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3.0 Update Thread

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26 Re: 3.0 Update Thread on Wed Nov 14, 2018 8:00 pm

Richard Lionheart
October Update!

Hello and welcome to the update! I know we missed last month, this is because the staff are in the real school crunch time right now and so things have slowed but don’t worry; we have a big plot related change coming with this update! Tying into our recent pirate based plot as well as the fact Bellmuse itself is an island we have added subsets and types of pirates to the encounter rolls. These aren’t just a skin change however; these pirates serve to balance out the encounters, no longer will you just need high def to do well in hunting as these pirates all use dust. This, coupled with the clash system, is our real attempt to balance out the value of stats. If you are currently in a hunt that had its dice changed do not fret; just finish the hunt as it is rather than restarting or replacing your opponent. The new dice rolls can be found here; And the updated encounter rules here; Give them a read!

Outside this things are functioning as normal, the raid is progressing with plot set to start in its wake. The shadow missions have been rotated and so have the major missions, we hope you will enjoy these changes and keep rping!

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