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What an experience with a psychopathic pessimist (closed, Azure, Layla, Chace? Grimm hunt)

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Koko Hanazusaki
It was done in a flash, one of his victims had successfully managed to handcuff him, but that didn't stop him from drop kicking them and making his way away. Where could he go, he noticed an airship getting ready to take off in the distance.


He thought as he booked it towards it. He jumped  in and slid with enough force to slide all the way to the pilots door, and picked himself up off he ground to come face with a boy. Koko's evil eyes glared down the boy, head butted the kid, and he took a seat like he was supposed to be there. The kid slammed against the ground, scrambled up, and bolted off, leaving him there by himself.

"Little brat. Look me in the eyes of course I'm headbutting you. Freaking idiot. Right up along with the moron that decided it would be wise to put me in these godforsaked HANDCUFFS!"

He spat, spitting on the ground of the airship. The pilot peeked behind the door and saw the man speaking to himself, and looked back to the gauges. Koko sat there fuming as he would have to actually try to get out of the cuffs, and D wasn't forming his sword to cut them off. He was in a bit of a predicament with nothing to really do about it so there he sat. He noticed people coming towards the airship, and looked down to his lap in his normal outfit. None of the kids were those he met before, or atleast recognized. His mind was normally hazy so faces were easily forgotten, and even if they were coming to board the ship he wouldn't pay them any attention if he didn't have to.

He took his nails and started scratching the skin that the hand cuffs were irritating and soon blood was coming. He was actually picking deep into the flesh, the feeling of handcuffs brought back horrible memories and he was nearly going psychopathic trying to get them off. He'd use the blood as a lubrication to snake out of them, and realized something. The last time he had handcuffs on he was getting arrested, which made him dig past his veins. Eventually he gave up as the pain became overbearing, and just sat there for a moment trying to black out and forget they were on him, and forget that this ship was getting ready to take off.

He didn't even know where it was going, nor did he care. Anywhere right now was better than dealing with getting searched and hunted down in case either of the kids decided to call security on him.

"God it couldn't have been any a better day to do this. I had actually planned on going to class, and now I gotta deal with this. This is freaking great, whatever. I've had to deal with worse and I have to remember that. Hopefully whoever boards this dang ship doesn't try to get chummy, otherwise I may turn this ship into a bloody casket. Bleh, I don't even have my liquor. Could this day get any better..."

He mumbled and spat, he slammed his head against the window of the airship and sent a small spider web across the tempered glass. Atleast the breeze from the ship was comfortable, it was somewhat soothing while his wrist dripped blood over his shoes and floor. He didn't even feel the pain in his head from cracking the glass, in fact any kind of pain would be better to replace the irritation that he felt from how hard the kid locked the handcuffs on him.

(Hope I gave you guys something decent to work with.)

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Chace Coal
Chace decided he needed some lien and he looked on his scroll at a hunt as that was the easiest way to earn lien. he put on his black plain t shirt then his black dust infused jacket. He put his 2 swords onto his double sword strap on his back and then he jogged out from his room downstairs then from there he ran fast towards the forest to the meeting location. Chace noticed that Azure was going to, at least there would be someone he would know there Chace thought to himself. As he ran his cat ears twitched against the wind that blew on his face and he could hear birds chirping. As he ran by he noticed an airship fly above and he wondered if it was new recruits or just people traveling in the ship. Either way Chace forgot about the ship and continued to focus on the hunt. He noticed there were going to be 2 others joining him and Azure on the ship. All Chace hoped is that he could work well in battle with the other people.

Chace mewed lightly as he ran and then he reached the forest where everyone was supposed to meet and he was the first one their so he sat down by a tree and rested his head their for a bit waiting for the others to come to the meeting point. His ears dropped as he sat and his tail rested on the top of his lap. He knew he wasn't going to be attacked in this part of the forest so he could relax in peace.

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Azure Phoenix
Azure was heading to the Airship for his second hunt seeing how the first one didn’t go so well (Man I hope this one doesn’t blow like the last one.) he reminded himself as he Skated over to the Airship when he hears Chace walking up behind him and turned around waving at him but trips over a box hitting his head on the floor (oww that’s smarts right there!) he said quickly getting up and rushing to the ship. When he gets on the ship he gets the small scent of bear in the air but didn’t really mind the smell of it (Man I think they need to start getting students to clean these Airships.) he thought as he looked around for any other students that may be going with him.

He went up to the pilot’s section and saw a man in handcuffs looking at him “Umm tell me those are your weapon!?” Azure asked with a giant smile on his face (Why does he smell like he bathed in a bar but then again he could just normally smell like that.) he pondered as he waited for the man’s answer to his question. He quickly got sleepy and went to sit down “We can go now were all that’s going to for today.” He told the man as he started to nod off with thoughts of him and Chace raising their four kids. Azure thought it was so cute that he had a nose bleed.

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Koko Hanazusaki
To his dismay a student happened to board the airship with him, and surprisingly enough didn't comment on all the blood covering the floor of the airship from where he sat. It was more of a blessing that he didn't have to deal with idiotic questions, but his blessing quickly 180'd and he was asked if handcuffs were his weapon.

"Are you serious... Oh yeah I'm just gonna strangle a Grimm to death by wrapping these around its throat. They have built in razor blades that help slice the vitals and I hope to god you understand my level of sarcasm in this sente-"

'Annnnnd the kid passed out. Lovely. Atleast that's one bother I don't exactly have to deal with right now.'

He thought to himself. The ship was getting ready to take off, up until the kid he headbutted returned with his weapon. The moment the boy boarded the airship it was game over, as Koko leaped from his seat and grabbed the roof of the airship. The kid had little time to react as Koko swung his body at the kid, wrapped his feet around the kids neck, spun around to the kids back, and launched the kid by his throat out of the airship with a backflip. Koko landed clean on his feet as any cat would, and just stared down the kid who nearly crapped his pants as he bolted off once again.

"That's right you little prick. Don't come back!"

He shouted, and took his seat. The ship closed the bay off and took off, after about an hour of flying hem they reached their destination, deep in the woods of Finnek Forest. The drop zone had a boy already waiting, which caused a little confusion but was passed off that he wanted to see the scenery. The ship landed, causing the debris to scatter all about, and he jumped off the airship as it got closer to the ground. He looked at the new guy, tilting his head and shrugged. The boy was a faunes, one of his prime targets but as he didn't have a weapon and was outnumbered he chose to wiser option to be civil in his own way. He didn't say anything to him, and just started wandering throughout the forest.

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Chace Coal
Chace lifted his head as he saw an airship landed in the forest. Hie lifted his head up and noticed a guy step out along with Azure "why did you take the ship it would have been easier to walk to the forest?" Chace asked the guy who he didn't know who had just walked of off the ship. He stood up as he waited for the other 2 to walk over "I'm Chace Coal whats your name?" Chace asked the guy. Chace had practically grew up in the forest so he knew how to navigate through them quickly. He pulled out his 2 swords and charged lightning into his weapons. "why do you have handcuffs on you you are a student of Syne right?" Chace was suspicious of the other guy because of the handcuffs and he wondered if the guy was really a criminal and not a student.

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Azure Phoenix
Azure woke up as the ship started to land (Why is there dried fruit punch on the floor?) he questioned as he popped up to his feet “Hey were here that was fast and I didn’t even have to wake up and go back to sleep.” He said as he walked out the ship after the boy with the cuffs. When he stepped out the ship he say Chace was there and smiled but that smile quickly changed to a confused awe “Chace wait stop! The cuffs are his weapons!” he shouts as he rushes in-betweens them.

For some reason he felt that he was doing the right and wrong thing by stopping the two (Why am I always stopping Chace from fighting someone?) he questioned as he looked at Chace while covering his nose bleed with one hand. Azure looked back at the boy with plugs in his nose “Am sorry he tends to jump straight to fighting really fast.” He tell the man as he puts on his skates.

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Koko Hanazusaki
The ride was calm, the stench of iron filled the den but it seemed as though the boy didn't notice. His blood all but dried up, and as the ship landed he was the first out the door. He never could admire the beauty of the forest through his colorblind eyes, and as he was walking he was approached. He looked at the boy as he addressed his name to him, which blatantly got ignored as Koko immediately started lighting up a cigarette. He continued walking until he heard the charge of electricity start behind him, which he paid little mind to and the question that followed he responded with a rather strange answer.

"You don't want the answer to that question. Needless to say I'm the kind of person to bring a 40 millimeter grenade launcher to a hostage situation and happily use it with the hostages still at risk."

He spoke loud enough for them to hear, and went back to puffing down on his toxic cancer causing concoction. The next thing he heard almost made him bust out laughing, the boy still thought his hand-imprisoning device was a weapon.

"D.... He is joking right? Please tell me this boy doesn't honestly think these are.... Wait... Well... I could technically use them as a weapon. She found out the hard way how easy it was to strangle someone to death with a pair of handcuffs didn't she..."

He asked Delissia, who still hadn't shown herself. She stayed inside, where she actually started talking back in his head. Of course she was... How do you say, evil in her silent response which led him to give a soft shrug.

"Ignorance is bliss kids. Be mindful not to ask questions you don't want the answers to. "

He chuckled, and started walking back towards civilization. He removed his fingers on his mechanical prosthetic and slipped out of the first cuff, and as he reattached his metal fingers he began breaking off the second cuff.

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Chace Coal
As Chace was talking to the guy he was thinking more and more that he wasn't a very nice person. He hoped he didn't have to talk much more to the guy. He was then surprised when Azure rushed out of the ship too and said something about the guys weapons being the handcuffs. Chace thought to himself that there is no way a person would use handcuffs as a weapon I mean the only thing you would be able to do is strangle someone but even then it would be hard as you would need to be in close range to do so of your opponent. He then watched Azure jump in between the 2 of them. " Oh I wasn't going to attack him or do anything rash unless he attacked me first" He told Azure and wondered why Azure always got nosebleeds when he was in the cold.

Chace couldn't see any modifications or anything on the cuffs and he could tell the guy didn't use dust or anything like that with the cuffs. He decided that the guy wasn't using handcuffs as his weapon. "there is no way those handcuffs are your weapon right because if so its kinda dumb to use that as a weapon". Chace held the swords but they were lowered and he held them loosely in his hands in case he was attacked but didn't
show any signs of wanting to attack with his own body.

Chace watched in shock as he realised the guy had metallic fingers and he removed the fingers from his hand and slipped out of the cuffs. He hoped Azure wouldn't act out of impulse towards this guy. He didn't really wanna fight a person before going to fight grimm as that would make him tired and weaker for when he would fight.

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