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Maximilion Redcliff "Complete"

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1 Maximilion Redcliff "Complete" on Mon May 02, 2016 8:12 pm

Enrollment Form

[u">Basic info
Name: Maximillion Redcliff
Age: 27
Birthday: January 14th
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6'0
Weight: 195 lbs.
Face Claim: Heathcliff: Sword Art Online

STR: 5
DEF: 5
RES: 1
SPT: 1
Aura: 200
Health Points: 100

Major: Undecided
1.) Polite Conversations
2.) Intelligent Individuals
3.) Negotiations
4.) Written Tombs
5.) Herbal Tea
6.) Wines

1.) Inadequate Information
2.) Bullies or Unintelligent Individuals
3.) Loud or Un-need Noises
4.) Atrocious Literature
5.) Lack of Tea's
6.) Lack of Wine
7.) Not Being Properly Addressed as Sir, or Mr.

1.) Losing in General
2.) Overdose in Alcohol
3.) Losing His Family
4.) Not Meeting Expectations

Physical Appearance:

Standard Physical Appearance

Maximilion is notably stated to be a handsome man for his age, holding broad cheek bones and lines, a slender but elegantly broad chin and jawline, a slim nose with a medium width bridge line, with semi-wide nostrils. A shallow pointed tipped nose, and a considerably normal lip to nose gap, his lips often are kept in a standard straight expression unless he is amused, he will notably never show any emotion unless something peeks his interest. His chin is a very narrow tipped one that creeps up to a slender broad like jawline, this then curves up to his rather proportioned shaped cranium, his hair that lays upon it. Is grey in hue, and is noticeably noted to be shoulder length and always pulled back into a tight ponytail, Maximilion seems to show no remarkable traits other than his high risen broad cheek bones and his grayish tone orbs, but possibly the strands of hair that do hand from his forehead and curve off to the left side of his face.

Everyday (Class Attire-Role-play Fluff/Flavour)

What is noticed about Maximilion is his astounding choice of clothing, being that his attire consist of bright hued fabrics, most noted is his Crimsons red robes with white outlines and black belts. These hold several decor upon their form, in the symbols of crosses and star symbols, this robes are a normal choice for men of his family and are a custom fitted attire. Usually they are sleeveless and hold metal like ornaments, or are sleeved and hold metal inlay-ed plates between the fabric, this one is of the second type, long sleeves with metal plates inbetween the fabric, and reach to his ankles. Under the clothe can be seen as a black long sleeve shirt with white outines and red decor, sported by a pair of black trousers with red outlines and white decor, which are tucked under a simple pair of black shin high combat boots.


Everyday (Combat-Role-play Fluff/Flavour)

When not in class or in public attire, Maximilion is usual spotted in his families custom suit of armor, sporting a vivid crimson blood like hue and white outlines, all portraying crosses of white, and holding fabric around the waist. And dawning a ivory white cap upon the back, this suit of heavy plate armor is a marvelous sight indeed, having a large set of shoulder plates and a wide chestplate, this suit of armor is custom fitted for Maximilion only. Under the shell of high carbon steel, lies chain mail that helps with pesky spears that try to get between the gaps in the armors frame.


Overall Personality:


An extremely instinctive and perceptive individual, while holding an emphasized by the astute and witty nature, creating a being much like his dad, holding a sharp and savage exact senses. Much like his dad he is a brisk and clever individual that can undoubtedly make impeccable judgments quickly. Maximilion prides himself on his careful nature, an in number hard working attitude, and profoundly vigorous nature; on the other hand, there are times when he may turn out to be excessively hindered in the points of interest of the undertaking and neglect to imagine or finish the master plan. Besides, in light of the fact that he is such a sticklers, he may wind up tarrying and neglect to finish every one of the undertakings that Maximilion embarks to finish. More often than not, he utilizes the extensive supply of vitality to complete his occupation regardless of the fact that it winds up being taken a shot at finally. While he has much vitality he has a tendency to unwind after his work is finished, and frequently will pull back and invest some energy alone. Because of this he is inclined to amazing changes in feelings, and when he is exhausted of said vitality, he can fall into the profundities of hopelessness.

Amid his resting time, Maximilion appreciates profoundly enthusiastic and cozy discussions with dear companions, and very appreciates communicating through workmanship and composing. Indeed, Maximilion frequently feels so candidly solid that he finds himself able to effectively sympathize with others and interface with them on a much more profound level. While he regularly appreciate investing energy with a couple dear companions, he does once in a while appreciate collaborating a bigger gathering, and obviously, he additionally appreciate investing some time alone. He is likewise an extremely savvy and can puts solid accentuation on scholarly interests. Whenever thinking and making thoughts, he tends to take an exceptionally target methodology and may on occasion appear a bit candidly disconnected. In view of his solid target nature, Maximilion can impart and express his thoughts with mental dexterity; be that as it may, with such a variety of speculations, contemplations, and thoughts going through his minds. Maximilion as before said now and then experiences difficulty completing things, however different times he can't stay grounded truly.

Truth be told, Maximilion is a visionary, continually thinking yet not continually finishing and in addition others. In spite of the fact that this hopeful and unreasonable side of his identity is adjusted by an objective, scholarly and coherent nature, permitting him to break down circumstances completely and arrange painstakingly before he makes any kind of move. While he may consider and sway, he tries to infrequently commit any stupid errors, segregated he perhaps and not excessively enthusiastic now and again, notwithstanding being a stickler. He is quite often goal and impartial however he can make speedier calls than he loves. He is exceptionally individuals arranged however frequently more slanted toward the gathering than the person when he feels the should be like this. While holding his tendency much like his dad, Maximilion is a smart kindred much like his mom, he jumps at the chance to find out about others, take little clues from them. Little subtle elements that one would lose as different data and use it as his weapon. In spite of the fact that he is a conventional warrior, and can battle in any circumstance, he favors the more assertoric course and find more.

In spite of the fact that he gets a kick out of the chance to play psyche diversions, and can be fairly hard to beat, he permit others to surprise him, and he does regularly lose certain data to test himself. He is regularly viewed as a tricky, and mischievous individual, his psyche recreations are ones that include him being very and stature like. What's more, willing to watch and hold up, he has however been called kind, Maximilion is likewise this too, he is caring, mindful, and exceptionally well verse in chatting with others. Regularly found in bistro's speaking with local people, and being an amicable individual. In spite of the fact that this is another route for him to pick up information, yet he isn't continually attempting to find out about his enemy's shortcoming and attempt to overwhelm them. He live it up and enjoy the better things in life, he appreciate fine sustenance, and individuals. He hold some type of a resentment issue, he experiences emotional episodes time to time, and this can make him experience the ill effects of perpetual misery. Displeasure, perplexity, and melancholy on occasion, he could be glad as the splendid sun, then change to the darkest of evenings and be at your throat. Consequently he has a tendency to keep away from pessimism in mass amounts. However, all things considered, he is a superb individual to be your partner, and to be a companion and that's only the tip of the iceberg.


While not at all like numerous individuals, Maximilion is a somewhat complex individual when it comes down to battle, as he doesn't have only one set identity with regards to this. Since his entire being is inferred around his feelings and how he is adjusted with every one of them too well, things with him are abit complex. As his dad has pointed out Maximilion is the thing that known as a "Powerhouse", he to a great extent succeed through the vitality put into both thinking and battling. The way he does this is to utilize his body's regular capacity to produce adrenaline under anxiety yet then snatch intellectual control from the feelings, sublimating smothered fury into much more vitality in conveyance.

Along these lines Maximilion holds sound control whilst having the capacity to guide tremendous vitality to chose targets. As he is likewise a sly masterminds, he can make it hard to hoodwink and just slipping around an assault, this may lead one into a precisely put trap. While this a superb style, if one focuses on his associates, family, companions or even friends and family, Maximilion may wind up changing, transforming into the method for the Berserker. At the point when in this perspective, Maximilion is a power to be figured with, and is fueled by immaculate fury towards the last individual he saw hurt his friends and family, companions, family and so forth.

At the point when Maximilion is similar to this, he loses all restraint, and transforms into a primal monster like state, and instigated with adrenaline. This excitement compels his brain to release the locks on his body and concede him incredible power and speed. While removing the brains inhibitors to his sensory system, making him feel no torment. Notwithstanding when he is injured he is very hazardous While this is one perspective Maximilion may experience, he can likewise endure another that is likely his most astounding one. On the off chance that pushed when he is not infuriated, or isn't in the Berserker perspective, he can get to be what is known as an ice warrior. This is a perspective suffused with feeling which is channel into a profound, cool disdain of his adversary.

Maximilion in this state is shrewd and beguiling in fight and will be savage in his assaults. Regularly purposely injuring a rival to drag out their misery, this is maybe in interminable retribution for a relentless past hurt. While this is an uncommon event, it has happen twice in his past, yet for the most part alongside his powerhouse identity, he tends to battle like a gifted officer for whom battling is a compelling artwork. Every fight, every blow is an intriguing issue to be rapidly thoroughly considered coherently and executed with fine ability. Every adversary is to be scrutinized, shortcomings recognized and afterward proficiently dispatched. Somehow this can be the most alarming and brutal state he could be, as more than 96% of the time he regards you as meager more than another example.

Aura type: Resistance
Aura Color: Blood Red
Semblance: Holy Sanctum:A strange Semblance that allows for a unique series of effects, these effects differ from one and another, ranging from a violent physical attack, to an impenetrable defensive wall, to even moving things around with little Ease of use. Using Telekinesis, Maximilian is able to do a variety of different variations of his power to project Telekinetic force if concentrated enough.

Damage: By applying a destructive force of Telekinetic energy to a weapon, or object, Maximilion is able to project a powerful blast of mind fraying energy towards a single targeted foe. Doing such in any many though takes a toll on his mind and greatly costs him Aura Points to perform, using up 20 out of his Aura Pool.

[Your semblance causes damage in some way or another. Semblance damage is unresisted by any stat, meaning if it hits it does the full amount. You deal a 1 to 1 ratio of damage to Aura up to 20 AP/DMG per post.]

Defense: By doing the same force as his Damage portion, Maximilian is able to project a field of Telekinetic energy around him and or in front of him, to allow him to absorb incoming damage, this however is limited to a certain amount. He is only abl to do so to only a single individual, and as such in unable to focus on other foes when using his defense. This much like his attack Uses up a large portion of his Aura Pool and uses 20 point of Aura to activate.

[Your semblance can actively protect you from potentially lethal attacks. you gain a 1 to 1 ratio of defense against an attack up to 20 AP/DMG per post. Damage resisted this way is unchanged by any stat.]

Buff: This part of the Semblance is simple in the sense that Maximilian is capable of harnessing his Semblance into a series of Enhancements, using the Telekinetic Force that his brain is able to emit. Maximilian is able to project a force field that can either enhance the blows of his attacks, or enhance his body natural ability to deflect incoming blows. Maximilian is also capable of increasing the speed of his attacks as well, by implementing a pushing force to his strikes or to other allies, granting them an additional attack. This power uses up a portion of his Aura Pool, for the cost of 10 Aura Points, Maximilian is able to keep the power up so long as the required cost is met each standard battle phrase.

[Your Semblance decreases one of your opponent's statistics lower than they normally would be. remove 2 from the named statistic (Str, Res, Def, or Spt) for 10 Aura/post, even if it would make that stat 0. Only one debuff can be active at a time. Speed can also be debuffed, causing the affected person to lose one attack below their normal base number. then debuffing more than one person, you decrease a stat by 1 point for each opponent.]

Item 1:Insane Ruler: A simple yet quality detailed weapon, with yet an intrigued appearance just by its simplicity the double edge one-handed sword is 42.25 inches in total length with a blade length of 30.75 inches, the blade consists of a high carbon steel, holding a natural finish. And sporting red accents along the upper portions of the guard, which is a simple yet elegant cross guard, extending out three inches on each side of the blade and tapering into a reverse curve design. The handle holds a nicely made oval shaped, Purpleheart wooden Handel with black leather wrapped around it and being a full tang weapon for the pommel holds the rest of the weapons' tang in it, which has a small extension tapered four ways over onto the end of the handle.


Item 2: Liberator (Magical Armor): A marvelously designed shield, made to take multiple blows from dust based attacks, the Liberator is a Kite shield that is 42 inches tall and 28 inches in width, this white hued shield holds a crimson cross on the front face. And a scabbard on the inside for the Insane Rule to be placed when not in combat, along with the scabbard lies a rotating pivoting device, this device allows Maximilion to rotate the Liberator a full 360 degrees. Allowing for him to strike  with the shield at all angles and allowing for easier movement when in tight corners.


History and Sample
Born in Atlas, in the far Northern reaches of Atlas near the mountains, resting a large manor, the child known as Maximilion was born into the Bluebloods known as the Redcliff's not a famous family by all means, but a well respected lot. Son to a once renown Atlas General, Maximilion was also the son to that General Lieutenant who retired with her higher officer born a only child and his father keeping it as such. Maximilion was raised like any other child until the age of seven where his father took him and made him begin training to be a soldier like him. Going through literature and physical training until he was age 16, was administered in the Atlas military, able to pull some strings to get his minor son into the Military, after that his son went to boot camp, Training there until he passed and moved into the ranks, first being a private, and so on, never reaching to General like his father, due to a training accident that occurred when he was 24. Being a Lieutenant like his mother, he was discharge due to the accident causing cranial problems, after that he spent the next three years in rehabilitation due to his brain suffering heavy damage. While he was recovering, he hear the knew's about schools and hunters working together to take down the Grimm, and this also included the notorious White Fang group, Maximilion didn't like the idea of being useless. So when he turned 27 he made plans to head to Bellmuse, a smaller Southern school from Atlas almost near Vale, so upon that day he left home to become a Hunter, to be of some use.
RP Sample:
The Airship ride was a long one, and it was still very night time, the obsidian ocean filled with twinkling gems, all which seemed to dance in the grey ocean of his eyes, starless hair he held, as it was of the same hue his eyes where. Shining like a glittering star itself. Starlite grey locks dangling from his hair, a large strand on his forehead, and the others tightly tucked behind him and into a ponytail, his red robed attire snapping in the gentle breeze that clouded the area around him. Making his hair dance in the tender winds grasp. His cool calm demeanor showing through as his facial expression, clean of all facial hair and showing a blank expression, lips tucked in a purse like form. As he was pondering what to do once he got to Bellmuse and this Syne Academy, despite being in Altas, and the military, he knew little about this school or the people in it. Either way he would find out soon, seeing how the Airship was close to landing, and allowing him to start his new life in Syne.

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