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Ser Lothric Ember

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1 Ser Lothric Ember on Mon May 02, 2016 4:05 pm

Ser Lothric Ember
Enrollment Form

Basic info

Name: Ser Lothric Ember
Age: 21
Birthday: 29.05
Gender: Male.
Race: Human.
Height: 200 cm
Weight: 97 kg
Face Claim: No idea who it is.

Aura 150|150 HP

Major: Combat: Specialized Hunter.
Likes: Fire, Duel, socializing.
Dislikes: Cowards, bullies, White fang.
Fears: Failure, isolation, death of a friend.
Overall Personality: Lothric is a friendly individual and likes to be around people that he trust. Having a slight obsession with fire and how destructive and beautiful it can be as well as how it marks everything it touches and blesses it with the so called scar tissue. While he enjoys fighting he prefers to do it in a more civil manner which is why he will never say he enjoys fighting but that he enjoys a duel and will defend his point of view on it unto death.

Lothric can not stand cowards, now cowards to him are people that are not necessarily weak of scared but those that hide behind scheming and the use of others with lies and trickery. He also loathes those who push around the weak, or as they are commonly called bullies, Lothric takes a guilty pleasure in showing these people the error of their ways mostly after beating them to a pulp. Due to a few run inns with the terrorist group Lothric has a sour taste in his mouth about them and will always state his opinion of them if given the chance and has no qualms about ending the lives of those who support them.

If there is anything Lothric fears the most it is the thought of failure, in his mind if he should fail those close to him would no longer wish his presence and he would mostly due to the fear and shock of having his inner most fear shown just shut down mentally. He also fears for the safety of those he calls friends and always has a lingering thought in the back of his mind what he would do if he where to loose those precious to him and that thought scares him immensely. Lothric also fears of being isolated from other, he would never admit it but he is scared of being alone with him self due to the potential of what he could become if he where to ever face his inner demons, and he fears that he will never be strong enough to face them on his own.

Aura type: Recovery: Recovers 5+Sp per post.
Aura Color: Fire Red.
Semblance: Pyrokinesis: The ability to create and control fire. There are certain conditions needed to create fire, firstly there must be oxygen, heat and fueld. Secondly he must have a visual on all three of the materials for it to work, and third he must produce a spark to start the entire process.

Item 1: Weapon: Sanctus Ignis is the sword of Lothric, a two handed sword with a magnesium strip going down the middle of the blade from the handle to the tip. The blade is 170cm in length, 20 cm in width and is 10 cm thick.

Item 2: Armor: (physical) Ignem Sudarium is the armor of Lothric. The armor was forged by Lothric himself with the use of his Pyrokinesis. The metal has thus taken on a brass/golden and charred coloration. The red pieces of clothing are covered with different ways to say "Fire & Flame", and the blue tabard has the name and insignia of his family placed upon it as well as the emblem for Syne.

History and Sample
Being born into a wealthy family Lothric was brought up as a spoiled single child to his parents. Groomed into taking his fathers place as head of the Ember company it seemed that Lothric's fate was all but sealed, this was all before his semblance came forth and violently it did. Scorching the family cabin into nothing but ash Lothric had been trapped within the raging inferno for five days before it suddenly died out, his survival was told to be a miracle but he knew exactly what had happened and started to train himself in the use of his semblance as well as picking up sword fighting and forging his own set of armor.

While training Lothric was ambushed by some White Fang members, and after a short chase they seemed to have captured him but before they could celebrate Lothric let out a devilish chuckle as the house they where all within suddenly burst into flame. While the White Fang members desperately tried to escape Lothric just started to laugh manically while he watched them slowly burn to death, and as he cherished their dying screams he stood up and extinguished the flames before heading outside and returned home with a new passion.

Years went by and Lothric suddenly revealed to his parents that he was going to become a Huntsman so that he could purify the grimm with fire and steel as it should be. His father not to thrilled by the idea gave Lothric an ultimatum, he could chase this foolish dream and be cast out or he could come to his senses and follow in his fathers footsteps. With rage in his heart and hatred in his eyes Lothric turned away from his parents and walked out the door while only saying a silent goodbye before leaving them behind.
RP Sample:
"So this is the famous morgue that the White Fang use to hide them selves from the authorities." Lothric looked down upon the gathered members before he let out a chilling laugh, one of the members was about to speak but before he could Lothric used his swords magnesium strip to conjured a fireball which he hurled towards the man and hit him square in the face. The resulting screaming and panic made him smile as he continued to walk towards the members and cutting down the few who dared to attack him, clearly these where are newly recruited civilians or he would have had a much harder time.

He then drew a circle around him with the sword and conjured forth a flaming pillar which hit the wooden roof and then spread to the walls and exits making sure that none would escape his purification. "Pray to whatever you wish and beg for mercy. Because I shall show you none!" as he started laughing he moved towards the only open exit and as he passed through it the fire pillar exploded into a shower of flame as it started to engulf the building.

"Once more these worthless scum feel my wrath and the purification of my flames. Deliver them onto death my sweet embracing flames, they should feel honored by your embrace."  

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