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Dust 101 and a half (Open/class)

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1 Dust 101 and a half (Open/class) on Sun May 01, 2016 2:22 am

The sound of chalk creaking against a blackboard filled the room as Toriera hand dances across it. She hated the part of the day she had to write out all her formulas and theories on the board. She was asked in the beginning rather she wanted a whiteboard instead, but in the end, she declined it. She liked the old school feel of chalk in her hand rather than a marker. So if she was going to have write things out she rather it be with what she liked. The lecture this day wasn't anything too tricky as she was more or less picking up where her last class ended. The discussion of the origin of Dust. Something that most never think about or even care about. Not that she could blame them really. It has become such a key part of life that we hardly think about it, much like where does our air come from.

Her hand danced another foot on the board as she smiled coming to the end. Half happy she was done and half wondering if she would even use this or not. She had a bad habit of letting her class roll off her lesson plan on most days. Those were the good days in her opinion as it meant the student stop being lazy and actually participated in class. Where days she just went by the books were days she wanted to stop class and tells everyone to leave. She hopes today would be like the first. Toriera even had a good feeling about today for some reason. She even woke up feel good, no hangover or anything. Aways a good sign. She even felt good enough to dress like a proper teacher for once rather than a lazy office worker. Her rainbow hair was hanging free, but brushed for once, hanging slightly over her shoulders. She wore a white and pink fashion shirt with black pinstripes along with a wit a long skirt with a split to the side to show a little leg.

Reaching up and fixing her glasses the woman smiled as walked back to her desk to wait for the students. With a wave of her hand, Toriera semblance came to life forming a seat that only her eyes could see. With a little hop up into the air, she would take her seat making her appeared to be floating in the air in front of her desk. Quickly fixing her skirt to make presentable the woman sat back with a smile as she waited for the next class.

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2 Re: Dust 101 and a half (Open/class) on Sun May 01, 2016 5:21 pm

Alric Lancelot
It did not surprise the silvery haired boy that he was the first to arrive. He marched down the hall with purpose as his coat hung over his shoulders like a hero's cape as he proceeded into the class room. Just receiving his scroll from the office, he was calibrating it the entire trip to the class. Dust was not something he was avid on learning about, but he needed to at the very least understand its properties.

Alric was so early that the teacher was still preparing along the board, he wasn't going to interrupt and just simply sat himself down in the front. The ashen haired boy leaned back into the chair, placing his fist under his cheek while observing his paradoxical teacher. With her multi colored hues and much more bubbly demeanor. When she sat down on what he presumed to be a stool, he nodded silently to acknowledge his professor's existence considering how early the achromatic boy was.

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3 Re: Dust 101 and a half (Open/class) on Mon May 02, 2016 6:06 am



Kei had gotten the start time of the class completely wrong, and ended up showing up on campus a few hours earlier than he should have. This being the case, Kei made his way up to his dorm room. Kei actually owned a small apartment outside of the academy in Bellmuse Central and lived there. Despite this, he still kept the dorm room the academy issued him, not telling them of his residence in Bellmuse Central. His dorm room served less as a living room and more as a storage room for him. His dorm room had four bunks in it, so Kei was pretty sure there were other students who also shared same dorm as him, but he never has actually met them before. Not that he really wanted to though.

Sliding a locked footlocker out from under his bed, Kei opened it to reveal several bottles of hard liquor. To him, the best way to kill time was to drink it away...


Kei bumped into the door of the classroom as he stumbled in, having trouble keeping himself balanced on his feet. Other than his usual combat/daily attire with all of his equipment concealed on him, Kei had brought nothing else, like a notebook or pen like one usually would bring to a class.

"Heyyy~," Kei slurred as he spoke to the colorful professor, Toriera, who he had actually never met before, "YOu look wunderful today."

Kei didn't wait for a response though, as he began to make his way, stumbling to the back of the classroom. In the process of doing so, Kei acidently bumped into the corner of the desk of a student with silver hair that he hadn't also met before.

"Sorrry *hic*", Kei rudely said before continuing to make his way to the back of the classroom. Pulling a chair out from under a desk farthest from the front of the classroom, Kei fell into it, and slouched back into it with bad posture.

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4 Re: Dust 101 and a half (Open/class) on Tue May 03, 2016 1:21 am

Liona Mimiko

Liona Current Outfit

Liona Grabbed her bag from her desk chair and began to leave her room, Passing by her mirror one last time and stopping to look at herself one last time. Still had hair? Still had ears? Still had clothes? Cool. Time to go. She thought, flipping the light switch off as she headed out the door. She was on her way to class, a Class on a subject that she had always enjoyed. Though she was very unsure of what she wanted to do whenever she graduated, She did know she wanted her future to have something to do with Dust. Whether it be Combat or Analysis or anything in between. It was something she had been interested since childhood, and she always enjoyed learning about it. Granted, she was not a big fan of the teacher, despite not actually knowing her, but one has to make dues with the obstacles blocking their path to greatness.

Though it took a bit to walk to the lecture halls from the dormitories, The Feline Faunus eventually reached the classroom with plenty of time to spare. Walking inside, Liona noticed that she had not been the first to arrive, which was not surprising. Of course, as long as she was not actually tardy, Liona didn't care much. However, looking around, she DID care about the people who had already shown up, and she was pretty disappointed. It's fine, I'll just have to ignore them, she thought to herself. She made her way to the front of the room, taking care to leave at least 3 to 5 seats between herself and the platinum haired human who had already been sitting up there. Past the front row, A woman who Liona assumed to be The instructor sat on air, which the cat could only assume had something to do with a semblance of sorts. It was definitely interesting, Curious even, but Liona refrained from asking. Instead, she sat herself down and removed her belongings from her bag, placing her text book in front of her, her notebook next to it, and a pen on top of the notebook. With that, the only thing left to do was wait.

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5 Re: Dust 101 and a half (Open/class) on Tue May 03, 2016 12:17 pm

Angelina Luna

Angelina Luna

Early was on time, on time was late, late... that's unacceptable. This was Angelina's mindset as she strode from her dorms to the academy. Being held up by so many outside forces beyond her control she paraded with a unique combination of fervor and finesse making her way to the class by simply dancing around many of the other students as if they were standing still. Twirling, and striding in between them, her bags and dust cartridges thumping along the sides of the bag and her lithe form she finally reached the class room and fixed her hair with a simple few strokes of her fingers she waltzed in quietly.

She pouted ever so slightly that again, she was not the first one inside. However several fascinating things caught her attention. The first was the seemingly eccentric professor. Rainbow strands of hair? She was surprised the outfit was so dignified despite its clear attempt to make her curves more pronounced. Angelina just averted her gaze while she walked up the pews. She then saw her fellow Faunus, subconsciously she sat next to her, the woman was in the front showing that she was attentive and she was a faunus, better than the alternative. Her long blonde locks contrasted with Angelina's short silvery strands, but their height was nearly identical despite Angelina's much more notable bust.

She then looked back, she saw a student who was clearly haphazard in some way with very little regard to his posture or his crudeness. She simply let out an audible "Tsk" before glancing once more at the last student. An... Albino? Like her? He had an air about him that much different than the usual sludge of faceless slack jawed buffoons that graced these halls in a usual basis..She was only half excited. She had never seen one such as her, but she wouldn't fret over it turning back to the front of the class which was her main focus. Being a duster herself, she wanted to know more about dust, especially hearing about the effects it had on one's body. She was intrigued.

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