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Fortune's Favour [priv Kaiwen/hunt]

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26 Re: Fortune's Favour [priv Kaiwen/hunt] on Fri May 13, 2016 1:49 pm

Avy had an incredible amount of grace as well, but in hers was simplicity and function as there was something that should be said for a woman of her caliber to have such precision and accuracy. And her semblance was truly a power over creation, a power much unlike Kaiwen's that was beautiful like artwork. She lightly chuckled at Avy's comment, but ultimately kept her silence. Despite all of her previous agility, a single surprise attack almost resulted in her defeat in an incredibly swift manner. As Avy placed a finger to Kaiwen's chin, she would feel the starless beauty's creamy complexion and tender features first hand. It was as anyone would think, Kaiwen was truly a divine creature.

As Avy turned Kaiwen's face side to side, she couldn't help but stumble very slightly but quite noticeable given the woman's clear levels of balance from her previous movement. She let out a breathy sigh from her injuries which mainly was a faint concussion and trickles of blood hidden behind her obsidian locks. Listening to Avy speak though did bring a faint smile to her lips before letting out a pained snicker, "Alright, Ms. Stress."

Kaiwen would poke fun at the name before being very reminiscent of Avy a few minutes ago as she fell limply against the woman's cold but delicate hand. "I am feeling.. a bit weak." she stated in her usual exquisite fashion but her voice was a bit drained overall. However, the coy smile couldn't leave her face as she was clearly noticeably teasing the blonde haired woman.

Then once probed about the second portion of her semblance, she let out a barely audible. 'Tsk' as she realized she didn't hide it well enough, but attempting to hide the tall behemoth of a semblance was much more difficult than it sounded. She let out another quiet sigh while her gaze trailed from the ground and into the small horizon before, turning back to Avy with Kaiwen's almost holy divine features only inches away from the woman. "That doll... you could say it is fortune's favor to me."

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27 Re: Fortune's Favour [priv Kaiwen/hunt] on Fri May 13, 2016 10:42 pm

Avery was quick to grab the raven-haired's arm to prevent her from falling as she stumbled. "Careful," Avy whispered, sounding quite displeased. "Like gee, why did you even let this happen? If I'd known you were this fragile I wouldn't have left you alone."

The blonde wasn't actually disappointed of Kaiwen but rather of herself. She should've known; the girl was a new student. There were so many hints pointing to that and yet she left two giant birds to this fragile girl's care and couldn't even as much as be aware of the situation. Looking at the ground, Avery spotted bullets from her gunfire rain earlier - the same bullets that could've finished this girl off had she not been slightly away from the line of fire. It was that bad.

Avy sighed feeling irritated until she heard Kaiwen speak of the name she gave her. She perked up and blinked then quickly turned her head to prevent herself from laughing. Oh god. She said it. She actually said it. This is too funny... she thought, laughing internally. Whether the girl was just slow on the pick up or she was into that sort of thing, Avery clearly wasn't complaining. "That's right. You should call me that from now on."

Soon enough, Avery saw her sleek black motorbike approaching, but she was more focused on the trickle of blood that made its way down Kaiwen's neck. "You're bleeding." Avy stated with a frown and upon closer inspection realised it was from a wound on her head. "A head injury. Get that checked first thing when we get back. Hop in quick." Avery couldn't even ask more of the girl's semblance as she rushed to get the helmet from her bike's compartment and place it on Kaiwen before hopping onto her bike. She'd wait for the girl to ride as well before speeding through the woods to the pick-up point where she requested an airship to be sent.


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28 Re: Fortune's Favour [priv Kaiwen/hunt] on Thu May 19, 2016 7:46 am

4923 Lien (Including Major bonus) and 7200 exp each rewarded, GM can roll

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