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Altaholics Anonymous

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1 Altaholics Anonymous on Mon May 09, 2016 7:19 pm

My name is Azazel Macross and I love making alts. I currently have 4 characters. The first 2 were made on the same day, though one was never finished. I had been alt free for about 2 years and then it all went to shit. The second 2 were made within a week of each other just recently. I'm still in the process of writing number for and I'm getting the cravings to make a new char already...

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2 Re: Altaholics Anonymous on Tue May 10, 2016 3:52 am

Hi, my name is Rick and I am an altaholic...

If I am using my real name is because I think that i actually have a problem and i feel like sharing it with you guys, so before tackling about the problem, here's all my characters with their respective reason for existing with additional things that you won't necessarily care or need need to know, but it'll be there anyway.

-Lloyd Vanheim: The obvious one, he's my first character, the one with what everything started. Nothing really special to say about him, I mean, he's basically me in the world of Remnant, just the backstory is different because I thought that having a simple "Happy Family" story was boring I made it, well, complicated. Dead mother, presumably dead brother, a monster of a father, an infamous name... I just wanted to make him interesting, more interesting than I am really... Dunno if it worked though, you'll be the judge of that I guess...

-Severa Crowley: Second character, I made her when I was hitting the topic cap too often. Okay, lie, i was actually above the cap for a while with Lloyd because I forgot there was one to begin with. I wanted at first to make her with a complex personality problem, but instead worked towards a more easy to role play with a (kinda) split personality. It worked and it was fun to play and for some reason she's my favorite of all my characters. Dunno if it's because of the reason behind her name, or if it's because I love her FC so much, but there was always something that made me cherish her more than my other characters, like some sort of paternal love or something.

-Professor Coal: Reason 1 I made him: I wanted to play a teacher, it seemed fun and I could help a bit around since there wasn't a lot of teacher at the time. Reason 2: I thought about being a real dick with everyone and for some reason it worked with the FC I picked for him. Best example was with Rich in the CB XD. Then, Grenal came around, and oh god things went crazy... He quickly became the sole reason Coal existed with the private investigator/serial killer theme we went with. It was so awesome to be in the mind of a great Sherlock-like detective but... deducing and overanalysing things isn't my personal forte, it was hard and much more tiring than you can imagine. I can't imagine what the people writing for such characters have to go through...

-Denz Strife: Well, what can I say... a character based of my real brother, basically made by my brother that I couldn't really role play since I'm not my brother... Although I like the character, I guess it never felt right to me to rp my brother's persona... like a feeling of unworthiness or something like that. Also, I had planned for a lot of character development between Lloyd and him since they are brother IC, but I couldn't rp both of them alone without needing someone else in the thread because I believe that rping alone like that, isn't really rping since you have full control over everything... Denz is probably the character I'll never touch again because of those reason. The only way he could live would be if my irl brother would rp him himself, but he's not into that kind of stuff so...

-Ezequiel Millicent: That character, I'm sure many of you never saw him, it's because he didn't existed long. I made him because I wanted to have a character that I would play as a bad guy, possibly as a White Fang. I planned for him to be the flirty jerk that would disregard all guys in favor of pretty girls with an ego only rivaled by his thirst for power... Seriously, would anyone would have seen me play a character like that?!? He's the complete opposite of who I am, no way I would have been able to rp him to his full potential. He was an interesting character though, his app is still somewhere so you can look at it, the character himself was scrapped thought in order to make the next one...

-Mana Lazulis: This one... I can't really explain why I made her. Not because I don't know, but it's a complicated story that I am not inclined to share. Let's just say that I needed some change so I made her... The speed stat just came back at the time so I made the fastest fencer possible with one hell of a BS backstory to make things fun and interesting. I still want to develop her... I liked her fighting style...

-Glace de Bleue: Last one... man I can't remember why I made her... Oh right, it was her FC. While browsing the internet one day, I came across her FC, a pretty and quite busty fish girl. I then thought "A fish faunus would be weird to have on the site... eh, why not try and see what I can do with her..." I made her with the most random intention of creating her out of curiosity. I didn't even planned to create an account and rp her, I was just wondering what she could become, just by one simple image. I ended up making her so unique, with a semblance that defied logic and the most weird weapon ever (her hair) and she was so unique that I couldn't just leave her like that, ready for the world yet not existing. I first joined incognito with her, only Rich and Sno I think knew I was her because I was sharing my progress with them... I blame Sno for ultimately creating her XD. I ended up revealing that I was her though when my first decline in posting appeared...

The funny part is that I created them all with a month between them. I joined with Lloyd in February 2k15, I created Severa in March, Coal in April, Denz in May, Ezequiel in June, revamped him in July to make Mana and finally Glace in August.

The less funny part is that even though I believe I made great and interesting characters, I think I made too much to actually care for them as much as I should have, and it makes me genuinely sad about it. I tried my best to keep up with all of them, but it got harder and harder and I was slowly losing motivation. The lack of motivation became a feeling of guilt that made posting even harder. There's even a time where I would just avoid the chat to not feel bad for showing up and not doing anything. I planned a lot of things, but never I had planned this miserable decline.

If I could rewind things, I would have stuck only to Lloyd and maybe Severa, but I believe Coal was the beginning of a slow descent that lead me where I am right now, struggling to make even a small post about fighting boars, or having to accept a birthday gift from a special friend, or dealing with a class in which a mass murderer is incognito, or just sparing in an empty room full of chairs with an extreme dude, or plan a picnic with the shiest girl in Syne, or having a date by the beach in the middle of December. All what I described here are threads that are waiting on me to post, one per character that I made, and that's already way too much to me...

My name is Rick and I am an altaholic, and I hope my story will save some of you from ending like me.


"Memories should be the only things to preserve in our lives, because in the end, they're the last things we can hold on to."

"If anything goes wrong, I blame Oli..."
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3 Re: Altaholics Anonymous on Tue May 10, 2016 12:59 pm

Hi I'm Leena and I am an altoholic. I have Leena, Liona, Xero, and Misandra, ooh ooh and I also made Ursa and Beowolf and Creep and Griffin and Boarbatusk and King Taijitu and Nevermore and Deathstalker and back in the day I was a White fang grunt. 13 characters! It got so bad that I had to hire people to run some of them for me! Dont make too many characters! DONT END UP LIKE ME!

But in all seriousness, Lloyd, you seem to need a reset button. Don't worry about keeping up with all of you charaters, keep up with one. Pick the one where you can make a decent story and develop that one character. If you have other character ideas down the road, put them up for adoption. If you feel like ~months~ later you can pick ONE more chara back up, go for it after LOTS OF THOUGHT. Concider IRL too. But for now, choose one and have fun eith one.

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