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Twice as bright, half as short! [Open]

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1 Twice as bright, half as short! [Open] on Mon May 02, 2016 5:37 pm


Ser Lothric Ember

It was a sunny day, no clouds on the sky as far as the eye could see. There was a certain silence to the surrounding area around the Training Arena, the odd bird here and there could be heard but something seemed off somehow with how quiet it was. A sudden pillar of fire could be seen erupting from the arena, the sound of fire crackling against the sky was clear to all around as the pillar seemed to shift and bend as it seemed to change shape and distort in a manner that should not be doable even with pyrotechnics, a few moments after the pillar of fire ceased to exist as it went out with a massive fwoosh.

Within the arena Lothric stood surrounded by charred ground as embers still caught on his armor flickered in the wind, when he looked around himself he noticed that the marks where still not visible enough and seemed that he had yet to attain the strength with his fire that was the sole reason he was out here training.

As he silently cursed his own feeble nature he sheathed his sword once more before readying himself again. This time he would manage it, this time he had to manage it as there where not many more tries he could do before fainting then and there, but when it came to perfecting the beauty of his Pyrokinesis and the flames it produced he would gladly accept way more then just fainting and being left to the elements.

"Phew, alright. By the brilliance of flame and the grandiose nature of fire I will master this technique or perish doing so." it was clear to any one that heard him or had maybe seen the countless scorch marks on the ground that Lothric was determined to master this so called technique of his.

He widen the gap between his legs slightly and lowered his stance as he grabbed the hilt with his right hand and the sheath with his left. He then started to chant something silently and after a few more moments he drew his sword in a circular motion. As he did the sparks flew around and as sudden as they came they dissipated, had he failed, was he that tired, NO he would not fail not now! Suddenly the fire started to make a ring around him and as he lifted his sword up towards the sky the fire erupted into another fire pillar this one seemed to be at least twice as big as the last one.

After a few minuets it dissapated as the others but Lothric was satisfied, he had made progress and that was all that mattered, he was not quite there but it was not much farther now before he could finally say that he had mastered this technique as well.

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