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Azure's Forest Training

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1 Azure's Forest Training on Wed May 04, 2016 12:09 am

It was a partly cloudy day weekend at Syne and it was a perfect day for Azure to train for his rematch with Ralf and his fight with Chace (I have be ready for every and anything that may come my way.) he tells himself as he leaves his dorm with his skates in hand “Can’t have you guys protect me all the time.” he said facing the door with a slight grin as he turned away from the door and walked down the hall. When he got outside he jogged all the way to the market place and then to Skyline forest where he tied a pillow to a tree and started to punch and kick it (I have to be stronger and faster than ever before!) he told himself as he roundhouse kicked the tree.

Azure thought about what his grandfather told him when he was training (Remember this always Azure Dust is not something that you can master just by using it when you fight but when you have a full understanding of it.) which made him a bit sad to “I have to get more dust in order to fully understand how to master it or at less use it better than i do now.” he repeated to himself as he put on one of his Skates and kicked the tree full force nearly splitting it in two.

He kept kicking the tree for 3 hours straight until he passed out from execution, Azure woke up to someone leaving him a message on his scroll saying that he need to come back to the school to find out more on a event that was going on (i’ll check on that later if i remember anyway back to training.) he said as he placed glyphs on several of the trees and jumped from each one, and each time he jumped from one he used small bits of his dust to cut the trees just enough to make a small slit in the truck. Azure jumped up into the air and spun around making a twister around himself cutting the lefas that started to spin around him (I need more speed and rotation) he told himself as he kicked the twister down to the ground making a pot hole. (Not deep enough.) he told himself as he repeated it three more times in three different spots.

Azure felt his legs getting sour as he dropped kicked a tree “Oh man I wish I could heal my legs right now it would make fighting and training so much easier for me (No I need time to rest and gather my strength again.) a small part of him thought which as true without rest the body will not work the way that you want it to. He took an hour to rest his legs (Man its all ready afternoon that was quick.) he thought to as he checked the time one his scroll “Time to pick up the pace can’t have them looking for me now.” He said aloud as he stood up and kicked the tree he started on in the first place and gets his foot stuck in it. Azure used his dust to push his foot out the tree and made his way back to the school completely drained of energy “Need food!” he mutated as he crawled into his bed for a nap.

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