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The Return Of The Hobo (Closed/Training)

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(Rain for atmosphere, keep it playing)

Location: Bellmuse City, Kei's Apartment
Time: 2000, May 3rd

The night was stormy, completely overstepping the term “May Showers”. Hard rain pattered the ground, wind whistling through the trees. Lightning and thunder occasionally lit up the night sky, shaking Kei’s apartment as it did.

Trying to kill time, Kei was lay on his couch, reading an xRay and Vav comic.

All of a sudden, there was a knock on his front door. Kei wasn’t really sure who would possibly be at his door at this time of the day, especially during a storm, but he didn’t care. In fact, if anything, he was hoping they would leave. After all, only undesirable guests showed up your front door during a storm, it was a fact. That being decided, Kei continued to lie on his couch and read the comic book.

The knocking returned, even harder this time. On the knock, the voice of an old, familiar voice spoke up.

“Hey I know you’re in here.” Garth Galvon, the Hobo Fire Sage, called out from the other side of the door, “I can see the lights inside. Open up! If you don’t, I’m going to blast this door down.”

Knowing full well the old man wasn’t kidding, Kei grudgingly put the comic book down to the side and heaved himself up off of the couch. Kei went and opened up his front door, revealing a soaked old man dress with wet clothes that looked like they had just come out of a thrift shop.

“What do you want old man?” Kei grumbled, “And how’d you even find out where I live?”
“You underestimate my abilities young apprentice,” Garth responded, “I know a lot more then you think.”
“I’m not your apprentice. And secondly, what are you? Some kind of pervert stalker on top of being a hobo? Knowing a lot of things in terms of knowing where people isn’t really helping your case.” Kei angrily stated, then continued, “Anyways, answer the first question; why are you here?”
“Well you see…” The older man said slowly, scratching his head sheepishly, “There’s a bit of a storm going on outside, and well… I have nowhere else to say, so I was wonde-“

Immediately knowing where this was going, Kei tried quickly shutting the door close. It didn’t work though, as the older man stuck his foot in the door way, preventing the door from being closed all the way.

“My answer is no!” Kei said angrily as he tried to push the door close, “Last thing I want is a man who is going to die of old age any minute sleeping in my apartment.”
“Hold up a second!” The old man said a bit ticked off a Kei’s immediate denial in response, all trying to shove the door open from his side, “What about all of our good memories together?”
“We only met once!” Kei responded, “And it wasn’t even that good of a memory! I burned my hand!”
“Don’t be like that!” The old man responded back again, “What abo-“

It was at this point, the struggling stopped. Kei heard a thud on the other side of the door that sounded like someone fell over. Kei began to hear choking like noises on the other side of the door.
“Um… hey?” Kei asked, “You’re still alive right?”

There was no response. If he’s dead… no no no, Kei panicked to himself, There’s no way I killed him. Even if he is dead. It’s not my fault. Yeah… that’s right. He was already on the verge of kicking the bucket anyway…

“Quite joking around old man…. I don’t like jokes,” Kei said weakly as he began to inch the door open.

As Kei inched the door open though, there was a sudden shove from the other side of it, forcing the door open, which slammed against Kei who wasn’t bracing himself knocking him off of his feet onto the ground. With no more resistance, Garth strolled on in smugly through the door, closing it behind.

“I appreciate the lodging for the night.” Garth said as he took off his wet coat, making his way to the couch, laying back on it. He grabbed the xRay and Vav comic that lay next to him, and opened it, beginning to read it.

“I hate you.” Kei simply said as he remained on the ground, absolutely defeated.

Mood: Unhappy
Condition: Fine
Health: 200
Aura: 150

Status, Health, Aura, Equipment Conditions:

Health: 200/200
Buff: -
Status: Normal

Kevlar Lined Trench Coat - Fine

Right Wrist Harpoon - Loaded
Left Wrist Harpoon - Loaded
Weighted Wire Coil 1 - Loaded
Weighted Wire Coil 2 - Loaded
Left Wrist Quad-Barrel Rocket Launcher - 4 Rockets
Right Wrist Quad-Barrel Rocket Launcher - 4 Rockets

Other Items
Waterproof Hand Flares - 2 Flares
Flashlight - Ready to Use
Small Rope Cable - 0 ft
Multi-tool - Ready to Use
Copper Wire- 6 Inches
Scroll - Ready to Use
Scarf - Fine



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