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Battle 101 (Private)

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1 Battle 101 (Private) on Sun Apr 24, 2016 10:15 pm

Azure Phoenix
Azure decides that he needs relearn how to fight so he could be better prepared when he has to fight grimm so he asked Chace to teach him. He really wanted Chace to go all out but as they trained “Chace can you take this for real.” He asked Chace as they walked to the training room. He has wanted to train with Chace for some time now but now that he can finally do it he is really pumped to see what Chace can do when they’re not without the rest of the team around them (Now I can cut lose a bit and show off just a bit) he told himself as stopped at the door to the training room “Chace this won’t affect our relationship right cause I don’t intend to let you beat me even though it’s just training.” He told Chace as he opens the door.

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2 Re: Battle 101 (Private) on Sun Apr 24, 2016 10:45 pm

Chace Coal
Chace was  not surprised when Azure asked to train all out with him "Sure ill go all out if that's what you truly want  and no it won't affect our relationship don't worry ill just view it as a training match". He pulled out his 2 swords and had his dust infused jacket on as he walked along with Azure to the training hall. He could tell Azure really wanted Chace to give him his all so thats exactly what he would do so he stood still and they arrived at the training hall and he drew his 2 swords and he charged lightning from his fingers into the 2 swords turning them blue and black and Chace stood holding them. Then he charged at Azure and he ran holding the 2 blades down beside him and then he sliced upwards to Azure like a curve with the left sword then he thrusted forward with the right sword in a stabbing motion. Then he sliced once more with the right sword to Azures ribs.

combat stats:

hp 170
SPT: 1
curve slice 35 damage
forward thrust 35 damage
rib slice 35 damage

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3 Re: Battle 101 (Private) on Sun Apr 24, 2016 11:22 pm

Azure Phoenix
Azure used his glyph to boost his Agility and defense allowing him to take the hits and then jump away to make some distance as Chace sliced at him again “Am not gonna make it that easy for you Chace.” He said using another glyph to boost his speed so he could get behind Chace. Azure does a roundhouse kick followed by a split kick to Chace’s back “Am really happy to see that your giving me a run for my money Chace.” Azure tells him as he does a back flip to get away from Chace (I am gonna have to look out for his swords and his semblance if I even get hit by that I could be paralyzed.) He told himself as he made some much need descant’s from Chace and his Electro swords (I wait why does it feel like am forgetting something about his semblance?) Azure thought to himself getting ready to activate his Dust.

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4 Re: Battle 101 (Private) on Tue Apr 26, 2016 9:35 pm

Chace Coal
He watched Azure place the glyph then shoot off behind him and Chace turned as he heard the sound of Azure moving behind him and Azure went for the round house kick to which Chace rolled out of the way which also meant he avoided the split kick to the back. He still held his 2 lightning swords tightly in his hands and his tail had started to lash now. Chace ran towards Azure then he ran up Azures chest and kicked him in the chin then flipped over him doing a moonsault kick. Then as he was falling he did a slice with the left hands sword and then he did again with the right hands sword as he fell from doing the kick. He could already tell Azure was going to have fast based speed kick attacks.


moonsault kick 25 damage
right and left arm air slice 70 damage

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5 Re: Battle 101 (Private) on Tue Apr 26, 2016 10:37 pm

Azure Phoenix
Azure flipped over when Chace hit him with the moonsault and then fly’s back as Chace slices at him (Man that would have hurt but luckily my aura is working today.) he told himself as he picked himself back up then placing glyphs all around the room to confuse Chace as he started to bounce from glyph to glyph using hiss wind dust to kick Airwaves at Chace until he stopped due to Chace hitting him with his electro-swords (Shit can’t move!) he told himself as he fell to the ground stunned for a few a moments. Azure picked himself back up then used his Wind Dust to kick more Airwaves at him and then changes back to his normal kicks as he reactive his glyphs he still had up that surrounding Chace when he trips himself as he kicks up a bit too high but then use's this to trick Chace (Man let this work I don’t have enough power to use my glyphs anymore or even fight him.) he thinks to himself as he laid on the floor.  

Hp: 70/150 Arue: 85/150

Dust -35 Kicks- 25

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