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Dane Shamrock(Fin)

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1 Dane Shamrock(Fin) on Sat May 07, 2016 6:36 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Dane Shamrock
Age: 21
Birthday: October 5th
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6'1
Weight:173 pounds
Face Claim:Chihiro MAYUZUMI from Kuroko's Basketball

STR:5 + 1
Aura 150|150 HP

Major: Undecided
Likes: Being hard to read: While actually a skill, it's one he takes delight into using. Not that you'd know.

Writing Poetry: Shh. You're not supposed to know this one.

Dancing: Cause, why not?

Himself: He likes himself, he does.
Dislikes: Losing: He's an athlete, who was trained as a hunter. It's simple math.

Drugs: He tried them once, they were terrible. Must've had a bad trip.

Cheese: Yuck.
Fears: Being Trapped: An avid fan of being free and having fun, he's afraid of being trapped.

Death: Beyond his hard to read face, the few times it can be read is when he's about to die.

Spiders: Cause screw them, man. He won't show he's scared of them, though.
Overall Personality: What? You don't know what he's thinking? Well. That's on purpose. He makes himself hard to read on purpose, partly out of amusement, partly because it's habit. When he used to play sports, it was impossible to read him. No matter which one he tried, he had fun with it. He does what he does for his own amusement, and that includes how he learned how to fight Grimm when he was 16. However, that was purely for amusement, just like getting into the academy. Although, that has a few other influences beyond his own amusement. Due to his training, he also notes that sometimes, it's the plan in the long-run that matters, rather then the one in the short run.

Aura type:  Power
Aura Color: Silver
Semblance: Dawn's Edge: His sembalance allows him to summon a silver spear, made out of aura, for him to use as a throwing weapon. Once thrown, when it hits something, it blows up in an aura explosion. The damage is a 1:1 ratio, up to twenty aura being used.
Item 1: On his right hand, he wears a ring. It's his weapon. When it comes in contact with something, a spike shoots of it. That's the trick of it, and it's easy to carry as well. The spike, however, it a retractable one. It's not ranged, and it comes out kind of like a drill, instead of popping out. The ring DOES look nice.

Item 2: Fire Dust, Tier one

History and Sample
He has a unique mix of genes, with one being a play actor, not one that gets paid much, though. His father is where he got most of his looks. He's, funny enough, nearly a carbon copy of his father, except he's taller. His mother? She's a house-wife, who just happens to love plays. Now, this meant the household got enough to survive, but not enough to send him to college or anything. So, yes, he has good looks.

Nothing really happened until he was about a freshman in high school. He had heard a hunter was in the city. It didn't surprise him that there was. He looked at his schedule one day, noticing that he had the next month open, beyond a game here and there. He could miss a few practices. That he did, he was trained, over the next months, about how a hunter works, and what kind of strategy to use. Now, this was just basic training. It wasn't anything special, but no one really knew about it. The hunter did, but he kept it on the down low. He was given the ring, the very one he uses today, to fight Grimm with. The spike plus his innate physical strength was something special, as well as his usage of dust. Dane had a innate talent to be a hunter, and that was obvious to any hunter who looked. His height, while not small, wasn't super large. Making him not quite noticeable, when most hunters he knew were either giants or small people.

At 17, when he was a junior, he was in a game. It was a normal one, and his team was winning. He was scoring all the points, but that's because he was the center of his teams offense. He atoned it to the fact that his team-mates were good, and he was better. He was better, faster, and stronger. It was third quarter. They heard a roaring outside, and had a few people look to it. It was a Grimm, and there was no hunters in the building. The hunter who had trained him had moved about a month ago.

He noticed everyone was moving, so he dug into his pocket and grabbed his ring. He ran out to meet it, contraire to his coach's wish. The coach figured he had a deathwish. He knew otherwise.

He noticed it was a big guy. Well, big grimm. Figure of speech, you know?

It was an Ursa. Worse yet, it was an Ursa Major. He held his hand up, a spear coming to fruition. He threw it, and it hit the big one right in the headplate. He knew it'd hurt less, but he also figured it'd get it's attention. Boy did that work. Worked better then he thought it would.  It came charging at him, albeit slower, so he could direct it away from the building. He had no dust, and only had his physical power. His face? A blank slate, as of usual. He used his sembalance once more, this time, hitting a black part. He would start to run about, dodging attacks, making sure everyone was out.

Once they were, he made swift work. By swift, meaning 10 minutes later, it was dead, and he was on his arse. His team came out, ready to fight it, to see it gone, and Dane exhausted. They lifted him off the ground, and he made news. He had defeated a rather large Ursa Major. That meant it was old, and was strong. He went on the bench the rest of the game, as they finished. It was clear the other team let Dane's win, out of respect. Sure, Dane's team might have won still, but it was the respect that mattered.

He then finished high school, and when he applied for Syne, they noticed his track record, having gotten on the news multiple times since then for taking down Grimm. He was a hunter in his own right, but wasn't trained enough to be called one. He's in on a scholarship.
RP Sample:
Flipping his hair, the attractive man walked in. Dane had just gotten accepted, or at least, was informed that he was accepted to Syne academy. While not of his dreams, the castle was amusingly old-fashioned. He did feel out of place. He had his ring, and a back-pack, yet there were people carrying swords and guns and all sorts of weapons. Yet. He lacked any of that. He also wasn't quite as muscle-bound as most of them, or carried as much dust as those who seemed to use it. He also wore his sweater over his white shirt, while some were wearing full armor, and others were wearing half-plate. Some, it was obvious that there were modifications. He was more interested in fighting some of these people. After all, his short training as a hunter left him knowing a good bit of boxing, and general self defense. It was very, very easy to get taken out with a mix of boxing and his ring.

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