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Quill Darwind (completed)

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1 Quill Darwind (completed) on Sun May 08, 2016 10:15 pm


Basic info:
Name: Quill Darwind
Age: 17
Birthday: 1-25-1999
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Height: 6'0
Weight:165 lbs
Face Claim: not mine got it from someone else but this is a fan made chara for rwby and here's a link to it

STR: 5
DEF: 3
RES: 2
SPT: 2
Aura 150|150 HP

Major: Combat
Likes: hunting, killing grimm, and playing the violin
Dislikes: annoying people, creeps, and terrorist
Fears: snakes, being alone in the dark, and red eye hunters
Overall Personality: easily worked up when in battle and keeps an eye on all foes but his rage can cloud his mind. Easily in raged as well especially if you mess with his food. Can also get a tab hyper when given a massive kill mission, but Quill also can change his moods very quickly because of his past. If he sees a red eye hunter his mind will shut down and put him in a state of mass fear. Can also be seen in a strange state where he his more crud and less plight for this is a second personality that inhabits his mind but is normally in checked and is rarely seen.

Aura type: Power
Aura Color: crimson
Semblance: Fire control can fuel the uses weapon for some powerful blows
Item 1: Great Dragon great sword a large blade pasted down in the Darwind family line, said to have the ability to extend its hilt to become a sword spear but has been lost over time, Quill also carry's a strange dagger only taking it out in life or death situations.
Item 2:  Royal Scale armor physical armor name for its scale design, the reason for its name is because it is said to have been made for royalty, the armor is light and dribbler and was design to withstand massive presser from attacks but cant with stand to many powerful blows, also modified to appear as normal street clothing nothing more nothing less.

History: Orphan at a young age he was taut by a strong huntress who's name will not be told. Quill's family symbol is a Dragon which explains the dragon weapons. At the age of 14 his teacher leaves him to fend for him self but leaving him a strange weapon (the wings of dragons and his dragon head great sword). He wandered the land until a hunter that teachers in the academy offered him a chance to become a true hunter. He did not go just like that so the teacher made a deal with him. If the teacher could beat Quill he must got the the academy but if Quill wins he gets a picture of a unknown beast. Quill of cores lost and is now a student of Syne Academy. On his day there he starts a fight with someone because the only person he talked to was his teacher and he fight's with her a lot. Other from that Quill is also in search for his teacher and for the person that slaughtered his family. Oh i never told you about his family did I well his family was a normal family but they honored the code of knights and gave them selves the symbol of dragons. His father Eric D. Darwind was a kind man but was a drinker his mother Daina M. Darwind was a healer. Quill was an only child and didn't go out of his home not for anything. Since he really came out of the how he had no friends and the people wandered if he was even real. One day his home caught fire burning his parents alive but not Quill for he was the caught of the fire. He fled in the forest meeting two elder grimms both creeps. Before they could harm Quill, Quill's teacher showed up and slain the two elder creeps. His teach then took Quill as her own kin and trained him to be a hunter. She saw what Quill did to his home a knew that his power could sir past even her own.

RP sample: "YOU WANT TO FIGHT PUNK ILL KNOCK YOU SO HARD THAT PEOPLE CAN FEEL IT FROM SPACE" Quill got in a fight while getting food for himself and some guy knocked a gummy bear he was eating on the ground. Quill try's to punch the other hunter but misses and somehow gets his arm stuck in the ground. The hunter tried to say his apology but Quill got his arm out and just knocked him out. The academy teacher that brought him there hit him on the head and took him to the head masters office and went his ways. The head master gave Quill a month of cleaning duty's and so Quill cleaned up what he had done to the market place and other tasks for a long boarding month. When Quill finish his month he found the same hunter he knocked out and apologize to him and the hunter did the same.

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2 Re: Quill Darwind (completed) on Mon May 09, 2016 12:25 am


So first of all, you have too much stat points
It's 12 points total for stats, with a minimum of 1 in a stat. You can see it as putting 1 in every stat and still have 8 points to distribute. You currently have 3 extra points.
For HP and SP, it's a total of 300, so 150/150, 200/100, etc. It needs to be in multiples of 10 so 175/125 is not accepted. Currently you have 500 total with 250/250 so you have 200 points too many in your HP/SP ratio.

For you major : tracking isn't a major. Refer here for a list of majors and their bonus :

Personality needs to be 100+ words, it is too short at the moment.

Fire control is fine as a power, but I'm not sure I understand how Fire could heal? I would need an explanation on how fire can heal.

For your items, I'll refer you to this page :
You can only have one weapon, one physical armor and one magical armor. For a start, you get to choose 2 items between those three types. You can also spend one item slot to start with 10 posts worth of Dust Tier One.

Your weapon is too complex for a starter weapon. For dual swords, it is required that the weapons be identical. They also can't fuse with your arm as that would be a second form to the weapon which you can get at rank 3 of your weapon.
Your second item sounds like another weapon and can't be accepted as it's one weapon only (dual swords counts as one weapon). Also, items like jetpacks to fly aren't accepted in combat. You can have stuff like that for regular RP but in battle you can't use those.

Other than that I don't see anything else wrong :)

Just bump this thread when you're done editing by replying after me.

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3 Re: Quill Darwind (completed) on Wed May 11, 2016 1:08 am


So first : I really don't think healing fire is a thing and could be a thing. It too much of a stretch. But you can use it for the other applications like attack and buffs. It has to be a logical use for Fire and needs to follow the Aura - Semblance rules

Second : The greatsword as a weapon is fine but watch out for the "it can use powerful attack with the use of the users powers". You can use your semblance to boost your STR no problem, following the buff rules. If you make an actuall semblance attack though, it's semblance damage, following againt the semblance rules. Just that it's your semblance that does this not your weapon. It's fine though, just making sure you know :)
The knife you mention can't be a weapon. You it can be a tool but if you ever attack with it it will deal unarmed damage since you can only have one weapon.

Third : Armor I need to know if it's Physical armor or Magic armor. Just precise it beside the name ^^

Other than that things seem fine ^^

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4 Re: Quill Darwind (completed) on Wed May 11, 2016 10:22 pm


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