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Who Shall Play With Me?~ [Arthur; Sparing, Open]

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A school life… Tsumiko had to admit that she’d never lived one before, and thankfully, at that. Classes were time better spent on other things. Listening to entitled ‘educators’ prattle on about something irrelevant or something that came about as simple common sense was far beyond irritating. The only interesting thing she learned was of the much intriguing Grimm, dark creatures that hunted and killed humans for absolutely no rhyme or reason except for the sport of it. They reminded her of the creatures of darkness from her home, and the songstress entertained her bored mind with drawing up parallels between the two.

That day’s classes couldn’t have dragged on any longer. Once it was over, Tsumiko was one of the first to get up to leave, bidding Arthur to follow. He did, of course, like the good man he was. So devoted and loyal, he was. She loved it. She loved him. And she was never going to let him go. Striding through the halls with an alluring smile on her lips, and the air of superiority, the songstress was on a hunt. For what? Well, entertainment, of course. And what better way to obtain that, then the test the strengths of these hunters-in-training?

Moving from the halls to the training arena, the songstress took a position along the wall, leaning against it with her arms crossed under her bust. She watched all those that were present hone their… rather amateurish skills. It was actually painful to watch. Sure, there was the handful that were exception at the art, but it was clear which ones were going to die quickly on the battlefield. Standing beside her beloved for a while, Tsumiko watched on before wishing to put her own skills to the test.

“Come, love. Let us show these children what true power is.” She stated with a delighted chuckle. Walking into the arena, the sound of her heels clicking against the platform. She stood in its center, her sword, Siren’s Talon, in hand. Smiling sweetly at whoever looked her way, Tsumiko called out to the people. She even winked at one young man that she caught staring.

“Is there anyone who’d like to spar with myself and my partner, here?” She asked, gesturing to Arthur. “We simply wish to test our skills against someone who would… put us in our place.” Her tone was suggestive and sultry. With the gloved finger of her gauntlet placed at her lip, the songstress looked around with a soft pout. She wondered just who would offer themselves up as the first victim.

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To say Jade was enjoying his new life in Bellmuse would have been an understatement. Ever since coming to this new land he had become just another face among the many students of Syne Academy. He was no longer part of the powerful Forta family that everyone either wanted to get close or try to prove something against like back in Atlas. Here he was free to be himself and not worry about getting a "talking to" later from his grandfather if he happens to act out. As he was prone to doing. It was his mother falt really since he took so much after her. He was even learning to enjoy the mundane class time, but he still rather put his time toward training with Grimm Slayer. So he had a tendency to looking forward the time on the training field.

Today was no different as he stood with a few acquaintances he had made during his time here. Most were just curious about his overgrown sword and had questions if it was even useful or not in a fight. This qustion usually turned to how the hell was he able to swing the thing after they watch him train with it. Like every day before Jade stood to the side of the field not really caring to watch the other focusing more on his own improvement. However, today it seemed someone wasn't happy with only training.

Setting Grimm Slayer tip down into the ground to lean on Jade watched from the sideline as some girl wonder into one of the arenas and made a decoration of a challenge for someone to come and put herself and another in their place. It was an odd thing to ask Jade thought to himself. If she wanted to spar then just ask. Why put on this little show, unless she just liked the limelight. Still, Jade liked the idea as he too had gotten bored with only self-training and most other was afraid of his sword to really spar. After waiting for a bit and seeing no one else stepping up Jade began walking. Lifting his monster sword with else he rested it hilt on his shoulder as he walked into the arena. "Well I don't know if I'm up for a two on one, but I'll take you up on your challenge!" With this, he would spin back toward to another student with a wide smile. "The lady asked for a spar for two. So can I ask for a lovely volunteer from the audience or will this be a one man show?" Jade didn't really care. It was only a spar so what the worst that could happen. Besides, if things did get out of hand he believed he had a card up his sleeve if needed.

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Armored and silent, Arthur hadn't ever participated in the class time and allowed Tsumiko to do all of the talking. Of course, if she willed him answer then he most likely would have. His thoughts, however, were thankfully free. The woman couldn't hear him in his own head and thus, he stuck to stating his observations with that method. These thoughts, however, were more or less geared to either planning on how to get out of his current situation, or the sheer interest he felt when an interesting subject was brought up. He didn't share the lackluster disinterest his other half had.

When class ended the young man picked himself up from his seat and followed behind his lover. His devotion to her, while it was a cultivation of his own will, was significantly bolstered by the mind control she had placed over him. Despite them being stranded somewhere else, her influence remained annoyingly potent. Arthur continued to fight it as best he could though.

He brandished both of his greatswords upon his back and walked with a steady stride. After the hallways the two wandered into the training room and took up an observation role. His eyes had scanned over all the potential talent within the area and he was actually impressed with every single body there. There were a lot who needed to work on their craft, but some who definitely knew what they were doing. Any and all of them could become great warriors if they kept at their practice. Though, as if he was on the same wavelength as his wife, Arthur felt the command pull him from the calm of his mind. Much like Tsumiko, the knight stepped onto the training field and allowed the Songstress to make a scene of things.

True power? Surely her altered mind-state had her delusional. Everyone here possessed true power but not everyone knew how to apply said power to their tact. That was mostly the only problem one had when in the heat of battle. It was also why a fight was called a test of skill and not an actual test of power. Even a man of pure brawn could have his bulky body used against him, by someone more lithe. All it took was the appropriate know how. Regardless, he was at the side of his lover and had to fight.

Eventually, though, someone decided to take up the challenge. A man who wielded a great blade such as himself. No one would be up for a two-on-one, really, it was absurd, but he knew that if no one showed themselves, then this poor young man was going to go ahead with the task anyways. Arthur knew his wife well to understand what she attempted to do. He'd try his best to hold back but no promises could be made...

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With Arthur standing beside her in full armor, the songstress was quite confident in their odds. Odds which increased when only one body was up to the challenge. There was only a short moment of what one may take as awkward silence, before the green-eyed male stepped to the plate. Blade rested upon his shoulder, he accepted, but called out to those still watching from nearby. With a soft smile, her own silver-blue orbs scanned the faces of the people in the training arena. Tsumiko wanted to get this ball rolling, but was patient enough to see if there was going to be another. The silence didn’t look very promising for him, however. A one-man show it would be. And if that were the case, then this was going to be a quick, fun learning event.

Tsumiko wanted to gain an understanding of her new restrictions. After having come to Remnant, so many things had changed, and there was much about herself that she was no longer able to flaunt. Her songs, for instance, held no magical properties. They were as normal words, though still beautifully pleasing to the ear. It was… frustrating. Just as she was beginning to explore the new, fun things she could do with her voice, her affinity to wind, and thus, her song spells, were sealed away. What’s more, Remnant didn’t seen to have ‘magic’ at all. The art being replaced with something that she came to know as dust. It was a peculiar substance that she’d tinkered around with a little. Quite potent if used correctly.

Thoughts aside, the songstress’ patience was growing thin, her gaze steadily sharpening. “No one wishes to play with us?” She asked the bystanders with a light pout on her lips. “How unfortunate..” Tsumiko added, turning her gaze back to Jade. He seemed such a frail boy on the inside, putting on a strong face for the world. The woman chuckled lightly to herself, wondering just how much it would take to shake him up...

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The musky and rather damp like training room, where lockers were located, punching bags, wrestling mat, weights and other training gear. all of this was mundane to him, nothing here other than the combat dummies and the punching bags interested him. The blonde locks dancing with each trot this singular being made, metallic like sounds emitted from his form, his robotic like arms at his sides, holding a briefcase. What seemed to be a normal day for him, a day of training, looked to be more of a sparing session with other people, he had hoped that the room would be empty, but twas not the case for there where three others in the room. Two of which seemed to be paired off against a single foe, with yellow like mechanical like retna's honed in on each of the people, a young woman, a armored male, and a much more younger male a sword much like the armored man.

Only the words of aid struck his ears, and he slowly walked to the ring, staying off to the side, as he spoke to the large group. "If this is a training session, count me in, I have to test a new weapon anyways." He said, monotone in nature his voice was, a clarity of light notes and low one rang through the air, as his voice echoed in a more lyrical manner. He took a few steps back and pressed the button on his breifcase and tossed it forwards, the case activated and shot forwards, being propelled by small boosters on the bottom of its frame, a loud click was heard. During its flight across the large room, the box like mechanical weapon snapped at the center, separating and then becoming two large rectangle like boxes, before unfolding and shape shifting into two large hand like weapons. A pair of dual boosters reversed the trajectory of the new contraptions, and then slammed into this arms, causing a large electrical dispersion around him.

Once this large surge of energy dissipated, a pair of metal framing clicked around his face, his weapons radiating pure heat, as there seemed where indention's in the metal arms that let the heat be seen, and allow him to move his arms around. The hoodie like young individual slowly walked up the ramped stairs and under the ropes to stand next to the young man challenging them, with his exo arms prepared for combat, the black sclera with yellow irises recording the combat that would occur. The bio-mechanical orbs analyzing this new phenomenon, his yellow irises now taking on the form of a set of mechanical optical lenses, if the two viewed closely at this face they would be seen but only if directly at his face. The black circular twenty point reticle with several smaller circles moving clockwise and counter clockwise swirled in his Topaz like eyes for his stance was of a trained fighter."So if you will allow me, the name is Anguis Vulcan, may I know your names before we begin?" "I would be more comfortable knowing the person I fight, so I may ever wish to, challenge you again."

His voice holding a more serious tone now, and his eyes seemed to hold the exact same tone as his voice did, not the monotoned form it held before, his legs spread out nicely while his form was spot on for this fight, he looked at the younger man next to him, as his reticles in his eyes could be seen by him now. "This includes you as well, I wish to know my ally in this battle." More of his young adult like voice ringing through the air, the residual heat from his chest fadedly showing through the white hoodie he wore, the blue jeans and the leather boots upon his feet. The arms letting off steam from the moisture in the air, and the crinkling sound of metal grinding against metal when he slowly adjusted his arm and leg position. "And before you ask, I am not a Android, I still have a human brain, I am simply a cybernetically enhanced human." These words rang louder than the rest, for his tone seemed sadder yet held more wisdom in it than the rest of the words he claimed before.

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