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Ralf Ebon (Ready for review)

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1 Ralf Ebon (Ready for review) on Fri Apr 29, 2016 8:31 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Ralf Ebon
Age: 19
Birthday: 01.01
Gender: Male
Race: Faunus (Dog, eyes)
Height: 197 cm
Weight: 97 kg
Face Claim: Ralf Jones (King of Fighters)

STR: 5+1 (6)
DEF: 4
RES: 2
SPT: 1
Aura 100|200 HP

Major: Combat Major.
Likes: Fighting, eating, reading.
Dislikes: Solitude, bullies, bugs.
Fears: Failure, abandonment, being useless.
Overall Personality: Ralf is an outgoing individual that loves being around people in general and even more so those he calls friends. Enjoying a fight would be an understatement when talking about him, due to his fear of failure he is always seeking fights not only for their enjoyment factor but also to push him self to become stronger so that when the time comes he won't fail.

Eating is also something one might find Ralf constantly doing, due to his highly active schedule he is always seen with some kind of food or drink item close by and has tendencies to even eat or drink while fighting.

One thing that Ralf will never forgive is the act of pushing around some one weaker then your self, if he witness this act there will be no quarter given and he might just as easily do physical harm to the one committing this crime.

Due to circumstances during his childhood Ralf fears and loathes the thought of being left behind or abandoned ever again. If this where to happen he might simply just freeze in shock and might even faint due to the trauma inflicted upon him.

Aura type: Power.
Aura Color: Dark Red.
Semblance: Buff: Ralf can use his semblance to strengthen himself or his allies. By infusing his Semblance into himself or others he focuses it into their muscle and nerve system increasing the stress/damage they can take and their strength output.

Item 1: Weapon: Titan Strikers. A pair of reinforced fighting gloves ( Link ). The gloves are reinforced with a metal plating inside the padding of the glove it self giving them more strength behind their attacks and allowing them to guard most physical attacks.

Item 2:Armor: Reinforced clothing. The clothing are reinforced with a mix of a Kevlar lining and some more metal sheeting, thus reinforcing their physical defense while keeping the limiting of movement low. The protection is for the Combat pants and the padded vest.

History and Sample
Ralf was found in an alley screaming his loungs out and was brought to an orphanage within Vale. He was adopted at the age of five by a human family, unknown to both him and his family that he was in fact a faunus, Years went by and it was soon discovered what Ralf was, when they found out his parents quickly made sure to distance them selves from Ralf before they simply sendt him away to Bellmuse.

This event and the hatred he felt that his own family had towards him made Ralf fall into a period of depression and self loathing. After a while of this attitude he picked himself up and started working hard to become someone that his family would be proud to have around once more. He started to train and study daily, before long Ralf had learned several fighting methods and found that he was quite adapt towards hand to hand combat.

Due to this he crafted a pair of reinforced fighting gloves and reinforced his clothing to better prepare himself for the challenges a head. While out and about one time he got lost and was attacked by a Grimm Beowulf, after quite the fight Ralf came out the victor but realized he had to increase his skills and knowledge if he was ever to properly fight against creatures like this. Continuing his training and studying Ralf came to the realization that he had been in solitude all these years since his family had abandoned him, the sudden shock and fear he felt made him rush outside and head towards the nearest meeting point where he basically went around and talked to random people. He was quickly known as a friendly and understandable guy if slightly head strong and a love of fighting and food.

After several more years of studying and training he enrolled at Syne Academy in his attempt to become some one of use.

RP Sample:
Walking around the hallways Ralf scratched his head a few times while looking around franticly and after a few minuets he let out a heavy sigh and said "I can't believe I am lost again..."

Taking a few more moments to look around Ralf went down the left portion of the hallway, after a moment or two he heard his stomach rumble and grabbed the granola bar from his pocket and started eating it with mirth. A few more steps down the hallway he suddenly heard the sound of what seemed to be bullying, finishing his food Ralf moved towards the situation quite rapidly and sent his fist towards the back of the bullies head.

Suddenly the bullies face turned into one of fear as he realized who the person was that was pushing his face into the wall. Ralf then said "Well, well, well." before making a motion telling the girl to leave, the bully started to whimper and tried to make excuses and other lies to make him stop. But he would have none of it and kept pushing the bully into the wall until he suddenly realized the bully and walked away. A few moments after the bell rang and students where pouring out of the class rooms while Ralf continued to walk around the hallway lost.

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2 Re: Ralf Ebon (Ready for review) on Fri Apr 29, 2016 8:42 pm

Alright ^^ this is a good app but there are some minor fixes that need done. First is I need some description on how the buffing is done, something akin to "He can turn his aura to a hard coating and transfer it to others" or whatever way you envisioned the semblance working. Second is I need specification on if the gloves are weapons or armour, and of that armour (alike item 2) what type of armour they are. Physical or magic resistant. As for the reinforced clothing I need to know what that consists of and thus covers ^^ bump when done.

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3 Re: Ralf Ebon (Ready for review) on Fri Apr 29, 2016 8:50 pm

Boop! BUmp! Badaowsky!

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4 Re: Ralf Ebon (Ready for review) on Fri Apr 29, 2016 8:53 pm

Only problem still there is what does the protective clothing cover. Is it like a shirt or trousers or both or?

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5 Re: Ralf Ebon (Ready for review) on Fri Apr 29, 2016 9:00 pm

Approved ^^

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