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Salvosword upgrading (Lv2-Lv3)

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1 Salvosword upgrading (Lv2-Lv3) on Sun May 01, 2016 9:14 pm

The day was warm as she awoke early as the norm she made her way out of the room still in her sleeping cloths wraps around her chest and some spandex shorts. Today was maintenance day for her sword. every 2 weeks she took a day to just to clean the mechanisms and keep the blade in a sharp pristine condition. "oh what a morning... Cant believe i'm still alive i feel so stiff from that fight an my horn still hurts...." It was proving to be a nusince her horn as it seemed this time rather then having just broke it fractured in places and would take a good amount of time to heal up. Well on her way to the Workshop of the school she picked up her sword and head to the training hall. While he she did some ealry morning practice. mostly it was dodging and rolling to the side.

For over a hour merlynn practiced swinging the sword to fling her self back and avoid attack from a basic dummy target. She was wishing she was home becuase the fact she still had clothes on training bothered her. but because she was on school ground she had to be proper...kinda. soon her training came to using it as a real sword she struck back at the dummy with blows that slashed at the ground as she brought it back up and around in a figure eight manner training seeing the balance in her sword was still up to snuff as well as keeping her self in shape while swinging such a weapon. Her swings even for such a large weapon never lacked speed one would think you loose. She was having fun none the less, After all she was thinking about what kinda of dish to make for Angelina. At one point merlynn stated to get a little more athletic, she started to bring the hilt more to her core hold the blade out parallel with the ground and jumps backwards keeping the blade at a balanced point that she could work with. landing on her feet she slipped and landed on her ass and groan as she laid on her back looking up.

Getting up she grasped where sword coking up on the hilt and took off like ballerina angling the sword enough just to skim the floor and left three large rings in the floor as she had move forward for her attack her sword was held in one hand now straight out angling to the sky while her body was in a half turn. the dummy before her was gashed three times each was just above the other. she looked at the dummy and brought sword large sword to a rest on her shoulder. "i guess its time to stop floundering around.. i need to get you polished, sharpened and oil your gears..." merlynn sighed as she left the training dummy but as she left it fell apart, her final slash had cut it in half but she wouldn't know.

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2 Re: Salvosword upgrading (Lv2-Lv3) on Sat May 07, 2016 5:38 pm

once in the tech room merlynn begins to disassemble her sword, fist off was to remover the pommel lever, this was the key part to holding the sword together under great stress. taking it off took some effort even merlyn had to use her sembalance to remove it with out ruining the sword. "whew i forgot i put that on so tight.... alright now the rest should just fall out like a easy puzzle." now the sword came apart like nothing every piece was disassembled she cleaned what she could of the hidden gears and swivels and levers that operated her dust launcher. merlynn in her distracted mind was thinking about Angelina like a silly little fawn. "What do i see in her, gah if my mother found out i had a crush on another doe she be pissed....." she groans as she dripped some oil in the joins of the dust launcher. In a way this troubled the rather strong doe, maybe it was because Angelina seemed frail like a snowflake? that's what it was it had to be right? well all questioning aside merlynn put every thing back together and looked over her sword. The blades length was a disadvantaged but with the advantage of keeping enemy's at bay, this style of fighting was old, every one would think getting close to her would solve the distance issues but the sword had its own balance to it able to fend off even the close range fighter with ease, it was all a matter of hand place meant on the sword's hilt. while she was here she took the time to sharpen the swords blade looking for any stress fractures or cracks in the sword. how she sharpened her sword it would take hours to do the whole blade so she made sure that today was her free day to do this. taking the sharpening tools she slowly drag it along the blade lubricating it with mineral oil, to test how sharp she would only touch her finger to the edge if it did not draw blood she had to continue on that side. after about 6 hours of slaving over her swords blade her fingers cut up becuase of her mind wondering merlynn tightened every thing up. it was another uneventful day of maintenance, merlyn looked at her bust as she grasped her swords hilt hin both hands squishing her arms together to give her soft puppys a slight squish to them she sighs. "Once again you are done and i'm here alone.... talking to my self... dreaming of a doe.... can my life get any more confusing for me?" she said then practiced swinging a couple of times and trusted, the sword was balance her fingers stung because of the small cuts and her body smelled of mineral oil and rust, this doe needed a shower. she practiced a few more swing practicing stopping and attacking a glass tube, being careful not to break it. this practice was to get her used to using it at its weight. once done she left the room having cleaned up her space, once again her sword was now one step closer to being complete

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