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Maeva Marine [Completed]

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1 Maeva Marine [Completed] on Fri Apr 29, 2016 8:43 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Maeva Marine
Age: 19 years old
Birthday: August 20
Gender: Female
Race: Albino Mouse Faunus, has a tail that she hides
Height: 1,65 m
Weight: 120 lbs
Face Claim:

STR: 3
DEF: 3
RES: 3
SPT: 3
HP 200|100 Aura

Major: Medical
Likes: All kind of cheese, music, her hair, taking a day off, being complimented even though she'll act as she doesn't care
Dislikes: Having to redye her hair ever so often, having to lie to others, the wrongdoings of the White Fang, racism
Fears: Someone dying her hair something else than blue, sunburns, cats, being put apart even by other faunus because of her albinism

Overall Personality: Maeva is a simple girl, she's not looking to be popular, she's not looking to be the strongest or the smartest, fortune has little meaning to her and going down history for something great isn't in her agenda. She does what she does in order to get through life in general. She generally won't go out of her way for others, unless this person is important enough. Although she seems to close herself to others, if you know how to approach her, she's generally very friendly and sociable, never really avoiding a little chat, but never quite engaging in them by herself. She has one of those guts feeling though when she feels like she won't get along with someone else and will often avoid them for that. Besides that, she's an opened minded and carefree person that lives her life day by day.

Aura type: Recovery
Aura Color: Clear but changing (See Semblance)
Semblance: Masquerade's Dancer (Multiple Buffs) The way Maeva's Semblance works is pretty unique, she has multiple masks strapped to her left arm. Each mask were crafted specially to fuse with her aura when she wears them, giving her additional properties for as long as she wears them. She can only wear on mask at a time and her body needs to recover slightly before putting back a new one (1 turn). She can however put back the same one if needed without waiting. Also, each mask has some sort of tempo enchanted to them, as if a song was possessing them and those tempos force Maeva to act along, giving the illusion of a dance whenever she fights. The masks have a smaller and less detailed form when they are not in use, not encumbering her that way.

Here's a list of her masks:

The Warrior \ Tempo: 4/4 \ Aura Color: Red (STR Buff): Maeva's right arm fuses with her chainwhip, morfing her whole arm like a serpent blade that she can swing around with massive strength.
The Guardian \ Tempo: 1/4 \ Aura Color: Green (DEF Buff): Maeva's left arm fuses with the unused masks, forming a towering shield capable of sustaining enormous blows.
The Bird \ Tempo: 3/4 \ Aura Color: Blue (RES Buff): Maeva's back sprouts wings with feathers resistant to dust. They fall like a cape on her shoulders.
The Eye \ Tempo: 2/4 \ Aura Color: Yellow (SPT Buff): Maeva's head changes to fit a jewel in the center, charged with whatever dust she has on her to fire a concentrated beam of dust.
The Beast \ Tempo: 8/4 \ Aura Color: Black (Speed Buff): Maeva's tail and legs transforms into wolf-like parts, granting her speed and mobility beyond average. Although the mask gives her a look similar to Grimms...

Masks appearance when worn:

The Warrior: ( )
The Guardian: ( )
The Bird: ( )
The Eye: ( )
The Beast: ( )

Item 1: A sturdy, powerful and subtle chainwhip that is hidden in her right sleeve, has a reach of 3 meters
Item 2: Her other sleeve is protected by the many masks she uses, offering physical protection

History and Sample
No one really know what happened to Maeva in the past, not even her. She woke up one day, alone in a wheat field with no memories. She had nothing to do, nowhere to go, no one to reach. She was stranded in the world she probably knew before. From there, she tried her best to live her life as if it was nothing, surviving by begging and doing small work here and there, while trying to look for hints of her past. Some people said that she should forget it and live her life without knowing, saying that if she forgot that it might have been for a reason, but not knowing was a real torture and she was set on finding what happened. Her lifestyle took her on the path of the huntress, where she learned to kill Grimms, unlock her aura and discover her Semblance. It seemed too good to be true, as her training brought her toward Syne Academy, where her clues to her past where leading her. There, she found so few information, but she found time to train and hone her skills, granting her strength that she wouldn't have reached otherwise. She had a roof, somewhere she could stay, rest and basically, live. She hadn't talked much to people, but here, she felt like she could also find something she has been missing for a long time: friends. Now, with her new life as a student of Syne Academy, Maeva would train to become a full fledged huntress and also maybe in the end, discover what happened to her in the past. She took the day she first set foot in the school as her birthday, the 20th of August, as her arrival felt akin to a rebirth of some sort. May her search for her past be worthwhile.
RP Sample:
"Hmmm... what should I do today?" did Maeva said to herself as she was alone in her room looking at the ceiling from the comfort of her bed, swinging her legs up and down. Before long the girl stood up and walked toward her mirror and looked at her hair for about a minute. "I don't need to redye them yet... maybe later this month." She sat on a chair laying around before swinging her mouse tail back and forth over her head in a pendulum-like manner. "I'm so bored right now! Why is nothing happening!?!" did she nearly shout before sighing and going back on her bed, this time lying on her belly in a star pattern. She stayed like that for a minute before angrily standing up and putting on her jacket. "Fine! I'll go find something to do, something interesting better happen!" And there she was gone, leaving the room go back to it's quiet piece it was in before the girl moved in.

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