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Chapter 1: A lost boy in the woods

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1 Chapter 1: A lost boy in the woods on Mon Apr 18, 2016 12:07 am

Azure Phoenix
A young boy skates down the road with trees and flowers everywhere, humming to himself with a smile on his face (Now which way is  the school again?) he asks himself stopping to pull out his scroll to check the map only to see that he is no were near the school at all "Okay so if I head back to that town then it should northwest from there." he says turning around getting ready to speed off when he hears the sound of an airship landing just a few feet behind him but he just places a Glyph down when someone shouts "Hey little girl you better get lost unless you want trouble!" cause the boy to turn around and address the person. The boy skates over to the man and smiles at him "Sir am a boy." he tells him still smiling at the man "I don't care just get lost kid I mean it." the man says turning away from the boy, the boy taps the man's shoulder "Excuse me do you know where the Syne Academy is by any cha-." the man punches the boy in the face knocking him down cutting him off "I told ya kid get lost!" the man said getting ready to draw his sword "Oowww that really hurt all I wanted was directions sir!" the boy complains "I really don't want to fight you." the boy can tell that the man serious about fighting so the boy gets up and puts on some black gloves. The boy notices that the man is not alone (I hope their not mean like this guy.) he hopes "All right kid you asked for this!" the man slashes at the boy but he skates behind him "You look like a gangster are you?" the boy ask kicking the man away "Get him men!" the Gangster commands his robotic men while the boy spins a dust dial on his skates to Ice "Okay everyone just chill." the boy says jokingly as he kicking up a wall of ice with his Robots inside it "Sorry." the boys says speeding at the Gangster "Why you little >>>>!" he shouts realizing that his sword hand is frozen "W hen did you!?" he asks as the boy uses his Glyph to keep launching himself back and fourth freezing the Gangster up to his neck "Okay now just stay their Mr.Gangster Snowman." the boy says writing his  Azure Phoenix on his neck with marker "No don't go forgetting my name okay." Azure says as he heading back to Bellmuse.  

Azure skated all the way back to Bellmuse only to get stopped by a officer "Wow there buddy slow down what's the hurry?" the officer asks garbing him by the arm "Sorry sir kinda in a rush right now. I really need to get to uummm this place." he pulls out his scroll to show the officer a photo of the school "Now if that's all then can I go cause I also really need to pee." the officer lest him go and walks away "talk about a weird kid." he muttered as Azure skated away (Were's a bathroom when you need one i really have to pee!) he complains to himself as he stops at a restaurant "Umm excuse me do you have a bathroom i really need to go." he says doing the pee pee dance in front of a man in tux. "Why yes we do my good sir but its only for customers." Azure looked around the man in the tux to see if anyone was their but no one was their "Oh come on there's literally no one inside come on help me out I just finish fighting a Gangster and his mob so come on." he pleaded to the man in the tux "Oh okay fine go just make it fast." Azure was in and out the bathroom faster than he the man in the tux could blink, "Thanks sir IOU ya one if I remember!." Azure says skating pass him. He was going so fast that he completely skated by the school and ended up leaving Bellmuse and headed to off some where eles.

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