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Boon of the world (toriera/hunt)

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1 Boon of the world (toriera/hunt) on Tue Apr 26, 2016 9:34 pm

The day was warm as merlynn stood on the cross guard of her sword which was drove into the ground about a foot. her broken antler was slowly healing but it was still quite raw to the touch.  What was merlynn doing out here. well she was looking to actually practice with her Dust launcher from her sword but as of late there had been a lot of grimms being killed. So it was hard to find a small target to fight. She still stayed alert and hopped down and stood next to her sword looking at it and checked her vials she held pulling them out from between her fun bags, as it was a easy way to keep the refills for now. "well i guess Its good that i learn to used these." the vials where the once she had come to school with she was always afraid to used them, after all they where he only means of a long range attack even though her sword 8 foot reach was more then enough to keep any at bay. but still skipping her dust classes as of late might have been not the most smartest of ideas as it was her weakest subject. while she put the vials back she pulled her sword out of the ground and beings to walk deeper into the woods hoping to find a grimm to fight.

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2 Re: Boon of the world (toriera/hunt) on Wed Apr 27, 2016 12:03 am

Ever since her last hunt, and by hunt she meant the last time she got dragged into a fight with a Grimm, Toriera had pundit on what had happened during that fight. During the fight, she had suffered an injury to her arm and been trashed around far more than she would be willing to admit. That had been a real wake up call to the woman that she had been spending far too much time on her butt and not training. True she was a teacher, but what good was a teacher of Hunter-in-training if she couldn't even take down a Grimm herself. This idea had festered in the back of her mind till she could no longer take it. Training on the school ground just wasn't cutting it anymore and now Toriera found herself once again in the woods. This time, she would be the one doing the hunting.

The wind felt great running through her rainbow hair as the woman flew through the air. Hopping from tree to tree thanks to handy dandy skates Toriera had wasted little time making her way through the woods. Because of this, the woman almost didn't even see a lone person walking down below. Stopping on a tree branch it didn't her long to guess the girl below was out hunting too. That or she was taking her monster sword out for a walk. Feeling sociable Toriera hopped down from to tree sliding around its trunk until hitting the ground and rolling over to the girl. "Heeeeeey!" She said friendly with a wave. "Kind of far of a walk through the woods. You out for hunt? Mind some company?"

Hunting attire:

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3 Re: Boon of the world (toriera/hunt) on Wed Apr 27, 2016 1:07 am

The rustling in the trees made merlynn snapped in to a stance holding her sword in a stance ready to fight as her hands held at the top just under the cross gaurd and at the end near the pommel ready to swing as she held it like a as if she was ready to strike. upon seeing the rainbow hairs women come rolling down the trunk of the tree merlynns stance became more neutral as the blades tip rested on the ground as she let out a sigh. as the women offered to join her. "yeah... next time though skittles you might want to give a heads up i nearly attacked you." A smirk came to her face as she lifted a sword with one hand to her shoulder. she was one to talk her pixie cut hair was wafting in the wind as it was quite breezy today. how ever the female before her was rather familiar that hair was hard to forget... where has she seen... oh shit merlynn knew who this was it was the dust teacher who's class shes skipped out on more then 10 times this year hence her lacking in dust knowledge. also a reason why her grades where keeping her from becoming a third year. merlynnput her free hand in her own hairs rruffling it up a little. her broken horn started to thrub as her hand brushed by it. giving her a slight twinge. "Well not out for a walk more less a field test really.". merlynn though about her sword did have a secret to it. it had a dust launcher that she could use at any time, maybe the dust teacher could help her what better way to learn... but what if some thing like this was taught in class she learn merlynn skipped. this was a risky move if she showed her as well no one knew about this other then her parents. "so what brings you out here skittles?" merlynn chuckled at her nickname for the rainbow haired teacher who seemed more like a pilot then a fighter.

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4 Re: Boon of the world (toriera/hunt) on Wed Apr 27, 2016 1:34 am

With a wide grin on her face, the woman lazily made her way over to the girl while letting her auto-skates do all the work. With her arms behind her back the rainbow hair woman made a circle around the girl allowing her to take a good look. It didn't take her long to recognize the girl. Then again it wasn't easy to forget a cute girl who constantly walked about half naked. She also remembers this was the very girl that had skipped out on more of her own classes then she really cared to think about. She was only lucky that Hunter academy was treated much like colleges. It was entirely up to the student if they wanted to come to class or not. In the end, it didn't really affect her as a teacher.

"Don't worry. If you attack I'll just deductive if from your grade." She said with a wink before laughing a bit. "Just kidding and a field test hmm? Well, I guess you could say I'm doing the same." With that, she would come to a stop in front of the girl crossing her arms. Without hiding it Toriera looked the girl up and down with a slight smirk on her face. "Aren't you a little cold in that?"

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5 Re: Boon of the world (toriera/hunt) on Wed Apr 27, 2016 2:04 am

Merlyn watched at the girl just rolled around on skate around her then come to a stop in front of her. hearing her question and her remark merlynn figured it knew who she was. "Not really I used to live in a much colder climate back home. This clothing more so i don't have to keep buying clothes because they wear out." she by no means was a weak student her semblance had her ripping clothes left and right growing up as it was the lack of freedom it gave. she then looked and the teacher and smirked. "isn't it against school role for teachers to stare at the student's body like they are pieces of meat." merlynn said as she walked past toriera heading some what near a tree and looked at the teacher. "plus i get hot easy so its easier for me to stay cool like this..." merlynn though about it it was a calm day. "this place normaly crawls with grimm.... getting kind of bored of waiting." abigail moved her self more to a relaxed lean as she wondered what way to go to find some grim looking up at the teacher. "what kind of field test you doing?" more because she wanted to know what the teacher was doing being nosy really.

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6 Re: Boon of the world (toriera/hunt) on Wed Apr 27, 2016 2:28 am

The girl comment only caused the woman to laugh a bit as she rolled to the side allowing the girl to walk by. "Well, it's also against school rule for students to walk around outside of uniform. Well, in school anyways. Also..." She said looking over her shoulder at the girl. "Last time I check we're not at the academy..." Happy with her tease Toriera turned to watch the tree lines for their shadowy enemies. She made to sure to listen to the girl even with her back toward her. "I see. Wouldn't want something being blown off during a fight." Said as she spun back around and once again beginning to roll around the little clearing while watching. "Yeah, as of late there been a lot of hunting in the area so Grimm's for once are thin here. Which is a good thing for the most part." Coming to a stop not far from the girl once again she made sure to keep her eyes trained on the treeline as she spoke. "I'm gotten a bit rusty lately and need to get back into the swing of thing with a hunt."

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7 Re: Boon of the world (toriera/hunt) on Mon May 02, 2016 2:47 pm

Medium - Lv. 1 Beowolf
65 HP - 3 Def

They no longer had to worry about finding a Grimm, for one had found them.  The shadowed figure had circled around the two women at a large distance, observing them.  It stayed circling until they both had stopped moving for a short while.  It stands on it's hind legs for a short while to get a better view and then lets out a loud howl to the side of them before dropping back to all fours and bursting through some brush and towards the two of them.  As it charges towards them it does so in a zig-zag pattern as it weaves slightly back and forth while maintaining a rapid forward charge.  As it gets closer it positions itself to charge into both Merlynn and Toriera in a sort of ramming attack.  

Whether the attack lands or not it continues its rush past them after the attack and skids to a stop before getting back on its hind legs and slashing downwards diagonally with its claws at Merlynn, aiming both so that they would land a little below the collarbone on Merlynn's shoulder.  It was definitely reckless in its attacks.

((Potential Damage))

Ram: 5 Damage to Each Merlynn and Toriera
Claw Swipe 1:  5 Damage to Merlynn
Claw Swipe 2:  5 Damage to Merlynn

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8 Re: Boon of the world (toriera/hunt) on Mon Jun 13, 2016 12:47 am

rusty she said merlynn just let a smile grace her face for a breaf moment. then when some thing burst out of the bushes merlynn shoved Tori hard out of the way taking the sudden ram from a beowolf. Merlynn was soon assaulted quickly by the beast with two more strikes. however the beasts claws seemed weak to merlynn, as she was able to stand her ground better then normal. what flashed though her mind before the blows struck was a quick memory of her father. before her was a beowulf looking her down she turned her semblance on and she flex her shoulders looking at the beowulf with an angry look. "About time I was getting tired of waiting!" Grabbing the cross guard of her sword she brought the large hilt up pulling on the handle a loud sound of tumblers and spring could be herd as a hatch popped on near her sword as a large trigger. "FIRE WALTZ!" grabbing her hilt like a baseball bat she closed the distance and swing the sword horizontal with the ground ground swinging to clip the beowolf. as the sword swung she stuck the finger out and pulled once on the trigger that was on her hilt to shoot out a blast of fire dust to go off at the same time she would strike with her sword swing. as a follow up the sword kept going her body spinning moving the blade upward for the sword to come down in a vertical slash at the beowolf once again she clicked to trigger for another blast of fire dust. merlynn was fast as she had turned her semblance to a aura of speed for this attack form. the naming of her attacks quite childish, her form rather sloppy her aggression was high.

horizontal slash- 50 damage
dust silo blast- fire dust 20 damage
vertical slash- 50 damage
dustsilo blast- 20 dmage
semblance speed boost +1 attack.-10 aura.
110 aura left.
hp 180 no dmage done.... sad beowulf is sad i bet.

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9 Re: Boon of the world (toriera/hunt) on Sat Dec 10, 2016 1:22 am

(taking advantage of the 3 day rule. posting again.)

Merlynn keeps up her assault on the grimm before her her aura still giving her speed and strength combined pulling her sword away from the ground going counter clock wise grasping with both hands while taking the stance for a heavy swing to the griims midsection. Legs planted firm for rapid swings from the blade as to not budge from her own recoil. the first swing was horizontal the next came up and came down at a angle folowing in to another angle almost looking like a figure eight of a blur while her hands switched around to grasping the cross guard and bring the pommel of the sword aiming for the beast right cheek. her blows where fast for on record she was only an average speed based student, with a super strength aura base the speed was an ace up her sleeve that she tried to hide but as of late she been more reliant on it some thing her mother predicted when she found out about it. That the doe would favor speed over strength it kind of burned her a little to think that her mother was right.

(horizontal midsection slice 60 damage
right angle slice 60 damage
left angle slice 60 damage
pommel punch to the right cheek. 60 damage

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10 Re: Boon of the world (toriera/hunt) on Sat Dec 10, 2016 3:08 pm

Richard Lionheart
Merlynn rewarded, 400 exp and 325 lien

"Call me short and your life'll get a whole lot shorter."
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