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On the case(Shadow Mission w/Korrea)

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1 On the case(Shadow Mission w/Korrea) on Wed May 04, 2016 5:06 am

Hyght Briggs
"This doesn't really make much sense." Hyght admitted though he wished he hadn't. "You're telling us that our mission is to help you get info on this man?" He tapped his finger against an old printed out picture of a man with salt and pepper hair and a coal grey suit. The rest of the man's features were too obscure to make out. "But you have no name, no alias, no current residence, nor anything else for us to use?" The annoyance was hardly masked. "My apologies for being so rude but are you sure your-"

"Look at the photo again." Interrupted Thompson Valentine, a private eye located in Bellmuse Central. He had offered his services to any Hunter that wished to learn from him. Not only did he offer knowledge but he offered Lien too, something Hyght would need if he wanted to upgrade his gear. "This time don't look at the old man." He said, his calm tone never wavered. The rotund baker glanced back at the photo in his hand and paused, his eyes focusing in on something in the background.

"Korrea, do you see that?" He asked the young man that had joined him on this mission. Korrea was a young man close to Hyght's age but he towered over the baker by nearly another head. The goliath was more quiet than Hyght had hoped but it gave him an air of a meticulous thinker, something Hyght did find appealing in a partner. However, the cold shoulder routine on the way over did make him feel a bit unnerved but not enough to prevent him from trying to talk to him. "The sign in the upper left hand corner. I think I've seen that sign somewhere." He lifted his eyes from the picture and looked to his comrade. "Do you recognize it?"

The sign was a location there in Bellmuse though in the less than upstanding area of the city. It was a yellow neon sign with red cursive lettering, though the name could not be seen in the picture. The establishment the sign belonged to was a bar that, as rumor has it, is run by some less than charitable characters. Hyght couldn't remember where he'd seen it but he knew it was familiar, he hoped that Korrea knew it.

Though if he hadn't he was sure Thompson would.
(Feel free to control Thompson too. And feel free to create places and add to the plot with your own ideas. I can improvise decently well.)

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