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Cenere Biancardi

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1 Cenere Biancardi on Sun May 08, 2016 3:03 pm

Enrollment Form

Basic info
Name: Cenere James Biancardi
Cenere comes from the Latin words cinis and cinerem meaning cold ashes and Biancardi comes from a Germanic given name derived from the elements blanc meaning "white" and hard meaning "hardy"
Age: 17
Birthday: April 26
Gender: Female
Race: Faunus (Rabbit Faunus)
Height: roughly 6 feet (182.88cm) not including ears
Weight: 144.7 pounds (65.63kg)
Face Claim: Touhou - Reisen Udongein Inaba

STR: 2
DEF: 3
RES: 2
SPT: 5

Aura 140|160 HP

Major: Tech
Likes: training, conversing with friends, even numbers, reading
Dislikes: violence, haughty and stuck up people, Grimm, being surrounded- even if it's just fellow students she always likes to have an exit, her personal bubble being popped
Fears: Cenere fears she will never be strong enough to fight alone, without backup. It's a deep-rooted fear stemming from ignorance of her other strengths. Another thing she fears is killing. She doesn't want to have to judge if a person should die or live... she's worried about never being able to forgive herself if that ever happens.
Overall Personality:
Cenere is less 'anti-social' and more 'anti-crowd'. She doesn't mind hanging out and talking with mild tempered people so long as they're pretty much alone, as she's uncomfortable around groups of ten to fifteen or more. She doesn't like to impose her ideas on those around her and prefers to keep major opinions to herself unless her decision is a necessity. She is rather set in her thoughts and isn't easily influenced, making her stand out even more, as she's easily noticed and doesn't 'go with the flow'.

Her attitude often misleads people to believe she is weak -which in some cases is true- or timid, which is definitely not the case. Though her height is slightly intimidating, her actions usually put the people around her at ease, to a certain extent. This has an affect similar to what Cenere would call a major nuisance as it doesn't encourage people to stay away from her.
She has attempted to be rude to people at times, to be left alone, but always ends up apologizing something of the like, which renders the attempt useless.

Despite her reluctance to remain around large groups of people, Cenere has a constant desire for companions, as she doesn't believe in her abilities as much as she should, this is a fact made clear by her favorite pass time: training.
When training, Cenere seems like an entirely different person. She is fully focused on technique and intent, creating her strikes and 'blocks' to be powerful and effective. She seems to detach from reality, not really registering anything around her unless, of course, that someone or something is in the way of her  training.

Aura type: Spirit
Aura Color:
A light silvery grey, almost white, tinged with blue
Semblance: Cenere's Semblance is a trick of light and heat, a shield from eyesight, if you will. She can use her aura to amplify the heat rising from the earth around her, and reflect light in ways to make herself seemingly disappear. She is still standing and is tangible. She still has a shadow, though it's usually hidden within the mirage as well. She still leaves impression on the world around her, footprints, tripping, touching and being touched, being heard. All these things pose a danger to her exept for the fact that she cannot be easily seen.
    Her presence is not difficult to detect if you know what to look for. Her Semblance causes a large oval shaped shimmer in the air, though most can and do pass it off as rising heat. Which is technically what it is, it's just forced. At night or when it's dark, Cenere has to use her aura at an even faster rate, as there's generally less light and warmth during sundown. She can last about fifteen or twenty minutes, in the daylight, before having to stop and rest. If pushed, she can use it twice in a row, after only a short break. But this would leave her basically unconscious. At night or where there's a general lack of light, Cenere can use her Semblance for, at most, five minutes, if pushed, she can use it two times too, with the same results as in daylight.
Item 1: Weapon - Snapping Launch
Cenere's weapon is named Snapping Launch, and its first, and main(currently only), form is a large ten foot- six inch bullwhip she carries coiled up and hanging from a specially designed clip on her right hip. The whip is made from tightly woven material, except for the last eighteen inches. The last eighteen inches consist of the fall, which is a single strand of leather affixed to the end of the braided material to allow easy replacement, as it receives more wear than the rest. It's grip, or handle, is a hard foot-long metal cylinder which the material is connected inside rather than braided over. Though it makes it a bit difficult to wield, Cenere doesn't seem to have much trouble. When she uses this weapon, her whole body flows and moves, creating force behind the fall large enough to tear a hole in one inch thick steel {or steel equivalent}. This weapon has no cracker because she views it as unnecessarily flashy, as the whip doesn't need it to function.
Item 2: Dust - Fire
    Cenere has one vial of fire Dust in her Weapon and an extra kept in one of four elastic compartments on an armband, brown in color, located around her left bicep.

History and Sample
Cenere was raised by her father, who was also a rabbit Faunus, in Vale. She never knew her mother or even what she looked like, as her father had never kept anything around that had a picture of the woman in it. He told her when she asked on her fifth birthday it was because her mother, Ann, 'did something very bad that could get them into trouble too'. Cenere didn't like this explanation, but ceased asking questions nonetheless and lived in peaceful contentment for the next four years of her life.

At nine, she asked her dad why she couldn't go around town with him, and he gave her a similar explanation as before, only adding that she looked very much like her mother. From that day on, she always sat at her window, watching people pass by going about their business, too busy to notice a little girl watching them. Six months later, Cenere discovered she got bored watching people pass, as they were the same day to day, and instead hunted for things to amuse her in the house while her father was working, which was most of the time. She found a wavy stick with a string attached on one end, and hanging loosely near the middle on the other. She looked up several different things on the scroll that was on her father's desk and finally found out what it was: a recurve bow. She immediately tried to figure out how to use it and managed to string it before her dad got home. However, since she had lost track of time, he came in and went to look for her and instead found his bedroom door open and his daughter trying to draw a bow... not a bow, his bow. "Cen!" Cenere jumped and glanced at him with a guilty look before gazing at the floor as he scolded her.

A year after that, Cenere had her own scroll and never forgot that bow. She chanced upon something pertaining to Signal Academy and bombarded her father with questions as soon as he walked through the door. After a full evening of debating back and fourth with her father, she was allowed to go to Signal. {I'm just going with Signal is four years, as I don't know for sure.}

When she arrived on Patch, Cenere was dizzy from the swarm of people that threatened to overwhelm her. She struggled to stay on a steady course, but it was very difficult, and Cenere began to feel very small, especially because everyone seemed not to notice her. She found her way out of the crowded streets and to the academy, but the welcome she received was less than she expected. Barely anyone looked at her and even fewer still said a short 'hello'. She built and learned to use her weapon, Snapping Launch. During her third year, she was cornered by a large group of third and forth years, at least twenty-five in all, which was odd because she was one of the least noticeable people there. They scorned her weapon and made her feel generally awkward about herself. This antagonistic behavior continued until her last class at Signal, the day in which she was thankful for.

When Cenere arrived back in Vale, her father had apparently gone missing three months prior, to her dismay, and the house she had grown up in was no longer hers to call home. She had planned on waiting a while before applying to Beacon, but the circumstances left her no choice and she applied, fortunately managing to get in. Though, due to her experiences at Signal, she avoided crowded places, which often got her in trouble as she was 'to early' or 'to late' to classes, events, and even meals. At her first year, she was starting to feel a bit more comfortable and trusted a others enough to walk along the wall of a semi-crowded hall.
RP Sample:
It was mid morning Cenere sighed, tired of lying in her soft bed. She had been training recently and was slightly tired, but deemed her twenty-minute cat bunny nap enough to sustain her through until evening. She sat up and slipped out, landing quietly on the balls of her feet and straightened her white shirt and brushed the wrinkles out of her knee length midnight blue skirt before slipping her matching blue long sleeved button up and correcting her red tie. Glancing in the mirror across her room, she gave a satisfied nod, deeming herself presentable, and quietly left her room.

In the hall, she closed the door with  a soft click and spared a quick glance at her surroundings. The hall was easily eighteen feet tall and painted a tawny brown, with jagged designs in dark brown at the very top. It was well lit with multiple chandelier hanging at regular intervals, that mixed with the giant windows lining one wall allowed enough light in to banish any shadows that would try to stick there. Surprisingly the hall was empty, and for this Cenere as grateful and yet... it didn't feel right. Either she had initially risen later than she though or the others were still asleep. Curious, she peered put the window nearest her and saw no movement save the grass and branches of trees waving in the soft breeze. This sight calmed her coming panic, and she quickly forgot about the lack of her peers. She was watching nature so intently, she missed the growing sound footsteps until someone tapped her on the shoulder, that is.

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