?

So that's all we have for this month! Major focus on the tournament here. It has been in the works for a long time, so let's do our best to make it a success! (seriously though we need more participants, fast.)

Until next time,
~HM Leena

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4 Re: 3.0 Update Thread on Mon Aug 15, 2016 1:42 am


Mid-July Update

Now, you may be wondering where the mid-june update is. Well, things happened and it never went up. Good 'ol summer (same reason VIP is not getting this early). As such, anything worth mentioning in June will be covered here. Everything will resume as normal for August.

+ The biggest thing that had been going on this summer is the cross over Tournament with Red Like Roses. If you wish to see all of the exciting matches thus far, as well as the two rounds that we have left, please visit

+ We will be rolling out the rewards for the site anniversary during the next week or so. For those who have not received their prize, we did not forget you, no worries.

+ Site activity has dropped, that much is clear, but it is pretty normal for this time of the year. That said, August will bring a whole slew of cool new stuff for you guys, one of which you may be getting an email about as well as a PM, so be on the lookout for that really soon! Just because the summer focused on tourney, doesn't mean we here in the staff have stopped moving behind the scenes!

And that's about it! Summer has always been a slow time, but it also makes way for some cool stuff later. Get ready everyone, because we are going to have one interesting third year.

Stay Cool,
~HM Leena

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5 Re: 3.0 Update Thread on Thu Sep 15, 2016 3:59 am


Mid-August Update


  • Tournament
  • Prize Lottery
  • Bellmuse Citizen Group
  • Plot: Battle Royale

Summer may be ending but we'll keep on running! I'm here with this month's update and it's a real Doozy!

+ The biggest thing that had been going on this summer is the cross over Tournament with Red Like Roses. If you wish to see all of the exciting matches thus far, as well as the Final round that is now underway, please visit

Though we didnt get anyone from Syne up on the podium, It was a ton of fun to host and to watch everything unfold. Please continue to support the finalists!

+ Ever since we started accepting your donations, we have gotten a lot of helpful funds that have made a lot of things possible. Up to this point just a mere 5 dollars, or a t-shirt Purchase, Would give you VIP benefits for life. However, we have hit a point where all those who want to donate or are able to donate have, and we still need money to pay for things like keeping ads away for members or the Site Domain name whenever Forumotion stops funding it themselves.

That brings us to our brand new donation system! Dont worry, VIP is still pay once and keep forever, but now we are adding a new feature! This will be our Prize Lottery! Every other month we will be holding a raffle for real life prizes, but the only eligible participants are VIP members who have donated at all in the two months leading up to the raffle. The more people who play, the better prizes you could earn! For every 5$ you have one raffle entry. If not enough people donate to hold the raffle (5 people), the people who DID donate will be included in the next raffle so that your money is not wasted! October's First Tier Prize is: a Rwby T-shirt! If 10 people donate, the next tier will be revealed!

This is something new we are trying out so be sure to give us some feedback!

+ Over the years our member base has grown quite a bit, and it has always been the intention to add a group for people who did not necessarily want to be a student at Syne whenever we got enough people. Well Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has come. I present the Bellmuse Citizen group! Don't want to power and glory of a hunter? Want to ease into the hunting life? Want to be a child and run wild and free all the live long day? This group is for you!

Of course, with this new group, comes some changes, specifically to the Character application. A citizen app does not need to fill every stat point. As long as every stat has at least one point in it, you can use as few as you want. In addition, A citizen app can use one or none of the item slots.

There will be a new feature just for Citizens. Since they can start the game with less Stat points than normal, there will be a way to add points as you get stronger and stronger. Remember, Every student at Syne must have all stat points filled in order to enroll.

A new Location in the Syne Academy Form will also be added for people wishing to enroll or leave the school, Or Simply switch majors; for a fee of course. Keep an Eye out for the Administrative building!

+ Speaking of gaining new members, We have just about reached our 1000 milestone! Thanks so much to all of you! To celebrate (Though admittedly that's not the main reason), We have a BRAND NEW Plot for you guys: Battle Royale! For the first time, you will be able to Visit Bellmuse Palace and Meet the Kingdom's Royal Family, but will it all be fun and games? Keep an eye out for a very special Letter coming right to your inbox!

*As a side note, the summer break forum will be closing, and school will be starting up again. Those of you with topics going in the summer forum please start wrapping things up. New topics may no longer be created in said forum. Professors, be aware that monthly activity checks will be returning for the new school year.*

Welcome back Students!
~HM Leena

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6 Re: 3.0 Update Thread on Sat Oct 15, 2016 3:55 pm


Mid-September Update


Tournament Results
Prize Lottery Status
Plot: Hunt for Hunter's Lair!

Hope you all aren't too busy with school, because it's time for this month's update!

+ Tournament matches have now finished, so a hearty congrats to the three Members from RLR who placed and won a free month of Rooster Teeth FIRST in time for RWBY Vol. 4! WE might hold a similar event in the future, but such plans have not been made as of yet. A big thanks to everyone that was involved!

+ This was mentioned last month, but i feel the need to repeat. WE have a new Donation system in addition to the 5$ VIP package. If you pay 5$ before the October update, you are eligible to win a raffle for a real life prize! More information in the previous update. We need 5 donators to hold the raffle in the first place, so if you're interested get on it!

As always, VIP is pay once forever, and you can either donate 5$ or buy a Syne Academy T-shirt/Hoodie.

+ Now on to some Plot! First of all I want to thank everyone that participated in the first two topics. You have made them quite interesting. However, the story isn't over just yet! The Princess has been kidnapped and it's up to you all to save her! More details to come today, Look for the information topic and a special report from Nancy and/or Nathan (The play button on the sidebar in the story widget for those of you who don't know)!

+ Now for a quick survey! I tend to do these a lot, but this would be the first time that it isnt hidden within the update. This time i am making it very clear that this is here and those who participate get a free 1000 Lien! All you have to do is PM me whether or not the new table of contents is working out, or if you have any suggestions to make the Update system better!

We're halfway through the month, which means we are closing in on the new volume of RWBY! All of the hype! Thanks for reading!
~HM Leena

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7 Re: 3.0 Update Thread on Tue Nov 15, 2016 12:50 am

Mid-October Update


  • Halloween Game
  • Prize Lottery Status
  • Plot Status

It's October, the biggest month of the year for us!

+ For the past two years we have done a small game or event for Halloween. While we will be doing such again this year, We have been too busy with Plot, School, and work to come up with anything new. Therefore, we will be repeating the events from last year. If you go on a hunt between now and November 15th's update while wearing a halloween costume, you will get double the prizes! This means Double the Lien, Double the EXP, and double the bonus rolls!

+ This was mentioned last month, but i feel the need to repeat. WE have a new Donation system in addition to the 5$ VIP package. If you pay 5$ before the October update, you are eligible to win a raffle for a real life prize! More information in the previous update. We need 5 donators to hold the raffle in the first place, so if you're interested get on it!

As always, VIP is pay once forever, and you can either donate 5$ or buy a Syne Academy T-shirt/Hoodie.

+ Now on to some Plot! We are quickly reaching the end, with only one topic left after the current one! If you have yet to participate in Plot, you still have one last chance! Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion!

Be excited, because we are closing in fast on Volume 4! That said, I feel like we should go over a very important rule. Please keep Spoilers to a minimum. I will work on having a time to discuss things that happen in canon without bothering people who have not seen the subject matter, but for now please be respectful. This goes especially for Rooster Teeth FIRST members. Happy Hyping!
~HM Leena

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8 Re: 3.0 Update Thread on Sun Jan 01, 2017 2:55 pm


Mid-November Update


  • Prize Lottery Status
  • Plot Status
  • Special Skills
  • Springwood
  • Real Estate

I promised a big update today, and I intend to deliver. This is 2016's November site update!

+ First, a deduction from the site. We had tried a lottery system for donations, but no one went for it, thus failing its trial run. As such, we are proceeding with the current and normal donation VIP system, and removing the lottery.

+ Plot is still going, though it has slowed down a little. This is completely on me as the NPC, life taking over and whatnot. That said, we are nearing the end, so please look forward to the exciting conclusion to our Battle Royale Arc!

+ Now that we have the old stuff mentioned, time for the new! Shall we start with some character changes? Due to some other new additions to the site that will be revealed soon enough, we have come across the need to implement special skills into RWBYRPG. This will be a new section of the application in which players choose from a list of Skills that will be provided. Dont worry though, if you think of something that we havent, let us know and we will add to said list. On the apps you will now be asked to pick one skill your character excels at, and one that your character struggles with. make no mistake, you character can be good at a number of things, but this one skill you choose will be more official and will actually count for more than just RP, if that makes sense.
"So what do these skills do then?" Great question! They do absolutely nothing, and are only cosmetic!
"What the Heck Leena, what's the point then?" Well friend and valued member, I assure you that these skills do indeed have a purpose, but it is for an upcoming mechanic. We are just giving everyone ample time to fix their characters before we reveal what it is.

+ Now, I admit that that was a bit of a cop out, but perhaps this will calm your booing. We are implementing a brand new town to the great Kingdom of Bellmuse! Welcome to Springwood, a small countryside town just outside of Skylight Woods. It is well known for its well kept natural landscapes, and its large, sparkling freshwater lake. Not to mention the sprawling farmlands. This this new RP area joining the island, we are also changing Bellmuse central to just "Bellmuse", thus encompassing the whole City. I will clarify this, however. Bellmuse the city is the capital of Bellmuse the island. It's the New York in me, I suppose. (No, New york city is not the capital of new york, but it might as well be.)

+ So what's with this new area, right? We just added the Palace, after all. WELL. Now we come to the climax of this update. Real estate! That's right! Now you can own a house! Finished with the dorm life of Syne academy? Not a student of the school at all? This is the update for you! For as low as 6000 Lien down, you can rent out an apartment, condo, house, even Manor, just for you! You can even pick where you want it; Bellmuse (city), Kompress, or Springwood. Owning a home gives you an experience boost and your very own forum to call your own (redundancy!), where only you and the people you give your spare keys to can RP uninvited. More details on price and exact bonuses when the Real estate agency goes up within the week.
Now you may be asking. "Leena, how can I make money off of this?" Well I'll tell you! All You have to do is--- Wait what's that? We're out of time? Well folks, it seems this update was so big, we couldn't fit it all into just this month! Stay tuned next month for more huge changes!

To be continued!
~HM Leena

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9 Re: 3.0 Update Thread on Thu Feb 16, 2017 11:01 pm


New Year's Update!


  • An Apology
  • Plot Status
  • Special SKills Part 2!
  • Real Estate Part 2!
  • Food
  • Gathering Materials
  • Second Weapons
  • 2017

Welcome one and all to the very last update of 2016, and the very First of 2017!

+ First thing's First, I would like to Deeply apologize for these last few months. I let a lot of stress get to me from my personal life, and it in turn damaged everything I cared about, Including this site. At more than one point, I was actually ready to Quit. Well, I am happy to let you all know that I no longer feel that way, And I am ready to build this place back up to its former Glory. I just ask that you all Continue to be my strength as you have for three years now. I am truly sorry for everything my absence Hindered, And I thank you all greatly for believing in me.

+ Speaking of things I kill, Yes, we plan on finishing off Plot. Some things might (maybe) have to be changed in the overall story, but we are determined to finish this. If once upon a time you were following plot, or if you want to take your chance to join up, please look forward to the continuation.

+ Alright, here we go! I hope you guys are ready for some new content because we in the Staff room have been working hard! Last time we added skills and asked every member to pick one, saying that it would be mandatory. Well, this is still true, and we will now be adding it into character apps. To all those who have not completed their apps yet, please look out for that. Also, I am here to announce that you may have more than one skill that your character has. For now, the maximum is three, and The skill you are particularly bad at cannot be any of those. Rules for gaining new skills will be added to the Rules Forum.

+ But what are these Skills for? I said last time that we would find out soon! Welcome to the future because the time is NOW. Last time we added in our new residential areas including Springwood, and now Real estate expands even more! Are you a tech major and want to sell your fancy weapon creations to other players? Are you a Citizen who wants to open a restaurant? Are you looking for a new way to make some money? Well now you can open your own shop! Just head to the Real Estate agency in the marketplace and put 10k Lien down, and you can run your own shop! First, some requirements.

You must have at least 2 skills
You must have the aforementioned 10k and pay a monthly 1k rent
Your business must have something to do with at least one of your skills.
Your business can only have one function per employee.

There are three types of businesses; Crafting, Supplying, and Service. Crafting business use the new crafting system to make weapons, armor, dust, and various game changing items. Supplying businesses use the new gathering system to hunt down Materials to sell to crafters. Services Provide RP extras and Training assistance, and encompass everything that does not fit into the first two categories. Details about the new systems and Business types will be found in the Rules Foum.

As a business owner, you get your own RP forum to place ANYWHERE (Not including the Palace or the Marketplace), and you can run your business anyway you like. You can even Hire new people to add capabilities to your shop (for example, if you run an armory where you craft shields and weapons, the only way you can hunt for materials for yourself without paying someone else's business is to hire a someone who can mine the ore for you.).

In order to Craft or Gather, you must officially own or work for a business.
If you are a Citizen, you get 10% off of all Real Estate purchases and Rent.
Syne Major group bonuses apply to Player made prices.

+ In addition to Businesses, we are adding a new mechanic that makes eating food (and therefore making and selling food) beneficial! Any food sold as Items can give your character various bonuses (Or debuffs) to combat, crafting, or RP. These bonuses depend entirely on the chef, but please make it reasonable. Be creative, but know that you should probably ask Staff about what you want your culinary creations to do. No need to post anywhere, just ask if you are unsure! We will be watching. This food MUST be bought from players or marketplace, or won in an event.

+ "So Leena. I notice that the Table of contents up there says "second weapons". Have you finally broken?!" Well Dear member, After years of you people bugging me about it, Yes, I am finally allowing players to own more than one weapon. And by more than one I of course mean two, and Only two. HOWEVER. You must buy your second weapon from a player owned business. In addition, your second weapon can only go up to the tier of your primary weapon. Other than that, go nuts.

That's all for this year! 2016 was both the best and worst year for the site, and despite everything, I could not be more proud. Here's to a bright 2017 for all of us!
Happy New Year, RWBYRPG!
~HM Leena

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10 Re: 3.0 Update Thread on Mon May 15, 2017 2:54 pm

Mid February Update!


  • Attn: Staff Apps
  • Update: Chatbox
  • Update: Plot Status
  • Update: Sale on Businesses and Skills
  • New! Side quests
  • New! Raid Bosses

Hello everyone, thanks for joining me here today for our Mid-month update! This month we are adding and/or enhancing different activities that one could participate in on the site, so please read on and ignore how bad I am at starting these things off!

+ Have you ever derped around the site and wondered "Gee, I really need a mod right now" or "Golly, this place is so unorganized, what actually is staff doing." Well first of all, Look Man, We're doing out best here; and Second of all, Now you can join our ranks and increase support from the inside! Staff positions are now open, and we will Be putting up a topic in the News and Update forum that will hold the applications. We are looking for people who can be ACTIVE participants in Staff chat discussions, and know or can learn the rules well enough to be able to lighten the load on Character Applications and Marketplace purchases. We only ask that you not petition to us Directly. Keep it to the Application, and your actions around the Site.

+ As some of you might know, Our site's Chatbox broke about a month ago, and we were basically forced to replace it with the new one that I am sure you have all seen by now. As of February 14, 2017,  we are unable to refund the new chat, and the old one is still broken. Therefore, we will be keeping the replacement chat for at least a while longer. Probably until I have to renew it, we will see where we are then (2 more months). This new chat is very different from what we had in the past, but so far it has been working well in its primary function, so that is really all we can ask for. Of course, we did have to pay for this chatbox, so Here I am to make a quick push for donations, in case we do have to keep the subscription. As always, VIP is $5 per lifetime, and you can donate from the donation widget on the sidebar of the site, or by buying some Syne Academy merch, also from the sidebar.

+ Starting in January, I finally got around to continuing plot. However, we need more people to Join, as I kind of need more than 2 people in that topic in order to move on. If you have a Free topic I encourage you to join Plot so that we can reach the shocking conclusion to the Battle Royale Arc! I will work on Updating the Story of Syne topic all this week so that you all can catch up on plot if you need to.

+ In the New Year's update, We added a feature that allowed Players to create their own businesses and rewrite the Economy of Bellmuse. However, we realize that it is Quite difficult to actually create said businesses, not to mention expensive. This was done intentionally. Still, In order for this to flow well, we actually need some businesses to be up. That is why we are holding a sale that will last from now until the April 15th Update. The Down payment for creating a business will Drop from 10k Lien to 7.5k lien, and the cost for skills will drop to 6k Experience. I hope this will encourage some of you to try your hand at fueling our Kingdom's economy!

+ Now for something brand new, and that is Side Quests! These will consist of single, sometimes quirky event topics with a little side plot independent of the Site's main plot. They will show up every once in a while to add more to our little corner of the World of Remnant. They are not as big as Normal Site Plots, but we will do everything we can to make them just as fun as a site plot *should* be (if not more). It all starts RIGHT NOW so keep your eyes peeled. In fact, it may have already begun....

+ Also new is the long awaited addition of Raid bosses! These are super powerful grimm that will take a whole team (or two!) of players to beat. We plan to make these bosses some of the big bad grimm from the show, so that should be fun. These topics will work like events, where they will be announced and a topic will go up when scheduled, and 4-8 players may sign up. THE TOPIC WILL NOT START WITH LESS THAN 4. If you are on a team, only one person needs to sign up to claim spots for all 4 members. The Boss Grimm will act like high-level hard difficulty grimm with enhanced stats and will each have a Special move that works like semblances, but act on a cooldown instead of Aura points since a Grim wouldn't have those. So, what are we starting with? How about a Geist for round one? Gotta work our way up to the Everknights of the world, after all. Topic starts Next week, so look forward to it!

So are we excited? I sure hope so! Did I mention all of these events are Paid? Of course, we won't let you participate in these things and not reward you for it! In fact how 'bout a reward right now? Reply to this (or make a new PM if you weren't an approved member the day this went up) with the thing that hypes you up the most in this update and I'll send 1500 Lien your way!
~HM Leena

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11 Re: 3.0 Update Thread on Thu Jun 15, 2017 1:26 am


Mid May Update!

Summer is finally here! Welcome to the Mid May update! Now that the students in staff are out of school (myself included), we have big things coming up as well as some changes being made. Of course, that Also means most of it is being finalized for our big anniversary update next month! (Sorry!) So Instead, I think t will be nice to clue you guys in on what's coming up!

PLOT: We will be finishing that up, and since no one is posting in the current topic anymore, the only way forward is to just move on to the finale. We will be updating the Story of Syne topic throughout the month so that you guys can join the thrilling conclusion without being left out of the loop!

SIDEQUEST: I still want this to be a thing, so we are starting over. If the sidequest affected your topics (you know who you are), That still happened, so no worries. That's basically all I have to say for that. This will happen throughout the month, so you don't have to wait!

SCROLLS: I'm wanting to update the main character page and give it the same type of scroll style that the topic profiles have. Of course, I do not plan on doing that alone, since I have other things to deal with around the site as well If anyone has GFX experience and would like to help, I need icons for each character group. Details found here:

HUNTING: Ever go on a hunt, and we don't reward you? Well, that seems to be because everyone forgot that there is a place to go to claim hunting rewards. So here I am to remind you all about this thread:
If you want to be rewarded, please go here, thanks.

SUGGESTIONS: If you guys want to help out with the site it is ALWAYS ENCOURAGED and I cannot stress that enough. That said, I realized that the suggestions forum is not named appropriately, so we will now be fixing that. Instead of "Questions and Possible Answers", it will say "Questions and suggestions" As it probably should have from the start. Please use this forum to bring forth any suggestions, and I can personally promise you that they will not get ignored. THEY WILL NOT GET IGNORED. even if we don't answer right away. Sometimes we CANT answer right away. Even still, every suggestion we get goes into our suggestion page of the Staff notebook, and we look at those first every update to see if we can implement them. Most of the site's systems run on member suggestions, and I would like to make this a place we can all be proud of as a community.

JUNE: Long time members will know that June is a special time. Why? Because it is our anniversary of course! That means most of the actual updating will be happening then, so I hope you will stay tuned! of course, as I hope you all can now tell, we will not be sitting around doing nothing for a whole month while we wait, so Stick around and enjoy yourself. If we work together, we can all have a great time! ^^ ...Was that too sappy? XD

'Til next time!
~HM Leena

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12 Re: 3.0 Update Thread on Sat Jul 15, 2017 2:19 pm

Mid-June Update!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Welcome to the start of Syne Academy's FOURTH YEAR! *cheers from the crowd* It's been a rollercoaster of a ride, but I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for sticking with us and helping to make this site a better place. THAT SAID, Let's continue to make this site a better place, shall we? This year, I want to focus on community, something that I think really needs to be built upon once more, and restored to former glory. What's in our future? Let's find out!

New Chat... again! : The whole chatbox issue has been a bit of a topic for a few months now, and we at staff think we have a solution that works this time. We are moving the chat to Discord. For those of you might not know, Discord is a popular chatting service much like Skype, generally geared toward gaming. We are hoping this will being members and staff closer together, since our staff chat will be there too. The other chat will still be up for a while, but we will eventually (quickly!) be moving everything chat related to Discord.

New Staff... again! : We are doing an OVERHAUL on how staff works from here on out, in hopes we can be a more active part of the site. That said, this renovation requires YET ANOTHER batch of new hires, so the staff apps will be going up. This time, staff members will have dedicated focus areas, including one for being a GM/Plot NPC. This means we need ACTIVE STAFF MEMBERS so if you want to help us out please apply! Staff apps will show up soon in the Update section of the forum so keep an eye out!

Summer Break: School is finished for many of you and it is no different here! Is your character from a Kingdom outside of Bellmuse? Well, it's time to go visit family because the summer break forum is back for more Summertime shenanigans! Go have fun hanging out at Mistral, Vale, even Menagerie!

Syne Post is Back! : The School newspaper Syne Post is back with a new layout! Some of you may have noticed the new Publications button up next to log out. That's where syne post will be! Team NEWS will be going around looking for a scoop, so if you see them, don't be shy! We will also be adding a tips topic into resources, so if you have a cool IC story to share for Syne Post, post it there and it may be featured!

Battle Royale: This is the final stretch you guys! Hunter has been defeated but something still Isn't right... There was a clone bot missing at Hunter's hideout. Time to storm the castle for some answers! Who will join the party? Will it be you?

Semblance upgrades: This was intended for a June update release, but we have been forced to push it back a month. Just know that we ARE working on it, rest assured. 
Advertising: Just a quick reminder that our ad can be found in the ads forum, so if you have a place to post it up, then feel free to do so.

This place would not still be around without all of you troopers and I want to say one more time from the bottom of my heart that I am grateful to you all. Hopefully we can work TOGETHER to make this site a place we can all enjoy. Remember, staff is always open to suggestions, so PLEASE do not hesitate to share your ideas with us. Your opinion as members is very important and I hope that is understood. Thanks for the Memories! Here's to many more!

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Hey all! Thanks for migrating to the new chat in such mass! We were a little afraid things might get quiet in the begining but you've all done great! This update isn't particularly indeapth but that is because we have been working on much bigger things such as last month's aformentioned semblance upgrades and some other surprises.

Grimm A rather minor change but we've added some further specification on grimm types in the hunting rolls, rather than simply rolling beowulf and ursa as a general term you will now be rolling Beowulf, Beowulf Alpha, Ursa Minor and Ursa Major! These use the same account as their smaller compatriots however have greater bone covering and are much larger!

Shadows In order to lessen confusion, both on our own part as well as with all of you, shadows are now being moved to change in line with the update! This means you can check out all of the new changes in one go! Atop this we've, in a realisation that we are indeed an island nation, decided to add some more ocean and water related shadow missions! One of them has just been rolled, The Fisherman, alongside the always awsome Paladin Patrol (Where you have the IC allowance to operate one of Atlas Giant Mechanised Combat Suits)

Skills Alongside these waterside additions to the shadows we have opted to add some skills based in the water! These are Sailing, Fishing, Swimming and Archeology (Based on digging and fossil finding on the beach!) do try to find your sea legs as soon as possible!

Raid After a short break, we have opted that with the school out IC it is a perfect time to bring back raids! But this specific one comes with a twist, with a beast this large and so far away you stand no chance to defeat it... so what must you do? Defend the civilians! Take thie Grimm's hits and attempt to ward it off! To let harm come to Bellmuse citizens would bring shame upon both yourselves and the academy! The ensuing raid thread is open only to 8 members! Here is the link! -

That's all this month, see you next!

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14 Re: 3.0 Update Thread on Thu Sep 14, 2017 8:02 pm

Hey all! Another smallish update this time but with good reason! We're going to be shaking things up and getting much harder to work after Summer so, outside some introductions, don't expect a stupidly large update next month either!

First and foremost, staff apps are open once-more! Here is the thread to apply don't be afraid to toss your hat in the ring regardless of skillset, though please do not feel bested if someone other than you gets the position! We're expecting quite a few applicants with places being limited.

Next is just a reminder, shadow rotation happens at the same time as updates now so be aware they have rotated with the Cruise Ship Captain being a newly introduced one this month! Check them out and have a go! That's free Lien for posts right there! Might as well be doing it, especially dust users! Speaking of, do remember that dust purchases are five post worth not one! Some updating has been done to the wording. Though non Dust users there is good reason to collect lien for you to!

That being the new pets we're putting up! Not four, not six, but five whole new pets! One of which is a totally new type, never before seen! Go check em out and prepare to save up!

That's all this time! Oh, one more thing! The Raid is going great but there are still some spaces! Feel free to join up, even this late, till it's full!

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Hello and welcome to the first officially Richard led update! Let's get right into it and hopefully all will go smoothly!
As you have likely noticed by now we do indeed have have our new site staff in the form of Yuri Rastenov, Madis and Ishi Omo. Wish them luck!

Next are the events, in order of posting, the raid will be ending soon! You’ve all done very well! Just remember to post on the last round otherwise you won’t receive anything. Next a quite important thread just went up, the yearly introductions! That’s right, the school has started again for the year and this is the thread that begins it; While only lecturers can post here feel free to observe and use the knowledge granted from it!

Finally for in character events, as we’re in September it is almost that spooky time of year, we will be having another raid type encounter starting the first of october! Naturally Halloween themed!

To conclude this update we are introducing some new rules, those being in regards to giving a person an item (Of course non permanently) If your bud is about to get hit you can throw them your shield! If you want to give them a shot with your weapon you can now! Read up on them here at the bottom;

That’s all for this update, do keep an eye on that introduction thread, enjoy rping and let’s look forward to volume 5 and the Yang short!

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