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A Hoodlum's Hankering For Peace (Open)

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1 A Hoodlum's Hankering For Peace (Open) on Thu Apr 21, 2016 6:13 pm

Richard Lionheart
Brown-Red eyes traced their surroundings, outlining items of use to the observer. Plant pots filled with baby trees, thin wooden shutters, oak chairs and tables. He reclined with a sigh, almost shooting up as his own chair let out a low groan. He let out one of his own, sinking down further.

He sat in a quiet coffee shop around Bellemuse edge, deep orange lights making the day feel later than it really was. While similar small shops and a majority of main chains had opted for a more modern hustle and bustle vibe, with takeaways to work and the blaring of radios, this smaller shop was a place of tranquility and lacked a majority of the modern trimmings. A large bookshelf lined the right wall, the shop doubling as a library and allowing people to read while they consumed their beverages. Old tomes with subject maters varying wildly from Murder Mysteries to Dust Manuscripts to blatant smut. Plants lined the top of the bookshelf, vines hanging down to the point of almost being annoying, supposedly being exposed to the weak light breaking through the left wall's wooden shutters.

The place was a marvel of a gem... and just as pricey.

Of course, it dawned on Richard that perhaps this place wasn't supposed to be some snug wooden paradise; rather that the owner had every intent to upgrade the shop but simply lacked the necessary funds. Three hundred and fifty lien for a cup of Coffee... it did seem rather steep. Then again...

The short man raised his cap, eyeing the old lady reading at the counter. Perhaps this style of place simply wasn't to everyone's tastes, thus driving up prices. It certainly didn't seem to be of that of his companion's. The chimp was restless, flicking quickly through children's book after children's book. Perhaps he had read them all before?

Richard yawned, reaching for his fifty lien glass of water... well, rather some form of mug. A vomit green pottery cup. He took a sip before setting it back down, reopening his pulled copy of "The Art of War."

The Chimp:
Hat is red, shirt is yellow, fur is white, Black dress suite trousers and shoes (warning, this thread may be a little slow, due in part to exams)

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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2 Re: A Hoodlum's Hankering For Peace (Open) on Sun Apr 24, 2016 2:42 pm

Chakide Malk
Bellmuse was vastly different than Atlas, Chakide noted. The buildings were smaller, most were more mom-and-pop shops than the big name corporations, and the tension that loomed throughout Atlas didn't seem to exist here. The young weasel faunus found himself more relaxed here than he had been in many years. Chakide, now officially enrolled into Syne, decided to wander and see what the city of Bellmuse had to offer. He began his journey in the early morning, an hour before most shops opened, by now he had visited most of the shops, various little hide-a-ways, Dust shops, Machinists, weapon shops, libraries, bakeries, restaurants galore, and ended up at a small shop at the edge of Bellmuse.

Chakide was dressed in his favorite set of clothes; a dull orange-red shirt with long sleeves tucked above his elbow, a pair of worn blue jeans that were maybe a size larger than what he needed, and a set of black all-terrain boots. The moment he entered the building he noted that smell of old wood and soil. With a polite wave to the staff that noticed his entrance, he glanced around the interior of the shop. A bookshelf, some potted plants that lined the top of the large collection of books, rocking chairs that were in various locations. There was a counter top where an elderly woman was reading a book and enjoying a drink. A man with a hat lounged comfortably in a chair reading a book while a white furred animal of sorts was browsing through the collection of books.

Chakide nodded to a another patron that acknowledged his presence and made his way toward the counter. "Afternoon." He said politely, shifting his sword into his left hand. "Could I get some water please?" The man behind the counter nodded and produced a cup that looked to have been by an amateur out of sickly green clay. While it wasn't near perfect, the design did allow for someone to have a more secured grip. Perhaps that was intentional? Unimportant, Chakide thought and paid the man for the water. With the water in hand he padded over to the book case and began browsing, making sure the white furred creature had a wide birth of room.

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3 Re: A Hoodlum's Hankering For Peace (Open) on Fri Apr 29, 2016 8:18 am

Richard Lionheart
Richard half blinked as a newcomer wandered into the establishment, quickly remembering that more often than not it would be civilians entering rather than opponents. He was here to rest and relax, not to pick fights. Perhaps it was cowardice that caused him to pay attention in such a peculiar way, quickly attempting to discern if he could beat this person should it come to a fight, but he figured it was a good habit. Knowing one's allies and enemies was immensely important. But it was highly probable he'd never see this man again, thus it would be a wasted effort. Regardless, besides his boots, his clothes didn't particularly paint him as a fighter.

Richard returned to the scroll in front of him, but quickly grew bored of it. The data was far too old to be of use to him, no secret techniques just slow and inefficient ways to do things he already could. Wrapping the scroll up he took aim and tossed the parchment back into it's place on the bookshelf, passing over the man's head. It seemed that the ape opposing him was just as bored, gathering his popup collection beneath his left arm before jumping onto the bookshelf itself. Clambering his way to the top.

Richard sighed, it was getting much too stuffy in here to study. Soon he'd fall asleep and the chimp would take it as an excuse to leave. Then he'd have to put in the effort to find the monkey. Richard removed his hat, dropping it on the desk, before shifting his scarf down around his waist and removing his jumper. Beneath all that he wore what once may have been a white shirt... but now, with time and work, it had evolved into a tattered sleeveless dirty white thing.

He watched as the chimp searched the upper shelf for some children's books he'd missed.

"Oi, monkey. Scroll two down on the left, book one up on the right."

The Ape promptly threw them at him, in a clear attempt to knock him from his chair. He caught the heavy book in his left, the scroll's light mass knocking him in the chest.

"Oi oi, if you're looking to fight we'll do it later. I'm busy," Richard scowled at the chimp, opening the scroll and setting back to work.

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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4 Re: A Hoodlum's Hankering For Peace (Open) on Fri Apr 29, 2016 2:05 pm

Chakide Malk
THe books that lined the shelves varied in years by a large amount, some were a few years apart while others were close to a decade or more. Chakide found himself pulling old theory books on Dust from a shelf level with his nose. He looked over the cracked leather cover of the book and found that old age wasn't the only cause of damage. Mistreatment had befallen this book, gouges and nicks littered the edges all around the book, with a thick crease running parallel to the spine. Chakide might not generally look like the sort but he enjoyed books, he found them a nice escape for his usual anger driven world.

Turning the book over once more Chakide read over the title that was stitched into the front cover, Dust Theory for Beginners. The young weasel faunus understood then why it looked so worse for wear. This was an old text book and, judging by the condition, had either been used by many or it had a very poor caretaker. Nevertheless, Chakide flipped through the book, stopping every so often to read over a passage or some hand scribbled note in the page's margins.

To his left he could still see the white simian-like creature searching through scores of books till it began scaling the shelves. This drew Chakide's attention and he looked up from the book and thought about reprimanding it but after a moment he realized it wasn't his place and he didn't much care. With a inaudible sigh he turned his gaze back to the book only to look up again when a voice spoke, addressing the creature. The man with the scarf, whom he noticed when he first walked in, had called out a location and the "monkey" had done as told but in a way that let Chakide know it probably wasn't the sort to take orders well. The man with the scarf shot back a reply to the monkey's action and returned to his reading.

Chakide noted that the man had easily grabbed the book, despite the heavy thickness to it. While he knew many people could wield large, heavy weapons with ease, for some reason he found this display surprising. With a few nods Chakide shrugged a shoulder and returned to his book.

A few minutes later there was a loud, muffled crash that broke the comfortable silence. Chakide looked up and scanned the room, he looked to the monkey but found it being calm, his eyes drifted to the women at the counter but nothing seemed broken and everyone else was looking toward the front entrance. Chakide ran with their example and looked toward the door as he closed and returned the book to the shelf. The young man transferred his sword into his left hand and gripped the Locket, the silver top piece of the scabbard, and walked toward the door.

Chakide opened the door to see a stream of people rushing away from something or someone just beyond the corner. "Shit." The young man cursed and turned to look at the owner and patrons. "If I were you, I'd close up for a bit." He said with a nod and stepped into the street.

((OOC: Not leaving the thread but felt things might not have gone anywhere with just reading and verbally abusing the Monkey.))

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5 Re: A Hoodlum's Hankering For Peace (Open) on Thu May 05, 2016 4:53 pm

Richard Lionheart
Richard yawned, closing his book in response to the disturbance outside. Perhaps some rowdy kid thought he deserved a better deal at one of the nearby taverns, that or some dumb hunters who decided that fighting in the streets would be a cool and fun idea. A showcase of strength to make them feel like big-shots. What useless effort, making one's self look tough by scaring civilians wasn't hard. If they had done it at the school perhaps it would hold more gravitas.

Richard scanned the man at the door, now armed. Richard couldn't help but shake his head lightly at that, lifting his cup of water. If he was a hunter then he was a foolish one, if he was a civilian lesser so. The chimp opposite pawed lightly at the table, rapping at it to draw Richard's attention though he had already saw. The look in the monkey's eyes read clear, Richard sighed before uttering under his breath to the stranger;

"If you're going to pull a weapon like that do so once you've identified your opponent... darker minds would see you as the threat and attack without second glance," While what the man had said would sound like a threat, perhaps it was even intended as one, due to his voice being much too low and raspy for his size it more likely seemed a tip. Sounding intimidating was way too much effort. He continued to sound it as he made his way out the door. "Impulse and confidence are both a hunter's best friend and worst enemy. Perhaps conceal it until you know what you're handling and if you can handle it. Then-"

"No, I've already said to much." Richard's voice raised to it's norm as the man exited. He took one large gulp from the cup, sliding the remainder to the monkey who gulped a sip down with a smile. Richard scowled disdainfully as he rose, weapon and dust still hidden in the hoodie and scarf wrapped around his waist. He threw what remained of the water over his head, both to falsify a panicked sweat and wake him up a little... much to the chimps amusement.

"If we leave like civilians we'll get a better view of the situation," Richard yawned rising and stepping out into the street, hoping to get a better grasp on what was happening. Noting the commotion was flowing left to right, "Should be simple to just follow the current back to the school..."

He looked to the chimp and sighed, knowing the monkey wouldn't allow him to flee where others could be harmed. He plugged his hat atop the monkey's own and sighed, stepping out into the streets with the primate.

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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6 Re: A Hoodlum's Hankering For Peace (Open) on Sat May 14, 2016 8:28 pm

Chakide Malk
Chakide listened to the scarfed man's words and while he understood their significance for stealth and information gathering, he didn't care about that right now. After all, Chakide was a soldier, he had the ability to fight and take attacks that would normally leave people battered and broken.

Just because you're stronger than someone doesn't mean diplomacy should be cast aside! Bellowed the memory of his old teacher in Atlas.

But diplomacy isn't always effective! A younger Chakide has fired back, which earned him a hard smack to the face.

If there's a way to end something without bloodshed you should always pursue that avenue first and foremost! For it is when this path fails that your fists may have to be used.

Chakide inhaled slowly and padded back inside the shop, placed his sheathed sword onto the counter top, and looked to the shopkeeper. "I'll be back for this." He said and turned to leave and joined the scarfed man outside.

"Leaving would be simple for you." Chakide said sardonically and stepped into the crowd, his hair having already taken on a more dishelved look, and his forehead pebbled with sweat. You're a civilian. He thought to himself and melded into the crowd of curious on lookers.

A half block away were two people with complex looking weapons whom stood with their bodies wrapped in their respectively colored Auras. A woman in her mid twenties and a young man in his late teens. Chakide watched them but noticed that neither was talking, only staring at one another with murder in their eyes. The tension made the weasel faunus' skin pebble with goose flesh and brought a strange sense of relief.

"What's going on?" Chakide asked another bystander whom only shrugged and continued to watch. A breath later the two people crossed blades and a loud, sharp sound rang out from their contact. The following exchange of blows drew Chakide as if he were watching a movie. He didn't who they were but the two fighters moved with expert grace and dodged with far more agility than even he thought he had.

The dance of blades continued for a few moments until the woman performed a spinning roundhouse kick and sent the teen into a nearby shop window. The interior of the shop flashed with blue light before the teen opened the shop door and walked back out into the open. "Just what I expected!" The teen said as if unfazed by the attack. This didn't seem to bother the woman though as she waited for him to meet back in the middle of the street before squaring off again.

It was then that Chakide noticed what they were doing. "They're sparring." He breathed, surprised by their disregard for other peoples properties. "This can't go on." He thought aloud and made his way through the crowd and into the street.

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