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Simulatiion room with Shadow

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1 Simulatiion room with Shadow on Sat Apr 23, 2016 2:05 am

Azure Phoenix
Azure decides to take a nap in the simulation room after checking to see if anyone was using it “Ya this is a perfect place to sleep for an hour.” He said to himself as he walked into the room and places a blanket on the floor so he wouldn’t be cold. As he started to fall asleep of he heard footsteps coming to the door but ignored it cause no one should be coming in to use it but he footsteps go louder as he kept trying to go to sleep (Who is making so much noise!?) Azure asked himself as he stood up from his sleep spot and walked to the door to see just who was making so much noise “Hey do ya want a fight with me or something cause I 1don't like being messed with when am trying to sleep k!” he shouted as he opened the door.

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2 Re: Simulatiion room with Shadow on Sat Apr 23, 2016 2:23 am

Korrea Sunset
Running towards to a door that seemed be in sight of range with great velocity, Korrea has been waiting to get a chance to at least exercise and vent out a large portion of his rage towards whatever or whoever is behind the present doors. Seriously... I don't know how I even ended up arriving at this damn location, Korrea thought to himself as he neared the door.

Before Korrea was in this little corridor to the large door he was in Vale talking to his only friend, and best friend: Teal at a café; catching up on what's been going about with their lives and if anything new has happened. Of course Teal was constantly teasing Korrea and then after going seperate ways for the time being closed his eyes and well... there he was in this situation. A pretty loud voice was heard from behind the doors that began to open. Something pertaining to a fight was mentioned and triggered Korrea's mind to loosen up the wire from within the gauntlet and begin calculating what can be used to attack and defend.

The door opened and a short boy could be seen somewhat riled up after being waken up from what seemed to be a nap. Doorknobs could be seen and so Korrea immediately acted on sight of a useable object, launching the wire from his fingertips towards the door to get a type of launch attack towards the immediate opponent. Once the wires wrapped around the large doorknob, Korrea used the rotater underneath his gauntlet to seemingly retract the wire when in reality using it to launch himself towards his opponent with a very powerful roundhouse kick aiming for the mid-body of the young man. "I don't know who you are... but for getting in my way I'm not going to let you get away from this!" Korrea said with a growling projected voice as he commenced his attack.

If the attack connected Korrea would simply land and stay at the current location where he kicked his opponent however, if the attack did not connect he would simply use the momentum to land into the middle of the room and ready himself to plan out the next few attacks and strategies.

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3 Re: Simulatiion room with Shadow on Sat Apr 23, 2016 2:59 am

Azure Phoenix
Azure flew back into the after the strange me kicked him in the gut, he reeled in pain as hits he floor (What’s this guys problem I didn’t do anything to him.) he thought to himself as he stumbled to his feet and rushed over to his skates and puts them on “Look man I don’t want to fight you but if you keep this up am gonna have to put ya down.” he tried to say in a really macho way but the man didn’t seem to be scared or cared what he said. Azure used his glyph to speed behind the man and hit him with a wind dust kick that sent him flying into the room and crashing into the wall but Azure can still feel that some of his ribs are broken from the man’s first attack and falls to his knee (I can’t let him get in any more lucky shots.) he told himself as he stand back up and started sending air slicing kicks t the man hoping to end this fight quickly “Had.. enough yet.. tough guy?” Azure asked as fell to his knees once more breathing heavily (I wish I had more dust to use.) he could feel that the man was not done with him at all.

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4 Re: Simulatiion room with Shadow on Sat Apr 23, 2016 3:39 am

Korrea Sunset
Seeing that his opponent flew towards the back of the room and showing a very pained expression gave Korrea the impression that he has already inflicted a pretty severe amount of damage with just one blow, meaning that it was possible the kid he was fighting against probably could not withstand many more blows such as the most recent attack just landed. I guess he might not last very long... he thought to himself as he began to walk slowly towards the injured opponent. "Look man I don't want to fight you but if you keep this up am gonna have to put you ya down" Korrea heard from the young man though he honestly did not give any care to listen to the poor reasoning skills of this young lad.

Though something strange seemed to happen as the opponent summoned a glyph under his feet to give him a speed boost and speedily arrive behind Korrea; then taking the instant (and one of few opportunities) to attempt injuring him with a strong kick filled with wind dust energy in which he succeeded within the given moment. Using the weight of his body, Korrea forced his body to stay on the ground and was sent sliding approximately three metres while feeling little pain from the assault, then noted that after his opponent attacked he fell to his knees and noted by that posture some bones were already broken (specifically part of the rib-cage). A small voice echoed throughout the room mentioning a "lucky shot", Korrea simply made a brief statement before noticing the young man's next move: "It wasn't a lucky shot... it was instantaneous strategy."

HP: 85/100

A flurry of sharp and visible air slashes came towards his way so Korrea decided to act immediately in using a large amount of wire from his weapon to create a sharp defensive barrier against the incoming ranged projectiles. His purpose is to end this bout as quickly as possible... not really going to happen... heh. The thought crossed Korrea's mind as the plan was immediately formulated and also immediately acted upon, after having the projectiles blocked Korrea moved the wires into a contrict design that allowed him to athletically and acrobatically move within his own field of combat while foregoing any risk of ranged assaults from his opponent. The plan was that with the left arm he placed the contrict design and with the right arm (as well as using the present wire to mask his attack) Korrea would immobolize the boy's legs using wire from that arm as he noted the legs were an essential part to the lad's combat style.

Once accomplished, all Korrea had to do was land a very powerful left roundhose kick to the other side of the upper-body and land a solid punch towards the gut of his opponent. For this end to accomplished with the right amount of accuracy, Korrea subconsciously used his semblance and was very careful subconsciously to keep the physically manifested aura only around his legs and whole arms just one millimeter above his skin so that it would not show. Using the animal form of Cobra, Korrea gave himself a good buff of resistance towards any dust-related attacks all while allowing his semblance to give him very frightening enhanced accuracy to accomplish the task at hand.

Everything went a little better than planned when Korrea saw that the boy fell to his knees after unleashing his flurry of sharp wind slash kicks, thus making the assault much easier to accomplish. In the case that his opponent would still attack again Korrea would simply shrug off the pain inflicted upon him and finish off the boys rib-cage so that he can make the next movements slower than the last as the core is an essential part of combat when specializing in kicking combat. The healing property of Korrea's aura healed some of the damage inflicted upon him from just a moment ago as well.  What will the boy's reaction be?

HP: 90/100
Aura: 190/200

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5 Re: Simulatiion room with Shadow on Sat Apr 23, 2016 10:09 pm

Azure Phoenix
Semblance used -10

Azure didn’t feel as much pain as he when the man punched him (What is going on with my Aura I thought he kicked it all out of me.) he thought to himself as he laid on the floor with the man standing over him. Azure kicked the man in the balls to by him some time to recover mostly do to the fact that he still had to deal with is broken ribs and to see if he could find just what the man was using to attack him and block his hits “What’s your deal man gurr.” He grunts in pain holding his side, hopefully making enough distance from the man “Okay I’ll give u that round but this one is all mine.” He says charging up for an attack that he hopes will end it. He places glyphs around the man as he skates at full speed (This better work cause am out of ideas after this.) he thinks to himself as he starts to circle around the man so he could get some rapid hits in as he circled around the man.

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6 Re: Simulatiion room with Shadow on Fri May 20, 2016 8:24 am

*Magenta Walks in*
Mind if I join in? he asks

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7 Re: Simulatiion room with Shadow on Sun Feb 12, 2017 7:28 pm

mlgplayer appears from behind a random tree and waves. He was there the whole time.

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