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Grenal Visits Dr.Graves(Solo)

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1 Grenal Visits Dr.Graves(Solo) on Thu May 05, 2016 4:24 pm

Grenal, with barely hidden conviction, woke up in the morning. He was precise in what he did that morning, from his early shower to his dressing. He wore his white shirt, and his normal pants. This get-up was simple, but backed with his aura. Not his real aura, the one that supplemented his own, but the aura of blood-lust that just surrounded him every second he walked this earth. He read a message, on a message board about his old case, that he should be put down by a mad dog. He firmly disagrees. After responding under a different username, he looked at his schedule. He saw the name of a Psychiatrist, Dr.Graves. How ironic.

He made sure he looked good, as to spice up his charm. He had to be able to fool even those who knew what they were looking for. He stood, outside his dorm door, to go do something both stupid and smart. He was going to get a mental check-up. He figured that he was completely mentally stable, after all. He had conquered his demons quite a while ago. He did one last check in the mirror. His white dress-shirt was worn with a pair of blue-jeans. After all, he wasn’t being hindered by this whole uniform thing at the moment. He wore his most comfortable shoes.

He stepped out and got on an airship, and went to the city of Bellmuse, which was below. It was a slow ride for him, but he just sat there and thought. Thought about ways that he could fool this guy. At least, that was the goal. Once he touched down, he sauntered his way to the office, where Dr.Graves was waiting outside.

After being ushered inside and being laid on the couch that most were, he got comfortable. He put his hands on his chest, crossed.

“Grenal Black. On this letter to me, you said that you fear that you have Anti-social personality disorder, correct?”

Grenal nodded, shifting to face the man. He figured that’s why he felt so empty inside.

“You later in the letter said you feel empty, but not unmotivated. That’s...interesting. Let’s start by talking about who you are. Go over yourself, spare me no details. Nothing leaves this room. I swear on my heart.” Dr.Graves crossed his heart with his finger, and Grenal rolled his eyes. If they did leave, he’d kill this doctor.

“I’m Grenal Black, aged 26. I was born to a bastard of a father and a, pardon my langague, who*e of a mother. I have a brother named Oriano, haven’t seen the bastard in years. Seriously. You’d think he’d come visit some time, you know? Sure, he wants me dead. Still, a visit and a chase would be nice.” Grenal laughed, and continued, “Beyond my tenous life, I’m afraid certain thoughts will become true.”

Dr.Graves put his hand up, and looked Grenal directly in the eyes. “I know who you are. Mr.Black, the serial killer from Atlas, however. I don’t feel like going to Atlas and trying to get evidence, and you certainly interest me. Which is why, spare me no details.”

Grenal’s mouth gaped slightly, then went into a smile. This guy was smart.

“Alright. You got me. I’m the very same man. You also know I’ve done nothing illegal since getting here, so they can’t book me. I’m sure you understand that if I find out that you’ve sold me out, you’re dead, right? I can escape from prison again. I’m not normal. I can do a lot of things most can’t, and it makes me scary. Well. Scary to weak-spined fools. Although, you don’t seem very afraid of me. That either makes you a fool, or it makes you a strong-willed hardass son of a bi**h. Not up to me to determine that, at least not yet. Anyway. We’re getting off track. Back to the whole thing about my life. I was…”

He had to think. What was he? Ten at the time? Possibly, but he wasn’t fully sure. He couldn’t give this man faulty answers, not to his life’s greatest work.

“I was about ten, and I was already a thief, a damn good one at that. I could bring in the money that way, I figured. Mom and Dad were always needing more money, and me being the child wanted to help. So I did. I got us money, and got enough of it to placate mother. After all, she was too busy going to the back with other men. I, however, was not completely bothered by that, and I’m sure my father knew. After all, if a small child like me knew, he had to know. After all, he was the big, tough guy. The one who knew everything. Sh*t, I never even went to school or had relationships, it’s no wonder I’m like I am today. Treat me a monster and I shall become one.”

Grenal yawned. He was bored, but he did enjoy philosophy. “You might recognize that last bit as a quote from Takeo Smith, famous for his cause and effect looks at life. He’s not wrong, you know. It’s something truely amazing when people reach that kind of understanding.

Dr.Graves smiled; He could get to Grenal through Philosophy. “I see you know Philosophy. Good. Let’s talk it, then. I’ll learn more from your favorite philosopher anyhow. I believe that your favorite one is not Takeo, but Steven Nautlius. Better known for his love of life, and his faith in the world. You know he once said the following? ‘Men aren’t born killers, they’re bred into thinking it isn’t wrong.’ I believe that, I believe the idea that you were bred, and you can be changed. After all, I feel most of your problems stem not from your probable Anti-Social Personality Disorder, but with your past, you’ve gone straight to a legitimate Psychopath. You know, there aren’t many of my clients, if any but you, that aren’t afraid of themselves. You aren’t afraid of yourself, are you?”

“Why would I be? I’m the one who stabbed my inner-demons, and took their place. I’m at peace with what I’ve done, but I’ll be honest, doc. I haven’t killed in awhile, especially since spring break.”

Dr.Graves leaned back in his chair. His client had killed? His professional side should end this right here, right now, but his curiosity won.

After pressing a button, all the cameras that were on, were off. “Camera’s off, last half-hour deleted off camera. So you’re safe. However, I know you aren’t afraid of it. I just wanted to take some precautions in case of… some nosey detectives. You know the ones. Super smart, seems to be infallible. I think we have a quote somewhere from Takeo. ‘Nosey people get the smell, but rarely the whole picture.’ Do you think of yourself as Nosey?”

“Nah. I’m not nosey, I’m what you’d call someone who does his research. I suppose you could call that nosey, but I want to be well-informed about the whole picture, as to make calmy and clear-headed choices. Consider this. Take this into idea. Make it crystal clear. I don’t feel remorse for what I’ve done. Concussion or various other things, versions of incapitiation or death, you think i care? Tsk. I care if I get caught. I want some kind of damn feeling. Killing gives me that. The feeling. It’s… good. It feels nice, simple enough.”

“You shou- no, you were. No prision can hold you. You tied up the courts with words and phrases, and I was impressed. I should, if I were a better man, take you out here. But no. I won’t.”

“I wonder what death feels like. I mean physical death, of course. I know nothing of the other two, but they’ve lived to tell me it’s terrible. Now. Physical. The cease of physical function. It’s something most only go through once, and it’s not like they live to tell about it. I want to know what death feels like. To be stabbed, right in the chest. People are afraid of me, though. I can’t have what I want because people fear, how do I put this? The reaper. Clad in white, and with golden eyes, I stand a reaper, he who takes life.”

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