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Setting up Shop (Open)

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1 Setting up Shop (Open) on Wed May 04, 2016 12:02 am

Well Cassie, They said you'd never make it. They said you weren't good enough, but look at you now! The girl mused in her head. As far as she could remember, Castelina Santiago had never actually had these words spoken to her before, but she had heard a similar line all the time on Television. She Dragged her suitcases along the stone path, following it and the map until she eventually found the dormitories. She was just awe struck, thinking about where she was. A real Life combat school! She still couldn't believe they let her in. They must have been really desperate for students to accept someone with basically no combat training. Still, she was stoked.

The day was bright, though overcast and cloudy, a perfect representation of how Cassie felt... minus said clouds. The weather couldn't be with EVERYONE. There were students walking around, some casually, and some seeming like they were going to or from class. Since Cassie was just now moving in a month before school ended, She wouldn't be starting classes still the fall. Of course she could still do some damage before hand. As she entered the building, she ran over her room number again and again in her head. 313 313 313 3...... "13, here it is!" She opened the door to reveal her brand new living space. It was empty and cold, but that just meant it needed some life breathed into it. She walked inside, placing her two Suitcases and her backpack on the bed. She had forked over a little extra expense for the single room, fully knowing she might have to move if she ever found a team, which would be sweet. "Okay! Time for some Decorating." She milled around the place, unloading her bags and putting things into place, Starting with a piece of Paper taped to the door that read "Castelina Santiago: Private Eye. For an Appointment call this number: x-xxx-xxx-xxxx" It was perfect. She Then left the door open, continuing her furnishing.

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