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Peaceful afternoon in Bellmuse [Private]

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26 Re: Peaceful afternoon in Bellmuse [Private] on Wed May 11, 2016 9:26 pm

Maeva could feel the the warming yet cool breeze again, this time it seemed stronger and less randomly appearing as she could nearly follow the flow of it. The girl was able to stand up, slowly but surely, and she tried to look around for any dimming shadows around her for a path to follow. Although, after a moment the breeze could be felt coming from every direction, it was nice and reassuring, but it didn't helped to find her way out. Though... after a few moments of turning around and staring into the darkness, she decided to close her eyes as she didn't really need them and tried to listen instead, in hope of catching even the faintest murmur of the voice she heard before. If she wouldn't be able to follow a breeze or a light, she'd try to be guide by a voice instead.

Maeva tried her best to recall the voice she heard, even if she only faintly heard it for a moment. It was the only idea she had for now so she would go to the end of it. She waited for what seemed like an eternity before finally hearing something. "...oing... dear... here... safety..." She felt an incredible warmness coming from the words as she began to walk towards them in her abyss. She had the feeling she would finally be out if she continued as she heard more words coming and this time they were clearer. "...think you c... open your eyes... make me happy..." At those, Maeva tried, she opened her eyes slowly only to see the curtains of the dark slowly opening back to the world outside, she was free again...

Maeva opened her eyes slowly, back among the living. She felt something wet and cold on her forehead that seemed to helped and she could hear voices around, but her vision was still blurry and couldn't make up anything of her surrounding. At least she was back. She managed to whisper softly. "W-where... where am I? What happened?"

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27 Re: Peaceful afternoon in Bellmuse [Private] on Fri May 13, 2016 1:19 pm

Hyght Briggs
Hyght nodded to himself as he exited the little store front nearby. A moment after Charlotte had begun moving the young woman to a new spot, the young baker took the opportunity to grab something for her to eat and some fresh water to drink. The transaction took less than five minutes and before long he was back with the group. With the items in hand Hyght found himself witness to the arachnid faunus woman feeding the unconscious girl a palm full of webbing. Sudden panic flashed through him but was quickly reigned in when memory of an old textbook dawned on him. The thin, sticky silk that a spider produces from its spinneret is a protein fiber used to make their webs. Hyght’s mind clung to the fact it was supposedly protein heavy and looked down at the protein bar in his hand and motioned to further calm himself from his panic. “How is she?” He asked, noticing the gentle breeze the purple haired faunus was generating with his wings. “I brought some fresh water and something for her to eat.” He said showing the protein bar and bottle of water.

As if on cue, the lids of the girl’s eyes slowly creeped open, allowing the glossy, crimson orbs to scan the world around her. She opened her mouth and Hyght almost missed what she managed to whisper. “Miss.” Hyght said calmly, letting his presence be known to her as to not cause surprise of a panicked reaction. “Miss, my name is Hyght. The young woman here is Charlotte and the young man there is Azazel.” He gestured to each of the individuals with the bottle of water. “You seemed to have fainted a few moments ago. How do you feel?” He asked, keeping in mind not to stand too close, one could never tell if invading the personal space of another would be the cause of a negative reaction.

As the girl attempted her response Hyght’s mind flashed back to the last time he was surrounded by nothing by Faunus. The fear he felt, the threats from the voice over his shoulder, the heat of the voice in his ear, and the horrified look of the young faunus girl he tried to help. They all came back to him in as if attempting to make him relive those moments. With time he had learned to push those things away but he wondered how long until the feeling of that night would go away.

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28 Re: Peaceful afternoon in Bellmuse [Private] on Wed May 18, 2016 2:17 pm

Azazel Macross
The ebony winged boy nodded to the the spider woman's statement and request. "Good point.  She is shaded enough here. And yes I can continue to fan her but not for long as I have to go and look after my little sister, she's only a year younger than me but she's such a child still, completely unable to perform even the simplest tasks by herself." Azazel let out a sigh as he though about his dolt of a sister, "That's the reason I overreacted when this girl passed out, she reminds me of Saria a lot so I just felt the need to protect her, ya know?" Azazel continued to lightly fan the smaller faunus as he looked at the Human boy and spider Faunus for a moment, So you two are students at yne right? I don't believe I caught your names. I'm Azazel Macross. 2nd year. Nice to meet you..." He finished with a small wave.

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29 Re: Peaceful afternoon in Bellmuse [Private] on Thu May 19, 2016 3:12 pm

Charlotte Monochrome
"Ah~ Brilliant my dears, I thank you~ You are both doing marvelously~ In fact, all three of you are it would seem. The blue haired darling as awakening, please make yourself quiet. I am her bed and thus do feel I should perform bedside manner~ We mustn't shock her, otherwise her health may once more decline~"

The large spider faunus turned, dainty hands gently rubbing her shoulders, "It's alright my dear, you're safe. No one's here to hurt you, we're simply here to help you. Are you feeling alright? Would you like a drink? Something to eat? Oh... my apologies, as the boy said, I am Charlotte Monochrome; you fell just over ten minutes ago and have been resting on my back ever since. Do not worry, you're not being a perfect patient~ I am a medical student in training at Syne Academy, please lie in peace. Simply speaking for me is brilliant, can you tell me your name? Little pieces about your life if you're willing~ Just speak your mind even, make yourself comfortable~"

Once more she began to move the cloth from the girl's forehead, gently wetting around her eyes as they seemed to blindly search for something to latch onto. She made sure her smiling face was in view as she dabbed around her cheeks and returned the compress to her forehead.

"She appears to be recovering well, and Az I am a first year student. It is nice to meet one who has been at the school for longer~ This may be my first encounter with a second year," Her eyes returned to the patientl, Oh, my manners. Once more I apologize. Is there anything you'd like dear?"

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30 Re: Peaceful afternoon in Bellmuse [Private] on Wed Jun 22, 2016 10:35 pm

As Maeva slowly opened her eyes, she caught glances of people around her as she was lying down on something that had an unfamiliar texture. She didn't really care about what it was and tried to focus on the people. The blue-haired girl quickly recognized Azazel who was currently using his wings to give her some shade, then the other two were unknown to her. The other man introduced himself as Hyght and the girl as Charlotte and the mouse faunus nodded to them after hearing each of their names as she tried to answer the barrage of questions she was asked by the two. Well, Hyght asked one while Charlotte went with multiples and nearly sounded like a mother with how much she seemed to care. Mae also immediately recognize her voice as the one she heard in that abyss, which made her voice even more pleasant to hear.

Maeva felt not so bad and was able to answer them after a moment. "I'm Maeva, thanks for the help everyone... I think I'll be fine, I just need to rest a little." Her eyes then looked away for a while, staring straight at nothing as she was pondering over that 10 minutes that she apparently spent fainted, 10 minutes that felt like ages to her. Feeling the compress on her forehead and how comfortable she currently was, the mouse seemed to begin to drift to sleep as it seemed like her meeting with the abyss drained a lot of energy from her. "I think... I think I'll take a nap... just wake me up in an hour or two... I'll feel better then..." It didn't take long for her to actually fall asleep, but at least she was safe and as long as she'd wake up in a familiar place or among a friendly face she'd be alright.


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31 Re: Peaceful afternoon in Bellmuse [Private] on Thu Jun 23, 2016 2:02 am

Hyght Briggs
Words exchanged without a sense of tension. Introductions were made and the gestures of familiarity circulated. Hyght found himself looking from the two others to the nearly unconscious girl and found himself surprised by the eerie sense of calm that seemed to have hold of them all, himself included. Was it because the young girl was in no immediate danger or had Hyght just become accustom to the strangeness that seemed to surround Syne and the city of Bellmuse? Either way the young, portly man gave Azazel, a second year at the academy, a nod and offered his name and year in response. "Hyght. First year. I'm undecided." He added with Charlotte's mention of her focus as a medical student.

The young girl said little as she climbed from her unconsciousness but seemed too weak to stay up and descended back into the loving embrace of sleep. For a breath Hyght felt sudden worry for Maeva's health but it quickly subsided as he noticed the steady rise and fall of her chest. With a small sigh he nodded. "Well then; not to rain on this fun little location but I think we should get her moved back to the Academy." As Hyght spoke he pulled his Scroll from his pocket and navigated to the student index and typed in Maeva's name and was surprised to find her the only one with that name. "Convenient." He purred and selected her thumbnail and felt a sense of creepiness as he noticed he could see what room was her's.

"I hope this doesn't make me a creep but this feels super creepy." He said and offered the room number to Charlotte. "I figure I'll tag along until we get her to her room. Unless you object."

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32 Re: Peaceful afternoon in Bellmuse [Private] on Fri Jun 24, 2016 8:06 am

Azazel Macross
As the girl started slowly opening her eyes Azazel breathed a sigh of relief. She was okay at least, a bit tired for now it would seem, but okay. He spoke, "I'm glad to see that you're okay little one. You had me worried for a moment. I thought you might not wake up again but its a relief to see that you are up and well." Looking at the others who were present he gave a soft smile seeing that they looked as relieved as he did, "There is something about you, something... special. None of us here know you and yet you have managed to make us care about your well being to such an extent. I imagine the fact also extends to our general common decency and compassion as people but its a strange thing, the compassion you feel for those you do not know... sorry I'm rambling on aren't I? You'll find I do that quite often, especially when a certain coffee drinking bear Faunus is involved... damn coffee hoarding piece of... sorry, doing it again. Anyway, I really have to go. I'm already late to lunch with my little sis'. Its been nice meeting you all, hopefully I'll see you at school."
With that the boy flapped his wings mightily and took off through the skies of bellmuse.


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33 Re: Peaceful afternoon in Bellmuse [Private] on Sat Jun 25, 2016 2:48 am

Charlotte Monochrome
"I do not~" The spider faunus informed the human, though she frowned lightly as the winged faunus suddenly vanished into the sky. He could at least have stayed to await their goodbyes and thanks, if not to see the girl he was seemingly so worried about home.

She turned back to the blue haired marvel, gently checking her impromptu bobble and forehead temperature; finding everything quite normal. She attempted to gently sooth her into a deeper sleep before they would move, gently massaging her shoulders; "It's alright darling~ It's okay. You can trust us, we'll look after you. Just let yourself rest, let yourself get comfortable~"

She gently arranged the woman, sorting her sleeping position to the best possible while on her back before gently using her semblance to stick her in place. Primed for transportation and as comfortable as possible. But in her movements the spider faunus had felt something additional. An additional fixture, long, tucked at the back of her trousers. So she was a faunus. The spider smiled, gently petting her head. Poor thing was too afraid to show her trait in public perhaps, she shouldn't take it as ugliness for certain. Any part of a person was a pretty part~

The spider faunus finally turned back to the probable human; "While I understand that taking her to her room is potentially the first thing to come to mind, perhaps we should take her to my house~ Of course, with my additional trimmings, I couldn't stay in the school dormitories. They weren't made for me. By the time we venture up the hill to the school, or the time we have to wait for an air ship, she may already wake up. Moving her in such a way may wake her up even, so please, do accompany us. I feel it looks less creepy, as you said, if we go together. People are less likely to take face value and assume I'm steeling her away to eat her as I'm sure so many bigots would."

The spider faunus smiled primly at her undecided acquaintance before beginning the trek, "It's only a few miles, hours less than to the school for certain. I can craft her a bed and prepare her a meal, send her off with something when she awakens~ As for you however, fellow student, have you considered medicine for your major? You seem to have the aptitude and mindset~"

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34 Re: Peaceful afternoon in Bellmuse [Private] on Sat Jun 25, 2016 3:55 am

Hyght Briggs
With the beat of his wings Azazel took to the sky. Hyght watched the proceeding with mild awe as the young man lifted into the air and sped away, the deafening phew-phew-phew of his wings were all he heard for a moment. The young baker used his hood as a makeshift mask to keep any sand and dust particulates from flying into his face. The winged youth hadn't stayed to assist in escorting the young girl to safety, though Hyght felt it was only proper he held no ill will toward the man's choice.

The bespectacled human turned his attention from the sky to the remaining two individuals. Charlotte had leaned close and was whispering softly into Maeva's ear, whatever it was he could not make out, however he felt it was something to reassure the unconscious girl. Once finished the spider-faunus turned her attention to Hyght and spoke, accepting and requesting his assistance and presence. She comically felt onlookers like think she were taking the young girl to her lair to eat her. This bit of scenery made Hyght chuckle. "If that were the case I would think you would go for the meatier of the two." He said patting his rounded stomach. "I'd be the more likely of choices."

Despite his jovial tone Hyght had become aware of how easy it was to think horrible thoughts about someone based on their appearance. Since coming to Syne it had happened to him and after that incident he had found himself doing a similar thing. After a talk with a friend he had worked on fixing the knee jerk reaction of that. While it still happened on occasion it was no longer an immediate thought.

"I imagine you live near campus then." He stole a glance to the arachnid body Charlotte had and found himself curious of how delicate her limbs were. As normal spiders limbs were fragile he assumed her appendages had grown to be as strong as a human limb. Realizing he had been staring her torn his eyes away. "Sorry." He said and forced himself to look ahead. Charlotte smiled and started their journey toward her house. If she had been bothered by the stare she didn't seem to show it and moved right along into a question of his major. Hyght pondered the question for a moment before he shrugged.

"I'm not sure." He said simply. "I guess I could, but I have many interests. I love tinkering with weaponry, learning new Dust applications- I even have tried cooking it into my foods, though I haven't seen it do much yet. I'm a researcher and a cook, I want to be able to help people and watch over them so they don't suffer at the claws of Grimm." He took a moment to sigh and catch his breath again. "I don't even know what my semblance is. Though I'm not sure why that would really help determine my major." Hyght shook his head and ruffled his hair. "Sorry, I'm rambling now. I guess I just unsure of what I'd like to focus on. There's so many students focusing on combat majors that I feel I don't need to go into that. Hell, with my fighting ability it'd be a power choice anyway." He chuckled halfheartedly.

With a moment of silence he attempted to swap focus. "What about you? Why made you decide on a Medical Major?"

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