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Arrival of the White Knight

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1 Arrival of the White Knight on Fri Apr 29, 2016 7:19 pm

Alric Lancelot
The brilliant champion graced the skyship seats with his presence, keeping to himself in the front while he kept his silvery hair and ice white eyes further plunged into his book. Alric was sporting his usual white dress shirt and a loose tie slung over his left shoulder. He wore a blue jacket over his shoulders more skin to a cloak or cowl with his family crest, a white feather, sewn along the back. Alric's handsome appearance was not taking any breaks today it seemed, with his rainy white medium-length hair, which covers his forehead and runs down to his nape flowing back and forth while he nodded toward his book. He would continue to flip pages until the skyship announced Syne Academy as its last stop.

He closed the book and put it away in a case before grabbing his suitcase and his backpack, preferring to keep his load light, before heading off. As he approached the director he simply gave a warm smile, "Can you please have my instruments sent to my room?" he spoke with a soothing tone before receiving his reply to the man. Afterwards he set off towards the academy, turning around only after several moments to grab a glimpse of twilight over the horizon.

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2 Re: Arrival of the White Knight on Sat Apr 30, 2016 4:30 pm

Evan Jefferson
He had noticed the pretty-boy, white-haired kid on the way back. He had been visiting base, and was on his way back. The boy had all the makings of a hunter, minus an obvious weapon. Or at least, that Evan could see. He heard the announcement that they were at Syne, and smiled. He got up, garnering a few people’s attention. He was a pink-haired giant. He walked behind the kid, and when he looked back, when he thought he’d see the sun, he saw a pink haired giant. Evan smiled as he looked back, and cracked his muscles.

“You a hunter? I go to the academy. Name’s Evan”

He yawned. He was tired. This kid was the most interesting things on the flight there. It wouldn’t be put past him if the kid just left, but considering everything, he figured he might as well chat it up with the pretty- boy.

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3 Re: Arrival of the White Knight on Sat Apr 30, 2016 4:48 pm

Azazel Macross
Azazel was wandering around still trying to find that damned wretch, Richard so he could exact his revenge on the damned Bear(OOC: Citation needed). Yet it would seem he was nowhere to be found. Azazel would be thrice damned before he let that scoundrel get away with what he did all that time ago. He deserved that coffee damnit! Before he could continue his musings, however, noticed a boy around his age, maybe a bit older, walking away from the airship landing pad. As he made his way towards him he saw a pink haired giant of a man walking up to the boy as well. What was his name again? Ewan? Ian? Ah Evan that was it. He heard the giant speak to the white haired boy, introducing himself. Thinking he should do the same he made his way over.

"And I'm Azazel. 2nd year. Nice to meet you. You wouldn't happen to have seen a kid our age with a chain scythe around here would you? That guy owes me big time..." Azazel introduce himself. As far as first impressions go he though that went pretty well.

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4 Re: Arrival of the White Knight on Sat Apr 30, 2016 11:20 pm

Alric Lancelot
Alric's pearly baubles shifted from the horizon to the towering cyclopean of a man walking toward him. The wind would pick up lightly as the man greeted the slightly imposing sterling prince. The tails of his cowl like jacket would get carried with the wind forming wings behind Alric's body as if he was about to take flight since he was a bit uphill from the one known as Evan.

Despite the monumental height difference, once Evan caught up to the pale emir, Alric kept his neutral expression shifting his gaze up and down the man. He remained bucolic and composed, unlike what Evan would probably be used too given his size. "Evan... yes, I am a hunter. Alric... pleasure." The dainty looking wellborn would extend a hand to Evan, keeping it formal. However, upon close inspection, Evan would be able to see that for his height, Alric held quite amount of clout under his well dressed self.

Their formalities were abruptly discontinued by another individual, sharing the same shade of hair, but must darker till it was almost the opposite of Alric's ivory shade. Alric stayed silent as he had assumed the boy was speaking to Evan considering that he himself had just arrived, with his suitcase and backpack.

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5 Re: Arrival of the White Knight on Mon May 02, 2016 1:48 pm

Evan Jefferson
Evan was all for imagery in stories, but this guy was a thoroughbred prince. Something, however, made him figure that he lacked the skill that Evan did. He learned the prince had a name. Alric. Sounds like a prince sort of name. He then heard something about a small bear, it sounded like someone he had seen. He didn’t know a name, but had seen someone of that descriptor around the school sleeping. Not that it bothered Evan, it seemed that Azazel had some stuff that he had to deal with, and most of which seemingly with the small bear. He looked at Azazel.

“Seen a person of that sorts around. Sleeping. Always sleeping.”

Evan cracked his neck, and then promptly scratched the back of his head, followed by a yawn. He had looks all the way, and was happy the prince wasn’t judging him based on his sheer size. He was overtly aware of stares. Everyone who stared knew he knew, and it certainly didn’t bother him so much as made him roll his eyes. There were bigger fishes.

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6 Re: Arrival of the White Knight on Mon May 02, 2016 3:56 pm

Azazel Macross
Ok, now that really did it. Now Azazel was really mad. That damned thrice, no good, coffee hoarding ingrate did nothing but sit around and sleep all day?! That was unacceptable! In fact, Azazel had half a mind to just go out, find the little so and so, and teach him a lesson. But no, he wouldn't act up in front of these seemingly nice people. He had to make good first impressions and try to make new friends... well that's what his sister said anyway. He was a grown up now damnit! He shouldn't have to listen to his little sister!

Turning to the pink haired giant he spoke, "Ah, thanks for the info, Evan right?". He then turned to the white haired boy who seemed to be of some sort of noble descent, "And who might you be? A new student? Nice to meet you. he finished holding his hand out for the ivory haired boy to shake.

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7 Re: Arrival of the White Knight on Tue May 03, 2016 4:41 pm

Alric Lancelot
The lustrous lord took the indigo man's grasp with a firm clamp. "Alric, pleasure." he said smoothly. After a quick shake he brought a his hand back to sweep his silver strands from his arctic orbs and pale face. His eyes scanning the faunus and his wings, the plated raja of sorts just shrugged his shoulders a bit and cleaned his throat. He himself have never seen such a blatant displays or features of a faunus before, it intrigued him to say the least.

"I am a new student here." he kept his fortitude about him as his gaze shifted between them both silently. Alric loosened his tie a bit to flick over his shoulder, which was his usual fashion. The silvery czar just watched them silently, still holding onto his suitcase and backpack. Several other students just walked by them, some fully armored, others fully armed. Alric however, was lightly packed for a hunter; Even by standards for a medical student in training.

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8 Re: Arrival of the White Knight on Fri May 06, 2016 1:39 pm

Evan Jefferson
The giant couldn’t be bothered to do much. He nodded when Az asked him if he was Evan, and was resisting to say a pun. Not that he had many, but he had to admit. It was better than the old pun-ishment pun. That one was terrible and he made an effort not to use it. Normally. Right now was a normal time. He dug into his coat, pulling out a bag of chips. He opened the top and started eating them. He didn’t care, although he put on a friendly face. He was normally friendly. Normally. That’s the word.

“So. Where’re you guy’s from? I’m a military sharpshooter myself, trained to shoot people from roughly a mile. Without a scope.”
He internally shamed himself for forgetting to pack his rifle. He had used a basic one there, and his accuracy fell by a single percent. God, that was terrible. He’s supposed to hit about 95% of his shots on range, and 100% in the field. That percent went to 94% and it’s shameful. Not that it wasn’t amazing, it was just shameful, in his opinion. It’s bothersome in the same way that a bad test grade is. Except he’s looking into it too much.

He, before letting the other’s answer. “Also, wanna get off the hill? I think there’s a nice, flat area up ahead.”

(Sorry about late post)

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9 Re: Arrival of the White Knight on Fri May 06, 2016 2:12 pm

Azazel Macross
"Impressive. I myself just use a machine pistol. Not the most accurate but I make do. What about you Alric? What kind of weapon do you use? You seem like the old swordsman type...". He asked the ivory headed boy. "Then again, my time here, and my own heritage, has taught me not to judge by appearance." He continued. (OOC: Insert Alric's answer here)

Azazel looked to the taller boy as he suggested the get off the hill. Hmmm... Nah I think I'll pass I've got places to be and coffee hoarding pricks to find. It's been fun though, maybe I'll see you around?". He looked towards the princely figure, "It was nice meeting you Alric, I hope to see you again soon as well.". With that said, Azazel gave one mighty flap of his wings and took off into the sky, flying back towards the Academy grounds to look for Richard some more.


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