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Silver and Blue don't quite go together, do they?(Open)

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The silver-haired boy sat in the forest, against one of the trees. He sat in stark contrast, as he wore his white shirt, and nice white dress-pants. He held a small journal in his left hand, and in his right hand, a pen. There was writing scrawled on the page, clearly written in haste. If one would look closer, one would notice that it were a poem, roughly written. The poem, though, would have to be given permission to be read, as it's owner was Dane. Dane had scrawled it about 5 minutes earlier, and was enjoying himself. His ruby ring, placed on his finger, sat undisturbed. He had made sure that he didn't accidentally open the spike and hit the cover of his book. The spike might only be a few centimeters, but it still causes irritation.

Irritation that distracts, and distraction can make a fight end. Although, he cared less about that and more about how much fun he'd be having at the time. Poetry was something he enjoyed writing.

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After being around for some days now, Cassie had decided that in order to continue her plan for next year's academic success, it was time to start exploring the areas outside of the school. Finnick seemed like a good place to start, considering the academy was smack dab in the middle of it, on a mountainous hill so high and thick with trees, you had to ride an airship in order to get in or out. As such, that was exactly what Cassie would do. She left the Dorms with a red sundress, a pair of black leggings and some comfortable black walking shoes, never forgetting her red fedora since she would be leaving for a bit. As strange as it might have seemed, the little extra weight on her head made it easier to think. Though perhaps it was just a placebo, but who cares, right? She had strapped her revolver's holster to her leg, knowing Grimm like to roam about sometimes, and grabbed her little yellow notebook and pen before she had left, so she was reason to get going.

As she stepped onto the next airship, she suddenly became excited. She had been on this ship once before to get up to the academy, though this did not dilute her feelings at all. It was an incredible journey up, and it would be just as grand going down. The blue trees whooshed by as the airship made it's descent, dropping the brunette detective at the entrance to the forest, next to a path leading to the Bellmuse town square. Being currently uninterested in the Bellmuse town square, Cassie instead turned away from it and headed into the woods, flipping her notebook to a fresh page to draw a map with.

As she moved, she took in the strange beauty of this weird blue forest place. She was from the desert, so forests and woods and...trees weren't exactly super duper common. They were there, sure, but rarely compared to the entire rest of Remnant. In any case it was a sight to behold, and Cassie was all about beholding sights. However, one sight she beheld was that not of nature, but instead a human boy, jotting something down on some paper. Castelina went into observation. A person? What are the odds, this being such a big place. He has a note book like me that's interesting, though he seems to be alone. Being the social butterfly that she is, Cassie chose to interact. Had to meet everyone she could, after all. Connections were important. Networking and all that Jazz. She walked up to him, clearly displaying her own notebook. "Well Look at that, Note buddies!"

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"Well, they're not quite notes. Poems. I write them on occasion. Hi. My name's Dane, Dane Shamrock. Student at Syne Academy. Better known for my... ventures into sports." He completely avoided talking about what got him to Syne. The multiple times he had beaten Grimm, on his own. He enjoyed the battle. The pleasure and adrenaline, it made him happy just thinking about it. He purposely kept his face a blank slate the entire time.

He got up, exposing this woman to his full height, which wasn't much taller then her. He put out his hand, and expected a name back. Not that he really cared. He noticed that she was fit, but didn't want to assume she was a hunter. There were a lot of people who came to Finnek as a tourist site, but not many who would approach a silver-haired individual reading a book. She clearly threw caution to the wind. He already liked her.

He decided to stare into her eyes while, and if, they shook hands. After all, he was a kind, caring individual. Right?

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"Aw, poems are just notes that sound better aloud" Cassie replied, responding to The man's correction. "Nice to Meet you Dane." She reached behind the ribbon wrapped around her fedora and Pulled out a business card, Placing it in the man's now outstretched hand. It was pretty simple, stating only her name, job title and room number, with a few images here and there.

Business Card:

"I am Castelina Santiago, Ace Detective. Of course if my name is a bit of a mouthful you can just call me Cassie. Easier that way." She did not explicitly say that she was a student at Syne, since she figured Dane could just read the card. She then Proceeded to flip to a new page in her notepad, Titling it with this young man's name and jotting down a few notes. Cassie always Kept a Record of everyone she met. Who knew if Dane would become a suspect or witness in a future case?

Dane Shamrock

Not too much taller than I am, 6'0" 6'1"?
White hair white eyes
White taste in clothes White clothes
Syne Student, Likes sports and Poetry.

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“I find your analysis of poetry rather accurate, Cassie. Also. Call me Shamrock. Dane’s for my parents. Wherever they are.”

Of course, his parents weren’t dead or anything. He just wasn’t sure where they were. It wasn’t unlike them to poof for a month for a show elsewhere, leaving him to fend for himself. However, they’d always make it up to him, with a day out or something. You know. Family time. Dane didn’t really care about it, or at least, at that point. He slid the card in his pocket. He looked towards the sky. Maybe they’d fly over.

“I’m a sports star, but I’ll be honest. That’s not what got me here. What got me here, is that even though we had no hunter, I beat a Ursa Major, alone. Saved half the small town. I’ve been the pseudo-hunter at home until I came. My master, or rather, teacher liked to travel. He understood that I should go to the academy. I’m here on a scholarship. Paid for because of my ability. I, however, will not tell you where my weapon is. After all, what’s the fun in that?”

He was bored, so in a spectacular jump, he grabbed onto the tree above him, and pull himself up, laying on the large branch. He’d lay so that he was still looking down at Cassie.

“So. What inspired you to be a detective, lass?”

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Cassie Finished up her writing as Shamrock stated the correct name to use in addressing him, Explaining that Dane was for-- He-lloooo~~? Was Mr. Man implying that he did not know the Whereabouts of his own Parents just then? Immediately Cress wrote that down in big letters in her notebook. Of course for all she knew they were dead, but that wasn't a very positive outlook, now was it? Besides, there was an uncertainty in Shamrock's choice of words that caused Cassie to believe they were probably out there somewhere, or at least the Hunterman thought so. In any case, the detective was certainly intrigued.

Shamrock continued his introduction, as if he didn't just hand a pro (ish) detective an ice breaking case on a silver platter. Oh nononononono, She thought to herself, We're gonna go back to that thing you said before. She just needed a way to turn the conversation back around, and it did not seem as though It would be easy, since the sportsman had already clearly and quickly moved on from the topic. "So. What inspired you to be a detective, lass?" Oh hey, look at that. Perfect. Cassie shrugged nonchalantly. "You know, nothing extraordinary. I just enjoyed mysteries and Cop Dramas as a kid. So now I want to be like the guys I read about, Catching Murderers and Psychopaths, Helping Lost sons find their Parents..." Her face brightened, as if she had a brilliant idea. "Hey! You wouldn't happen to know anyone who would need something like that, would you?" She asked, Directing heavy implications toward the boy himself.

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"You seem awfully interested in my parents. I dunno why. Father's a play actor, mother was something. I suppose you'd call her a housewife. They'd always travel together. It's nothing special. Although..."

He rolled slightly, purposely falling out of the tree, and landing on his back. He looked up at Cassie, and smiled. He put his hands behind his head, laying as you would at a psychiatrist's lounge.

"I mean, they've been going to bigger, sketchier things as I've left. While I'm not particularly worried, my father's about 60, mother 55. They're not exactly the strongest fella out there. I mean. I have a mean leap, and a meaner punch, but I can't exactly be everywhere Cassie. Plus, I'm pretty much broke. I just have these clothes because I take care of them, you feel?"

Leaping up from a laying position, he landed on his feet.

"Now you have my attention, though. If you wanna take this case on for free, I'd help. Mainly because no one really knows the name's Dane Shamrock Senior, and Brenda Shamrock."

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As soon as she heard the word "Parents", Cassie reached into her sock and pulled out her scroll, setting it to Record. Putting the Scroll back where it was, now listening to every word, she flipped to a new page in her notebook and shot handed everything that was being said. Now she was in Detective Santiago mode. Sure, This particular type of case was not the kind of thing that Cassie was expecting for her first time, but hey, If this is how the chips were laid, She would roll with it. However long it would actually take. I.e. She already knew this is not a case she would solve right away. Buuuut it didn't hurt to work on it when she could. besides, she was a determined person. She had never failed a case before (out of none, but what can you do?), and she did not plan to start now.

So we had a Man and a woman, Both up there in age, who loved to travel. If Shamrock was bothering to tell her any of this, she could probably safely assume they have yet to return from one of these travels. Otherwise he would have just said "Nah, they just went on vacation somewhere, it's fine". Dane and Brenda huh...? Cassie took a moment to finish writing, before looking up at Sham. Whenever she got back to the office she would have to type this info in somewhere. "Hey, No worries! You are my first client since moving to Bellmuse, So I don't mind giving you a freebee." To be honest, Cassie had not really thought about making a profit, but she figured she might need to at some point. Oh well, she would cross that bridge when she got there. "So can I get specifics about these 'Sketchier Things'?"

Case of the Missing Clovers

Father actor, Mother housewife, likes to travel.
Sketchier Travels (?) as of late. Father 60, Mother 55.
Both not very strong. Dane Shamrock, Brenda Shamrock.

Dane Shamrock Sr. (60) Actor.
Brenda Shamrock (55) Unemployed.

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“Known criminals, and I don’t mean the lower bit. I mean the high-tier, you-see-them-they-kill-you sort of fellas. Pach is one of the name’s a heard. I also did my own research, and came up with the fact that the guy’s a higher up in a org. Dunno the org, the name switched each time I looked, but it’s a dangerous one. Not that I care. I would, however, if they were in danger. The last time I went with them was about a year ago, when I was roughly 20 or something. I don’t usually keep track. I figured that this Pach guy, looked big, looked mean, and seemed to like my father and his acting.

You see, Pach runs a thing up in Ekert, where I’m from. It’s not big, but home town police don’t like trying to touch him. I’ve been thinking that’d be fun to take care of, yeah? Anyhow. Big mean fella likes my father and his acting. However. Patch has a … reputation for getting rid of things after they run out of their uses. It’s something that makes me worry. The only reason I’m around is because they figure that I’m too important to my parents. They do pay well, though.”

He rubbed his eyes, bored. Facts are boring.

“I mean, taking down an org alone sounds fun, but with another...well. Two’s a couple, ain’t it?”

He spoke jokingly, wanting a reaction. After all those facts, she would be getting pseudo hit on. Oh how fun life was.

Not that he cared, per-say. It was like life was fun, even in dire straits.

It would be about a moment later when he came clean.

“I’m rather worried my father got taken, I mean. His life.”

No sign of emotion on his face, it was clear he cared by his words, but his face showed none of it.

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Cassie nodded as she wrote, trying to imply that she was still listening, and she was, very carefully. She had always been like this, really. Whenever she would watch or read any type of mystery, she would pay very close attention to everything she saw, everything she heard, everything she read. Her goal was usually to solve the crime before the main characters did, and she was usually right? She made some mistakes here and there sometimes, but who doesn't? It's learning from them that got her to where she currently was, writing down clues for her first real case. However, the more Shamrock talked, the more difficult such a case seemed. Not that she would ever think of dropping it, but she definitely felt the need to accelerate her combat training.

It was quite an information bomb, but Cassie managed to keep up. Pach the criminal in a place called Ekert... Cassie would have to do some research pretty soon. When she finished writing, she looked over her notes thus far, thinking of new questions based on the information given. However, before she had a chance to ask anything, Shamrock started hitting on her? Confused, she looked up, unable to tell by his face if he was joking or if he was being serious. Cassie had to give him props, he was a hard page to read. Cassie decided that the safest course of action was to ignore the comment, but then his words got significantly more serious. His expression was still a locked safe, but his worry was in his words alone. Turned out this case would be more urgent than Cassie had originally thought. She cleared her throat, and reached down to stop her scroll from recording. "Tell ya what, pretty boy," She said smiling, if only to lighten up the mood. "Are you planning on going home this summer? I think it would be best if I see your hometown for myself." Of course she intended to go regardless, but she could pretty much guarantee Shamrock had more battle experience than she did, and this case just kept getting more and more dangerous.

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A laugh later, he came to a conclusion. He'd have to joke.

"You know, normally, I'd think that's an invite. However, noting how serious this is, I've determined we can go whenever you're open. I can afford to miss a few classes. I'd just be a bit careful. After all, my venture into sports was not the reason why I have a fully-paid ride right now. It's actually because I'm a mostly trained hunter. I was sent here to finish my training."

His face was still a locked expression, but his words were purely informal.
"After all. This ring I have, it's my weapon. You might be looking at me wierd, and I can't say I'd care. It's more effective, though, when used with the dust I carry on me. I'm a trained martial artist, albeit I only trained in Judo. Epp trained me in boxing. I'm sure you have some training, but I doubt it's the same as mine. No offense, I'm sure you can fight, but I'm trained. I mean. If my pops is dead, he'll probably come after me, and by proxy, you. I figure you're resourceful, especially with this whole job you have. He'll probably have..."
He did some air calculations. His finger swished about, and his math training kicked in. He figured that, considering most gang's have about 40 members, Pach had 30~ members on his crew.

A single second, there was an irritated look on his face. If he was right, they'd be more buggered then he originally thought. Which, really, wasn't that hard. However, that meant that he figured there was a chance that they'd fail. Especially...
The thought after made his physically shudder. Nevermind his face, the thought was bad enough that his entire body shudder.
"Something to note. I fear Epp is a Pach Lacky, but that isn't why I fear him. Pach is a trained hunter, a formidable fighter, and worse yet, he's smart. A lot smarter then me. The dude could probably take both of us at once, but I can't be sure. I don't know your weapon, other then the revolver you carry, and my ring. My sembalance is interesting, but it doesn't need to be revealed.

He was staring into her eyes. Not with fear or anything, no. His eyes were as stone as his face. It was more a look of determination, more then a look that spoke of failure. After all, he was Dane Shamrock, hunter and sports star extrodinare.

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Though his face always seemed to be an expressionless void, the way he spoke could tell one that he was dead serious about all this. Good. Seriousness feeds determination. Of course, being serious the whole  time would not do anyone much good alone. Needed some lightheartedness to cancel out the serious so that one could have a clear head for rational thinking, the most important asset a detective has. Of course, on top of his seriousness there was also haste, saying he could skip classes if need be to go right away. To be fair, he thought that his dad had already croaked, yes, Cassie understood. However, rushing into things would only make matters worse against a big bad like this Pach was described to be. "Nonsense. Time is Precious and needs to be spent wisely. Summer is around the corner, Now is not the time to be skipping classes. Besides, I need time to prepare, do some research, come up with a plan" Earn money, learn how to fight, maybe find out what my semblance actually is. She thought, though she wouldn't tell those things to Shamrock, not now. Seemed like a bad time. "And you know, air fare is always cheapest during summer break. We will go as soon as school lets out. That gives both of us plenty of time to get ready, but also isn't too far away either. I'll shoot you a message when the time comes, sound good?" She tapped her now closed notebook twice with the back of her pen. "Now, I have to get this information back to the office, start doing some investigating and whatnot. I'll see you soon okay?" She smiled and headed of the way she came, toward the air ship. She had come into the forest to explore, and still intended to at some point, but now she was coming out with her very first case as a detective, and boy what a case it was.


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