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18 Shots. I Have 18 Shots. (Kaiwen/Bara)

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1 18 Shots. I Have 18 Shots. (Kaiwen/Bara) on Fri Apr 15, 2016 2:36 pm

Rail Sol
Finnek Forest, huh? Yeah, okay, a forest that had a natural blue hue to it. That's where Rail found herself and as such, it was an oddity she felt like checking out. Natural blue to the foliage and the like, but it seemed as though that the animals didn't suffer from a pigmentation mutation... At least not yet, or did they? Maybe that was the twist to this forest, was that there were animals and insects all around her, yet they were so well-colored, that they blended into the scenery like paint on canvas. A shrug came from the platinum-blonde, short-haired woman with crystal-blue eyes.

Honorguard was sported on her body this time around. The intricate white fabrics had rested below the armor plated areas that helped protect the rest of her body. She kept the hood down and decided to show off her features, thus meaning she opted to leave the mask back at her dorm. Leaves crunched beneath those metallic boots of hers. Her guns were holstered at her sides, safety off, triggers ready to pull. "Right, so the brochure or whatever the hell you'd like to call it, didn't lie. This is a goddamn blue forest. And here I thought I saw everything..."

Her voice had a thick accent to it (British/European) and gave it that distinct tone. In other words, one would easily be able to pick her voice out from a crowd of other voices with accents. After her little observation, she crouched onto one knee and picked up what she deemed a perfect leaf. Her thumb and index finger were used to brush over that simple, yet intricate object in her hand. Her eyes focused on it thoroughly and she decided to take it back home with her. Maybe there were some insects she could bring back to analyze too?

With that thought in mind, Rail picked herself up, brushed a couple of strands of hair off her face, and turned her attention anywhere. It was a nice, sunny day, but there were a few dark clouds in the sky. Likely there'd be a storm coming within the evening, or the next day over. The wind blew calmly, but that itself would likely grow even more severe if time continued on. She'd have to finish this up soon, if she could.

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2 Re: 18 Shots. I Have 18 Shots. (Kaiwen/Bara) on Mon Apr 18, 2016 2:54 am

Kaiwen Zhu
A blanket under the clear sky, an old fashion picnic basket with the faint aroma of fruit and lemon tea and surrounded by radiant sapphire, Kaiwen was enjoying the sunny day while it lasted as she wore a traditional outfit that was quite formal if anything with slight modifications. Her stockings for one, clinging to her long legs up to her skirt and fitted shirt with no tie to speak of. A singular gun holster with a quick-draw slip with a pistol inside, with several cartridges of bullets found around the entirety of the belt.

She wore an emerald shawl over her shoulders with a collar covering her neck along with a red headdress that trailed all along her form, tied in several knots here and there to keep it from the ground. It took the appearance of a long headband more than a headdress as she kept eating what looked to be Jamun, her favorite, from the basket. while she sat along her quilted blanket and kept consuming her fruit and drinking tea.

Her aura was quiet and her demeanor was something alike a mythical creature. Both regal and majestic while the starless haired beauty placed her tea down along the quilt and just took a moment to look toward the sky. She saw clouds were approaching which meant she should clean up quite soon but she couldn't help but take a few more moments of this bright day to herself.

The light wind blew the ebony strands from her face while she rose her head up, but as the wind began to pick up a bit more blowing both her hair and her headdress behind her form, she took a small sigh of contentment before closing her eyes and taking a final sip of her tea before beginning to pack up at a calm pace, her grace clinging onto her as if it was her own skin.

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3 Re: 18 Shots. I Have 18 Shots. (Kaiwen/Bara) on Mon Apr 18, 2016 8:50 pm

Rail Sol
"Ah, well hello there. What do we have here?" Rail's thought had suddenly came to her, when she had stumbled onto a sight. A gorgeous sight at that, where it rested upon a blanket and seemed like a hidden gem among the rough... It was beautiful beyond all belief and when she sat eyes on it, the platinum blonde woman only walked further and further out into view. Those blue eyes of hers honed in on what could be called grace and possibly even perfection? Well... Not entirely.

"Now that's a bit of a gem..." Her accented voice came as she wandered into full view of the young woman, dressed in what was perfect attire for a day that used to be perfect. She says used to because of the fact there were those clouds, which began to hover on over. However, those clouds could sit on it. The woman wanted the world to wait for her to fan over that beauty in front of her. There were only a few simple words that weren't even perfect enough to describe what she saw. Steadily, the robed, armored young woman approached closer and closer. "I can tell, just from the hammer, grip, and frame that... You're carrying a nine millimeter Pietro Beretta, aren't you?"

Despite how calm her voice sounded, it boiled with excitement on the inside. Her hands felt the slightest bit jittery and her eyes grew just a bit manic. Reason being? Well because that was the first model of firearm she had ever held a grip on. Immaculate as it was, she now longer used it and opted for the comparatively more powerful revolver. However, there'd forever be a place in her heart for the original gun she ever gave herself to. "Sorry for creeping up on you, but I need to look at it further. Do you mind?"

It was like a bad pick-up line. "Hey, uh, noticed you liked guns, mind if I hop on yours?" That's what it sounded like to her and she felt so embarrassed, though, her excitement of being able to take a look at the work of art circumvented any other feeling.

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4 Re: 18 Shots. I Have 18 Shots. (Kaiwen/Bara) on Thu Apr 21, 2016 12:31 am

Kaiwen Zhu
The raven haired beauty was gently placing her tea cup and other assorted ware into her basket as calmly as possible before she heard the ring of another woman's voice. When she peered up the blonde woman her eyes scanned her both subtly and almost instantly, almost as if she took in her form utterly and completely. As Kaiwen listened to the woman's words as well as seeing the lingering hunger on her face she followed the ravenous woman's gaze toward her own pistol with a small chuckle while she continued the finishing touches on the cleanup.

Once she finished she hooked her arm under the basket before unstrapping the pistol from around her waist, giving it a light twirl before pointing the pommel at the curious woman. Offering her pistol up without even the slightest of words or gestures but just the faintest smile.  The pistol itself had a number of modifications made to it, any gun enthusiast could see that this model was made not only for combat but had meticulous and very exact adjustments made.

Even Kaiwen's gentle stride held a distinguished and dignified air to it. As if her steps were so light, that the ground could not feel them or rather could not bring itself to burden the dainty woman. Despite her long legs, Rail was slightly taller and had an incredible amount of muscle definition than Kaiwen had, while the young woman brought her hand up to brush a few of her starless strands from her face to get a good look at Rail's face with her inviting grin.

Even her hands were just as soft, the delicate appearance of her finger tips revealed themselves as her display of quick dexterity would probably go unnoticed by most. However, even the soft twirl of the pistol was deft and brief enough to keep her subtle movements and gestures apparent. She then tilted her head slightly at the woman's line and with a much bigger smile couldn't help out but let out a faint giggle before she finally graced the woman's audience with an alluring tone. "I do not mind."

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5 Re: 18 Shots. I Have 18 Shots. (Kaiwen/Bara) on Thu Apr 21, 2016 3:10 am

Rail Sol
This woman was a saint. She easily offered up what appeared to be her only weapon, to a stranger who just ogled it, like it was a nice piece of ass. Which it was. If Rail's weapons could turn into a sexy man and sexy female, she'd easily let those two take her on the spot, but alas, they were mere instruments of total carnage and art. Regardless, those predatory eyes stared down that gem, which was twirled with a gracious amount of finesse. Rail was colored impressed.

"Holy shit, it's even better up close!" The woman exclaimed and when it was finally in her hands, she caressed and even cradled it like it was a delicate child. She didn't dare rub her face against it, lest she get the metal smudged with her facial oils. That'd be a bad thin indeed. Rather than doing that, she tested the weight in her hand and made sure the safety was nice and on. Her arm then held itself out straight and she pretended to fire off several shots. [color=orange]"Bang, bang!"[/color.]

"Man, not only do you have a killer voice and smile, but your weapon is actually modified up to high hell. The sights and compensator give this weapon some real good accuracy. A person who is already a crack-shot, will be even better... Accuracy normally around 85% would be at what, 90%? That's if they're not like me, but, eh...." Her voice began to ramble off as she stated facts and other observations. There would be this manic, beyond excited smile that the White Wolf wore upon her lips. Her excitement boiled over so much so, that her hair had gone a bit wild and a few strands landed in her eyes.

She quickly sucked in a sharp breath, removed them, stopped talking, and blushed a bit. "Sorry about that, but you've got a tricked out version of my very first gun. I had to feel what this baby was like. I love it." The huntress grinned and then handed the weapon back over to it's owner. "Name's Rail, by the way. Rail Sol. And you are?" She asked with an extended hand towards the ebony-haired beauty.

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6 Re: 18 Shots. I Have 18 Shots. (Kaiwen/Bara) on Thu Apr 21, 2016 3:56 am

Kaiwen Zhu
Kaiwen watched over the female with a level of intensity that could boarder onto OCD or madness. As Rail was examining the gun, Kaiwen's orbs took notice of everything, Rail's height, estimated weight, sense of balance, muscle emphasis and tension, tone and pitches of her voice through her accent, armor plating placements, slight hesitations in movements, dominant hand, arousal levels in her breathing and pupil dilation, it wasn't until Rail turned back to Kaiwen in which she'd stop observing the young woman so intently.

She stayed silent as the woman made her observations and kept her smile toward her, enjoying the woman's almost crazed fact listing and enthusiasm for her pistol. However, what Kaiwen was most satisfied with, was the fact that the woman did not attempt to do anything suspicious. The gun itself had its semi-auto, single fire and safety functions on the side and Kaiwen allowed the gun to be live on purpose. It was nice to see someone who had on ill-intention, but she deduced that from the raise of pitch in the young woman's voice, revealing her excitement.

Kaiwen brushed a bit of her black hair from her face, looking over Rail's holstered weapons, only having to take a momentary once over with her ebony eyes. She could see they were both revolvers, which if she opted for revolvers instead of a pistol she wanted more stopping power. Kaiwen only wondered briefly about the young woman's compensation for recoil with her desperado-esque pistolero dual-wielding revolvers at each of her side, but she decided not to ask as that was not much of her style; especially while the woman was talking.

The auric haired woman trailed off about her lack of precision. She was not wrong about Null though, with a 10 percent margin of error, a master with such a pistol could accurately hit their target 90.11% of the time. Not accounting for human error of course, fatigue, muscle deterioration... but Kaiwen would keep her mind anchored to the now.

She gently rose her hand to take a hold of her pistol, Kaiwen's inky orbs taking notice of Rail's facial features as the woman blushed heavily. "It's quite alright." her tone just as tender as it was before, almost as if the woman's voice could play a merciful melody with but a sentence. She twirled the pistol back into its quick-draw holster with muscle-memory ease before using the same hand to shake Rail's. Kaiwen's touch would be as creamy and silky as one could imagine. Such a silken touch followed by the exalted aura this woman exuded with an equally noble voice. "Kaiwen Zhu. Pleasure."

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7 Re: 18 Shots. I Have 18 Shots. (Kaiwen/Bara) on Thu Apr 21, 2016 4:29 am

Rail Sol
"Kaiwen Zhu, eh...? Don't know why your name sounds familiar, but then again, my memory has been known to fail me." It was a joke that poked fun at herself, but all in good fun obviously. The face she couldn't really recall, though, the name definitely stood out for some reason. Until she the huntress could remember, she'd just move on with the conversation. "Thanks for putting up with my fanatic self, as I've said, I love firearms and you have my baby right there. Nice and suped up." Rail laughed before she drew her own weapons. Logic and Fiction.

Those crystal-blue orbs of hers had turned off to the side and with a smirk on her face, she straightened her arm and shot Logic. There were consecutive shots with each pull of the trigger, no bit of hesitation in the slightest. A tree which stood around 50 feet away was riddled with bullets and a happy face pattern was shot out. Two bullets for the eyes and seven additional shots to form a nice convex curve. Wispy smoke trails slowly traveled upwards and with a bit of flair, Rail blew it out. "Here, you try out Fiction."

Her second revolver was handed over to Kaiwen. Much like her new acquaintance, there'd be no exchange of words of how the weapon was modded. One thing to note, however, was that for how bulky the gun seemingly appeared, it was rather lightweight and likely on par with the weight that the Beretta sported. The platinum blonde awaited with eagerness to hear the critique that the young woman had over her weapon. Rail outfitted it with a recoil dampner along the inside of the barrel, with the the grip made with shock absorption technologies, which further lowered any stress upon the muscle and wrist of the shooter. Her sights were the standard iron-sights, but the one thing Kai would have noticed, was that Rail didn't even require usage of the sights to begin with. Where the cylinder would have been released or rather, the space in which to have it slide out was missing and a special safety switch with three modes was right above the trigger.

While the recently met huntress checked out the gun, the White Wolf sized her up. A light body build, not at all muscular like hers, but she definitely had some form of underlying strength. Beyond attractiveness, she had that perfect balance and even had the posture of a well-trained fighter. One thing that the blonde also remembered was how she spun the gun without any noise being made and how it just flowed between her fingers. A high-class huntress or was this chick just that good? Only one way to find out, right...?

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8 Re: 18 Shots. I Have 18 Shots. (Kaiwen/Bara) on Thu Apr 21, 2016 4:51 am

Kaiwen Zhu
Kaiwen grinned silently as Rail cracked her joke, hoping that they haven't met as she had been all around the world to many schools. She was hoping her past didn't follow her. "It's no trouble." Her tone staying tender as it was apparent that this was her natural voice, divine as an angels, forever welcoming. She silently watched as the woman riddled an innocent tree with bullets to form a happy face, interesting enough though, the woman did not reload which was a testament to how many bullets were in the cylinder for the revolver.

Her accuracy was on point, to a non moving target and Kaiwen couldn't help but just smile at the prospect of her femme acquaintance. Then the name of the woman's gun rung in her head, Fiction. It was obvious these were her new babies it seemed and despite Kaiwen having no interest in wielding the woman's weapon she felt it 'was only fair' as they say.

She took her delicate fingers, grasping the revolver with only her index and thumb allowing the revolver to dangle a bit along her wrist and hand to get a feel for its weight and taking a gander over all of it's features. She silently noticed the grip and the added weight coming from the barrel must have been a dampener. It seemed most of the modifications were for ease of use, as if it was meant to be dual wielded.

After several moments, Kaiwen's obsidian orbs scanned over the weapon and then in less than several seconds, Kaiwen twirled the gun into her hand allowing it to spin in full rotation two times before holding out he pommel back toward Rail. The dexterity and gracefulness of her fingers were apparent as she clearly thumbed this revolver along her fingers and hand effortlessly, internally calculating the momentum of each finger movement to time it perfectly so she could feel the full weight. However, she never allowed those thoughts to surface until she spoke "About 2.4 grams heavier than mine, but close." Her voice spoke with doubtless certainty but kept its delicate tone.

It was clear to her that the revolver was made with the semi-automatic pistol in mind, especially with not only the increase barrel size but just the dedication to controlling each shot. Yet, it didn't take long for Kaiwen to notice Rail sizing her up as well. She would just simply smile at the woman holding the revolver outwards awaiting Rail to take her weapon back.

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9 Re: 18 Shots. I Have 18 Shots. (Kaiwen/Bara) on Thu Apr 21, 2016 1:01 pm

Rail Sol
"Aye." The blue-eyed blonde said with a grin and readily accepted back her revolver. She pressed the "cylinder release" on logic and instead of shells or anything like that falling out, the gun easily and quietly reloaded. Since Kai had the habit of showing off her dexterity, Rail couldn't falter and began to spin her babies. Fast, at odd angles and eventually, she slipped them right back into their holsters.

"I know the whether is about to turn bad and everything, but Ms. Zhu, you've got my blood boiling and my heart racing. Can I trouble you for a duel?" Her smile widened into a bright grin. "You've refrained from firing a single shot and yet, you've spun the guns, weighed them appropriately, and have a tricked out one yourself. It's been years since I've ever encountered anyone with your type of skill, so what do you say?" It was to be a duel, yes, but a friendly one. The auras up and everything should have protected them from most things, so there was always that.

But what the young woman had said was true. She always outclassed people when it came to guns and had an uncanny ability to identify her surroundings with ease. Her situational awareness was impeccable and she further boosted her key strong-points, through the use of her electrokinesis. Coupled with that, Rail normally out gunned anyone from Dust users, to other gunslingers, and even the up close and personal warrior. Any and all classes were easily out done by her, but that was also due to the skill match-up. Her mind may have been fuzzy, broken, and in the process of a slow, self-repair, but she remembered that she dropped a lot of bodies back in the day. A lot.

So hopefully Kaiwen would be able to satisfy her primal lust for a rival, or at least a really good fight. Lord knows the tech junkie needed it. That's likely why she became one in the first place, because after all those years of fighting, one wanted a more quieter approach to weapons and combat.

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10 Re: 18 Shots. I Have 18 Shots. (Kaiwen/Bara) on Thu Apr 21, 2016 2:12 pm

Kaiwen Zhu
She watched the female flourish her revolvers with a smile followed by a chuckle. Rail's twirling was completely ineffective unless she was attempting to enthrall her opponent or show off a dazzling display. However, Kaiwen noticed that she was purely ambidextrous and didn't favor a hand over the other. Quite a feat both physically and mentally, unless she was born that way in which case, she had Kaiwen's envy.

For her muscle memory to kick in so hard, she couldn't help but twirl the gun simply to feel its weight on all sides simply because it was faster for her eyes and hand than trying to examine it like a normal person. She then turned away from Rail, listening to her words while she folded up the rest of her blanket with thunder booming overhead signaling the pouring rain that was to come.

As she folded it all and placed it inside of her basket with precision, keeping it quite neat she heard Rail just riddle the woman with compliments. Rail was not wrong to assume Kaiwen's overall skill, but how could she really know? Kaiwen doubted that the woman has seen her in other schools but these were not compliments that were foreign to the obsidian beauty.

The prospect of a duel in the rain, classic. And she couldn't just decline the enthusiastic woman's gusto as she walked a bit away from Rail to set down her basket, taking off her jade shawl and folded it over the basket. Hoping for the combined might of the trees and her cloth to protect the basket from the rain. She let out a contented sigh as she tied her headdress up along her hair a bit more and with graceful refined steps, glided back to Rail.

Almost as if she neglected the reality of gravity, Kaiwen's stride had so much freedom in her movements before she brushed her skirt off quietly her face momentarily not watching Rail's despite the rush that she could hear just from the woman's tone. She did not allow her feelings or actions reveal themselves on an emotional level as all she did was just smile at the blonde woman.

With a soft lux to her sublime presence she drew the pistol out and held it to her side, and tightened her other arm and watched as Teardrop unfolded from it's tear-like shape and into a ring of aura responding to it's wielder's sharp senses becoming lit.

"Sure, on your move." despite the prospect of a duel, her tone remained exactly the same calm and majestic, with a soft hint of confidence as she stood quite close to Rail given their position. They were surrounded by sapphire in each direction as the thunder began to pick up it's booming sensation as if to reflect the intensity of rail's request and what was to come. A friendly duel, of a natural born elite and a bio-engineered prodigy.

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11 Re: 18 Shots. I Have 18 Shots. (Kaiwen/Bara) on Thu Apr 21, 2016 5:06 pm

Rail Sol
Each movement Kaiwen performed only served to fuel that drive further and further into Rail's very being. The woman prepared herself and had even set down her basket, the duel was guaranteed at that point. Off in the background, the dark clouds had reached out with their oily tendrils and threatened what light that remained in the forest. However, the natural blue hue of the forest's floral life allowed a rather ethereal color of the battle area to take flight. It was perfect. Thunder boomed in the distance and everyone knew what followed after it...

Rail turned her back to her opponent and trusted her on the grounds that she did say, "on your move." Her grin had disappeared soon after that and she assumed a more focused state of mind. The huntress' heart rate had returned to normal beat rate and her nerves were calmed entirely. After she took roughly 30 feet away from Kaiwen and allowed the trees to sort of bar each other from totally seeing one another, the platinum blonde figured it was time.

She crouched down and touched the ground with several fingertips. Her aura activated and a pulse of white echoed across the entirety of the battlefield. Rail's eyes then began to glow a faint white themselves and from her perspective, she saw everything akin to what would be a heads-up-display. What she had done was excite the electronic charges in the ground, tree, leaves, and almost everything else (save for animals). These active charges served as her being able to feel any disruptions within the scenery on a sixth sense level. This is strictly limited to any form of movement that went on in this radius.

After her little arena was set up, she quickly turned around, quickdrew both of her revolvers. Both set on semi-auto, she fired one shot from Logic directly towards Kai's abdomen and aimed the other, Fiction, at an upward angle toward a tree trunk, so that when the shot was loosed, it ricocheted in-between some more trees and aimed precisely for the woman's left leg.


Voltic Arena (Utility): 150-10= 140 AP
Shots fired: 2
Aiming to deal 35 dmg each, for a total of 70 dmg.

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12 Re: 18 Shots. I Have 18 Shots. (Kaiwen/Bara) on Thu Apr 21, 2016 6:39 pm

Kaiwen Zhu
Kaiwen watched Rail slowly, every time Rail took a step away from Kaiwen she would simply begin mouthing off calculations in her head measuring the distance by simple eye sight and the bullets velocity from when the woman first fired it upon the tree making a face. For her, every action was significant as she began collecting all this data within her mind and forming algorithms and detailed predictions in her head. All the math encircled her mentally as she closed her eyes whispering to herself for a brief moment. "Eighteen shots to my ten." her hushed tone kept barely above her own steady breathing.

Once she felt Rail's aura ignite, Kaiwen's semblance, almost reflexively activated as well as the ebony haired woman's eyes which were black the entire time, began to illuminate an intense lavender once she opened them. She saw the white aura wash over everything in the immediate area, but that was not as important as being able to see this woman's movements.

Her movements were excellent, as a true desperado's should be. However, Kaiwen was not a gunslinger in the traditional sense. She could see the slight muscle tensions from Rail's movements as the woman spun, watching everything from her leg and feet placements to how the woman's hands reached for her two revolvers. She watched as her shoulders, down to her inner arms and tendons all contracted to pull the trigger of her revolvers at high speed.

With Kaiwen's semblance up she reacted before the first bullet was even fired, knowing that the bullet would come from a linear trajectory she rose her own pistol up enhanced by her aura and fired off two breakneck shots. Her trigger finger's speed almost unreal as the bullets fired directly behind one another in such a fashion that the muzzle flare would make it appear as if she only fired once. The resounding echo from her first gunshot would mask the second.

The first bullet was to simply collide with the other bullet provided it didn't curve. Her aura powering up the bullet's punching and stopping power simply to punch the other one out of the sky. The second bullet directly behind the first to test her reaction speed with the same increased punching power. However, that was the first of her reaction.

Her eyes shifted over to follow the second bullet, her eyes flashing from side to side at incredible speed as she kept mouthing its trajectory, velocity and speed. The speed of the bullet kept increasing while it kept bouncing from tree to tree but this did not concern her as she shifted her weight ever so slightly and pointed the pistol to fire directly against the last tree the bullet would ricochet against in a parallel fashion.

Both bullets colliding with one another with her added punching power giving her ammo the edge as it pierced and blasted away Rail's bullet and then taking out a branch in the distance. Having too much stopping power to ricochet like Rail's bullets. What was most masterful about this feat was that, Kaiwen didn't even attempt to dodge or move out the way. She just stood absolutely still and reacted with masterful precision feeling that moving would take up more energy and would result in slower reaction time.


Health: 180/180
Aura: 110/120
Buffs: +2 STR
Debuffs: --
Changes: -10 Aura
Actions: Activates Semblance
Shoots First Attack out the air followed by a 2nd attack.
Shoots second attack out the air
Potential Damage: First Bullet - 50 Damage
Second Bullet - 50 Damage

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13 Re: 18 Shots. I Have 18 Shots. (Kaiwen/Bara) on Fri Apr 22, 2016 6:47 am

Rail Sol
She was good, really good and that's why Rail set up her Voltic Arena. There were intricate details in this art which involved using guns, that Kaiwen utilized real nicely. The air vibrated and transferred the stimulation to the objects around it, were raised and disturbed with the bullets and how they flew by. The trees waves bounced and echoed like sonar. Two bullets, one right behind the other and with crazy stopping power. How in the world did those projectiles get that much strength behind them? Either those were special munitions she had acquired, or there was something else afoot. Regardless, Rail had to act.

Trees presented wonderful obstacles and worked as double-edged swords, but in this case, cover was a better term for them. Those two bullets flew directly toward her and she quickly retreated to an adjacent pillar of growth, in order to avoid them. Back against it and her arms closed in to avoid any of her body sticking out, she already plotted her next course of actions.

One hand aimed Logic toward an angled tree and fired it once. It'd bounce around once more, but this time, worked its way around to Kai's backside, where it'd aim to nail her right in the center. Another hand aimed Fiction at a high up branch and Rail fired right at it, to which the bullet bounced right off and journeyed towards the woman's head. When they were loosed, Rail let out a breath and waited to see the response to it. She had many a plans formulated for this, but it all depended on her opponent's reactions to each wave.


Two attacks for a total of 70 dmg
Recovery replenishes 5 this turn. 5 + 140= 145 AP

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14 Re: 18 Shots. I Have 18 Shots. (Kaiwen/Bara) on Fri Apr 22, 2016 3:48 pm

Kaiwen Zhu
'More Bouncing bullets?' The raven haired beauty thought to herself quite briefly while her eyes shifted from point to point once again, her eyes flashing and glowing that beautiful shade of violet. Her eidetic memory at work as she's already seen the bouncing tactic once which just altered her mental algorithms to anticipate the new angles that the woman was using.

She immediately saw the woman's arm raise to fire off at the tree branch above. Kaiwen would raise her arm only a half second before the other woman and neutralize the 2nd attack by firing off a shot into the same branch blowing it away with her ridiculous stopping power so Rail's attack would just whizz on by.

The other bullet would bounce toward Kaiwen but not directly at her, which she'd deduce a back attack to get her to move. Kaiwen would just simply step to the side before the bullet bounced off the tree behind her. As long as it was in her field of view she could analyze and deduce where it would be.

Her eyes could hone in on the bullet and it's predicted trajectory and watched as the bullet whizzed by where she was while she stood off to the side. Literally taking a single step to dodge before returning to her previous position.

She deduced that if the woman was taking cover then on the most basic level she couldn't match Kaiwen's raw power. Kaiwen would shoot off two bullets again in the same fashion but this time she'd do such directly at the tree aiming for what would be Rail's center mass behind the tree.

The first bullet would hit the tree with the same penetrative power, but then the second bullet would act as a hammer to the first punching through the tree in case the woman decided to move backwards.

Further isolating her movements Kaiwen took a quick dash forward covering half the distance between them and would fire two more bullets directly parallel but going left and right of the tree to cover her dodging options.

Each bullet was quite dangerous in its own right with it's powerful penetrating power. She was going to test multiple theories in one attack as it was strange that the wave of aura she produced did not attack her. Thunder crackling with the movements of the two ladies.


Health: 180/180
Aura: 100/120
Buffs: +2 STR
Debuffs: --
Changes: -10 Aura/Buff
Actions: Shoots Tree Branch for the Second attack.
Steps to the side before the first attack goes behind her.
Fires a first attack at the tree followed by a 2nd.
The 2nd attack hammers the first one through the tree.
Fires a 3rd and 4th attack covering around each side of the tree.
Potential Damage: First Bullet - 50 Damage
Second Bullet - 50 Damage
Third Bullet - 50 Damage
Fourth Bullet - 50 Damage

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15 Re: 18 Shots. I Have 18 Shots. (Kaiwen/Bara) on Fri Apr 22, 2016 4:24 pm

Rail Sol
Even with her eyes facing the completely opposite way, Rail was able to feel and see everything around her still. Much expected of her opponent, to preemptively react and shoot out her bullet from Fiction. When that happened, there was also a shift in Kai's position, given off by her step to the side. She forced movement, which was good in Rail's case. When that occurred, two bullets were fired at her center mass. The blonde waited for a split moment and when Kaiwen took those first few steps forward to close distance, that's when she acted.

Rail boldly came out of her cover in near-full view as to avoid the first two bullets which shredded through the tree and anticipated the choking situation that Kai attempted to catch her in. Fiction was switched to full-auto, while Logic stayed on semi-auto. White sparks of lightning traveled over Logic and Rail's body, to which she challenged the opponent's bullets with a bit of stopping power of her own.

Logic fired, but rather than be a normal bullet, it's speed and power was akin to that of a rail-gun. A giant boom, akin to thunder echoed out from the barrel of the gun, as it shot that empowered bullet after Kaiwen tried to cut off her escape. It flew fast, shredded through the metal and traveled to nail the ebony-haired huntress right in the chest.

Fiction then loosed four bullets from its barrel in an arching pattern. Two bullets aimed directly center-mass, while the other two mimicked the woman's tactic and attempted to cut off her escape routes.

It was at this point, that the clouds had devoured the sky with their oily tendrils. Darkness had set above and the bright blue hue set the stage below. Rain began to fall in small droplets.


Rail-Gun: Damage. 145-20= 125 AP. Aimed to strike right into Kaiwen's chest. Total damage from Rail-Gun= 65 DMG
Buff to Strength: STR 5 (+2). 125-10= 115 AP
Volley fired from Fiction: Counts as one attack and aims to shoot center-mass, while also cutting off side-way escape route. Attack damage total= 45 DMG

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16 Re: 18 Shots. I Have 18 Shots. (Kaiwen/Bara) on Tue Apr 26, 2016 4:13 am

Kaiwen Zhu
Kaiwen's mind as racing, even in a high-octane situation as this with bullets that had the power to blast through brick she had confirmed many different theories about the young woman in front of her. First, her reaction was no accident, Kaiwen noticed she had the ability to 'see' without her eyes. It must have been the aura that she had projected much earlier in the bout.

Second, the woman's power was not defensive in nature. She still had to dodge or defend by herself. Third, she did not have the same amount of hand-eye coordination that Kaiwen did. Despite her having an area of perception much greater than Kaiwen's at 360 degrees from every angle at all times, she could not account for wind resistance, agility, dexterity, accuracy, the rain and precision all at the same time. Otherwise... she'd have never hid behind the tree.

Finally, the woman's power was not purely utility based as she saw the woman's revolver become enhanced with some sort of power. Despite the fact that Kaiwen's bullets had more overall stopping power, they were not impervious to the seemingly electromagnetic energy that roared through each shot that Rail had fired, obliterating Kaiwen's metal bullets with ease. Algorithms flew in each way in Kaiwen's mind while her shining violet orbs flashed lightly with the thunderclap high above, examining each bullet as they headed toward the woman's form.

The bullets from Rail would fly all toward Kaiwen's position and cutting off her lateral movements, but Rail it seemed miscalculated. It was obvious from her movements that she had never had an opponent such as Kaiwen before, who's delicate nature and sovereign grace was more of a weapon than her actual weapon. Kaiwen while using her forward momentum from the dash spun to the side and would leap into the air with moderate force.

With both legs sprawled into the air as an acrobat, Kaiwen would be performing an aerial cartwheel directly above Rail, her pistol falling in line to Rail's head and face if the blonde looked up, the barrel of the pistol, less than mere inches from Rail's face. Kaiwen's face was focused with an exquisite smile, clearly Kaiwen had her, even with the woman's enhanced awareness, the point-blank nature of the shot would leave no room to dodge.

However, Kaiwen would shift her aim marginally and fire off her last remaining four shots encircling all around Rail in trails of smoke with equally as deafening power as Rail's shots, if not more. She would purposely miss Rail with all four shots before landing several feet behind Rail and ejecting her cartridge in a circuit of brilliant movements.

Despite it being a spar, Kaiwen didn't view it the same way as most. She would hope to not offend the young woman, so she played to a subtle farce. Kaiwen would immediately thrust the next load of ammo into her pistol in an exceptional display of dexterity as if she missed due to inaccuracy. Hopefully, this is what Rail was wanting in a rival.

Kaiwen's piercing lavender orbs would turn to the woman, spinning along her toe and heel gracefully before brushing starless strands from her face with a contented sigh. She took a minuscule step backwards in an attempt to maintain her distance as she despised being up close and personal as it as much harder to curtail herself. She kept her semblance up, it was possible that Rail would think she simply missed and would continue her barrage of attacks. So she needed to be ready as the rain began beating down on the two beauties. The black haired lotus would slowly begin becoming moist.


Health: 180/180
Aura: 90/120
Buffs: +2 STR
Debuffs: --
Changes: -10 Aura/Buff
Actions:Jumped over Rail to avoid all of the attacks
Aimed Pistol Directly Point-Blank at Rail's Head.
Emptied Clip around her instead of at her.

Potential Damage: If Rail moves into a bullet, they all do 50 Damage separately.

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17 Re: 18 Shots. I Have 18 Shots. (Kaiwen/Bara) on Thu Apr 28, 2016 9:31 pm

Rail Sol
And that was the exact situation Rail wanted to get her opponent into. The dichotomy presented to Kaiwen was to either take the shots or approach from another angle. That angle happened to be an aerial one, where the ebony-haired gunner pointed her barrel straight down at her and gazed upon the platinum locks, of the desperado huntress. However, Kai would smile down one of Rail's own barrels.

She had guile, dexterity, and agility, something the gunslinger had given her opponent respect for, but had to go all out for the sake of proving her own skills. Thus, when that aerial cartwheel came at it's zenith, Rail was about to fire. She didn't need to look up, because of the Voltic Arena that allowed her to see virtually anything on the field. Even with that margin of purposeful error, the crystal-blue eyed female saw that Kai missed her shots from her own will. Was it to taunt her or to show that she potentially had her at a checkmate? How cocky of her... Rail liked it.

That upset the woman to a degree and she had the right mind to pull Logic's trigger, which she did. Kaiwen would have had her hair grazed, since the White Wolf had frozen just for a moment from that bit of subtle cockiness. She turned on her own heel as Kai began to reload and forced the distance to stay close range with a mighty sprint. A wide grin on her face she charged straight forward and generated lighting in both her hands and feet. Fiction was holstered at this point.

When she got in close enough, the woman attempted to punch Kaiwen straight in the gut, with much speed and force. The purpose of this wasn't to send her flying, but to electrocute and stun her for enough time, to literally point blank shoot her in the chest with Logic, if everything had connected.


Recovery: 115+5= 120
Fired one shot from Logic, but missed
Stun Glove: 20 AP dmg + 5 from STR stat= 25 total dmg
Total AP= 100
Gun Butt: 35 total dmg
Overall potential damage: 60 dmg

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18 Re: 18 Shots. I Have 18 Shots. (Kaiwen/Bara) on Sat Apr 30, 2016 5:24 am

Kaiwen Zhu
Kaiwen could see the individual droplets of tears beating down upon them, the starless woman's majestic stance and the blonde desperado who was running toward her. The faint smell of sulfur from the missed gun shot was quickly being washed away by the deluge that they were enduring, Kaiwen's hair and form becoming a bit soaked. The lavender gaze of the young woman would stay locked onto Rail as she wasn't aware of Rail's assumption of Kaiwen's cockiness. Of course the intention was incorrect but Kaiwen nor Rail was a mind reader.

It seemed it was not checkmate but only simply, 'check' she thought to herself once she saw Rail going for a frontal attack. Rail must have concluded that Kaiwen had the upper hand at long range or possibly Rail was adept in hojutsu and had more confidence in her close range skills, or maybe she felt that Kaiwen had no martial arts training. Whatever the case may be, Kaiwen allowed the woman to approach her, revealing the same sovereign confidence as before. 

She shifted her weight backwards but did not take a step back, watching rail's shoulder's tighten and her fist becoming taut before she launched a punch. Between the rain, the sprint and keeping up with Kaiwen she had to give it up to Rail, not many were able to keep up with her at this tempo. Kaiwen waited to the last possible moment and twisted her body showing her inner prima ballerina, twirling lightly, easily avoiding the linear punch as she rested her pistol centimeters from the side of Rail's head, ready to pull the trigger. Yet, before she could pull the trigger, her purple orbs caught a glimpse of Rail's true goal. A point-blank shot to Kaiwen's chest, one that she wouldn't be able to dodge.

Kaiwen was good, extremely good, but it was clear that dodging was her preferred method, but no one, was that good. She wasn't going to be able to dodge point-blank gun fire by simply standing still and dancing around the woman. Rail had done something the majority of her opponents couldn't, the graceful raven haired lass would use her other item, Teardrop. As Rail was extending her arm to shoot Kaiwen in the chest, Kaiwen brought her arm in between Rail and Kaiwen deflecting the revolver's barrel downwards. 

It was much more powerful than an ordinary parry, Teardrop would release a flash of light comparable to a lightning bolt and force Rail's momentum downward directed to the earth from the shield's shock wave. This would keep Rail in the same range that she wanted, albeit off balance and close enough to smell Kaiwen's cinnamon scent on her breath from her tea. 

A shot would go off revealing Rail's intention to shoot as soon as she made contact, but that did not matter as Kaiwen was already in motion from her shield's shock-wave. Using the momentum from teardrop which she was banking Rail had never seen or felt before, Kaiwen was swinging her rear leg to spin around and kick Rail in the back of her head, hoping to land the first strike as she began the kick the moment she was going to defend Rail's attack with her shield, leaving no room to dodge and because of her shield's ability, no room to block. Even if she had better perceptive skills than Kaiwen because of her abilities, the woman showed that her reaction speed was not as fast as Kaiwen's in the beginning of the fight when she chose to hide behind the tree.

As far as Kaiwen was concerned Rail had her absolute respect. It may have not held significance to the woman, but Kaiwen never uses her shield unless she was backed into a position where she had no choice. Usually, her semblance and pistol being enough to take on most enemies, this was an improvised attack. Most unlike Kaiwen, but because of it's natural fluidity it held an incredible amount of speed and dexterity.


Health: 180/180
Aura: 80/120
Buffs: +2 STR
Debuffs: --
Changes: -10 Aura/Buff
Actions: Twirled around to Rail's side to avoid the punch
Used her shield to produce a parry shock wave to 'pull' Rail off balance
Performed a Rear Spinning Heel Kick from the resulting momentum
Potential Damage: Spinning Heel Kick - 40 Damage

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