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Dust and Gadgets (Rail Sol)

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1 Dust and Gadgets (Rail Sol) on Mon Apr 18, 2016 12:02 am

It felt like months since Toriera had taken some time off from the Academy. She still remembers the look on the headmaster's face when she asked for it. Little over a year on the job and already she was asking for favors. Shameful she knew, but the reason out weight even the security of her cushiony job. She had to leave three weeks ago to travel back to Haven academy to meet with her old mentor for what he had said was an emergency. After everything that happens there she still wasn't hundred percent sure if it had really been all that important, but he was one of the few people left that felt like family. Still she was just happy to be back in Bellmuse and out of the swampy land of Mistral.

She got back in the day before and had already gotten in touch with the academy and after getting her ear chewed off she was ready to start back any day now. Well any day but today, however, as she wanted to have at least one more day all to herself and enjoy it. It also helped it was Sunday and a day off for all from the academy. So what better place than the streets of her beloved Bellmuse. As it was too early in the day, it being just past midday, for her to hit the bars so Toriera chose to instead visit one of her favorite cafes. She never was much for coffee and such, but for some reason, this one captivated her. Walking through the door Toriera smiled at the "The Lab" label on the door. She loved that name.

As she didn't have any plans for the day Toriera was dressed rather simple this day with a red low cut top and a pair of jeans along with her Footloose. Her rainbow hair was one of the rare time brushed as she let it hang freely around her shoulder. Today was just about rest and relaxing and she be damn if otherwise. After talking to a few of the employees she knew and ordering a cup of joe she made her way to the best feature of the shop. Out the back it had an open area that overlooked the forest and river in the distance. She loved the view here as it was very similar to the view out the highest window back in the orphanage she grew up in.

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2 Re: Dust and Gadgets (Rail Sol) on Mon Apr 18, 2016 1:06 am

Rail Sol
She rolled out one arm after the other as she strolled down the streets of Bellmuse. After the whole set up at her dorm and getting situated in general, Rail had begun the journey to slowly get adjusted to the new continent she lived in. The normal thing to do would be to check out the town life and thankfully for her, it had one of the most niche spots to come and hang out at. The cafe. Once she found out about that little spot, the young woman decided that's where her next destination for the day was going to be and so, she traveled on.

Her attire consisted of a basic tank-top which showed off her arms and her ample chest, but she made sure to wear a sports bra to keep herself modest. A pair of blue jeans were sported alongside her combat boots. Strapped to her waist as usual were her two gems, Logic and Fiction. Their white-on-navy blue color scheme gave them that rather unique look, beyond the chambers and how intricate their interior design was, these babies were her pride and joy. Thus, she carried them proudly and that walk in her step showed as much. Besides clothing and weaponry, the platinum blonde female had several magazines in hand.

Everything regarding the latest tech (some which only were prototype only and hush, hush, but her connections landed her a nice little issue), popular knick-knacks, and home appliances. Rail was a junkie when it came to that stuff. Coffee was her other love and joy, so when she finally arrived at the coffee joint, her little happy ass waltzed on over to the counter and she placed her order. Milk, with brown sugar. That's how she always took it.

After the cup was paid for and then handed to her moments later, those crystal blue orbs of hers had scanned over the place. Inside would have been fine, but there were a bit too many people for her liking. The nice little tables off to the side and the booths were all taken up, so her only choice really, was to go outside. A balcony with a stunning view had the perfect viewpoint of the rest of the land. Giving that the only other person out there, was a woman with rainbow colored hair (a first for her, actually) Rail decided that there wasn't any harm in going out. So she did.

Rail had found her "dream" seat and meandered over to it, plopped her butt down, took a sip from her cup, and then spread out her magazines. There was even one about Dust and its applications, something she considered an interesting concept to fuse into her gadgets eventually. That said, however, she had a bit of an ineptitude with the stuff, so she doubted that'd be a project she'd pursue any time soon.

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3 Re: Dust and Gadgets (Rail Sol) on Mon Apr 18, 2016 2:06 am

Toriera was enjoying the view, the sweet springtime air, and a cup of her favorite cup of joe. She almost didn't even noticed when she was joined by another. This didn't bother the woman much as she grown into quite a socicl butterfly in the past few years. Still she was somewhat enjoying her alone time and was bit disappointed to see it go. Slipping on her coffee Toriera eyes began to wonder over to her overlook companion. She felt like she might have seen her somewhere before, but couldn't pinpoint it. Maybe she just had one of those faces. Her eyes quickly locked onto the pair of gems at the girl side. "Ohh I see." She said quietly to herself. If it had been in any other Kingdom she would have guessed the girl was a Huntress, but here in Bellmuse, it was more likely she was from the academy.

Now more curious her eyes move from the view to what the girl had in front of her. It seemed she had brought her own reading materials. Magazines of all sort were laid out before her. It was quite the collection ranging from some of the most advanced technology, making her curious as to how this blonde had gotten her hand on a few, to magazines that were full of nothing but junk inventions people would buy for last minutes gifts. However, one magazine did catch her eye causing her to raise a brow. Getting up from her seat Toriera walked over to the girl before leaning over to look at the dust one.

"Is this the newest one?" She asked suddenly reaching down and tapping the book. Toriera had been waiting for ages for the new release as she looked down with a spark in her eyes. Unable to wait for an answer she reached down picking up the book and flipping through the pages. After flipping to somewhere in the middle she found what she wanted and grin from ear to ear at the sight. On the page was an article was written on the dust theory that had been a collaboration between herself and her mentor, Dr. Gray. What really drove it home was a small picture to the side of both Dr. Gray and herself standing next to each other. "You old bastard, You finally got in there." She said out loud content and placing the book down, still open to the page. "Sorry about that. Got a bit to excited there."

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4 Re: Dust and Gadgets (Rail Sol) on Mon Apr 18, 2016 11:31 am

Rail Sol
Rail hadn't expected to have been approached so easily by the rainbow haired woman, but then again she sort of asked for it, when she had came outside and sat down. Her mouth opened to say something, but before any words could be exchanged, a magazine of hers was swiped and read into. Rather than be confrontational, she just picked up her coffee cup, sat back casually and took several sips. Normally, she would have complained and spoken up about social etiquette, but given the fact that fit and toned woman asked if it was the latest issue, had the gunslinger at least a little bit interested. "Yep. The new issue that isn't coming out until about a week from now." Rail casually said after she placed her cup down.

Her overall seating position had stiffened at first, but came to a relaxed state once she found that the stranger was more interested in the magazine than anything else. This was proven by the fact she had muttered something about an old bastard and how he finally made it. Probably someone she knew? Rail couldn't really assume, that is until, she had turned her crystal blue orbs of hers down to the page the book was left on. "Dust Theory, eh?" She started. "I suppose I can excuse your sudden rudeness, Ms. Free, if you tell me a bit more about this supposed theory."

There was a colloquial smirk on her lips, as she raised her eyes up from the page and back up to the eccentric appearance of the woman in front of her. This was just the blonde's way of making casual conversation.

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5 Re: Dust and Gadgets (Rail Sol) on Fri Apr 22, 2016 4:27 pm

While still reading the article in the book Toriera wanted to just annoy the girl at first and just read. However, she was the one who had more or less pushed her way in and took the blonde girl book. Glancing over at the girl Toriera ran a few ideas through her head on how to get out if this without really having to speak. It was nothing to do with the girl, more of Toriera own weird nature and the fact she was now caught so red handed being rude. Sadly aside from just walking away or jumping over the side, which would easily work, but ultimately that would just make it even worst. Sighing deeply Toriera stood up before speaking. "Fine."

Reluctantly Toriera soon sat down next to the girl, being sure to give them both some space. Her frown now turning more to a smile as she got a better look at the girl. Guess it wouldn't be so bad to chat a bit with a cute girl every now and then she thought. "I'm guessing from the books you're a student, no?" She asked as she pushed the dust book over toward the blonde. Beside Dust was among some of the few things she did enjoy talking, or in this case teaching to others. "To start off with I'm Toriera Free and I'll be your professor today." Changing her tone to sound more professional. "You sure you want to know this? Some people have told me in the past that it can get kind of boring. So now you're chance to back out? If not then answer me this! Where do you think Dust come from?"

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6 Re: Dust and Gadgets (Rail Sol) on Sat Apr 23, 2016 9:38 pm

Rail Sol
Rail felt excited, overjoyed even, for the fact that the woman agreed to her terms so easily. A possible genius on the subject of dust, plus a looker? Now that spelled a very eventful day for the tech wiz. That smirk turned into a brightened smile, especially when she sat down. Her full name was given, Toriera Free, and with that information, the platinum-blonde beauty felt it appropriate to give hers in return. "Rail Sol."

She introduced herself simply and with a tone that showed she was happy to have been acquainted with her. Then came the questions. True, Dust could be a very boring subject, but then again every other subject had its parts that had put others to sleep. Rail dealt with that often when it came to the meticulous and tedious steps used when adding modifications to a gun, accessing hybrid functions of a weapon, and so on. A quick nod of her head would be her answer to Tori's question. "You're not getting away that easily, Ms. Free. I'm ready for whatever you got." The blue-eyed female laughed. When faced with the question of where Dust came from, those crystal blue orbs rolled over in thought.

"Where does Dust come from...? Hell if I know, I mean, didn't humanity suddenly stumble across it, before they were driven to extinction by the Grimm?" Rail inquired and had hoped she had been on the ball, or at least been close enough.

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7 Re: Dust and Gadgets (Rail Sol) on Sun Apr 24, 2016 2:44 am

Toriera would laugh a bit at the girl answer. It was clear she was new to the study of dust if she didn't have her own thought to the question. It offended the first question any class ask of their students. Hell even her own class started with that question and it was almost alway a treat to hear what other thought. "Well, at least you're honest, if not a little boring. Then again this isn't really a question many think about." She said tapping a finger while staring at the girl. Her purple study the girl for a bit trying to gage her to see if she really wanted to learn or had some other objection. After a few second Toriera only smiled as she turned back to the book.

"Well then let start with what you DO know. You're right about humanity suddenly stumble across it before they were driven to extinction and there is much theory around that." Stopping for a moment Toriera would lean back in her seat to get more comfy as this was going to be a long. "Okay, I'm about to nerd out a bit here. Okay? Alright. Despite everything, we use Dust for. Like powering our cities and life to using it kill the Grimm's like so many years ago we still know very little about this stuff." She said pushing her chair back to lift up her foot up and popping out a thing of fire dust from her shoes. "When you think about it this it almost crazy that we use it at all. But I'm getting a little off topic now. Ahmm. As for the theory I collab on is that we are the source of Dust. Now here me out here!"

Said holding up a finger and a wink. While holding up the fire dust Toriera aura washed over her hand as the crystal glowed in her hand before forming a fireball in her other open hand about the size of a baseball. "This is a crystal that we mine from the earth and for some reason, it can react to our aura's. Now how many others things in this world, not man-made, that can do that?" Reaching up Toriera grabbed hold of the fireball and began to toss it from hand to hand while smiling at the blonde. "This is what gave us the idea that it's humans that make Dust. Or more precise it's our aura. Thinks of it as fallout from humans or like pollen from plants that's unseen to the human eye and float away before being absorbing into the ground. There it over time migrates before matching up others to from dust crystal."

With the last of the bit, Toriera tossed the fireball over to Rail and made it die away to nothing just before it would toss the girl. "Like I said it a lot and for most it a boring subject. I can't tell you a number of brats I have to wake up in class." Her smile turning to a frown thinking about it. "Especially when most only join the cause of a Hot teacher." Her head dropped a bit as she sighed. "It's flattering and all, but still...It's one of the few things that I do like to teach."

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8 Re: Dust and Gadgets (Rail Sol) on Sun Apr 24, 2016 2:50 pm

Rail Sol
Boring? Well... She could agree to that, Rail did think on the straight and narrow when it came to subjects she had just an inkling of knowledge about. Rather than interrupt or even say anything against it, the huntress just stared into the teacher's purple eyes and waited for her to continue. A sip of her coffee showed that she was still interested.

From there, it actually became what most would consider an entire lesson. Rail thought of it more as an introduction to the class plus the theory itself. Her eyes remained open the entire time and it was up to Toriera to chalk that up to her actual interest in the topic, or the coffee. Possibly both. Either way, the blonde had to admire the rainbow-haired colored professor for being so into it. The passion in which she spoke, even the part where she got off topic, were all what made the lesson that much more important and thus, the purple-eyed woman would be able to see a smile on Rail's lips.

The actual theory itself was actually pretty mind-blowing. Those blue eyes of hers trailed over to the dust crystal and the fireball made in Tori's hand, her ears attuned to the words that her sitting partner spoke. That was a rather interesting thought. Dust created from the residual aura left over after use? Completely plausible and opened the floor up for one other addition to that theory, a thought likely already shared by Toriera and her partner that she collaborated with. She opened her mouth to speak, but had a fireball hurled at her. A raised brow was what she gave the teacher before she chuckled softly and finished the rest of her coffee.

"Well, Ms. Free, I can only say that it's your fault you're attractive to begin with." She smirked over at the woman, then winked at her. "But in all seriousness, that had me thinking... If our aura's fallout is the result of the slow creation and crystallization of dust, with aura being a manifestation of one's soul, can't it be surmised that when a person dies, their soul likely spreads over from where they died and become numerous, if not one giant crystal of dust? Rail asked. "The phrase, 'Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust,' would probably allude to the fact that as were saved by dust, we return to dust. Not just that, but there was the Great War, right? I'm sure if you went back to old battlefields and things like that, you're likely to find an abundance of dust." The blue-eyed blonde added and then with a soft shrug, turned her gaze back up to Toriera. "But then again, I could just be overthinking it..."

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9 Re: Dust and Gadgets (Rail Sol) on Wed Apr 27, 2016 1:09 am

With a wide grin, Toriera listens to the girl as she responded to her own little speech. It seemed the girl had already thought of a bit of her own little theory. Toriera was almost impressed. Almost. "Well, it seemed you're not just a pretty face after all." She said leaning over the table while placing her elbow down to hold her head up. She was on the right path and Toriera even loved the girl comparisons with the dust to dust. She might have to write that down for her own notes later. "You're on the right track, but think further back. Way back before we had the luxury of only killing each others. Think about before he had the used of dust and face death at the hands of Grimm's each and every day. It's a mobit thought I know, but when you think about the amount of people that died during that time dust would more than enough aura to grow the amount of dust we now have today." With that, the woman would let out a deep sigh as she pushed off the table and slump in the chair.

"Of course without a way to read aura at a subatomic level we don't have much to go on besides for guess work. Then again that the reason it only a theory." Reaching up and Tori would unbutton the top three buttons of her shirt and wave her hand a bit trying to cool off. Spring had hit far faster than she would have liked while her own body was still set for the winter weather. "So how about yourself?" She asked glancing over toward the blonde. "You got quite the collection of books here. Crunching for some test or you just a book warm." She teased in a playful manner.

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10 Re: Dust and Gadgets (Rail Sol) on Thu Apr 28, 2016 9:59 pm

Rail Sol
Now the "not just a pretty face" comment had Rail pissed off more than it should have. This was shown in how her brow knitted into a frown, followed by the cup in her hand being crushed. Thankfully, there wasn't anything in it. "Right, because the pretty ones never have anything bright to say?" The young woman shot back, but realized how aggressive she became and pulled it back a bit. Rail sighed softly and just tried to laugh it off.

"Yeah, it's also morbid to think that if Dust is a byproduct of our Auras, then it's literally akin to farming human souls to use as our energy source. Not just that but weapons and other pieces of technologies." She added and even took the thought a bit further. A person's soul should be released upon death, right? Does that mean when there are large quantities of Dust present, that there has been a massive massacre or grave, in which many have lost their lives? It was hard to think about, but someone had to do it, and that came in the form of Toriera Free and her partner... That thought ran on for a bit up until it was interrupted, by the rainbow-haired professor.

"Bookworm. Rather, I'm an engineer and I need to stay current on everyone's inventions. Helps me figure out how to improve my own stuff." The platinum blonde explained and had eased up a bit, her eyes softened and gazed into Tori's own. "And what about you? Ditching a class you don't feel like teaching?" Her lips had formed into a smirk.

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11 Re: Dust and Gadgets (Rail Sol) on Thu Apr 28, 2016 10:42 pm

Out of the corner of her eyes, Toriera could see that her compliment had his a cord with the blonde making her smirk a bit. She didn't intend for it be taken as an insult, but still found it amusing as she listens to the anger in her voice. Toriera always was good at finding the right button to press for people, rather she meant to or not. Still, she didn't want to run the girl off too soon as she let out a laugh. "It just a very happy surprise is all. Not many get what our idea really means, but it seems you wrapped you mind around it quickly enough." Said tapping a finger on the books. Mostly people didn't understand the theory and then when they did they quickly tossed out the window. Either as a crazy idea or to try and forget even the smallest hint it could be true.

"I even found it a bit sickening at first, but if you stop and think about it. If it could be true then it as if the dead, who couldn't save themselves have returned to save those they can. In in that way it isn't so bad, right." Enough about that she thought to turn toward the Rail matching her eyes. "A bookworm and an engineer hmm?" She said playfully while smiling. "Might have a few question for you some other times about a few things, but another time. As for me..." Her smile turning to a grin.

"Yes. I had to escape the walls of the schools. With the hungry eyes of all the students on me, I just couldn't take it anymore." She said dramatically as she places the back of her hand atop her head in a dramatically pose. She held it for a solid second before suddenly laughing out loud. "No, I just return back from Haven Academy and still had a few day off before returning so I thought it be nice to stop have a cup of joe. Turned out I found a nice surprise waiting for me here." She teased giving the girl a wink.

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12 Re: Dust and Gadgets (Rail Sol) on Thu Apr 28, 2016 11:17 pm

Rail Sol
Rail suppose it could have been taken as a compliment, but she had faced a lot of cynicism and skepticism from her peers, just because of her appearance. Yet again, another light sigh came from her lips. Tori was an interesting woman and her theory, coupled with that bit of intelligence, Rail couldn't lie and say that she was impressed a great deal. "I suppose I can't argue with that. I just hate the concept of others using inventions meant for good, for something of insidious intent." She concluded and gave a light shrug of her shoulders.

Her head gave a slight nod when told that she'd be questioned later when it came to tech. Rail was fine with that and had even smiled softly at the notion. Though, that grin of hers had just sent up a bit of a red flag in the blonde's mind. Just what was that rainbow-haired beauty thinking? Her question was easily answered when Tori had explained that there was a school in Haven that she went to for a change. A light chuckle came from her lips about the whole hungry eyes bit.

However, her light skin tone had been brushed with a shade of pink, when Ms. Free had called her a "nice surprise." Rail smirked and sat further back in her chair. "I gotta say, I normally don't enjoy these types of public encounters but... You're definitely worth the trip." As usual, she was the forward type who did play games. She teased, yes, but she loved to just show her interest right from the get go.

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13 Re: Dust and Gadgets (Rail Sol) on Sun May 01, 2016 7:33 pm

Nodding her head in agreement to the girl Toriera knew at to well about others using what was made for good for other means. It was something similar she saw a lot in her own field of study. Even going so far as even stepping into that darker side of study a few years past, but that wasn't something she was willing to tell just anyone. "That just something you have to learn to deal with Love. Anything and everything made will at some point be used in an insidious intent. It's pretty much a rule life. So try worry about it if you can't directly effect it. Otherwise, all that blonde will turn white." She said while looking out over the scenery before them. She didn't let her mind wonder on that subject for too long. It wouldn't do any good and wasn't healthy.

Toriera couldn't help but giggle a bit as she peeked over and saw the girl's cheeks turn a shade pink from her remark. It was a cute side she had to amith. "Ohh?" She started leaning in a bit low and peeking up that Rail. "Did I a hit a cord with that?" It seems the girl was a straight shooter, but Toriera liked that in a person. "So you think I'm worth the trip? If you're like this just from window shopping I'm curious to your reaction to a sample." She said teasing and a wink.

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