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Visiting an Old Light (Candlestick Maker Shadow Mission/Solo)

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While the sun's brilliance shone upon the numerous, content townspeople going about their daily lives, the young boy, dressed in his every day blue and white clothing, traversed through the town grounds with his single, fluffy companion. The two, inseparable as they were, left Syne earlier that morning, ferrying a ship all the way to the local Bellmuse on their own. Having signed himself up for yet another shadowing, Gawain decided as being as prompt as possible, insuring that his client wouldn't be left without company that day.

Stepping through the town grounds, examining the roundabout people all around, Gawain found that he could only smile through it all. Their lives were worth every painful experience he faced. Turning his attention towards his fluffy friend, the same smile shone down upon the him as well. The simple thought of every day life as it was fastened Gawain's cause as a Huntsman: fighting for the people around the world, giving his life so that others could prosper and grow, being that heroic savior that people needed. The boy was fine with such a scenario; after all, he had little to give back to the society that nurtured him throughout all those years.

As the sun's brilliance reflected off the boy's back, absorbed by the dog's brilliant coat, the two stopped before the designation, facing the wooden door ahead. With a light smile, the boy tapped on the door twice in rapid succession before curling his hand with his other to cool the sudden warmth. The dog barked for reassuring notice as well, not wanting the knocks to be missed, and before long, the calm voice of an old friend replied. “Oh, come in! I'm busy working, so I'll be with you in a second!”

Patting his friendly companion for a job well-done, Gawain swiftly opened the door and guided the two of them inside while tending to his hand. The aroma of wax happily welcomed the two, and there he was again, shadowing a companion from so long ago.


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Slightly closing the opened door, allowing a breath of fresh air to find its way through the crack, Gawain advanced with his analytic dog through the shop. The shopkeeper wasn't anywhere to be found as usual, but Gawain remembered the exact spot where he sat the last time the two met; the man was the first person Gawain ever shadowed and the first person at Bellmuse to give Gawain a gift. Gawain would never dare forget him, just like everyone else.

Stepping into the arch of the room, Gawain watched -with his left arm down by his side and his right hand grasping the forearm from behind his back- as the old man worked away at creating another candlestick. The sight was simply peaceful, calming, and reflecting, one person working away at the job he loved without any help, without any assistance, without a friend to talk to. Things would be lonely, but that was the fate of such a person. He would go unsung, but he'd continue the duty without a second thought. Such was a sad life.

However, the philosophical examination was shortly interrupted by the loud bark of the curious dog. “Ehh?” the husky voiced cried out before turning to see the man in white and blue and the fluffy aimal, coated in black and white. “Now, is that Gawain, and a little friend too? How have you been?”

Returning the words with a smile, Gawain fetched his notepad from his coat's pocket and began writing in it at once; meanwhile, the fluffy companion approached the grown man, tilting its head back and forth as Waxamillion bent slightly forward from his chair to pet the dog's head. “Hi there little one. I've never seen you before.” The generous pets, however, came with happy nuzzles, the dog sliding his head around the petting hand. “Mighty friendly too. What's his name, Gawain?”

Lifting his head from his notepad, after taking his time to finish anything that needed to be said, Gawain approached the kind, grown man before passing his notepad to him and capping his pen before crouching down to his companion and providing him with the attention he deserved, all while with a kind smile on his face.

“Hi Mr. Waxamillion; I've been doing fine, thank you. I'm becoming accustomed to the life at Syne, although it is a bit lonely at times. I do have this guy though to keep me company almost the entire day, so it's never lonely with him around. As for his name, I never gave him one. He wouldn't hear it anyway, so I always call him with a signature clap I use. Still, I love him dearly, and I can only hope that he loves me as well. How about you, Mr. Waxamillion? Has life been well for you over the past months?”

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Holding the simple candle on his hands, Waxamillion stared into the burning light for a few moments on as if in deep thought on what to say, where to start, how to tell the tale, and how much he should tell. Perhaps his old age caused the delay, his thought process slowed because of it, but Gawain waited patiently, keeping his hands locked together on his lap.

“When I was young, I wanted to be a Huntsman, like my brothers and sisters. We were all of similar age, maybe a year or two between us. I had two brothers and a sister, and they were always a joy to be with. Nevertheless, our parents, having participated in the Great War as you would know it, were skeptical at first at the idea, but with due time, and four nagging children at their legs, they allowed us.

We all trained for the occasion as well. Went to schools, were taught by our parents, and when time came to head to an academy, we ended up choosing different ones. Well, my brothers decided to go to Beacon, and my sister went to Atlas, and I ended up going to Haven. As for the costs for such an ordeal, I'm sure my parents had connections, of course. Nevertheless, I was on the way to my new life at Haven. New environment, new people to meet, and I simply couldn't wait for the life ahead.”

The man smiled down at the candle in his hands, shaking his head after the statement. “But you already know the outcome of that, Gawain.” He sighed and cleared his throat through a few small coughs before continuing, his eyes still on the candle as he continued. The object was practically his guiding light for the tale.

“Going to Haven, things were somewhat as expected. I had my team, and we grew to like each other; I wasn't the leader, though. Even though I run this shop on my own, I was never the person to guide others. Anyway, that's pretty much how things went for a while. Eventually, well, as relationships build, sometimes you end up becoming closer to others. I'm sure you've had that feeling before, Gawain, right?” Raising his head lightly to face the boy, all the man saw was the face of a slight sadness shaking. “I see. Well, in any case, that's alright. Sometimes, people do better on their own, and you have your own little family here, too. Waxamillion simply smiled at the two of them for a moment before continuing. The look he gave the two, it was almost a look of hope and nostalgia.

“Nevertheless, it didn't matter who it was or how long we were together. We ended up breaking up after an incident. It was rather, grave if that's a word you would use. The rest of the years at Haven went the same as usual nevertheless, but afterwards, after everything was done, becoming a Huntsman just didn't have the same appeal as it did when I was a child. Growing up to protect people, growing up to be like my parents, that idea just didn't hit me anymore.” Waxamillion stopped and placed the simple candle back into its spot, only to stare at the shop he owned. Gawain couldn't tell if it was a feeling of longing or sadness, but the boy cared for the man there, mostly out of sympathy, but sympathy was always a powerful emotion to him.

“I turned to the one hobby I had throughout my life, and as you can see, I've been living that life for a very long time.” Raising his hand forward, he conjured a ball of flame in his hand and smiled at it for a moment for releasing it into the air and staring at the two with a tranquil look. “My Semblance helped me along the way to get here, but that's about it. I never loved a person ever again after that accident, and I guess it's almost ruined my life for me. Still, you learn to live with things until you overcome them. Dwelling on the past won't do anyone any good. Gawain nodded his head in return, staring down at his feet and then at his pet. The statement could've never been more true than in that moment.

“But, I think that's as much time as we've spent together the last time, Gawain. It's best you be on your way before another student comes by or a customer, perhaps,” Waxamillion stated in his raspy voice before standing and starting towards the door.

Nevertheless, even though there was little done that day, Waxamillion still provided the boy with knowledge. Gawain understood his words and held them close to his heart.

Having taken his time with a response, Gawain headed towards the door, handing Waxamillion his notepad with a gentle smile on his face.

“Mr. Waxamillion, thank you for your time. I really enjoyed every little thing you had to tell, no matter what. I'll remember what you told me, and I'll always live past my mistakes, so thank you very much.”

With a responsive smile, Waxamillion handed Gawain's notepad back to its owner with his own reply at the read. “Gawain, thank you. I'm always happy whenever I have a chance to talk with you, or anyone as patient and responsive as you are. That's one of the best qualities about you, and you don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Now, please do take care, and I'm always here if you ever want to chat.”

But, even as the boy and his dog left the shop, the man had a few more words to leave with them.

“Always look to the future and believe in yourself, no matter what you do. Your efforts will always brew something good, so just hope!” The man parted ways with those words as Gawain was left staring at that old shop.

Even though he dealt with many ordeals in his past, Waxamillion was still living a life he could enjoy, but Gawain knew that if he had accepted his mistakes earlier, then things would be better. Candlesticks were old, outdated like Waxamillion himself; perhaps, one could say that Waxamillion himself was a relic of the past, but Gawain refused to believe that. Waxamillion was more of a guiding light, an example to show to others of how to truly live life. That man was a mentor, a good person, and Gawain hoped that no matter what, he'd continue life with a smile on his face.

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