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Someone needs to loosen up(Private/Ralf)

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1 Someone needs to loosen up(Private/Ralf) on Sat Apr 30, 2016 3:37 pm

Evan’s giant frame was leaned against a tree. Asleep. He had had a long night, and just couldn’t deal with it in the morning, so he had passed out. It was about noon, and the large man fell forward, promptly waking up. God, he was sore. He needed something to loosen up, and puns weren’t going to help there. Maybe if it was his mood that needed to lightened up, that’d be easier. He got up, and after dusting off his clothing, he grabbed a knife from inside his coat, he had been on a mission.

He yawned and laid against the tree again, this time putting his arms around the trunks. So that even if he fell, he wouldn’t fall forward. He had, before laying against the tree, etched a message into it, prepared for falling asleep.

“Wake up giant for a fight, he needs to loosen his muscles - Evan the Giant’

He’d end up falling asleep in like, two minutes. So, chances are, whoever came would find him asleep.

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2 Re: Someone needs to loosen up(Private/Ralf) on Sat Apr 30, 2016 4:00 pm

Ralf had been walking around with a turkey under his arm for quite a while still not finished eating it. After a few moments he saw some one leaning onto a tree and seemed to be sleeping, walking over he noticed something carved into the wood. “Wake up giant for a fight, he needs to loosen his muscles - Evan the Giant"

Thinking to him self Ralf chuckled lightly before thinking of how to wake up this Evan, he could probably just tap him on the shoulders and talk to him before the fight but something seemed to pull him towards the idea of just aiming a kick or a punch at the sleeping man just wishing to see his reaction to it.

Grinning widely Ralf took a few steps backwards and equipped his fighting gloves as he took one final bite of the turkey before placing the remains of it on a nearby bench. A few moments later he ran towards the sleeping figure and jumped into the air before going into a roll mid air and extending his left leg forwards, just before he reached the area above Evan he yelled as loud as he could before delivering the axe kick towards his head. "I accept your terms my friend now FIGHT!".

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3 Re: Someone needs to loosen up(Private/Ralf) on Sat Apr 30, 2016 4:19 pm

He felt the air hit him in a rush and snapped open his eyes, lifting himself up into the tree, before slipping out the back of the tree. He landed on the other side, awake and ready to fight, before remembering what he had carved in the tree. He blinked, taking Ralf in. Reasonably tall, looked like a fighter. The bandana. Everything made him seem like a street type of fighter, although he knew that he shouldn’t underestimate strength nor experience.

He then noticed that there was a turkey on the bench that wasn’t there before, and it was like, half-ate. Strange guy, all things considered. Albeit, Evan had no room to talk. Standing at a staggering seven feet, he was a giant, even compared to the other giant standing on the other side of the tree from him. He figured he’d have to start the talk.

“Jessh. Were you trying to take my head off? Well, it failed. You came in with too much force, I felt the air hit my face when you did the flip for the axe kick, giving me apt time to move out of the way. Not a bad kick, to be honest. Could work on the take off, but it was nice.”

He stretched, cracking his back. He then moved out from the tree, and brought himself into a karate stance, one of the multiple he was trained in. There was a smile.

“Name’s Evan Jefferson, special ops. Or maybe not special ops. Who knows. I’m a trained marksman, that’s for sure.”

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4 Re: Someone needs to loosen up(Private/Ralf) on Sat Apr 30, 2016 4:31 pm

Ralf chuckled loudly as he saw his oponent avoid the kick, but before he could ready him self again he heard Evan talk about the failure of his attack. "Well to be honest I am kinda glad I didn't hit you, wouldn't really be fair if you where laid flat out by one attack now would it?", he then returned to the bench and picked up the half eaten turkey and took a few bites from it before placing it under his left arm. "Huh marksman and a spec ops. Well this will be fun, nice to meet you Mister Spec!", Ralf then moved his right hand outwards extending it fully and clenching his hand into a fist before lowering his stance a little.

(If this guy is going to use that style against me I will simply just await his attack and look forward to the opening he might make. Tho if he does not make it I guess that I should simply change to the other one, ah well enough thinking now. More fighting and more food!). These thoughts raced through his head before he took another bite from the turkey and chuckled "Well how about we fight, then we eat and then we talk about more training stuff eh?".

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5 Re: Someone needs to loosen up(Private/Ralf) on Sat Apr 30, 2016 4:54 pm

He noticed the guy was friendly, and gave the idea of a fight, eat, and train. He was down for it, so he turned his stance into a more aggressive, fluid stance. It left him completely open, on purpose. His arms dangled below him, like a snake. He ran, throwing his arms from left to right, and when he got close, he pivoted on his right foot, and threw his right hand at Ralf’s face. It’d certainly hurt, and as soon as it’d fly by, he’d shift his weight to stop and step back to combat any strategy that guy would have. He was ready.

“We’re gonna have fun, I think.”

He thought back to the red-haired wonder, and chuckled. The guy was a lot like the wonder, with all the spunk in combat, and the strategy. He then noticed a major difference, Ralf would be smiling while fighting most likely, and the wonder wouldn’t.

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6 Re: Someone needs to loosen up(Private/Ralf) on Sat Apr 30, 2016 5:06 pm

Ralf laughed loudly as he watched Evan close the gap before he launched his attack, moving his head and upper torso backwards he then threw the turkey up into the air before grabbing the ground with his hands and began to spin his whole body in a circle and started to unleash a series of kicks towards the shoulder height of Evan.

"Yeah I do believe we will have a fun time, also by the way Mister Spec, do you like turkey or Diet soda?" chuckling while speaking was something Ralf had perfected down to an art form due to his strange habits and while the question might be seen as dumb or even stupid to others it was vital for him to know, how else was he suposed to offer Evan refreshments while they where fighting.

Indeed he had to know if Evan would want the turkey or the diet soda in his vests pocket. So all the while he was unleashing the kicks he seemed slightly absent in his eyes clearly this would seem to be the face of a distracted enemy and it would in all truth be this way if it was any other then Ralf doing it.

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7 Re: Someone needs to loosen up(Private/Ralf) on Sat Apr 30, 2016 5:15 pm

Kicks flew towards him, and he moved his shoulder to dodge each kick. That was the trick of the stance. He could dodge just as easy as he could strike. It pleased him that the guy was putting up a fight. He was asked a question, and that was a good question. After dodging the kicks, he did a skip backwards, and shifted, glaring because of the sun. One bad thing about being this tall was the sun got in your eyes. A lot.

“I don’t mind either, but as long as I can put honey on the turkey, I’m down.”

He shifted his weight, as to bring himself lower, and turned it into a tight guard, notable of a style like boxing. He laughed out loud now, this really was going to be fun. This guy was absolutely insane, that was for sure. If it weren’t for Evan’s training, he’d certainly be beat, as well. He didn’t mind. Not at all. He was, believe it or not, happy that the guy could fight.

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8 Re: Someone needs to loosen up(Private/Ralf) on Sat Apr 30, 2016 5:25 pm

"Hmm, well only if it is good honey. So now that is settled I should probably focus on the fight I guess, Awesome!". Standing back up he slowly held out his hands and grabbed the turkey as it fell towards him, he then tore off the parts he had eaten and threw the other part towards Evan followed by a small bottle of honey. Chuckling slightly Ralf then finished the parts of the turkey he had left and let out a loud burp.

He then move his left arm forwards and moved his palm upwards while keeping his right arm close to his chest at waist level with the palm pointing down. All the while keeping his knees slightly bent so that he could leap at any notice if he would need to and even launch a surprise kick or two.

Suddenly a thought came to mind, (If he is not going to have the soda perhaps I should use it, awesome maybe I can get some soda showered turkey after I am done with this. Now that sounds like a real plan AWESOME!).

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9 Re: Someone needs to loosen up(Private/Ralf) on Mon May 02, 2016 1:38 pm

Catching the turkey in one massive hand, and honey in the other, he was having a fantastic time. After taking the cap off of the honey, and dumping it on the turkey, he devoured the thing with speed. He didn’t care how he looked, with honey all over his face. He licked the honey off his face, a wiped off his own spit. He promptly threw the whole turkey carcass that was left away. He shifted into a stance that was akin to a snake, with his body fluid in motion, and a small, almost invisible, sway was happening. He had a dangerous look in his eyes, although they were glazed over by the pleasure of honeyed turkey.

He moved forward, slowly. His movements looked lagged, as though his body refused to react to his will. Of course, this was false, and any experienced fighter would know this. This stance, more so than anything, was a test. A test to see if he’d see through the lagged stance that was this one.

He liked what it was so far, though. He’d continue forward, and throw a strike that would purposely fall short. This was a test to find out if his opponents style was reactive, or proactive.

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10 Re: Someone needs to loosen up(Private/Ralf) on Mon May 02, 2016 1:47 pm

Ralf chuckled lightly as he saw Evan devourer the turkey, it was clear to him that he had found another person that he could share his delight in food with. Ralf then smirked as he saw Evan enter a particular style but something seemed off about it, he then took a gamble and as Evan strike out towards him Ralf did nothing only to see the strike fall short. Having had just enough about these tests and the whole back and forth Ralf cracked his neck a few times before a red aura was developing around him and seemed to seep into him instead of outwards. His eyes also seemed to take on a more feral visage as he started grinning wickedly, after a few moments he stomped his right foot into the ground before moving forwards with his left into a slightly crouched position and then slamming out with his right hand which had been curled into a fist. Twisting his entire body with the punch he put all the power he could behind the punch and when he closed the final inches he started to twirl his fist slightly to add even more force behind it.

"I think it is time to kick this up a few stages don't you?!" Ralf had suddenly yelled this at the last possible moment available to him before he had started his attack, he had also locked his gaze with Evan just to make sure he could notice how determined Ralf was in this sudden change of tactics.

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11 Re: Someone needs to loosen up(Private/Ralf) on Mon May 02, 2016 2:00 pm


Ralf was good. No doubt, and as the atmosphere changed, so did Evan. Jumping back and brushing his hair back, he took on the killer persona, one that he always was when he was on mission’s. He licked his lips. He was ready. A punch was sent his way, and Evan telegraphed his dodge. He stutter-stepped back. He made sure to lock eyes with Ralf. This guy was gutsy, and he liked it. He would sway from left to right, assuming the snake-like stance from before, but there wasn’t a lag on his moves now. No. They were fast, and the swaying was to both throw them off, and make it easier to dodge.

He’d attempt to throw a punch, no, he’d snap a punch at Ralf’s head. Aura or not, a giant and his punches still hurt. Especially since it was Evan, who had the leverage of height, even with Ralf being super tall. This side of Evan meant he was enjoying the fight, and this also meant that he was a lot dangerous.

Whether he hit Ralf or not, he’d snap his hand back and continue swaying, his stamina not having taken a hit yet.

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12 Re: Someone needs to loosen up(Private/Ralf) on Mon May 02, 2016 2:06 pm

Ralf chuckled lightly as he suddenly grabbed the ground with his free hand and by doing so lower his head just enough to avoid Evans strike. Ralf the grabbed the ground with both hands and curled up before kicking with both of his feet at Evans lower torso trying to send him sliding across the area. "Now is this not fun eh!?" it would almost seem like something within Ralf's mind had suddenly snapped as his eyes turned from feral to a mix of happy and insane.

Evan was clearly someone Ralf could go out completely against and this please him to no end, finally one that would enjoy it just as much a himself and might even push him to grow far beyond his current level of skill. "Hahahaha! yes more this is wonderful finally another that I can really turn my self loose upon!"

Ralf was now cackling with glee as the fight went on, this would end only when he either couldn't move or he had bested Evan he had to win there was nothing else that mattered he could not be seen as weak now. No there was no way he could fail here he had to win no matter what might happen victory was the only outcome he would accept.

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13 Re: Someone needs to loosen up(Private/Ralf) on Tue May 03, 2016 1:32 pm

He leaned his body inward, narrowly dodging the kick. The guy was good, and that pleased Evan to no end. He felt they were kindred souls, except for one thing he wasn’t sure of. Did Ralf like puns? He’d have to figure that out, right here, and right now.

“I guess that with you growing feral as the fight goes on, you could arrange a floral on your opponent's grave.”

He laughed, and then stared at Ralf, awaiting every movement. Every second, he waited for something He waited for the breath to draw in, just right. He, on the third breath on after he spoke, would sprint forward, and like a snake, fire off three shots, each time he drew his hand back as soon as it hit, or was dodged. Simply as that, which made Evan grateful that his combat could be both fast and complex, but also fairly simple.

If he hit all three, it’d be a simple thing as getting back before Ralf could strike back.

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14 Re: Someone needs to loosen up(Private/Ralf) on Tue May 03, 2016 1:41 pm

Ralf chuckled lightly at the the pun but before he could respond he noticed the attack, crap he had been too slow and got his by the first. Growling slightly louder he managed to dodge the next two attacks before he closed the gab between the two and aimed three kicks towards Evan's upper torso, it would seem he was aiming towards disabling his ability to move fluidly with his snake style.

"Would you not make puns, they are un-bear-able" cackling slightly he couldn't help but be swept up into Evans pace when it came to the puns, normally he would just have laughed and left it at that but there was something about Evan that just made Ralf enjoy the whole situation even more.

Within his own mind Ralf noticed something wasn't right, why was he thinking so much about his oponent and not just fighting aimlessly like he normally did. Could it be that Evan was this much of a threat to his skill that Ralf had to go all out against him, no that couldn't be it, Evan was skilled that was no lie but he couldn't be that good or could he.

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15 Re: Someone needs to loosen up(Private/Ralf) on Tue May 03, 2016 1:52 pm

After landing his first hit, he had been unable to shake loose any others. After leaping back, Ralf went close. Evan knew what he was doing. God. Ralf was a great fighter. He managed to dodge two of the kicks, but one hit him in the center of the chest. He stumbled back, and stretched his arm. He couldn’t decide to intimidate or not, so he went with not. He shifted his stance akin to a wall, and it was clearly a defensive stlye. He was ready to break Ralf’s arm or anything he struck with.

His breath went in slow, his eyes were analytical. It was clear that, even beyond this calculating, he was enjoying himself. It was shown in his smile, among other things. The fact that he was still fighting and not being overly agressive means that he thought Ralf was dangerous, but he had to admit. Ralf’s turkey was good. A chuckle came out, while he just stood, waiting. He wasn’t going to be the one to start the fight, again.

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16 Re: Someone needs to loosen up(Private/Ralf) on Tue May 03, 2016 1:59 pm

Ralf smiled as one of his kicks connected, but then he noticed how Evan was standing and he just started laughing. After a few moments he grabbed a soda can from his pocket and finished it within moments before letting out a burp.

"Oh no you don't. I am not falling for that one." as he finished speaking he grabbed the ground with his arm, just as it was looking like he would move towards Evan he quickly grabbed three rocks and hurled them towards Evan aiming once more for his upper shoulder. It was clear that Ralf was not going into close quarter combat while Evan was holding that stance.

"So what is it going to be Evan, going to turtle up or are you going to charge me?"

Ralf laughed for a few more moments before entering another combat stance, this one seemed more relax then normal as his hands where hanging besides his body while he slightly moved his feet around in circle patters.

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17 Re: Someone needs to loosen up(Private/Ralf) on Tue May 03, 2016 4:17 pm

Ralf downed a soda and threw some rocks. Evan caught each rock, and crushed them in his hand. He had a pun for this.

“I guess that my defence is…rock solid

If you can’t beat them by force, beat them by pun. Make them feel this pun-ishment. He continued to chuckle. He was super amused, super happy and just generally in a good mood. He decided to shift his stance just as Ralf did.

[i] ‘I guess the two of us really are equal. Maybe I’m a bit better, if not because I have the experience of combat, but it seems like he’d been in a few tussles himself. I’ve faced meaner and greener guys that went down a lot faster, so he’s truly something. I like it.’ Evan thought.

His stance was close to a wrestler, but something was off about it. The arms a little lower, the back arched a bit more. It was known that it was easy to counter smaller guys doing it, but Evan? Certainly not small. If he was small then Annie was big, and that chick was barely breaking five foot. The miniature woman had some scary strength.

“You remind me of a friend of mine. He’s a red-haired wonder, Jeeves, but he never has fun fighting. He’s damn effective, but he never has fun. You fight like he does, but boy are you much more fun. Also. Hit me up with a large soda after this fight.”

Evan would then rush Ralf, with full force. The goal was to tackle the guy down, by ramming shoulder first into his stomach, and then bringing him up and down on his back. Proper takedown technique aside, it was damn effective when a man as big as Evan rammed into you.

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