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Widown't get along [Ask to join]

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1 Widown't get along [Ask to join] on Sat May 07, 2016 7:30 pm

Wood is a nice element. It's hard, yet relatively soft when compared to metal. Wood is easy to work with, easy to shape and sculpt. Also, it's probably the most fun element to hit with a blade. Really, hit a metal object and you will just hurts yourself. Hit plastic, it will just break. But hit wood? Now you leave dents, wood shards flying everywhere as if it's bleeding and a satisfying thud sound accompany every hits giving you an idea of just how strong you hit it.

But Jet is hitting it bare hand. And it hurts. He's enduring though, becuse he really needs to get his hand to hand basics back. He has been fighting with a chain for too long he got rusty using his fists, his fists actually got weak. His foot too really, no wonder he almost broke his foot hitting that Deathstalker the other time. He used to be able to hit stuff repeatedly without any issue, almost not feeling any pain at all, but now that he started practicing with his cesti blades, he realised how much he had lost from his days practicing martial arts while he was in Mistral. So there he was, hitting a wooden pole with his palms, fists, forearms, legs and feet. And here he has been for the whole night.

Jet doesn't get frustrated with things easily, but a realisation that he had lost his touch, so to speak, did frustrate him enough to make him practice throught the night, reworking on his endurance and relearning forms and techniques his body forgot. He didn't see the time go by and when he decided to take a break, it was already around five am. Letting himself flop down on a bench, he started removing his bandages around his hands and arms.

The black haired man knew it wouldn't be enough to really put him back to the level he was, endurance wasn't everything in martial arts, he needed a sparring partner, though at this time no one was up. At least training under Grandmaster Samurai Brown would certainly help his fighting level, even if the classes are just for the purpose of a reality TV show... Then again, that's only a reason more to get better so he doesn't look bad on TV, his sister would never let him live it down.

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2 Re: Widown't get along [Ask to join] on Sat May 07, 2016 8:23 pm

Chace walked down to the training arena with his 2 swords in hands and he held them down by his side. His tail swayed behind him as he walked and his ears twitched as he could hear the noises of people as he walked to the arena. He charged lightning into his swords and he didn't know where to start. He saw there were training dummies but he knew that he could also fight someone but he didn't know if anyone would wanna train with him.

He walked over to a training dummy and he focused and got in the zone. He raised his 2 electro swords and then he started crossing his 2 swords in an x and slicing at the dummies and with one slice in the shape of an x blue light flew off his swords and the dummy split in half and set on fire. He looked around wondering if anyone saw what he did and wondered if it was ok to destroy the dummies but then he shrugged and decided not to use lightning swords in fear he would set a fire in the training hall.

He then noticed a guy with black hair beating up a wooden post and he didn't seem to be in pain. That guy must be strong Chace thought to himself and wondered if the guy would want to train with him as he was alone. He walked over to the blonde haired guy "sup you look like you could use a rest" Chace said as he could tell the guy was a little pent up in frustration and seemed tense.

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3 Re: Widown't get along [Ask to join] on Sat May 07, 2016 8:54 pm

Now Cassie was relatively new to the school, having just moved in and all. She couldn't even join classes yet because school was ending quite soon for everyone who had bothered to show up on time. ah well, cie la vie. Things happened and now she had the time to make a plan. A plan for school. A plan for great academic success that will cause her to succeed in life and most importantly, her budding career as an Ace Detective. So, what was that plan? Exploration of course! So what if it was ridiculously early in the morning? She needed to make some good First impressions in her first week or so in school, and that was not going to happen if she kept being late due to being lost.

She left her room equipped with jeans and the red t-shirt she had slept in, closing and locking the door behind her. She looked left and right a few times and made a decision. "Hmmmm, I'll go this way!" she exclaimed before turning left and moving on, ultimately leaving the building, all the while drawing a map in her little note pad. From the Dorms, she found her way through the courtyard to the lecture halls, and looked around for a good while before she spotted the place in which the training arenas were. "Ooh, this seems promising." Cassie was here to learn combat skills first and foremost, after all.

As she neared the area, she heard the sounds of thumps coming from where she was headed, getting louder as she got closer. When she found the source the noises had stopped. Never the less she poked her head in to take a peek at what was going on. In true observer fashion, she kept quiet to look at her surroundings first, before she would speak up. Alright, she thought. Pretty big room, lots of sitting space, seats abound, and some men down there in front at a bench. One of them looks pretty wiped.... Huh. She began to shout at them, the Black haired human specifically. "Hey, are you okay down there?" It was kind of harsh to say, but he was kind of hoping someone had hurt him. She really wanted to have a lead on any kind of case, despite just Arriving at the academy. Of course, it was pretty unlikely, she figured he had most likely worked himself out.

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4 Re: Widown't get along [Ask to join] on Sat May 07, 2016 11:13 pm

"Pest control?! You think the bugs are gonna die because of pest control?! Just bomb the whole place down!"

"Honey, what you saw was a single harmless cricket. This doesn't even warrant pest control."

"No, it's a cockroach! It's black!"

"Racist. There are black crickets."

"Oh don't start. My house, my rules. I say bomb it."

"May I remind you that you're not living in Atlas anymore? If you have the budget for even a demolisher then by all means don't let me stop you."

Avery yanked the bluetooth headphone out of her ear and growled in its speaker. "Fine, do whatever you want!" And off the device flew. The blonde gunslinger nibbled the inside of her cheek in frustration before continuing with her morning jogging while mumbling curses to that annoying friend of hers who keep raining on her parade. After having seen that abomination of an insect in her residence in Bellmuse, how does she expect Avy to return to that place without it getting properly replaced?

Whatever. I'll just not go there then. Psh. Avery thought as she approached the training arena. Every other day, it's part of her morning routine to train her gunslinging and semblance before class. She'd go in the arena three hours before, giving her time to practice, enjoy a nice shower and prepare for school. Today was one of those days.

Dressed in a pink jacket with the hood pulled over her head, black sports bra, activewear shorts and white sneakers, Avy turned from a corner and noticed a woman peeking inside the arena. She stopped beside her and raised an eyebrow. "What are you doing?" she mumbled, looking at the woman as though she had three heads or something before proceeding inside. She went straight for the shooting range not even noticing the two other men in the arena.

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5 Re: Widown't get along [Ask to join] on Sun May 08, 2016 7:59 am

Deep hues of pink and red filled the sky behind Syne academy, the rising orb obscured by the academy's size. In the shadow of the grand hunting facility eight large legs slowly scrawled through the courtyard, a map of the academy serving as the large faunus' guide. The school's training facilities were something Charlotte had little interest in, she was a medic not a fighter, however she had ultimately realized that being a huntress meant she had to at least have basic fighting skills. Ensnarement and torture wouldn't work on the likes of Beowulves and Ursa, only quick and effective killing would.

Ultimately she knew, when it came to combat her body only served to impede her. However, she had not let that stop her before. Be it in her medical practices or simply going about her business during the day. She had been a slow developer but in the end she always would develop, regardless of how taxing it was on her body or emotional state.

She followed the outdoor path, taking in the cool morning air and early birdsong. As she made her approach she could hear the sounds of grating on wood coupled with what sounded like a broken power outlet sparking up a storm. Such of course meant there were others already in the facility, as if she could not already tell that by a hooded pink person approaching the area as well as a black haired woman with a red shirt; seemingly peering in from the hall's entrance. Perhaps she was shy?

The sound of eight blunt legs rapping against the stone pathway would likely draw the woman's eyes to the spider faunus before she could introduce herself, regardless she felt it necessary to call out;

"Do excuse my rudeness but I struggle somewhat with doors, could you please step inside or out the way?~ It's always been a challenge passing through." She smiled at the woman, coming to a halt just before the woman in red and the door.

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6 Re: Widown't get along [Ask to join] on Sun May 08, 2016 4:55 pm

Jet had been doing some stretches, they're important after strenuous physical activities! He did spot the other guy, visibly a cat faunus, enter and start destroying the training dummies with lightning charged swords. It was flashy that was for sure, but Jet was still a bit relieved when he switched back to normal non-sparkly swords that caused the wood to take fire. It's not that he was affraid of the fire, just that he didn't want the sprinklers to start if there's too much fire. Wait, scratch that, it would be nice if they did, would cool him off a bit.

"Yeah, that's what I'm doing right now." Wiping his sweat with a towel, he heard a voice call from the door, asking if he was alright. Come on, it's not like no one ever train hard ever, is it so weird that he is exhausted in the training area? Granted, it's pretty early to already be exhausted, people are just now starting to come in. In fact, Jet just spotted Avery, but she didn't look like she saw him though. Still, someone had asked him a question, would be rude not to...

"HOLY CRAP WHAT IS THAT?!" That outburst was not controled by Jet. He saw the woman in red by the door, but he didn't really see her. All he could see and unfortunately couldn't unsee ever, was the giant spider behind her. She had a human body on top of that? No, he only saw the spider parts. She wasn't moving threateningly? Doesn't matter, it's a giant f*cking spider. It's a faunus with rights and probably super kind and all? No way Jet could even begin to think about that, there was too much Spider to ignore.

Jumping on his feet, he took a few steps backward, oddly toward the person with the overpowered pair of pistols in the room. "Ehm... Please tell me I'm hallucinating from overexertion?"

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7 Re: Widown't get along [Ask to join] on Mon May 09, 2016 5:33 pm

Chace saw the guy looked to where there were 2 girls one of them in red and pink walking into the training hall and he wondered if the black haired guy knew them. His cat ears twitched slightly as Jet yelled and it went right into his ears. "jeez dude what is it" Chace said wondering why the guy swore. He then looked up and saw what appeared to be the body of a spider with a woman attached to it. She was clearly a spider faunus. Chace thought to himself you have to be kidding me there is no way a guy like this is afraid of spiders.

Chace saw the spider woman couldn't get through the door while the other 2 females were standing there. Man the girl was tall Chace thought. He knew it must have made her life a bit awkward and he felt sorry for her. Chace's tail rested behind him and he wondered if she would be able to make it through the door ways. He wondered if anyone wanted to train or if they were only gonna do their own thing while they were here. Chace noticed that the black haired boy seemed to be good with hand to hand combat.

He watched the boy move towards one of the females who had pistols. He wondered why the boy was being this way just because a spider woman walked into the room. This guy isn't one of those faunus haters right? Chace thought to himself as he hoped that wasn't the case. He then just thought it was probably the spider thing because he didn't react badly to Chace being a cat faunus. "are you kidding me? don't tell me your afraid of spiders" Chace said to the black haired boy

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8 Re: Widown't get along [Ask to join] on Mon May 09, 2016 7:08 pm

As Cassie was standing at the doorway, another girl had appeared, probably also to train. Cassie distractedly glanced her way as the Blonde asked her question, though it was probably rhetorical judging by the fact it was mumbled. Never the less, Cassie would answer, looking inside the room once more. "I'm Observing..." she stated absently, though she had already by then asked her question to the black haired Human inside. Letting The blonde girl in, she heard another voice behind her asking for entry. At this point, Cassie had seen all she needed to see and was back with reality. She Turned around, already responding. "Oh, I'm sorry, I'll get out of your AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Her scream was loud and high pitched. Like that of a female victim shown in the beginning of cop dramas to set up the mysterious crime of that week's episode.

All she saw was a big, ugly spider creeping toward her, and she heard the shouts of one of the guys inside. Cassie scrambled backwards, frantically turning back around and bolting toward the safety of a group of people. Specifically, those inside of the training arena. "KILL IT KILL IT KILL IT!" Cassie had a tiny distaste for Spiders, one that had existed for as long as she could remember, and now there was a giant one at the door? The poor woman would not stand for this! So instead she tried to huddle in the corner of the room, having nowhere to go.

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9 Re: Widown't get along [Ask to join] on Tue May 10, 2016 12:35 am

Avery was by the shooting range and was in the middle of setting up her equipment when a sudden scream pierced through her ears, causing her to jolt and immediately whirl to the source of commotion. With much confusion, she eyed the woman in red shirt she met by the door earlier who now broke out into hysterics and was running to the corner of the room. Naturally this sparked Avy's curiosity.

The blonde was too distracted by the humourous sight before her that she hadn't noticed another person backing out to her location and eventually bumping her lightly. Avy frowned. "Uhh, hello. Watch where you're going douche." She stated in her ever friendly tone. Though as she shifted to get a better look she recognised him to be the shades guy, Jericho. Douche it really was. Beside him was a male faunus whom Avy didn't recognise.

"I didn't know you train this early," Avy stated and peaked her head out of his back to get a look at what shades guy was talking about. She also heard the guy beside him mention something about spiders?

"What's going on?" Avery asked in pure confusion. From her angle and position she couldn't see what lies behind door to the training arena nor the monstrosity that awaits.

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10 Re: Widown't get along [Ask to join] on Tue May 10, 2016 7:56 am

Charlotte was left, half filled with awe and half filled with rage, as the woman in red rushed through the door. She clasped her hands, sighing, before beginning to approach the door properly. The entrance to the training facility was slightly larger than the other doors in the school, well save for the entrance to the school itself, but the slight increase in size didn't make things much easier for the spider faunus. She got through to her second set of legs before finding the third had gotten caught. She took her time, folding them into her body before squeezing her way through the doorway. Looking on at the people before her.

"I am indeed sorry if I frightened you but please, there is no need for that. It would after all be murder of a fellow student~" She informed the red woman directly, calling across the room, before turning and focusing on the other three hunters in training; Good morning my dears, I thought I would be the only one in this training hall. I am sorry to have breached the peace, please continue as you would~"

She did however notice the tired nature of the boy, perhaps injury or sickness has plagued him? The former was more likely perhaps a training mishap, his eyes were quite wide to.

"My dear... you, with the black hair and no additional ears. Are you quite alright?You're looking a little worse for wear, I am a medic you know~" She was about to approach but stopped herself, "Oh, where are my manners? I apologize. My name is Charlotte monochrome and I am a first year student here at Syne~ I hope you never require my treatment, but if you do I will perform to the best of my abilities~"

She smiled, closing her eyes and curtsying slightly.

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11 Re: Widown't get along [Ask to join] on Wed May 11, 2016 1:00 pm

Jet hadn't meant to bump into Avery but his sight was set on the abomination that was in front of him. Really he heard her and would have loved to just turn around, smile and answer her with some wit or whatever, but really, who can ignore that big a spider who obviously was in the middle of eatin another woman legs first. The was something that stopped him from just attacking and ending the monstrosity, but didn't know what.

At that point, it's when he realised it wasn't a spider eating a woman, it was a woman with the body of a spider. Wait... Those kind of faunus exist? Really? That was... ehm... Well Jet had no words. All those times he's been trying super hard to be a champion of justice and beating up racists and biggots, but today, he didn't know if he would be able to defend those ideals as well as usual, if at all.

To make things even worse, the arachnid-faunus started going through the door, making her legs move in weird and creepy ways with the goal of making her large, hairy frame through the door. God it looked creepy and... repulsive. Hell, he couldn't even appreciate how pretty the human part of her was. Had this body been attached to a normal pair of human legs... Hell had it been attached to some other animal parts he could have let it go. But seriously, a giant spider? If he had only heard of it, he would have felt pitty for her to be afflicted with this, but seeing it live? No, just... No. He was surprised he manged look that long without averting his eyes. Turning halfway toward Avery, he pointed somewhat weakly to the... thing while talking in a half whisper. "THAT, is going on."

Oh god she was talking to him now. Ehm, medic? Healing? For some reason, he was sure she would cocoon him up in webbing, drag him on the floor and hang him upside down on a giant web somewhere in the basement, leaving him to "heal" over time. "N-No I'm good. Ehm... Thanks."

Ok, so lets make things clear. Jet isn't affraid of spiders. He killed scorpions ten times bigger than this Charlotte. But they are just sooooo creepy looking with the way their hairy legs move and big hindquarter bobbing behind as they move and lets not get into the whole produce sticky strings of webbing to slide down from higher places and... ugh. He's not affraid of spiders, the same way he's not affraid of big bugs, but he really hates them and find them, to be blunt, disgusting.

Still, Jet is Jet. She's a faunus. She's a student. She's sentient and even with the amount of disgusted shivers he got hearing her talk, she actually sounded like a nice person... a nice... spider-person. Therefore, he would... Try, very hard, not to be mean, even though her cutesy curtsey turned out to look extremely creepy to him. Though he was sure it was all over his face how repulsed he was. "Ehm... Hello I'm... Ehm, Jet. Nice... Morning?" He couldn't even get himself to say nice to meet you. God, how can someone feel so disgusted and aweful at the same time? Well now he knew.

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12 Re: Widown't get along [Ask to join] on Sat May 14, 2016 9:33 pm

Chace couldn't believe what he was hearing responses of screaming " kill it" or just screaming in general. He thought it was disgusting but this is what some humans were like towards certain faunus. He scoffed at their reactions. He saw the girl in red run to a corner and hide there. "So what if she is a spider faunus im sure she is a very nice person please to meet you miss im Chace" Chace spoke to the spider lady.

He wondered if this was the type of reaction she got everywhere and if so that must not make her feel good. He learned from what she said her name was Charlotte Monochrome and she was a medic. "id love to train with you Charlotte I don't know about the others". He looked to the woman with the guns "so are you here to train with others too?" He noticed she was a gunslinger which was cool he guessed but not anything flashy.

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13 Re: Widown't get along [Ask to join] on Tue May 17, 2016 10:42 pm

The strange spider lady may have been talking to her, but Cassie couldn't hear it. Rather, she couldn't process that she was hearing it. She was much too busy huddling up in the corner, pressing herself against the walls in an attempt to get even further away from the abomination, despite the fact that it was physically impossible. However, she was trying so hard that she began to fade in and out of the shadow that was formed where the two walls met, though she never faded completely and she did not even notice. Her fear blocked any sense of perception, the same perception that she normally would pride herself in. It was a valuable quality for a detective such as herself, after all. In any case, Cassie took a quick peek at the situation, and then immediately went back into hiding. She was hoping that the threat had somehow gone away, but instead she caught a glimpse of the spider that was still there, The cat man striking up a conversation, And the dark haired human, acting considerably nervous. Most importantly, the spider was still there.

(OOC: Sorry for the wait, and this is not my best post? But I've been sick and unable to do too much.)

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14 Re: Widown't get along [Ask to join] on Thu May 19, 2016 12:41 pm

Avery stared at the door and her eyes widened as long and creepy set of legs eased through revealing a creature that came straight out of her worst nightmares. She let out a most uncharacteristic high-pitched scream that pierced even her own eardrum, grabbing the nearest thing in front of her, which happened to be Shades's shirt, and instinctively hiding behind him. "I-I'M NOT SCARED!" Avery exclaimed, teary-eyed and cowering.

Slowly she peeked at the giant spider, all rational thoughts slipping away. "W-what is that?! A grimm? Mutated boss grimm? How did it get in the campus?" she thought aloud. As much as she wanted to look away, she feared if she as much took her eyes off it for a second, it'd pounce and who knows what else.

And when the spider spoke. "It speaks! The mutated boss grimm speaks!" She shrieked, unaware that she was speaking her thoughts aloud. Clearly she was no longer in the right state of mind. The blonde whined as the spider engaged in a conversation with the person in front of her. She nibbled her bottom lip in panic.

"I-It's gonna eat Jet. Where're my guns? I don't know. Bug spray, I need bug spray. No, a newspaper.. ah.. a really big newspaper. Oh god, this has to be a dream... No, I'm drunk... or maybe I took took too many pain killers I'm hallucinating. Haha.. hahaha. Yes that's it."

Avery went back into hiding behind the wall, which is the entire span of Jet's back, and devised a solo plan. "Okay, I'm gonna silently get my guns, close my eyes and fire bullets. One is bound to kill it. It won't see it coming. Hehehe."

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15 Re: Widown't get along [Ask to join] on Thu May 19, 2016 2:06 pm

"Well, while I was considering that manner of training, it would appear I garner an unfair advantage over many of my new acquaintances. I suppose it's similar to those Grey eyed hunters when they fought Grimm, only pertaining to humans and eight legged faunus... that is... assuming none among them are faunus," She responded to the cat eared boy, gently teasing the frightened hunters in training, "It had no effect on the students I met prior but alas, perhaps my powers are unrestrained in these early hours. Muhuhu~ Indeed the morning was nice dear Jet, though I would seem to have caught you upon a bad day. Are you sure you require no treatment? You look a might queasy. I can form a protein pill for internal problems if required."

While she kept her eyes upon all three of the startled humans the blond, hiding behind the black haired human male, she kept an additional eye upon.

"You don't think she'll really do that do you? I am totally unarmed, not even a single piece of armor to my name. To gain a bullet wound, why, I need that like a hole in the chest..." Nimble hands quickly raised, shrouded in a ghastly white aura, "Is she usually this way? Or have I encountered her on a particularly bad day... First impressions are important, but I'm of course willing to forgive and forget. As I am for the woman in the back... dear Chace. Could you perhaps inquire about her well-being? I fear making sudden movements in this company could prove... intimidating. Particularly to my new gun-slinging friends."

She went to move toward one of the many lines of training dummies, however she did hesitate. For once she was in a position of power over her abusers, these potential racists would be apprehended by the school should they attack her for her species. Would they not? The Headmistress was a faunus... she took one look back to the group.

"Before any of you start and do something you may regret... I will remind you. My name is am Charlotte, I am every bit as alive and feeling as you. I have emotions, I feel pain. I have dreams and I have fears, just like each of you. As if that were not reason enough not to harm me, I will also remind you; I am a medical practitioner. I hope to use my medical expertise in this field, Once more she closed her eyes, clasping her hands with a smile, "Do you wish to be on bad terms with the woman overseeing your surgery? Or would you rather it went in the way of a loving friend, embracing and nurturing you back to good health as quickly as possible?"

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16 Re: Widown't get along [Ask to join] on Mon May 23, 2016 6:12 pm

Normaly, Jet would have found Avery’s reaction quite amusing. Really, it was pretty comical even if it was probably offensive and hurtful for the spider faunus. Unfortunately the black haired guy himself wasn’t in a mental state that allowed him to take not of the funny side in all this. Honestly, all he wanted at this moment was to pick up his things and leave this place before the giant… thing, tried to put her furry appendages on him or feed him something she said she would "form", the thought of which almost made him vomit. He shivered in disgust at the though, backing up a step when she raised her hands that started to emit a white aura. Avery was right behind him though so he couldn’t back up at all.

Turning slightly toward the blonde girl behind him, he talked to her in a low tone, not that he cared if he was heard really but he feared anything too loud could set her off. “A-Avy, I can totally understand what is going through your head right now but she is… not a danger, not a real spider, just a particularly… creepy type of faunus. Let’s just let her train and… not get expelled for assaulting a student. We can always train in the forest.

He caught the words Charlotte was saying, even if his mind was a funk at the moment. It took him a while to register what she said but when he did, he was blanching slightly thinking he could be brought to her for treatment if he was to fall unconscious. “Yeah ehm… No offense, but if anyone brings me to you for treatments, I don’t want to wake up for it and I don’t want to know.

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17 Re: Widown't get along [Ask to join] on Sat Jun 04, 2016 8:44 pm

Chace wondered how she could be so calm while the others stood terrified of her. He was amazed that she was still able to make jokes about the situation to which he had to smile when she teased the others. Chace's kitty ears twitched a little bit and his tail swung behind him with ease. He knew far well how some people were with faunus but for them to be afraid of a person for them just being a category of faunus is still wrong.

"don't ask me I dont know any of them" Chace responded to Charlotte's question about the woman in red. Chace wondered if the others really would attack the spider lady but if they did then they would be expelled for sure so surely that would make it a stale mate if they really wanted to stay at the school they would have to overcome their fears of spider faunus and work with them. "oh so your a medic? thats cool I guess" Chace said to release some of the tension for the spider lady.

Chace noticed that the blond haired guy had called the other woman with the 2 pistols Avy which he assumed must have been her name. He wondered why the blonde haired guy would rather die than accept medical help from a spider faunus "hmm well are you depressed or something blondie? wanting to die just because your getting treated by a spider faunus seems weird".

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