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Korrea Sunset (READY!)

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1 Korrea Sunset (READY!) on Fri Apr 22, 2016 1:55 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Korrea Sunset
Age: 18
Birthday: May 11th
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 175 lbs.
Face Claim: Raven - Elsword (Hair has crimson streaks, and his Symbol is over his left eye [minus the original phase three sharingan on the edges and only the Black Design is the Symbol] and is clear... does not show unless Korrea exherts his aura)

STR: 5
DEF: 3
RES: 2
SPT: 2
Aura 200|100 HP

Major: Combat Major - Specialized Hunter

  • Being smart
  • Being a loner
  • Having a True Friend


  • People in General
  • Himself (Destain towards his own person)
  • Being close to others
  • Hypocrites


  • Betrayal
  • Losing a cherished friend
  • Failing himself

Overall Personality: Undeniably untrusting towards almost any living being, it is practically impossible for Corre to find the inkling of light within his heart to trust other people around his persona. Betryal during his childhood, painful experiments and constant torture during his time in confinement seems to have robbed this man of whatever kindness that was inside his heart. Because of this horendous background Korrea has a very lonely personality and really does not talk to anybody unless he has already known the person from a given timeframe before having his childhood robbed from him.

Though untrusting Korrea is not without a type of weakness to enter his heart and ironically enough the way into his heart is either to invite him for food or to give a simple hug. In short, Korrea's weakness in a way can be considered kind-hearted acts such as service, helping out with homework, training with him, etc. Though due to his naturally lonely personality, he does not let anybody near him as he will usually react by flaring up his aura in a violent manner as a self-defense mechanism; particulary because Korrea sees just about everybody as a threat. Those who gain Korrea's trust will forevermore have a lifelong friend and companion, willing to help in any situation, even if Korrea has to place his own life at risk for the sake of his cherished friend(s).

Smart, meticulous, calculating and often manipulative Korrea is very smart on the battlefield and more so whenever he feels that his life is in danger. Through his grusome history Korrea can manipulate almost any combat situation into his favor with ease (or difficulty depending on how smart his opponent is as well). However, this comes at the price that on every random occasion Korrea may either underestimate or overestimate his opponents and may act rashly now and then which kinda blows on his self-esteem.

On the deeper end of the spectrum; Korrea does long to meet another person that he can finally call "a friend" aside from his female friend: Teal.

Aura type: Healing
Aura Color: Deep Crimson Red
Semblance: Perfect Weapon- Due to Korrea's grusome history coupled with his innate building rage and hatred within his heart gave birth to a type of semblance that truly does make Korrea a perfect living weapon after years of being experimented on. Based on the martial arts of Wǔ Xíng, Korrea's semblance let's his aura take form of specific animals for different purposes and boost in certain stats as well (as it is considered a type of buff).
Through time and effort in controling and maintaining the semblance Korrea is able to subconsciosly activate his ability at will and also at the moment in three different forms of animals. The following goes as followed:

  • Wolf: The aura envelops his arms and legs takes form of the fur that belongs to a Wolf and makes some sharp claws at his fingertips/edge of shoe. This form grants a Buff of +2 to STR ONLY
  • Turtle: The aura envelops his body (and any other given part of the body named in post) as a type of shell found on the turtle's back and grants the user enhanced defensive capabilities to withstand stronger physical blows from opponents. This form grants a Buff of +2 to DEF ONLY.
  • Cobra: The aura envelops the user's body in a scale-like way that gives the appearance of a cobra (except in deep crimson red due to Korrea's aura being such color). Though granting +2 in RES ONLY, it also gives the user enhanced precision to deal attacks with very frightening accuracy (but not at the level of being inhuman).

Item 1: (Weapon) Wired-Cross- A type of weapon that is very effective in different ways thanks to it's seemingly endless supply of wire and has much variety to it's tactical assault taking the form of two gloves (for left and right hands) with also have a type of circular rotater to let the string flow fluidly and an abnormally large spool that happens to be built within the jacket so it appears hidden. It is best used with somebody that has a very creative mind that can think ahead and calculate various aspects of combat. 

It can be used to create a type of net to be able to walk on, slide around with it in midair or even just stand there, can also be used offensively by crafting a weapon out of the wire in a split-second and also to just immobolize his opponents. It also has the uncanny option to grab objects from the ground or midair to make them guided projectiles against the opponent Korrea goes against. Additionally, the wire can be used to create a type of barrier to defend against either close combatants or against large ranged projectiles (this is not a Physical or Spiritual Shield, this is just a technique) and is as sharp as a sword when recently sharpened as well as durable as titanium to withstand many powerful attacks. With master presicion and control over it, the use of this weapon can fool people into thinking that the actual wire is Korrea's Semblance.

Note: The actual total length of this weapon is 10 Metres, a large amount of wire to use but it is not infinite. Also, the wire can retract into the circular rotater to further the false acting of a Semblance.
Item 2: (Physical Shield) Black Gauntlets- Simple black gauntlets that are made of titanium to be extremely durable and yet very light weight as to not place a burden on Korrea's arms. The primary weapon: Wired-Cross has it's wires attached to the inside fingertips of the gauntlets to mask the fact Korrea is using a weapon rather than his Semblance. It covers from Korrea's hands until just under his elbow.

History and Sample
Born in the outskirts of Vacuo to a humble and poor family, his mother was a farmer and his father a miner thus the father was constantly away from the family in order to provide for the family. Despite the small setback, Korrea’s parents loved each other unconditionally and would do whatever it takes to provide for their family. They seemed to always treat their only son with the love and care that would make anyone think of a perfect family (in terms of happiness, not in wealth). Korrea had many friends throughout the first few years of his life and everything seemed to go well until a week before his eighth birthday.

Approximately one week before Korrea’s birthday his father seemed to have lost his job and the farming business was not providing sufficient funds for the family. His parents began to act more discrete and showed less love and care for him. Seeing this as abnormal Korrea began to exceedingly worry about his parents and so he decided to simply ask what was wrong. His parents stated that nothing, there are just times in the world where stress seems to take over for a little while. With that answer, Korrea left it at that and continued playing with his friends.

Rumors started spreading, and word on the dirt roads where Korrea lived at was that there were some strange people looking for and recruiting people to experiment on in exchange for a handsome pay to those who cooperate. The reason for why Korrea’s parents began to treat him as less was because they had already consulted with one of the members to sell Korrea over to be experimented on. When a two men dressed in white with a type of red logo came into the house asking for their son, Korrea felt a deep sense of betrayal from his parents. Wailing, flailing and screaming why to his parents they simply just looked away as they received their pay for their cooperation in this experimental process.

During the years after Korrea was taken from his Family he was experimented on various times mainly in the category of his nervous system in order to create the perfect living weapon that could not feel pain whatsoever in combat. With some success, the female scientist (Teal's Mother) in charge of Korrea's experiments managed to turn Korrea from a kind and cheerful kid into a dangerous fighter trained in martial arts. Despite this with this deep betrayal and hatred heavy within the heart of Korrea he simply has just been building a powerful rage within himself. It was then that Korrea met this one person within the laboratory and found a type of connection with her (after she had invited him to an all you can eat buffet).
Both had found an opportunity to leave the hell trap they were confined in and took it with open arms. During their time within the academy, both had been working hard to do their best within the class; though Korrea’s friend came out within the top of the class he wasn’t very far behind (in fact only by two spots) and Korrea had managed to unravel his semblance which actually manifested himself even more as a perfect, living weapon. This in turn sincerely made Korrea resent not only the people around him even more, but also himself because this is what his rage created.

Upon graduating the lesser academy Korrea had taken the initiative to enroll in Syne Academy while his only cherished friend decided that she would take the road to Beacon, thus creating a moment where the two must part ways for the time being. Though saddened by this decision, Korrea decided that he must take a little soul-searching trip before heading out to Syne Academy so that he could part ways peacefully with his only friend (and still manage to be in contact). The journey begins for Korrea as he will venture into a new world and a new kingdom.

RP Sample:
Exhausted from exerting so much strength in his travel back to Beacon; Korrea simply wanted to take a short break, but knew that it really wasn’t an option to take when you’re stuck within the wilderness nearing the other end just to get back to where you first began. That and having to deal with so much GRIMM and in particular Beowolves. Korrea simply thought to himself that if he could just get back to Beacon, he would be able to take a well-deserved three-hour nap before deciding what else to do. Venturing further towards the exit that leads to a road going to Vale, something felt very abnormal in the proximity of this Hunter-in-Training.

With a loud sigh, Korrea turned around and saw one man dressed in white with the same red logo that had triggered the memory of him being taken away from his parents. A calm expression turned into deep rage and hatred once more as Korrea fought with his opponent. A few punches and kicks managed to make contact with Korrea and then with brute strength knocked out another person added onto his list of people that he hates: “Goon #12”, he thought to himself. A nearby tree that was spotted showed a bunch of apples that were ripe and begging to be devoured by the starving Korrea in which he did so with much happiness and a hungry growing boy has been fed at last.

Taking the time to look up into the sky, he only thinks about one question to himself from so long ago: why did his parents sell him away to those thugs? The late afternoon turned into early evening as stars began to show in the light night sky, a time for Korrea to personally calm down and simply keep on walking. The moon that began to show faintly also seemed to remind him of his childhood back at home, running around and playing with the other kids. Laughter and smiles began to sound through Korrea’s thoughts as a tear ran down him cheek, wishing that everything could have been the way they once were. Before long Korrea had already walked into the entrance of Vale and taking a brief pause, takes out his scroll as he clicks the icon of contacts and finds the name: Teal. Tapping the name Korrea placed the scroll on his right ear “Hey. It’s me. Let’s catch up, where can I meet you at?

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2 Re: Korrea Sunset (READY!) on Fri Apr 22, 2016 3:25 pm

Alright ^^ this app is pretty good but there are a few fixes. First is that "Hunter" isn't a major, the majors can be found here

Second is the semblance, Multi element semblances are banned and thus your semblance isn't allowed in it's current form. Sorry. The cost also is ten aura per post for buffs regardless.

Third is you can only have one weapon, your second item must be dust or armor (either physical or dust resistant)

I think that's everything for now, bump when done ^^

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3 Re: Korrea Sunset (READY!) on Fri Apr 22, 2016 3:39 pm

Bump :) did what was mentioned from your comments.

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4 Re: Korrea Sunset (READY!) on Sun Apr 24, 2016 12:32 am

I'll just bump again for the sake of bumping.

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